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JUNE 2023

US House Of Representatives Launched Impeachment Inquiry Against President Donald Trump

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US House Of Representatives Launched Impeachment Inquiry Against President Donald Trump

US Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi

On September 24th, US Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi announced that Democrats are launching an impeachment inquiry against US President Donald Trump.

“The president must be held accountable. No one is above the law,” she said.

The reasoning behind the proceedings are the unconfirmed news reports that Trump pressured Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky into “digging dirt” on Democratic Presidential candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden and his son.

“Today I’m announcing the House of Representatives is moving forward with an official impeachment inquiry,” Pelosi said.

This marks the fourth time in US history a president has faced impeachment.

Trump allegedly used $250 million in military aid to Ukraine as a bargaining chip into forcing the Ukrainian side provide contact with a whistleblower.

This is quite similar to allegations against Joe Biden, back when he was vice president of holding financial aid to Kiev until the Ukrainian Prosecutor General was released from his post. He allegedly was about to launch an investigation into a business, which Hunter Biden, Joe Biden’s son had a stake in.

Nancy Pelosi had repeatedly resisted calls to being impeachment inquiries, but a breaking point appears to have been reached.

“This week, the president has admitted to asking the president of Ukraine to take actions which would benefit him politically,” Pelosi said. “The actions of the Trump presidency revealed dishonorable facts of the president’s betrayal of his oath of office, betrayal of national security and betrayal of the integrity of our elections.”

Trump “admitting” is rather vague, as he said he had spoke to Zelensky, and had mentioned Biden, but nothing else he is being accused of. The Ukrainian side, on several occasions, also said that there was no pressure and refused to acknowledge the topic of Joe Biden had arisen.

“You will see it was a very friendly and totally appropriate call. No pressure and, unlike Joe Biden and his son, NO quid pro quo!” Trump tweeted.

Ever since the inquiry was announced Trump has gone to Twitter claiming that this was “Presidential harassment” and a “total Witch Hunt,” since Pelosi, Nadler, Schiff and Maxine Waters had “never even saw the transcript” of the call between Trump and Zelensky.

Trump said that US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had received permission from the Ukrainian government to release the transcript of the call, to prove that nothing illicit had taken place.

He initially said that he wouldn’t authorize the release of the transcript, but has since come round.

Republicans rushed to defend Trump in various interviews, saying that the Democrats were desperate and scrambling to construct any narrative and theme, after the complete failure of Russiagate.

Critics have said the transcript, on its own, is insufficient to settle the matter.

“The release of the transcript is necessary but far from sufficient,” said Ned Price, a National Security Council spokesman in the Obama White House. “At its heart, this is about an urgent, credible whistleblower complaint involving ‘multiple actions.’ The law says Congress must be provided with it. This will remain a cover-up until that happens.”

The transcript’s release may be followed by testimony from the whisteblower, Rep. Adam Schiff said.

“We‘re in touch with counsel and look forward to the whistleblower’s testimony as soon as this week,” Schiff tweeted.

Whether this would actually lead to impeachment is unknown, and also rather unlikely, since chances are the Democrats are more likely shooting themselves in the foot by trying to stir yet another scandal. The entire situation may backfire, since Trump is being accused of specifically the same thing that Biden was accused of doing years ago.


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Zionism = EVIL

This loudmouth orange moron may end up in jail for 40 years of ponzi scams. lies and total narcissism. The Jew scum could not have found a better moron.

Tony B.

He’s a Jew himself. Fat chance he’ll ever go to jail.


They can no longer defeat even the smallest nations so only have each other to fight now … karma is a b!tch.

Zionism = EVIL


Tiresia Branding

American politics is not a swamp, it’s a pool full of shit

AM Hants

It gets funny, when they start throwing it at each other and when they run out, the human faeces, out on the streets of San Francisco comes in handy.

So enjoying Rudy Guiliani and the dirt he is dishing, in bucketfuls, at Biden and friends.

Tony B.

That’s because it is now totally Kabbalah/talmudic/Rothschild cabal owned. Government in the U.S. today is no different than the Israhell police state.

Charles Homer

Here is an interesting comparison of the level of turnover of key positions in the Trump Administration to that of previous administrations:


What is rather surprising is the elevated number of cabinet-level resignations under protest showing that the Trump Team is not much of a team at all.

Tony B.

Israel firsters all. And their first thought is always to cover their own asses. What makes you people think that American politics today is American? Americans are barely included, it’s an all Rothschild and prostitutes convention.


Russiagate failed now we will have Ukrainegate.

AM Hants

Seriously enjoying the work of Trump’s defence lawyer. I seriously hope the story grows, as no doubt many of us, who have been following events in Ukraine, since 2013/2014 wish.

‘SHUT UP, MORON!’ Giuliani Erupts on Fox News Guest for Comments About His Ukraine Involvement… https://www.mediaite.com/tv/shut-up-moron-giuliani-erupts-on-fox-news-guest-for-comments-about-his-ukraine-involvement/

The video belows, seriously needs listening to, Rudy is throwing out, everything the MSM ignore, including throwing Soros and the Clintons into it.

They Have Walked Into a Trap!” -Rudy Giuliani Destroys Democrat Party, FBI and BIDEN CRIME FAMILY… https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=2&v=vWug3KlXbCQ


I have now read the full telephone transcript of Trump’s call to the Ukranian President, and I can see nothing wrong with it. I would like to think that if, say, a past Deputy UK Prime minister was involved in a similar furore, whether seeking election or not, that the allegations of impropriety in such a contentious situation abroad, especially is am offocial capacity, would also be fully investigated.

IF Joe Biden is found to be guilty, along with his son, they should be jailed. In the US poor people are often jailed for decades for petty offences and the allegations about the Bidens are very serious. The law should be consistent for all.

Did I mention Tony Blair, AM :)

AM Hants

Must admit, I am enjoying nibbling on the carrots and hate it when they take them away. You did not mention TB, however, Nick Clegg, so came to mind. Do believe he is over at Facebook now, and another Common Purpose Member, just like TB. Funny that, :))

AM Hants

Haha, as the penny drops in, it would indeed be interesting, if they were to look into the actions of previous politicians, who have happily followed or led the path of Biden and friends.

Damien C

Trump in a mess again, he is a total moron, at what stage did he not realise all calls are recorded in the whitehouse.

AM Hants

Well, he did see how the White House had no problems with Hilary having a server, in her private use, full of classified and above information, that she handed out to her ‘pay to play’ friends. Plus, nobody complained.

If he had anything to hide, owing to memories of everything being leaked, when he first got the keys to the White House, then perhaps he might have a problem. However, do believe Biden is no doubt in need of NATO Pampers.

Ralph London

AM, video’s been removed by fox; nothing on their utube channel. (

AM Hants

Try this link: ‘SHUT UP, MORON!’ Giuliani Erupts on Fox News Guest for Comments About His Ukraine Involvement… https://www.mediaite.com/tv/shut-up-moron-giuliani-erupts-on-fox-news-guest-for-comments-about-his-ukraine-involvement/

The ‘one to one’ interview with Laura Ingraham, he says similar to what he said on the Fox and Friends interview.

Ralph London

Thanks AM, I got it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pPsiSM4H8ZY

AM Hants

The media link. after the first video, showing the argument, you then have the ‘one to one’.


I hope that you have stocked up on your popcorn. You are going to be needing it. :-)

AM Hants

Yep and looking forward to the show. Just hope he gets the coverage we deserve.


A lot more than the current shenanigans are expected to come out before this is over.

It might be wise to shop for a few barf bags too. ;-)

As you already know, there has been some ugly business going on.

AM Hants

Interesting, but, why was Dmitry Firtash such a threat to Biden’s interests? Wonder how it all links into the ‘Steele Dossier’ as well and how Firtash was a link to Russia and Trump, in the writer and friend’s imagination?

Will Trump Rescue the Oligarch in the Gilded Cage?… https://www.bloomberg.com/news/features/2017-02-16/will-trump-rescue-the-oligarch-in-the-gilded-cage


I am not familiar with the part that Dmitry Firtash is playing in all of this and his association with Biden. I expect that with more and more transparency, this will be exposed.

These documents came out as part of the process of draining the swamp in the US. What is being shown is the length of the Washington tentacles in the Obama administration. It is expected that a lot more is going to be made known in a lot more countries than the Ukraine.

AM Hants

Brilliant and I cannot wait to see more. It is seriously disturbing, and exactly the same in the UK, where Westminster is concerned, no doubt. Look who was backing Clinton and providing as much help as possible?


It has taken an excruciating long time to get to this point but we are officially here. It is safe to think of things as a behind the scenes’s civil war going on in the US.

I would like to make a suggestion on how to understand things a little better from your side of the pond. Events are best viewed as a mirror or a boomerang.

For example, Trump was just accused of this and that with the phone conversation with the Ukraine. He released the transcript. What can be expected now?…..he will ask for and expose other phone transcripts. About who and what exactly? We will see at the same time.

Another possible example….they have been screaming for his tax returns. He may finally release them then demand other peoples tax returns and then expose their cheating, corruption and insider theft.

There has been much outcry about the said state of the economy…possible response?….let’s fully audit the FED and release everything.

No one is safe at this point. The stage has been set.


AM Hants

Fingers crossed. I wonder what deals he has made with Boris, considering the UK involvement, when Boris was Foreign Secretary, in trying to get Clinton into the White House?


I will not speculate on what may be going on between Boris and Trump, but I definately think that there is a bit of something going on. ;-)

A friend of mine from your side of the world posted this earlier.

“Remember however, that this is not solely an American problem. Plans have to be flexible in order to be effective. What is about to unfold will affect many people in many places.

You don’t need me to spell it out, you already know. The extent and reach may be a surprise for some but I doubt that.

To defeat globalists you must think in that context. They may have plots which are planned to actuate many years from now, or from many years ago, but like us, they all live in the moment.

I think and hope that the hits will keep on coming.”

I completely agree with him.

AM Hants

With you. Plus, just think how long they have been planning on winning it all. There still is a lot of the show left, till we reach the finale, from my perspective, whichever way it goes. Or if it goes where it is meant to, by design.

AM Hants

I am assuming you have seen this or know about it?

State Dept. intensifies email probe of Hillary Clinton’s former aides… https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/state-dept-intensifies-email-probe-of-hillary-clintons-former-aides/ar-AAHZBcj?ocid=spartanntp


Yes, isn’t it delicious! :-)


There have been non-stop investigations running in the background for almost three years now. Quietly ticking along while in the foreground there has been the worst propaganda war that the world has ever seen.

For those believing in the headlines that the MSM have been vomiting forth have absolutely no idea what is coming.

We are at the tipping point. Iron clad cases that are sealed in the background are going to be released into the public awareness one after the other in a steady stream. All of these cases have long reaching testicles into other countries and world class institutions.

We are watching an epic trilogy. We are now at the beginning of the second movie.

We are going to be needing a lot of popcorn. :-)

AM Hants

With regards stocking up on the popcorn and wine, I must admit, to finding what is going on in Washington, runs parallel with what is happening over in the UK. BREXIT, the REMOANERS are run by the same team as those who cannot handle Trump in the White House.

With regards the tricks they are playing, to try and keep us in the EU, are they unwittingly putting themselves in a corner, where their actions and those behind them will all come tumbling down. The latest, is the fact, that they were primed by foreign Governments, to run the latest script. Plus, what nobody mentions and I have kept my mouth shut, owing to timing, is the fact that any act, that affects the sovereignty of the UK, has to run in accordance with the Queen’s Concent, which is completely different to Royal Assent. Which the Benn act will fall under. Together with exactly how Article 50 is worded. Will the EU itself, provide the answer to the problem, without realising? Or at the end of the day, is it a trick to allow ‘divide and hate’ to rule ?

Trying to impeach Trump, and there is a good article over on Zero Hedge, how the Dems have manipulated things, so they can bypass any opposition. There again, whilst the story runs, Biden is in the headlights.

Has this all happened, in order to keep Epstein out of the headlines? With regards the Dems sacrificing Uncle Joe? Surely, it is far easier to bring them all down, using a corrupt Vice President, then having to go down the Epstein route, which will open up so much more?

Looking forward to the finale.


Yes! Wine! I had forgotten about that. :-)

I plead ignorance on the goings on with the Brexit other than understanding that the overlords are not willing to accept the will of the people. I will be watching closely how things play out. Where we go one, we go all.

A quick thought on the attempted Trump impeachment. In the end it will probably be for the best if they go through the formal legal proceedings. The maniacs on the left seem to forget that under the law that Trumps legal team will be given the opportunity to defend him. They will be able to call thousand to testify. The entire world will be able to watch the circus. Everything that they do ends up backfiring on them.

“Has this all happened, in order to keep Epstein out of the headlines? With regards the Dems sacrificing Uncle Joe? Surely, it is far easier to bring them all down, using a corrupt Vice President, then having to go down the Epstein route, which will open up so much more?”

No, I don’t think so. There is little doubt that attempts are being made to sink the Epstein story, but like a fully inflated beach ball he will bob up to the surface again. Just today the gaze of many will be turned back to a sexual predictor (even though this fact has not been publicly exposed yet). You see, the filth, the corrupt, and the worst that humanity has produced are desperately trying to defend themselves and they are doing an incredibly bad job of it.

Meet Adam Schiff. I doubt that he has shown up much on the radar of those outside of North America but he is definitely going to be holding a spot in the center ring. He has always been lurking around, but he is just about to make it to the big time, and I doubt that he will go quietly.

“Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff is connected to a Ukrainian arms dealer. Is this why he’s willing to lie in front of the nation when accusing President Trump of crimes?”



AM Hants

Thanks for the gateway link. Must admit, seriously enjoying there work.

Adam Schiff, his eyes are so demented and he has been up to his neck and more, in the whole story. Him and Pelosi, know they will be taken down, and no doubt, a major reason for the impeachment.

Did not know that he was linked to an Ukrainian Arms Dealer, but, seriously not surprised.


Yes, the gateway operates with a lot more dignity than most at this time.

I am not surprised that you are up to speed on Pelosi and the like. Your mind is like a steel trap! :-)

AM Hants

The Gateway link, sent me on a ramble, and I found another link, to the story, which has sent me on a ramble.

How to Finance Your Congressional Campaign with Arms Sales… https://themarketswork.com/2018/03/09/victoria-nuland-alexandra-chalupa-ukrainian-ties-the-steele-dossier/

You might enjoy the article above, including the images that go with it. A lovely image of the DC Ukrainian Mafia Expanded Cybercrime & Kickback Version.


What I found interesting in the ‘How to Finance Your Congessional Campaign With Arm Sales, article, is how Alexandra Chalupa featured in the article. As memories of ‘Prop or Not’ Media Blacklist and her involvement came flooding back.

Which sent me looking for an article on Alexandra Chalupa and her connection with Igor Pasternak. Instead I found a very interesting article, with regards Alexandra Chalupa, which links into Nuland, Kerry and others and not forgetting how ‘Russia Gate’ first came about.

Victoria Nuland, Alexandra Chalupa, Ukrainian Ties & the Steele Dossier March 9, 2018 by Jeff Carlson, CFA

‘…At the center of this plan was Alexandra Chalupa, described by reports as a Ukrainian-American operative “who was consulting for the Democratic National Committee” and reportedly met with Ukrainian officials during the presidential election for the express purpose of exposing alleged ties between then-candidate Donald Trump, Paul Manafort, and Russia.

Chalupa’s actions appear to show that she was simultaneously working on behalf of a foreign government, Ukraine, and on behalf of the DNC and Clinton campaign, in an effort to influence not only the U.S voting population but U.S. government officials.

Aside from the apparent evidence of collusion between the DNC, Clinton campaign, and Ukrainian government, Chalupa’s actions implicate the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA)

Chalupa reportedly worked directly with Ukrainian government officials to benefit Ukraine, lobbying Congress on behalf of Ukraine, and worked to undermine the Trump campaign on behalf of Ukraine and the Clinton campaign…’



Like I said, your mind is like a steel trap! :-)

A brilliant and concise article. The current US congress should be reading it. They have been assigned to “investigate the investigators.”

AM Hants

Thanks for the compliment. It is owing to following events in Ukraine, since 2014 and being curious with regards the characters involved and webs being woven. Funnily enough, with Hilary, I remember her turning up with Bill for a state visit, with Blair and the thing he married, and being hosted by Buckingham Palace. I took an immediate dislike to her, which took root. She just came across so cold and condescending. So with regards Ukraine, and the Clinton link, it just allowed my curiousity to flow and follow the story.


She is the ice queen!

AM Hants

Must admit, Pelosi looks as though she has been pulled out of a freezer. She has a look of a frozen kadaver about her. Not a good advert for Cryptogenics.

Clinton, must be one of the most evil b*tches on the planet and beyond.


LOL! Agreed! :-)


A big fuss is being made about this clip, so here it is.


AM Hants

The clip never came through. Can you repost it please?


This is the best copy left up on youtube.


AM Hants

Brilliant and thank you.


This is too funny not to share…..then I will go and read what you sent. :-)

The President of Ukraine made a funny presentation at a conference


AM Hants

Found myself seriously laughing to the video. Nice one.


I know! I choked on my coffee. :-)

Heads up for this week. Trump has been on an all weekend tweet storm. He just finished off with Schiff for treason, and his unknown leaker/whistle-blower. It seems like he wants to face his accuser.

Get ready to rumble!

AM Hants

Schiff was in Ukraine in August, and funny, that was the same time the Dems received the letter from the Whistle Blower and changed the way they handle things. So is Schiff, Bolton or Brennan the whistle blower?


My guess is….all of the above. They are all playing their parts.

AM Hants

It could be so many and all of them connected. Just reading a Zero Hedge article, which made me laugh. Biden is writing to all the TV companies, begging them not to invite Rudy on their shows. It is so unfare.

Seriously hope the story is only just warming up.


I assure you that it is just getting started. :-)

I just came across this and I do not have any idea if there is any truth to it. You will be able to discern if this is a bunch of bullocks.

The Full English – Warrant Officer Simon Bean MBE confirms Lord James


AM Hants

Yep, Theresa May has signed them over, together with our weapons and systems. It will be interesting to see if Boris keeps that agreement in his negotiations with the EU or not.

‘Hero of Brexit’ Lord James of Blackheath Threatened over EU Defence Union Secret Party Political Pact of Silence on Defence Reveals Itself by UK COLUMN REPORTERS | Monday, 9th September 2019

Lord James of Blackheath has been threatened with the police, told to retract the comments he made in the House of Lords on EU Defence Union, and is facing demands to resign and remain silent on the issue from now on. On Monday last week, Lord James of Blackheath attended a conference held at the Royal United Services Institute entitled ‘EU Defence Union – the threat to democracy, industry and alliances’. The conference was also attended by, amongst others, NATO and Ministry of Defence advisor Professor Gwythian Prins and a number of former senior military officers.

The briefing covered the consequences for the UK if the defence and security sections of Theresa May’s Brexit ‘deal’ and its associated ‘Political Declaration on the Future Relationship’ are approved.

At that meeting it was agreed that Lord James would raise the issue in the House of Lords, which he did four days later.

Video footage of that intervention has received wide public distribution on Twitter.

We have this wonderful paper called Yellowhammer, which tells us all the dreadful things that will happen if we do go no-go. My secretary has an alternative list that I have complied called the Black Vulture, which is my list of the things that people do not know about which will happen if we do not go no deal.

The first is the hazard it creates for the Crown. The second is: will somebody please tell us the truth about the European defence union? This is by far the biggest issue facing the British public and they know nothing about it officially. Can we please have a proper account of what it entails? Is it really true that the Government have entered into private agreements with the European Community that they will, on completion of remain or whatever it is to be, transfer to the European Union in Brussels the entire control of our entire fighting forces, including all their equipment?

Noble Lords may jest, but it has been done and they should check it out. It is too important to ignore.

We must know the truth of this.

We must have it clear for the whole public to know. I believe it is true, and I think we should be told. I understand that it is intended that the oath of every serving member of our forces will be cancelled and they will be required to undertake a new oath of loyalty to Brussels.

I understand that in recent months, we have had a series of people sent from our Armed Forces to create and install the command and control centres to be used for the control of our troops once we have ceased to have any control over their use, application or deployment.

It goes beyond this. They are to take control of our intelligence services, the whole core of Five Eyes. They will have MI6 and the Cheltenham monitoring centre, and we will be completely excluded from it under the new arrangements and have no access either to the—

At this point, Lord Blunkett, former Home Secretary in Tony Blair’s cabinet intervened with what could be perceived to be a threat:

I wonder whether the noble Lord would be prepared to give way just for one moment. I appeal to him to conclude, because it is not in either his interests or the interests of the Committee for him to continue.

Why would it not be in Lord James’ interests to continue?

In the lobby following the Lords’ session, Lord James was approached by former Defence Secretary and NATO Secretary General Lord Robertson, who, incandescent with rage, demanded to know Lord James’ sources for the statements he made in the House.

Shut Up Or Else! Lord James’ sources should be clear to everyone who has been following the UK Column’s coverage of this developing issue. He said nothing in his speech which is not already in the public domain, and which has not already been reported by UK Column amongst others. The only addition from Lord James was the demand for the government to come clean on their intentions so that the public can make an informed choice.

Consider James’ main question, what does EU Defence Union entail?

This is a good question. It is one which the entire British political establishment has steadfastly either refused to answer at all, or has given diversionary responses about the EU having no plans for an ‘EU Army’.

To find an answer to this question we have to look to the EU itself, Tony Blair and RUSI.

For the EU, Ursula von der Leyen, former German Defence Minister, has been absolutely open about her plans for what Defence Union entails:

“I want to talk about four components … which I believe are important for setting up a European Defence Union,” she said. “First of all, just two or three weeks ago, for the first time, we were able to give the green light for a European command capacity in Brussels. That is the first time that military and civil instruments would be commanded together, where these commands would actually come from one single command office.

“This is a major step forward. It was unthinkable a short while ago, but it’s precisely the right approach to have if we want a European flavour to our defence policy.”

In a previous statement, she made it clear that the EU would wish to pursue interventionist policies in Africa, a continent, she said, where NATO has no real interest.

Strangely enough, her comments were echoed by former British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

So the EU and British Europhile former Prime Ministers are absolutely on the same page about where Defence Union will go.

It doesn’t end there, though. The Royal United Services Institute has hosted many briefings on the subject, which garner no mainstream media coverage. One such example is a conference called ‘Defence Implications of Brexit’, held in March 2017.

At that event, the European Council on Foreign Relations’ Nick Witney called for a joint Anglo-French nuclear deterrent, “if Trump cannot be impeached or house trained.”

So if the evidence of Defence Union and its implications are out there, why the vitriolic attack on Lord James?

We suggest the reason is that this is the first time the question has been asked in such a direct way in such a public political forum (the debate on one of the most controversial bills ever submitted to Parliament) in breach of the pact to remain totally silent on EU Defence Union, made between the Tory and Labour Parties, as reported to us by a former Trident Admiral in 2015.

The Threats Ramp Up The abusive responses Lord James received from Lord Blunkett and Lord Robertson in the House of Lords were mild compared to more recent communications.

Since then, other Lordly colleagues have begun demanding he resign immediately and have advised him he can expect a visit from the police for breach of the Official Secrets Act.

Lord James has had the bravery to lift the lid on a policy no-one else in the political establishment wants to discuss. He needs widespread public support.

See the EU Defence Union timeline for more… https://www.ukcolumn.org/article/hero-brexit-lord-james-blackheath-threatened-over-eu-defence-union

9 September 2019


In summery – It appears that after the “house training” of Trump, that “they” are going to strip you and leave you without defense and intelligence. Your current troops after taking their new oath will most likely be deployed elsewhere and unfamiliar troops moved in until the Brexiteers can be “house trained” as well.

The bloody bastards!

AM Hants

Civic War. I wonder how many of the Forces and old school intelligence services, that have not been privatised, will be resigning on 1 November 2019, if Boris goes ahead with May’s transfer of power?


I am going to slide into speculation mode.

In the circles that I hang around in we are considering today the first day of “Red October”. What does that mean exactly?…well, that depends on who is speculating. Suffice to say that it is a month that expected to be full of events.

Before we get into wondering about who is going to be handing off things to who, and who may be impeached (another Coup attempt) let us recall the highly inflated beach ball named Epstein that is being held under water.

I wonder to myself how many lords and ladies, how many royals, how many impeachers, how many in the UN and other world movers and shakers are prepared to give a full account of their collective dingle-berry’s if they were asked…..if perhaps all of their blackmail pictures were to be tossed up on the internet? I wonder if that might not shrivel up some of their plans? ;-)

Do you suppose that the likes of Soros have been un-corrupted choir boys all of their lives?

For now I am going to enjoy my ample popcorn supply. I suspect that by October 25th the confidence of the globalists might be knocked off it’s perch.

By Nov. 1 I am hoping that we open a bottle of bubbly.

AM Hants

I am cracked up laughing, owing to waiting since 2014 for events in Ukraine to get more publicity than received, at the time.

The article, that has got me laughing, together with following it up on Gateway Pundit, which you introduced me to, has left me, between laughter with mouth wide open, and eyebrows raised, wondering what is coming next, in a very excited manner.

Here is the article, and it is based around Soros being a tad upset with Rudy and trying to distance himself from Ukraine. Well, that is like the Vatican, trying to distance themselves from Jesus. There again, there good friend Soros, has been trying to pull that trick.

George Soros Responds To Giuliani’s “Ranting”… https://www.zerohedge.com/political/george-soros-responds-giulianis-ranting

Alexandra Chalupa, she of Clinton Presidential Campaign, Russia Gate, Ukrainian Nationalists, Impeach Trump Campaign, ‘Prop or Not’ Blacklisted Media.

Then you have all the tax payer funded organisations, linked to Soros, and involved in Ukraine.

Not forgetting how Obama tried to stop Ukraine from investigating one of his good friend Soros’ companies. Whilst Biden was trying to stop them investigating the company his son worked for, Burisma Holdings.

Burisma Holdings, at the time, part of the Privatt Group, which was led by the Ukrainian Oligarch, who was also the leader of the European Jewish Community in Ukraine, and set up the Nazi ‘Azov’ Battalion, Igor Kolomoisky. Who gave Biden’s son a job and also the step-son of John Kerry, the Secretary of State at the time.

George Soros, who funded the Ukrainian violent coup d’etat, and on 20 December 1998, was bragging on the ’60 Minutes Show’, that despite being Hungarian and born of Jewish (more likely Khazarian) faith, the best times of his life was when he was a Nazi collaborator.

So, you have Burisma Holdings, led by the leader of the European Jewish Community, over in Ukraine, and founder of the first Ukraine Nazi Battalion, founding the Atlantic Council. Together with Open Society, which is a tax payer funded organisation, whose leader just happens to be another person of Jewish or should it be Khazarian faith, who happily worked with the Nazis. The other founders of NATOs Premier Think Tank, the Atlantic Council, were the US State Department and Google.

Weird of what, that two Nazi loyalists, of Jewish Faith or are they Khazarians, should be calling the shots, with regards NATO strategy? No wonder the North Atlantic Treaty Association has forgotten what they were originally set up for.


“I am cracked up laughing, owing to waiting since 2014 for events in Ukraine to get more publicity than received, at the time.”

You are incredibly good at connecting the dots. :-)

I found this little clip seems to illustrate the current state of Ukraine-Gate rather well. What an amazing time to be alive.


AM Hants

John Bolton, no doubt cheesed off he lost out on the Busrisma Bonus?

Although saying that, it is so Ukraine. They got rid of their trains, in order to purchase US carriages at double the price, but, not built for the Soviet railsystem, which works on a different size. Then you had them cancelling the trains to Russia and Eastern Ukraine, if I remember, but, might be wrong.

Ukraine’s Connection with Russia: Train Routes May be Cancelled… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6qXjXTozTuk

Going back in time, and laughing, whilst reading this article from Ocober 2015. Featuring Biden’s Pet Rat Yats.

The Great Train Robbery? Ukraine Sues Russia for not Buying Carriages

“…At the moment, Ukraine reportedly hopes to settle a dispute in the course of preliminary consultations in the next 30 days. Earlier, Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk threatened to file a lawsuit against Russia over its unwillingness to write off Ukraine’s debts…”



Until now what I have been feeling is relief that the floodgates on all of this corruption have FINALLY been opened. Now I am laughing too. :-)

It is official, this is the last hope coup to take down Trump before he can do further damage. They are stupid enough to believe that they can still put this toothpaste back into the tube. Unbelievable. They think that he is working alone and the head of the snake? Even if they kill him this will not be over. The consensus is forming that it is Brennan and/or Bolton that is behind this last ditch take down attempt.

What you wrote above about the trains boggles the mind!!!…and they tried to force Russia to buy train cars that would not fit their tracks? This is a new level of absurdity. These people are clinically insane. It is another example of their crony capitalism. “My cousin Guido makes train cars and you have to buy them so that you do not offend the family. Remember what happened to the last guy who offended the family? Cement shoes for him. Maybe you should buy some extra railway cars. Just in case, you would not want something bad to happen to your family, would you” ?

Trump has been posting video clips of Pelosi and gang using their own words to shoot them in the foot. It is really quite funny. Here is the most recent one. Funny stuff!


AM Hants

Trump has been posting video clips of Pelosi and gang using their own words to shoot them in the foot. It is really quite funny. Here is the most recent one. Funny stuff!

Would love to be a fly on he wall, when they repeat their own quotes.


Just popped over to Breit Bart, which had a decent article, for a change, with regards one of the Comedy Script Writers, who had a decent track record, stating he can no longer write comedy scripts, owing to humour being banned, or words to that effect. He could not believe how the far left is not different to the far right. Well, I have always asked where does one end and the other begin.

Plus, an article over on Zero Hedge, which made me laugh. Cannot be bothered to link it, but, will if requested. However, it is Moby and Schiff, and the son of some suicide banker, with a chemical problem. Well, he says he has got his daddy’s private records, which link into Trump. Schiff, his eyes are completley zoned out and unhinged, as he does he best Adam Ant look, believing Christmas has come early. Only the papers have been handed in, back in 2016 and if there was anything that could cause problems, they would have been published by now. The poor love, never received payment, but, Schiff issued a subpoena haha, and he had to revert to plan B. The son, is trying to publish his autobiography, to fund his pharmacist.

Schiff – Liddle Kidz Foundation and Moby????? Funny who one classes as friends.


LOL! “Would love to be a fly on he wall, when they repeat their own quotes.”

Oh! That would be too much fun.!!!

I skimmed the Zero Hedge article. There once was a time that I would have been surprised about connections of dead bankers and seedy politicians, but the days of that kind of bliss and naivety have been left behind.

There were a lot of conversations about “Liddle Adam Schiff” about a year and a half ago. Suffice to say, it gets worse and he is connected all the way to Haiti. I am going to leave a link from a while back. No need to study it a quick scroll will be sufficiently distasteful. It is a heads up about some other things that will be being coming out more main stream in the future. He is a sick, sick POS.



AM Hants

Think Brennan, Bolton would be too busy looking for some form of war. Wasn’t he still in a job, back in August, when Schiff went to Ukraine and the paperwork for ‘whistle blowers’ got changed?

Now why was Burisma, so nice to those who worked for Schiff and providing training opportunities in Ukraine and didn’t it involve their good friends in the Atlantic Council, which Burisma help to create?

Know what you mean about ‘I have been feeling is relief that the floodgates on all of this corruption have FINALLY been opened. Now I am laughing too. :-)’ – That is the reason I for my insomnia. So frightened I will miss something, as they all come tumbling down. It is seriously blowing up in the Dems faces, and nought the MSM can do to help.


Well, the fact that Brennan and Bolton did not manage to start any new wars fits into the miracle folder. It was not for lack of trying on their part.

John Bolton was still on staff and he got the boot on 911. I may be wrong, but I think that it was Brennan sniffing around in the Ukraine on a fake passport. Nice spy play Bullwinkle. The whistle blower rules changed some time in August.

Burisma and the Atlantic counsel? Has Elon Musk not shot them into the sun yet? Wishful thinking on my part.

I must encourage you to not give in to insomnia. You must stay rested. There will be sewer and swamp draining going on for a while.

I like the panic in the eyes of the MSM these days. They all have the deer in the headlights look about them and it amuses me.

AM Hants

I do not think Ukraine is having a good week. Not only is Rudy Guiliani doubling down on Ukraine and Biden, but, even the Crimean Tatars, are giving them grief, over at the OSCE summit. When does Russia stop delivering the gas? Not long now.

“Crimea and Crimean Tatars” Made a Speech During the OSCE Meeting… https://www.stalkerzone.org/crimea-and-crimean-tatars-made-a-speech-during-the-osce-meeting/


The Tatar speech at the OSCE must have had the OSCE bosses choking on their dildos, AM. :)

AM Hants

Haha, I wonder if NATO had their ‘teledildonics’ operating and if so, they would have been more than choking on their toys. Would loved to have been a fly on the wall. Ironic, as Sputnik, was running a story, with regards ‘human rights abuses’, that Ukraine were whinging about. Of course, Russia got the blame as Odessa Trade Union Building Massacre so comes to mind.

Actually, the Ukraine whinging to the European Court Human Rights Department, was rather ironic, as they had put the ECHR representative and London lawyer, on their Mirotvorets data base. Ironic and does one laugh or cry? No doubt the EHCR will recommend another loan for the oligarchs to fleece, to keep Ukraine happy.

ECHR Surprisingly Silent as Russian Rep, UK Lawyer Added to Ukraine’s ‘Public Enemies’ List… https://sputniknews.com/europe/201909251076888319-echr-surprisingly-silent-as-russian-rep-uk-lawyer-added-to-ukraines-public-enemies-list/

Actually, I wonder if Ukraine is now being hung out to dry? With the clock ticking, with regards the loss of Russian gas, and a new owner being sought for Naftogaz. I wonder why Rothschild is dropping his investment?

S Melanson

Yes, SF has article on how Europe is getting tired of Ukraine. To put in perspective, Ukraine is too corrupt and out of control even for the US. I suspect oligarch controlled Zelensky is to bring some order so the ‘right’ people benefit from corruption and the ‘right’ things get done. The right thing translates to what the US orders. The expected return on invested corruption was not acceptable under 140 proof Porko.

As for the reason for impeachment, did not Hillary hire a British firm to go to Russia to get dirt on Trump and this all seemed tied into business deals, nuclear fuel, foundations and family ties that involved hundreds of millions.

Reminds me of a Soap Opera, and the Carrol Burnett parody “As the Stomach Turns” comes to mind. That would be a good general title for today’s world of international affairs.

And Hillary wanted to run for President one more time… so what happened? Well, even for the corrupt DNC, she, like Porko, has too much baggage.

AM Hants

Old Hilary, hired an old spook, who was last seen in Russia, back in the 90s. However, he ties into Ukraine, Skripals, Pablo Miller, the Skripals mentor and even the UK World Cup bid. The spook was so good, he would turn up at fancy dress parties and introduce himself as James Bond. Not the brightest spy in the box.

I must admit, to the Comedian turned President and his mentor Kolomoisky, good friend of Biden.

So would he turn on Kolomoisky, in order to trade in Biden, considering the US were sitting on funds to Ukraine, then suddenly, after the Victor Punchuk Yalts, but, not in Crimea summit, Trump hands over $250 million, US tax payer funds, together with a bonus of $140 million.

So are they trying to set up Poroshenko? Using some strange script?

IMF Money Laundering Scheme


Foreign Donors to Clinton Foundation



We all have a massive problem these days with the Orwellian abuse by the Common Purpose mob and their like minded associates of the long accepted meaning of words.

This is very effective with those who live in ‘Our democracy ‘ who are disinterested and therefore illinformed of what the political leaders are doing in our names. The ultimate consequence being that our political leaders will spill more of our blood for a lie that only benefits those who abuse the accepted meaning of words.

I must insist that HMRC accept my assertion that ‘ two + two = three’ AM :) I will assert my right in the EU court of Human Rights to self identify four as three , and three as four.


Watch the House of Truds and DemonCrauts burn, this, is even worse than the previous stupiditys, to do what, protect their only uh….. DNC eh…. male, creepy Joe Tha Bideet, huh, wouldnt let that rats come close to children, He is nothing but an stupid, even after Moronikan standars Senatwhore, only beaten by the half brain damanged Pelosi, whom for once amanged to say something without drooling and slippping, an massive omporvement, right. The thing is old, I remeber the Coke/Crack head son of the Bideet, whom was put in charge of the Oil/Gass of the Ukrainians, and that was what, an gift, an token of gratitue to give an important Ukrainian national job to an certifyed crack head, eh…. smoking Hashish/Cannabis make you a bit stones, but crack makes you crasy, paranoid and retracted from reality, what do you think happens to someone whom have been awake for years, they are not one of the people I would even have to boil eggs, they are not nowhere near capable to be doing even something that hehehe advance, and they whine about Cannabis, jesus, that comes from people whom knows jack shit about dope.

I know of some crack/speed freaks, non of them are normal, to be frank, and thats one of the reasons I dont and will not tuch that, speed is one thing, the problem isnt speed, the problem is crappy speed, I have tried a couple of times pure speed, and that, is something entirly different that what you get on the treet, you have to be in the Military to get the best/or in the Medical Ind. complex because it have to be liquid, pulver never gets op to that level, the same for the composite Crack/Cocke, just as the Dutch whom have an long history with coke.

The thing is, the DemonCrauts to em sounds more and more like an bunch of lunatics, they make it seem they want Trump to triump, this is just another MSM created nothing burger, an double wammy of nothing, like the sectaculare stupid freak show regarding our new and glorious Missiass. Yeah, what could possibly go wrong. Yeah, Trump will masacre them in the next years election


Jacob Wohl's Nose

dont worry POTUS! Jacob Wohl will save your presidency by inhaling and blowing away all your enemies with his MASSIVE nose! :=======D

Xoli Xoli

Texas cowboys and warmongers who failed to show out each others gangsters paradise. USA is run by fat fuck Twitter president.

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