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US Intelligence Chief Promised SDF Corridor To Mediterranean Sea – Former SDF Spokesman

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US Intelligence Chief Promised SDF Corridor To Mediterranean Sea - Former SDF Spokesman


Talal Silo former spokesman for the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) revealed during his interview with the Turkish Anadolu News Agency that a US intelligence chief promised the SDF leadership that the US support will support their plans to reach the Syrian coast if they attacks ISIS in Deir Ezzor.

“If you direct towards Deir Ezzor, the U.S. will give the necessary support to provide a post towards the sea to the SDF and the Syrian Democratic Parliament,” the US intelligence chief told the SDF leadership, during a meeting according to Silo.

If true, this means that the SDF and the US have not only conspired to attack the Syrian Arab Army (SAA), but also to capture strategic positions along the Syrian coast that’s considered a heartland for Russia in Syria. Many Syrian pro-government activists have warned before that the US might use the SDF to fight the SAA once ISIS is defeated.

According to Silo, the SDF leadership views the city of Afrin in the northern Aleppo countryside as the “heart” of its project to reach the Syrian coast and that it fears a possible Turkish attack on it. Silo said that US Special Presidential Envoy for the Global Coalition to Counter ISIL Brett McGurk told the SDF leadership that the US will not protect Afrin, but also does not mind if the SAA or the Russia protects it.

US Intelligence Chief Promised SDF Corridor To Mediterranean Sea - Former SDF Spokesman

Photo by Anadolu Agency

However, the SAA refused to protect the Afrin from any Turkish attack unless the YPG hands over the city to it, according to Silo.

“The Turkish intervention would be the end of their dreams that they traded. [Against] the case of Turkish intervention in Afrin, they wanted Russian forces. The Syrian regime wanted the raising of the Syrian flag in case of contact with the Turks. But the regime put as a prerequisite the transfer of the points that the flag was raised to the regime itself,” Silo said.

When he was asked about the real goals of the SDF attack in Deir Ezzor, Silo stressed that the SDF was not aiming the oil fields, but the Syrian-Iraqi border. According to the former SDF spokesman, the SDF and the US planned to captured the cities of Mayadin and al-Bukamal plus the entire border area to cut the Damascus government off Iraq. However, Silo said that the attack was a “failure”.

Moreover, Silo claimed that the SDF came under attack from the Russian Army and the SAA many times during its advance in Deir Ezzor, and that the US didn’t stop those attacks. Silo also confirmed that the SDF handed over many positions on the eastern bank of the Euphrates river to the Russian Army, including CONICO gas facility.

“The US seeing that the regime is reaching those areas rapidly, mobilized the SDF. It requested from Sahin Cilo [YPG regional figure] to do this job [launch Deir Ezzor attack]. There is something that most people do not know … Many posts that were taken, were left to the Russians. Even CONICO gas plant and the surrounding oil fields were left to the Russians. When these transfers were made, the regime and the Russians did not advance further.” Silo said.

So far the SDF has not commented on Silo interview with the Anadolu Agency. Back on November 16, the SDF officially accused Turkey of pressuring through his relatives Silo to defect.

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Ohohoo well he can promise as much as he likes.


Simpletons fell for false US promises. Syrian army will soon retake full control over entire country and many of you will be prosecuted.

bob balluga

its more complicated than that. SAA may have issues with taking all SDF land if U.S. still supports them or if Russia, which is also working with the SDF, do not support the action. They’ll take the FSA lands but SDF …. more complicated.

Langaniso Mhlobo

Thanks Bob that you are also see that Russia also work with SDF=YPG.Soon SDF will infiltrate Deir Ezzor and if SAA attacks them then USA will not hesitate to destroy SAA according to plan.Unfortunately only Turkey will safe Syria from YPG bacteria.Russian excuse is their want to avid world war 3.So will the destruction continue under the world leadership of USA.

You can call me Al

I see it or maybe hope for the exact opposite.

Langaniso Mhlobo

You are brilliant comentator keep on giving inputs.This will help the vulnerables on ground.All the superpowers are protecting their stolen interests either by force or through regime changes.

You can call me Al

Insult or a good thing ?.

Cheryl Brandon

It is all coming part now; The LIES/ The Promises about made about other people’s property|! Get to FUCK out of Syria; Bloody WAR Criminals U$A AND SDF AND FSA

You can call me Al

With you there, but you forgot the Israelis.

PS “apart” – apologies for being pedantic. PPS Don’t blame the SDF, they are just puppets that took the wrong pill; they may still join the fold.

Richard M

Did he promise him all the gold in Fort Knox too? LOL…US Intelligence Chief’s promise and $1.99 gets you a small coffee at the Jiffy Mart!


I suppose before the failed coup and assassination attempt against Erdogan earlier this year and before the SAA liberated Aleppo City, the Kurdish dream of a corridor to the Syrian coast was plausible IF the US had involved post coupTurkey as a friend with Gulan as US Puppet president and managed to impose a No Fly Zone over Northern Syria.

However that scenario could have easily exploded to cause a major confrontation with the Russians. After all these revelations Turkey will be even more determined to thwart the US /Israeli plan.

Thus far it has not been a very good year for US planners. :)


I question how much support “US” planners (in Tel Aviv) are getting from Trump. And some other members of his administration. I think that he’s much more interested in moving ahead with righting the ship of state and disengaging the US from the parasitical Israel first crowd than he is in pursuing their criminally insane Jew world order hegemony drive at the US’s expense.


I hope you are correct. Although by doing so he would likely create a rift between his daughter and son in law.


Actually it’s the other way around. His son in law is causing him problems:



Tony B.

Doesn’t matter at all. He’s the real chief of the country. Trump is all figurehead.


I would think that all of Jareds contacts in Russia are Khazar Jew oligarchs and Khazar mafia types :) Like father, like son.

I would put money on that .


Maybe that’s why he’s hiding it.

You can call me Al

You must remember that he passed all control over to the generals at I think the Pentagon FOR ALL MILITARY VENTURES / wars etc.; but I am sure the CIA is still skulking around.

John Brown

Richard do you really believe what you just said?? Meet the Jews in Donald Trump’s inner circle https://www.timesofisrael.com/meet-the-jews-in-donald-trumps-inner-circle/ Trump’s Jews And Generals https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vf8FlJy62Y8 Trump’s Deck Of Jewish Cards https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G59mNNfLZx8 trump is a Jewish puppet puppet they are trying to ban this one http://www.realjewnews.com/?p=1207


If he was a puppet, they wouldn’t be trying so hard to get him out of office.

John Brown

In any empire or organization (Romans, Chinese Egyptians, Mongols, Incas etc. now the racist supremacist global Jewish confederate slave empire) there is almost always more then one faction who wants to control, to be in charge. Remember Cesear was killed by his own senators not an external enemy. They were all on the same side and had no differences on how to treat their external enemies only on how the tribute and power from their conquests would be divided among themselves.

Bobby Twoshoes

We can only hope that trend continues, though “US planners” is somewhat of an oxymoron if we consider that planning requires some degree of forethought :) However I’m mindful that rabid dogs are most dangerous when cornered.


And rabid dogs from breeds that are habitually insane are always a problem :)

You can call me Al

Nice comment.


Cheers !

Michael Qiao

land grabbers, land grabbers everywhere


The Syrian Kurds picked the US and ISIS over Assad. Dumb move. Bye bye SDF.


They aren’t Syrian Kurds. They are PKK who fled Turkey and entered Syria as refugee and guest.

You can call me Al

Well that is 2 of us that realise that; thank you.

Shylo Duffy

Looks like the poor suckered of the world willing to believe in any promise made by the US will find out just like Kurds that they never EVER keep their word.They like the rest of them that trusted the word of the US often find themselves on the wrong side if everything.The good news is however that the US will soon run out of fighters.They break people’s lively hoods and then turn around and pay them to fight so they can feed their families.


Like the Budapest Memo and Ukraine!!


The lies of a traitor…


Else the treachery of a liar.


I wouldn’t be at all surprised if what he says about the Syrian government coalition operating east of the river are true. This is just confirmation from a high level source that what I suggested at the time about advance elements of the Syrian government coalition operating behind enemy lines was correct. And that it wasn’t being released publicly for operational security reasons.


Proof that SDF are not Syrians but just a USA tool to grab lands of Syrians.

Langaniso Mhlobo

Exactly thank you.We need open minded people like you and some other regular comentators with valuable reasons not infiltrators who insult us.


They could also make a corridor over Turkish territory :D If you look at the SDF flag, it has a version of Syria on it that includes occupied Iskanderon.

Langaniso Mhlobo

YPG which is SDF as a camouflage is a terrorist organizations who want to create Kurdistan Syria.Their are busy with land grabbing and mineral and gas resources for own use and benefit of USA.

This activities forces Russia to make deals with USA to avoid losing out to oil and gas which Russian economy depends on.The mandate for Russia is to protect Syria with all its natural and mineral resources until war ends.Not making deals with thiefts of Syria land and resources.

That Guy

I’m starting to like this person.

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