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US Imposes Sanctions On 9 Russian Entities, 3 Individuals Over Their Economic Actions In Crimea


US Imposes Sanctions On 9 Russian Entities, 3 Individuals Over Their Economic Actions In Crimea

Kurt Volker

The US is imposing new sanctions on 9 Russian entities and 3 individuals operating in Crimea, US Special Representative for Ukraine Negotiations Kurt Volker said on November 8.

“These are sanctions on three individuals and nine entities that are supporting Russia’s attempts to integrate the Crimea region of Ukraine through private investments and private projects, or those who are engaged in serious abuses,” Volker told reporters.

On October 18, speaking at the analytical center “Atlantic Council” in Washington, Volker declared that the US is going to impose new sanctions on Russia “every month or two”. He stated that these actions were needed to push Russia to surrender its interests negotiate a solution of the conflict in Ukraine.

However, it seems that Washington is more interested in pressuring the population of Crimea punishing it for the 2014 decision to re-unite with Russia.



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  • AM Hants

    4 July 1776, using self determination, the US gained independence from Great Britain.

    16 March 2014, over 80% of the electorate of Crimea voted and over 90% wished to return home to Russia. They never got a voice, when Krushchev took Crimea from Russia in 1954 and handed it to Ukraine. Funny, the people of Crimea, just like the people of the US, back in 1954 used self determination/will of the people, to go home. Just like BREXIT, just like the Scottish Referendum, just like the Falkland Islands Referendum.

    Ironic, back in 1945, Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin met in Yalta, Crimea, Russia to discuss the demilitarisation of Germany (why else do we need the EU Forces?). The de-Nazification of Europe (who are on the streets in Ukraine?). Together with setting up the United Nations Charter, based on self determination.

    The argument is explained in the UN Resolution 26/2625. Funnily enough, Nato uses the self determination argument to explain their invasion of Kosovo.

    So how come the US does not recognise self determination in the 21st century?

    NATO INTERVENTION … https://www.nato.int/acad/fellow/99-01/kumbaro.pdf

    What would Kiev do, without the help of Joel Harding, to spread the propaganda?

    Beyond The DNC Indictments -Leaks, Hacks, and Treason… https://www.opednews.com/articles/Beyond-The-DNC-Indictments-by-George-Eliason-Evidence_HACKED_Indictments_Intelligence-180814-742.html

  • Sinbad2

    I know this is off topic, but Britain is refusing to return the Venezuelan gold it holds.
    Do they still have the gold, or have they sold it?

  • H Eccles

    Dear Yankee Bandits,

    Just sanction yourselves.. and stop bugging the rest of the planet.

    • Pounce

      I hear , you’re an expert on hiding the old sausage up little boys backsides.