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MARCH 2021

US Intelligence Intercepted Communications between Syrian Military & Chemical Experts – CNN


According to an unnamed source of CNN, Syrian military and chemical experts discussed preparations for a chemical attack in Idlib last week.

US Intelligence Intercepted Communications between Syrian Military & Chemical Experts – CNN

Photo: US Army / Kristen Kushiyama

US military and intelligence have intercepted communications of Syrian military and chemical experts, while they were discussing preparations for a chemical attack with usage of the sarin nerve agent in Idlib province, the CNN TV-channel reported, citing an unnamed senior US official.

According to the TV-channel, the data was allegedly a part of an intelligence review, conducted within a few hours after the alleged chemical attack. US officials have stated that there is “no doubt” that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is responsible for the attack.

According to the CNN’s source, Washington did not know that the attack would take place. As the TV-channel noted, the US collects huge amounts of information in countries such as Syria and Iraq, but does not process these data until an event that needs to be analyzed on their basis occurs.

CNN also reported that at the moment, there are no intercepted data, indicating the direct responsibility of Russian military for the events in Idlib. According to the TV-channel reportage, the US official suggested that “the Russians are more careful in their communications to avoid being intercepted.”

Now, Washington claims that a unit of personnel, associated with chemical weapons, has been re-established by the Syrian government, as well as that this unit gets outside help. “We know they have the expertise. And we suspect that they have help,” CNN quoted a US military official.

“We know the Russians have chemical expertise in-country. We cannot talk about openly any complicity between the Russians and the Syrian regime in this – in this case, but we’re carefully assessing any information that would implicate the Russians knew or assisted with the Syrian capability,” the official added.

While CNN continues to claim that the Syrian government forces were an organizer and executor of the chemical attack in Idlib, an analysis of a declassified intelligence brief, released by the White House on Tuesday, have indicated that it does not contain any real proofs of the Syrian government’s involvement in the attack.

Citing some unnamed sources, the TV-channel forgot to mentioned the declassified intelligence brief and conclusions, made by MIT professor Theodore Postol on its basis, according to which “we again have a situation where the White House has issued an obviously false, misleading and amateurish intelligence report.”



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