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US Imposes Sanctions On China Over Buying Russian Jets And Missiles. China Vows To Hit Back

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US Imposes Sanctions On China Over Buying Russian Jets And Missiles. China Vows To Hit Back

Members of the Chinese Ministry of Defense team during the tank biathlon championship held as part of the 2015 International Army Games at the Alyabino firing range near Moscow, Russia, Aug 3, 2015. [Photo/CFP]

On September 20th, the Trump Administration imposed sanctions on the Chinese military for buying Russian fighter jets and missiles. This is the latest action to punish Russia for allegedly meddling in the 2016 elections, as well as the latest escalation in Chinese-US relations amid their trade war. China responded strongly to the sanctions on the arms deal.

As reported by RT, Beijing has threatened that Washington will face “consequences” if it doesn’t withdraw the recent batch of sanctions against China over military cooperation with Russia.

“We strongly call on the US to remedy the mistake and cancel the sanctions. Otherwise, the US has to bear the consequences,” spokesperson Geng Shuang said as cited by Chinese media. The US’ measures will not, however, affect Sino-Russian strategic cooperation, which will only further grow, Geng stated.

Washington said that the purchases by the Equipment Development Department (EDD) of China’s Ministry of Defence violated US sanctions on Russia. Both the EDD and its director, Li Shangfu, have been named in the sanctions.

China received 10 Su-35s in December 2017 and a first batch of S-400 missile system-related equipment this year, the statement said. Both the jets and missiles were procured from Rosoboronexport, the Russian state-owned arms exporter. “Both transactions resulted from pre-August 2, 2017, deals negotiated between EDD and Rosoboronexport (ROE), Russia’s main arms export entity,” the statement added.

An unnamed official, cited by the South China Morning Post, during a conference call with reports said that “the ultimate target of these sanctions is Russia.” He also added that the sanctions “in this context are not intended to undermine the defence capabilities of any particular country. They are instead aimed at imposing costs upon Russia in response to its malign activities.”

In a news release, the US Department of State said that the sanctions had been invoked under Section 231 of Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act of 2017 (CAATSA) “for engaging in significant transactions with persons on the [List of Specified Persons].

The sanctions will deny EDD any foreign export licences, prohibit it from making foreign exchange transactions within US jurisdiction or using the US financial system, and block its property and interests within US control.

“Section 231 of CAATSA and today’s actions are not intended to undermine the military capabilities or combat readiness of any country, but rather to impose costs on Russia in response to its interference in the United States election process, its unacceptable behaviour in eastern Ukraine, and other malign activities,” the statement said.

When asked about the sanctions’ possible impact on US-China military relations, Pentagon spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Christopher Logan was cited by the South China Morning Post as saying that “the Department of Defense won’t speculate on potential impacts these sanctions could have on mil-mil relations.”

It’s intersting to note that being a leader of the “global world”, the US is de-facto fueling regionalism by its own actions. Attempting to pressure independent actors, Washington is forcing them to unite in order to resist the US pressure.

The September 20 move was the second time in the previous two weeks that the US government sanctions entities and individuals related to China. On September 14th, the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control announced sanctions against web design and app development companies in China that are owned and managed by North Koreans. epresentative Ed Royce, the California Republican who is the chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, said the those companies used “slave labour” to help further Pyongyang’s weapons programme.

The Treasury identified Yanbian Silverstar Network Technology Company of Jilin, China, also known as China Silver Star; its North Korean chief executive Jong Song Hwa; and a sister company, Volasys Silver Star of Vladivostok, Russia, as part of this scheme.

Regarding Russian arms deals, an unnamed US official, cited by the Financial Times, said the Trump administration hoped that the EDD sanctions would send a message to other potential buyers of Russian arms. The US is concerned that India and Turkey, two American allies, could make similar purchases of Russian weapons, particularly the S-400 surface-to-air missile system.

The unnamed official said the administration had not made any decisions about the potential purchase of the S-400 system by other countries, but that it had spent “an enormous amount of time” considering the issue.

Turkey and India might be susceptible to sanctions, however US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis successfully lobbied Congress to introduce waivers that Donald Trump could use to exempt allies from them on a case-by-case basis.

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US is afraid of Russian weapons proliferation (Suk35 and the S400) in Asia and elsewhere that undermine its ability to project power effectively.
We know the S400 can shoot down any generation 4 and 5 aircraft, allowing for a layered air defense from short range to limited anti ballistic. Its multiple band radar fuses all information into a concise location, locking on the aircraft for an easy shot.

Since US does not have the brains to develop cutting edge weapons, they have a tantrum and enact sanction against those that acquire these weapons.
India is in the same predicament, however, US has not instituted any sanctions yet, hoping to draw India in its sphere of influence.

Ivan Freely

India is far too invested in Russian technology. At the very least, they have paid for frigates for a few billion USD, and that joint stealth fighter project.


India has always played their own game, they will get as much as they can out of the Americans. Hindu’s are the Jews of Asia.


shut up, asussie international terrorist!


Even worse than that. They’re British monarchs with brown skin.


India will play the Americans like Eric Clapton plays guitar.
An American reporter once asked Gandhi what he thought of western civilization. Gandhi replied that it would be a good idea.


I do not follow Gandhi’s logic, Indians generally are tough negotiators and cheap, US relies on Indian brain power for their outsourced IT and other high tech industries.


It’s high time to start building a parallel financial system to the present under control of Anglo-Zionist Imperialists.



Ivan Freely

BRICS is a Goldman-Sachs term.


The group formed before Goldman Sachs guy gave them that name. A simple acronym for Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.


And every one of those countries has been targeted by the US.


Good reason “follow the money” is a popular expression, when you do lot’s of things get explained. The petro-dollar is under assault.


Exactly, all wars are about money, and the US grew very rich invading and pillaging.
But like all empires they are now fat lazy and stupid, time for the barbarians to pillage the empire.
I can see a time when Mexico will invade, and win back the territory the US stole.

Ivan Freely

China already have created an alternative system to SWIFT. It’s called CIPS => Cross-Border International Payment System. IIRC, Russia have their own as well but I can never remember what it’s called.


Trump has Destroyed the Deep State… But its Destruction now Requires Trumps Personal attention.
These Sanctions Expose a very Intimate newfound weakness.

Trump Should VERY QUICKLY undo this latest Sanction.
This only brings China and Russia Closer to each other.
The Chinese and Russian PEOPLE will soon figure out that Russian Technology can be Manufactured in China…. This will be a CATASTROPHE for America.

If the US Government asks me, il help While Trump Finds replacements… America messed up bigtime with this Particular set of Sanctions… exposing itself….


Thing is Trump did nothing. Deep state destroy itself out. If anything seems working against them it’s because their incompetence not by Trump design.

John Mason

Deep state is the establishment and Trump is part and parcel of it.

Ivan Freely

We’ll know for sure after the midterms.


Yes, in the US they hide everything until after elections.


I don’t disapprove of this per se, I think that Trump has been overusing the sanction method.


Why couldn’t they just slap them sanctions for not naming their country United States of America and lay claim to spratly islands in South United States of America sea ?

You can call me Al

LOL, but knowing the Yankers, closer to the truth than not.


Hubris is is the word that comes to mind when I read anything about US international relations and especially trade issues. On one hand the USA and its allies (pet poodles) are threatening China and trying to ring fence it economically and militarily; and on the other it is demanding that China buy second rate American fighter planes at exorbitant prices. In Europe the USA is trying to bully European countries to buy more expensive oil from US owned corporations while trying to sabotage the Russian gas and oil supplies by violence in the Middle East and Africa. All the signs of a crumbling Empire governed by a fiddle playing Narcissist as his country is destroyed by corrupt oligarchs and a treacherous network of spies and a mafia like military industrial estate.
The Chinese must be wondering when the people of the USA will have their revolution their American Spring.


4 out of 5 items picked up in any store in North America say made in China. How is it we can hate a country as much as we hate China and still make so much money selling their shit in our stores? Have our merchants lost their sense of patriotism?

It’s so bloody obvious, if a country has an S 400, the US carriers cannot attack them. In a world that should feel very threated by Russia, everyone wants to buy equipment to protect themselves from the US. If the US had no Imperial ambition that should would not be an issue. The fact that it is so big an issue speaks to the US’s ultimate goal of world domination.

The real killer I heard Russia will not accept US dollars for an S-400. Ok busted, I made that up.


S400 radar and command system enable integrated network of air defence significantly raising reaction time and precision of older SAM units. Their longer range missiles were mostly subsonic without ‘sprint’ capability like the Soviet design to accommodate long sustained flight and complex flight system actuators that enable it’s low level flight for low detection AD penetrating.

The problem is most of the AD missile available in service were supersonic that definitely capable enough to catch their subsonic cruising missiles and were produced at a lower cost. What have hindered success in these missile to intercept the cruising missile is their low reaction time which mostly solved by having another powerful radar giving it advanced warning of the missile strike.


There is talk that the EU plans to dump the dollar for oil and gas purchases from Russia.
One other nail in the US coffin, is the Saudis are running out of oil.

Brother Thomas

Clearly a sign of desperation. The US is revealing the loosening of its hegemonic grip.


Exactly, their end is nigh.

Andreas Mikkelsen

DC aggression levels are too high, all countries on the Eurasian landmass can feel it.

Eurasia needs to counter the sanctions together.

Ivan Freely

They already are. They’re dumping the USD for trade by using their own currencies.


Trump is a “business man” and a US president always has to wage war, so trade wars; makes perfect sense.

paul ( original )

The USA wants to make the rules for everybody. t truly is the hegemon – if the USA sanctions then everybody must sanction.

Juan Babil

China needs to target the Chinese casinos owned by Trump backer Sheldon Adelson in retaliation.

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