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JUNE 2021

US Helicopters Attack Convoy Of Iraqi Security Forces. At Least 8 Killed, Over 20 Injured (Photos)

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US Helicopters Attack Convoy Of Iraqi Security Forces. At Least 8 Killed, Over 20 Injured (Photos)

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On January 27, a unit of Iraqi security forces was attacked by US-led coalition helicopters, according to the Iraqi Army Military Media Cell.

The source said that the unit was attacked by the US-led coalition when it was on its way back to its base after finishing its mission – to capture a commander of ISIS “Karim Afat Ali al-Samarad” in the town of al-Baghdadi in the western al-Anbar province,

US Helicopters Attack Convoy Of Iraqi Security Forces. At Least 8 Killed, Over 20 Injured (Photos)

Click to see the full-size image

US Helicopters Attack Convoy Of Iraqi Security Forces. At Least 8 Killed, Over 20 Injured (Photos)

Click to see the full-size image

The Iraqi side didn’t provide any information on why the accident happened. However, the Military Media Cell hinted that a lack of coordination between the Iraqi security forces and the US-led coalition might have been the main reason.

From its side, US Army Colonel Ryan Dillon spokesman for the US-led coalition stressed in that all the US-led coalition airstrikes were coordinated with the Iraqi side. He added that the US-led coalition is investigating the incident.

An unnamed Iraqi official revealed to Reuters that six personnel of the Iraqi security forces and two civilians including a woman were killed in the US-led coalition airstrikes. Around twenty other people including a high ranking officer of the security forces were injured, according to the source.

Since 2014, the US-led coalition has been accused of attacking the Iraqi Army and the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) during their battles against ISIS on several occasions. However, the US-led coalition never took any real measure to investigate the reasons behind such mistakes.

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Michał Hunicz

Wahhabi Zionists try to make a next false flag for the third invasion of Iraq.


Did the word Zionists appear in this news report? Get a flippen grip and stop vomit B. S.


If, as some are saying, there were Iranians in the convoy then it goes without saying who ‘could’ have been behind this ‘accident’.

Don Machiavelli

Zionists are behind every war in ME. No need to report common knowledge.

jerry hamilton

Just wait. We investigated ourselves and found we weren’t to blame.


Normal .. nothing unusual.


US Army Colonel Ryan Dillon spokesman for the US-led coalition stressed
in that all the US-led coalition airstrikes were coordinated with the
Iraqi side.

Oh yes, Iraqis are a bunch of masochists and just enjoy being blown up by the Americans, that’s why they coordinated it in the first place.

What I think is that interrogation of this ISIS commander, this “Karim Afat Ali al-Samarad” guy if remained alive and under interrogation would spill a lot of beans and create an embarrassment for the US and their coalition, so they took care of it the American way.

Pave Way IV

Damn! We needed that guy to sabotage any efforts to get the Iraqi-Syrian pipeline up and running. Where is CENTCOM going to find another ISIS commander this weekend? Langley doesn’t have any flights until next week. Someone get on the horn to Tel Aviv and see if they have spares. And easy on the Hellfires boys… we’re running low on head-chopper ‘assets’.


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Pave Way IV

Should also note that none of these reports have actually said the ISIS commander nor his Iraqi ‘army and security special forces’ captors were hurt in the attack. They called for an airstrike on the gathering of local police and officials that had come to investigate the commotion – only the locals got killed/hurt. Which makes this entire story even more suspicious.

Were there Americans in the snatch and grab operation? Was this really an ISIS commander or another Mossad guy like the ‘ISIS commander’ in Egypt? How on earth would choppers be able to respond so quickly unless they were already there? Why would they fire on police vehicles in the middle of a village at all? Did the local police know anything about this ISIS commander hiding in their village?

The OIR response is – as usual – propaganda aimed at the American public and the West. About as trustworthy as Amak. Both probably come from the same guy at CENTCOM.

Don Machiavelli

Exactly, well said. Death mouths do not speak.


I think you are absolutely right….. just like the airlifting of Isis-commanders, if you can take übersturmbahn-terrorists somewhere else for redeployment it’s fine…. but never let them be caught alive….. same reason they flattened Raqqa, Mosul & many other places: cover-up your tracks….leave no traces of evidence.


The Zionist terror network headquarter (Israel) is there in Palestine and US coordinate with them not with any Muslim country. Zionists are the part of all problems. All world Muslims need to trust on each other and be united and kick out US and dismantle Zionist terror network headquarter Israel. Identify those Muslim leaders who are part of Zionist terror network, expose them and bring them to justice.

Gregory Casey

I believe the prevention of the “Spilling of Beans” by the IS Commander to the Iraqis was and is the sole motivation of the Americans for this attack. Apart from anything else and all of the bullshxt about “communications” it’s the only thing that makes sense.

Vince Dhimos

I suspect there may have been Iranians in the convoy. Iranians cannot be allies according to Fourth Reich zero-sum philosophy.

Real Anti-Racist Action

Actually, the third reich considered the Iranian people to be a great people and allies.
However the forces the make sure their will never be a fourth reich are the same forces that bomb Syria and Iranians and Iraqi’s and Lebanon.
India was also a great ally of the reich. Together they united against international Jewry.

Vince Dhimos

Israel IS the Fourth Reich. They use the same tactics as the 3rd Reich and they are racists.

Dr. Ronald Cutburth

Given the frequency of US strikes (murders), hospitals, police, military it appears the US has sunni muslim pilots in some of those aircraft.


If they’re sunni craziest they’d kamikazes the damn target. But joke aside they really lacking in the critical thinking department that it doesn’t really matter what their beliefs system or any other certification that implies ‘sentient’ minds they have.


Most likely Israeli pilots I think.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

No , they are Jihadi Joes.

Gregory Casey

I agree with Garga. It is quite strange that US would fire on one of its stated Allies claiming ‘accident’ or ‘communications breakdown’ when the death of a critical ISIS Commander is the outcome. Probable reality is that US Forces believed this IS Commander was likely to spill some very interesting ‘beans’ to his Iraqi interrogators on the US alliance with IS.

Peter Bedijn

That is where frends are for

Vince Dhimos

In 2014, Iraq received 48 Pantsir air defense systems from Russia. These are the systems that knocked down 13 drones attacking Lattakia and Tarsus. Better watch out, US terrorists. https://www.rt.com/news/192528-iraq-russia-air-defense/

Tudor Miron

“US-led coalition airstrikes were coordinated with the
Iraqi side.” (c) Ryan Dillon

He simply means that it was coordinated with ISIS in Iraq in retaliation for operation against high value CIA asset namely Karim Afat Ali al-Samara (daesh commander)

Real Anti-Racist Action

The ISIS commander “Karim Afat Ali al-Samarad” has worked closely with the US and Israeli-Jew’s for years.
Cause he was captured, the Zionist had to blow him up before he could break under interrogation and give away that his ISIS has been fully funded by global Jewry.

Hide Behind

Who knows, the fog, now US smoke, of war is so F’n thick in Iraq and Syria, who can tell who one is likely to bump into.
Not only that but one must understand the wants and craving, more like a “fix”, of US military men for “trigger time” by both chopper crews and commanders.
The command structure of military that both cause and then excuse such attacks, no crime no penalty, towards a conquered people is psychologicly induced.
Iraq lives do not matter in this genocidal warfare, the chosen targets are below animal status, numbers of dollars paid out as blood money sausages any US home felt guilt.
While on US homefront no one gives a Fly’n pig about Iraq lives and worships its military as heros, promotions within military and resultant pay increases, have a pathological result upon whole national character.
As to this incident a scenario: Iraq Command knows US/NATO paid ISIS and Al’Q, and arms and funds Kurds as well, leadership, so maybe they do not trust US leadership when they go directly after high level terrorist.
Why notify US when they will then warn Iraq’s Intended target.
QUICK IN AND QUICK OUT, that was not quite quick enough.
US tactics are also meant to keep reminding Iraq leadership that they are not a sovereign power and to remain always under US bootheels,.

Vince Dhimos
leon mc pilibin

Looks like they didn’t want their Isis commander spilling the beans about collusion between themselves.What a satanic warmongering regime jewSA really is.

Richard M

CIA didn’t want the ISIS commanders being interrogated by “unreliables”.


The Jewish mafia in cahoots with the CIA blocked his mouth.

Langaniso Mhlobo

Dillon the USA spokesman of terrorist order this coordinated attack after terrorist leader wad arrested.USA is in Middle East for destruction of Muslim Arab world.

Real Anti-Racist Action

They are destroying the Christians in the ME just as much as they are destroying Muslims.
You failed to analyze what is happening.
The US is there t support the Jewish destruction of Goyim’s in the ME just as the US assisted the Jew’s in the destruction of Goyim’s in Europe in the 1940’s and this policy continues till this day.
Everything is done to advance Jewry’s control over the entire globe.
It is all for them.

Langaniso Mhlobo

All Muslims must joint hands with US Christians and stop going to Mecca. Then Saudi economy will collapse and it will stop betraying other Arabs and Muslims.


Ehmmm…… ALL People should shake hands…….and get rid of Evil Bastards….

Langaniso Mhlobo

I am actually refering to originally naitive inhabitants of Middle East which is Muslims and Arabs.Not illegal immigrant Christians who wondering around the globe and spying for USA/NATO.


You don’t know your history , the Christians were there long before the Muslims .
US Zionist Israeli Christians , would be immigrants however

Langaniso Mhlobo

The truth is coming out you mean right from the beginning Christians never wanted Muslims and Arabs to have land and live peacefully. According to you were did the Muslims and Arabs came from if Christians we’re first in Middle East.


There were many religions in the Middle East before Christianity and then Islam . 2000 years ago the story goes Jesus was born and died , but for 3 years he a Jewish priest taught. From his teachings sprang Christianity .
600 years later Mohammed was born and died . He taught for sixteen years.
He started in Mecca , but was driven out by the multitude of different religions. He went to Medina , where he conquered the town by force . He returned to Mecca and conquered and converted it by force . Before he died he conquered Arabia and converted by force . After he died his followers continued to spread his religion by force of arms . They conquered N. Africa and then across into Spain . They spread Islam across the Middle East and took north India , and south all the way into Indonnessia . History is long , and interesting , there are many points of view .

Langaniso Mhlobo

I have never failed in my entire life maybe by your racist actions.USA/NATO are Christian countries with killing mad administrations now so what.

Langaniso Mhlobo

Time to put this arrested terrorist under severe interrogation he will tell the truth. Soldiers and human rights were violated by USA on his behalf therefore his right’s will only start after interrogation.

Ricky Miller

Sounds like another election talking point for Nouri-al-Malikis faction in the upcoming May elections. The current Iraqi government has been complicit in allowing the USA use of Iraqi airspace to prop up the Kurdish mini-state in Syria. Hopefully that comes to an end before this summer…

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

They called 30 seconds before the attack took place claiming it was an ISIS target but didn’t explain where he was, which just happened to be in possession of Iraqi Security forces at the time.This particular group which has been effective in keeping terrorists coming from Jordan and Saudi Arabia. It has been effective in controlling 80% of the Anbar desert in the south. They are what the US would call a valid target in disrupting their plans.

Jason Sixx

More info provided as available”

Aka never. Like when al zinki had to punish its men for brutally inhumanly and heartlessly and …. moderately …. beheading a fekkin boy! And one of them was one of the groups founders lol


I suggest going to twitter and reply to the US spokesman pointing out they didn’t want the ISIS commander to be interrogated….Go!



Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Don’t do that as it’s likely you will be blocked.


(..US Helicopters Attack Convoy Of Iraqi Security Forces. At Least 8 Killed, Over 20 Injured..)

No surprise here, U$ Helicopters were protecting their allies, ISIS. Wondering why the Iraqi government allows them to colonize Iraq after all the destruction and mayhem the satanic U$ caused in Iraq?

Atif Ahmed

the head line should be “US came to aid its ISIS alliescomment image


“attacked by the US-led coalition when it was on its way back to its base
after finishing its mission – to capture a commander of ISIS “Karim
Afat Ali al-Samarad””

Uh huh ….
… and was that capturing why?


That, was an dirty job, like taken from Holloloweed crap movie it self, yeah, even gunships, niiiiiiizze, and the excuse, well, the empire can drool anything, blame Santa, they dont care, just sound bytes anyway, but the main target was of course, the top of the rat pack, yeah, I bet even He begged for His life, because He knew instinctively and by experience, that CIA/Mossad, never leave open ends, certainly not alive, and this moron thought He was safe because they are his eh…… benefactor.

And I hope the Arabs and the Iraqi sec forces sees this for what it is, an new way of spitting you in the face, this was equal to pissing on you, top rats alive is The catch of the day, always have and will be in any war theater, anywhere, anytime.

To think anything else, well, I got some Nigerian Nuclear Mud cakes to sell you, hand baked and sun dried, wanna know, just asl Collin Powell, you know, the swinging test tube boy, never fake news assh….. of an general.

And do notice, the hasbarah and the western shit heads, are flowing this days, yeah, dumber ad dumber, it must be something in the water, because you cant be that bloody dumb.
And on top of it, like an old Danish ass-likers, tales, about an butt naked King, no matter how much bullshit, twisting of facts, realitys and events to be what you “think” it is, is so lame from time to time that I am in awe, you cant dress Him up with lies, shit heads, thats the ugly truth, like watching BBC this times, wohaa, it stinks high heaven, and CNN, is even worse.
Yeah, interesting times indeed.



Let me guess, the ISIS commander died?


They airlifted him out


Its time for the Iraqi government to show America the exit door .

Don Machiavelli

Hopefully Iraqi parlament is not filled with neocons and affiliates as in the USA. If it is…

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