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US-held Area Of At-Tanf Once Again Appears To Be ‘ISIS-Welcome’ Zone In Syria


US-held Area Of At-Tanf Once Again Appears To Be 'ISIS-Welcome' Zone In Syria

Click to see the full-size image. Source: twitter.com/EmmanuelGMay

On November 8, the Syrian Special Forces rescued a group of hostages from ISIS during a military operation in the Hamimah area in the eastern part of Homs province.

At least 30 hostages were captured by ISIS in an attack on the government-held area in eastern al-Suwayda on July 25. A part of them, 6 people, was freed by ISIS in September in the framework of a local deal between the terrorist group and the Damascus government. However, after

The most strange thing in this development is where the hostages were rescued. As it was noted by multiple persons following the conflict, Hamimah (Humaymah) is located far away (over 250km) from the area, where the hostages were captured or where ISIS positions in eastern al-Suwayda are located [al-Safa].

The map above allows to see that Hamimah (Humaymah) and al-Safa are separated by the so-called “security zone” imposed by the US-led coalition near its military garrison in at-Tanf.

The Russian and Syrian militaries have repeatedly warned that the al-Tanf zone are being used by terrorist groups, including ISIS, as a rear base and a foothold to carry out attacks on government-held areas. The ISIS safe haven is actively protected by US-led coalition forces, which threaten any Syrian Army troops deploying close to the al-Tanf zone. The formal justification of these actions is that Syrian government troops as well as Iranian-backed forces in Syria pose a threat to US-backed “democratic” militant groups and US troops deployed near the at-Tanf garrison.



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