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US Internet monopolization threatens all individuals worldwide

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NSA mass surveillance is one of the results of US hegemony in the provision of tech services in the world.

US Internet monopolization threatens all individuals worldwide

Nikolai Nikiforov

Nikolai Nikiforov, Russia’s communications minister said, after the first BRICS ministerial meeting on the de-monopolization of IT, that mass surveillance wouldn’t be so easy if just a few American companies hadn’t stranglehold over technologies market in the world.

Since Edward Snowden revealed a series of documents about mass surveillance held by the different US security agencies, mainly the National Security Agency (NSA), it became clear that the major threat is not only in surveillance itself but also in the fact that if there is not a balanced structure and competition in IT sector, personal data and strategic information of individuals, companies and organizations will always be at risk.

It’s a fact that companies like Google or Facebook have provided personal information of their users to NSA since they are both based in the US.

Nikiforov also talked about an immediate need to de-monopolize IT sector by means of the enhancement of technologies developed by people not involved in big American companies and also with the implementation of physical technology that improves connectivity in the world (mainly talking about BRICS) without having to deal with the IT giants in control from the US.

Written by Lisbeth Mechter

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Doom Sternz

Look at the case here in New Zealand with Kim Dotcom and America subverting our laws to arrest the head of MegaUpload because it became a major competitor in the IT market place. They are trumped up charges and attack on free market principals.
We have met the enemy and it is US.

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