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US Intelligence Looks for Russian ‘Trace’ in ‘Discredit’ of November’s Elections


The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has warned regional and municipal authorities about possible Russia’s cyber attacks aimed to ‘discredit’ the upcoming November’s presidential elections.

US Intelligence Looks for Russian ‘Trace’ in ‘Discredit’ of November's Elections

Photo: Flickr / Louish Pixel

The US Intelligence agencies look for a Russian ‘trace’ in some secret operation aimed to ‘discredit’ the upcoming November’s presidential elections in the country. According to The Washington Post news website, the US Intelligence, as well as the US Congress seriously believe that some campaign, aimed to intervene in the election process, is being prepared.

In order to prevent excesses, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) sent out warning of possible cyber attacks to regional and municipal authorities.

At the same time, it is not reported about a scale of the threat and means of its implementation. There are only statements, which state that ill-wishers are not going to disrupt elections, but intend to interfere in it to undermine American citizens’ confidence to political institutions of the country. However, allegations of Russia’s intervention in the US election campaign do not have any concrete evidence.

Earlier, US officials blamed the Russian Intelligence for hacking Hillary Clinton’s campaign, as well as for supporting of a Republican candidate Donald Trump.



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  • Alexandra

    It looks like the FBI is in Killary’s pocket too. Such a waste of time and money.