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US Hosts Pacific War Games With Australia & Japan Aimed At Countering Russia, China Attack

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US Hosts Pacific War Games With Australia & Japan Aimed At Countering Russia, China Attack

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Originally appeared at ZeroHedge

The United States military has kicked off joint war games with Australian and Japan on the Western Pacific island of Guam which will specifically focus on countering a theoretical future aerial attack from Russia or China.

The joint exercises, dubbed ‘Cope North 2021’ began last Wednesday and are scheduled to run all the way to February 19. Crucially the exercises will included F-35A joint strike fighters, marking the first time the advanced stealth jets are deployed to Andersen Air Force Base at Guam.

US Hosts Pacific War Games With Australia & Japan Aimed At Countering Russia, China Attack
US military handout photo showing last year’s joint drills.

“Exercise Cope North 21 aims to provide an opportunity for the forces to hone their combined air tactics while enhancing support to the Indo-Pacific region,” according to a US military statement. “Australia is participating for the 11th time in the US Pacific Air Forces’ largest multilateral exercise.”

China and Russia can increasingly hold overseas US bases at risk. To adapt, the air force must evolve from its dependence on well-established airfields or risk building an operational edge,” Brigadier General Jeremy Sloane, commander of the 36th Wing at Andersen, said at a press briefing for military reporters.

For the first time F-35A stealth fighters will take part in Cope North exercises…

Essentially the exercises will focus on preventing a hostile major power from coordinating any surprise attack that might “wipe out” US air power with missile attacks.

It comes as relations between China and Australia are at their lowest point in years over the ratcheting trade dispute which has seen Beijing block Aussie commodities exports, squeezing key Australian industries given China remains its largest export destination.

US Hosts Pacific War Games With Australia & Japan Aimed At Countering Russia, China Attack

Australian commander Nathan Christie described in a statement on Exercise Cope North 21: “More than 2,000 military personnel and approximately 95 aircraft from the Royal Australian Air Force, United States Air Force, United States Navy, United States Marine Corps and the Japan Air Self-Defense Force are scheduled to participate in this exercise.”


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Frankly, ZERO+ZERO=0. This is a collection of occupied lapdogs and deadbeat losers. The Aussies are convicted child killing war criminals and petty criminals, the dopey Nips are global losers occupied by bankrupt US warmongers banana republic since 1945, so what kind of a force “projection” are we talking about? a circus of clowns in 70 year old airplanes ROFLMAO!


Thats the cia plan,to try at any means to discredit the Commonwealth(nazi-jap enemies)
Media bluffs ain’t 25 million,yet13 dishonourable discharged along with two battalions erased for good,yet more investigations and criminal charges from the afp on the horizon,
up to 30 years prison for each murder,better late than never,atleast guts dealing with cias!


Usa are trying in vain to hamg onto anything that ressembles alliance,though Australia and japan insist best not to make things worse than need be,use common sense not stupidity,
guam part of japan/usa’s sphere of infuence,however entitled to excersices just like china,iran and russia will in reproach,to the more significant indian ocean region where along others as indonesia be reminded not to take the satanic jewish bait,time will tell!
Here’s the real news,it seems India are not exactly in the mood to partake as media ranted!
The plot thickens:

johnny rotten

As they deploy Fake-35, just to throw away some money and remind the world that they are still quite alive, they are putting the old F-15s back into production in an updated version, implicitly acknowledging that as far as aviation is concerned the americunts are definitely fucked up.

Just Me

An Australian pilot has thrown severe doubts on the dud F-35 as most are grounded and the HUD and eyesight helmets don’t work.A F-35B joint strike fighter in flight crashed on September 28, 2020 the pilot ejected safely, but the remains of the broken fuselage had to airlifted for examination. During low-light conditions, the F-35’s night vision camera display starts emitting bright green lights and faulty data. The issue affects all versions of the F-35, the classified leaked documents point out.that helmet-mounted display’s LED lights, which can obstruct a pilot’s vision and provide wrong targeting data.

Just Me

Car breaks into Israeli air base home to F-35s, exposing security holes as a Toyota sedan took a wrong turn and broke through the security fence ending up near parked F-35 fighters in Negev, southern Occupied Palestine. LOL.

comment image

The tails of F-35 are clearly visible in the background.

Jimmy Jim



Where did you find that?
Atleast toyotas unlike f35s can project what’s ahead))

Just Me

Press TV and a lot of other independent outlets. Just google car breaks into Israeli airbase. Good advertisement for Toyota’s lol.


Oh yezz,wada feeling’

Lone Ranger

Its funny because usually they themselves are the invaders.
The wicked flee when non pursue…

Tommy Jensen

In the American Pacific Ocean, which we also own, we show American force with strength and our pawns.
Any raised finger raised against any American during these drills will immediately be shot off with our new super duper weapon! Period.


Russia owns the pacific every bit as much,so any foul play may be met with the proven emp method,unlike skimp!Turn super duper to fishing trawler in a jiffy:Usa admiral is a bigwank!
Those places are ww2 capture,which is fair cop,just like russian kuril islands in the PACIFIC:

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