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US House of Representatives Prohibits Troops Deployment In Yemen

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US House of Representatives Prohibits Troops Deployment In Yemen


On Saturday, the US House of Representatives overwhelmingly approved two amendments to the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) banning the United States from participating in the Saudi war against the Houthis in Yemen.

The Davidson amendment prohibits the United States from carrying out any military action in Yemen prior to its approval. According to the legislation, US military action in Yemen, since it’s not targeting Al-Qaeda or ISIS, is not subject to permission to use force against terrorist organizations given in 2001.

The Nolan amendment prohibits the deployment of US troops in Yemen, and may prevent the United States even from air refueling Saudi and UAE warplanes over Yemen. Moreover, the House of Representatives is working to persuade the United States Senate to approve the same legislation to push US President Donald Trump to agree to stay away from Yemen war.

Many politicians in USA believe that the war in Yemen has led to the destruction of the country and the spread of epidemics such as Cholera, as well as strengthening the influence of both Al-Qaeda and ISIS, and the Saudi Alliance is still unable to achieve any military victory on the ground.

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The longest journey begins with the first step .


There are a number of us Americans sick of these wars. Unfortunately, unless there is a draft where all the “kids” must go, people will not care about these foreign policies because the government/media complex will guide them.


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A draft didn’t prevent Vietnam from happening. That war dragged on for years.


I’m not impressed. No permission, or even policy objectives were given for a US intervention in Syria, and yet US forces are there now, leasing bases and targeting whoever they want. It’s a stealth intervention. I’m sure the Pentagon can pull the same stunt for Yemen if they really wanted too.


This does not matter as we see in syria…

Who’s really in charge of our military? Answer: UN/NATO when we signed the UN charter. Go check it out, its all there… Our government is merely babysitters…


You need to take back control. That is the good fight. I agree the situation is dismal, but everyone needs to start somewhere. Go after the think thanks first, they are the real enemy!

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

You mean the “Institutes for the Criminally Insane “, these narcissistic schizophrenics murderers should be all locked up to protect other people’s sanity .


wow they did something good, there must be a catch


Staying out of the Yemen war is fine. It should also include stopping support for all of the proxy terrorists that the US and the Jew pedophile cult 4 of Israel, the US, France and the UK, and their GCC collaborators are running in not just Yemen, but also dozens of other places as part of their Jew world order regime change and global hegemony drive.

The US legislature needs to pass legislation outlawing the Jew pedophile cult and preventing Israeli and Jew pedophile cult involvement in US politics, media, finance, academia and commerce and cancelling foreign aid to Israel and support for Israel at the UN. A Jew pedophile cult member of Congress just filed articles of Impeachment against Trump trying to stop his America First anti Jew world order program from being implemented. The Jew world order fascists hate Trump, tried to prevent his election, and are now trying to get him out of office. Their evil cult needs to be outlawed.

Solomon Krupacek

The Jew world order fascists hate Trump, tried to prevent his election,

sure not. trump was always proisraeli, he want to accept jerusalem for capital of israel.

in israel were very happy, when he won


Why is your English so poor, you can barely understand your gibberish, are you mentally handicapped?

Do you support the blood sucking, baby raping, Jew pedophile cult, and all of their evil, on going human and civil rights violations, and crimes against humanity that have generated 100 UN Resolutions against them? Which would be even higher if the bought and coerced anti American Israel firsters in the US hadn’t vetoed so many.


The America First thing was a con. Not a single company has re-established full operations in America. The ones who promised to return their manufacturing reneged on their word and continued offshoring parts of their operations in Mexico, as far as I know. One of them, United Technologies, said it would bring back manufacturing to the US. This turned out to be a con. There was a net loss of jobs to America. UT only said that so that it could get a tax break from the state. Immigration – the same. Under Trump, immigration of Middle Eastern asylum-seekers is the same as before. Tariffs on China – none have materialized. Everything promised was a con just to get warmonger Trump into office so that he could step up the Syrian War. Obama wasn’t really into these neocon wars.


And they wanted someone pro-Israel so that Israel could start building settlements in Israel again. Obama was sympathetic to the Palestinians although he couldn’t show it.

Israel knows Americans are waking up, and are getting sick of Jewish control of the US, so they cooked up the alt-right America First thing. It worked and Trump got elected. Don’t make any mistake about Trump.

Even many Zionists are saying “If you don’t want Israel to win, you should do this and you should do that …”. Even though they give false advice (advice if you follow would HELP Israel), the fact that they even say such things “If you don’t want to help Israel …” etc, shows that the Zionists are aware of how people are thinking these days.


They didn’t cook up America First, America First isn’t some lying Jew media slick campaign slogan, it’s common sense that many Americans, white Americans in particular, but also many other Americans, who simply want what’s best for the US.

Stopping illegal immigration, avoiding Jew cabal neocon wars, spending money at home rather than overseas, protecting gun and fetal rights, basic American values that the Jew pedophile cult has been attacking for many decades.

That’s why Trump won the primaries with record landslides and won 85% of the counties and land in the general election. If Hillary didn’t win Jew land New York and California, where the overwhelming majority of US Jew cultists live, it would have been a complete blow out.


A pro life pro gun rights justice was put on the court, the border wall is going up, illegal immigration is way down, Trump is helping to stop the regime change violence in Syria while the Syria government footprint increases every day and the regime change footprint decreases, cancelled the Trans-Pacific Partnership and is renegotiating North American Free Trade Agreement, left the US embassy in Tel Aviv, restarted the Palestinian peace process, Hamas updated their charter supporting admission of Palestine as a full UN member, Congress passed legislation prohibiting involvement in the Yemen war, the stock market is at record highs, and the list goes on.


I believe Solomon Krupacek is not a native speaker of English. Probably a Russian speaker.


There are a lot of people here who aren’t native English speakers, most of them can get there point across in an understandable manner. Krupacek’s posts are frequently so grammatically, punctuation, spelling and constructionally flawed that they don’t make sense and give the impression that he’s suffering from mental issues.

Solomon Krupacek

you are dickhead. is this enough good english?


More evasion and insults from a Jew pedophile cult supporter. Why won’t you admit to being a Jew pedophile cult member, are you ashamed of all of your crime and evil and don’t want people to know that you belong to and support a blood sucking baby raper Jew pedophile cult?


I was just about to write this. I gave a thumbs up to RichardD, but disagree about Trump. It’s good that there’s fighting going on now. Infighting keeps them divided and weak. Otherwise, the Trump Likudniks become too strong. The last time that happened, we got 9/11 and the War on Terror. America doesn’t need another false flag – the next one will be much worse than 9/11. The liberals, as much as I dislike these Cultural Marxist dictators, keep the Trump Jews in check. Conversely, the Likud fake alt-right people, mostly Jews, keep the liberals’ excesses in check, like their assault on free speech. The balance is needed to give Americans and other people some breathing room. If one side gets too powerful, we can end up like the USSR. That, under Lenin and Stalin, was a state ruled by Jews (Jews were 80% of the government), and you know how that turned out.


Yes, Jews in control is usually a very bad thing for the victim state, it’s citizens, and frequently it’s neighbors as well.

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