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US Hasn’t Given Up Plans Of Invasion In Venezuela, Russian Intelligence Chief Says

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US Hasn't Given Up Plans Of Invasion In Venezuela, Russian Intelligence Chief Says

ILLUSTRATIVE IMAGE: Sgt. Matthew Crane/Army

The US hasn’t given up on its coup attempts in Venezuela, Vice-Admiral Igor Olegovich Kostyukov, Head of the Russian General Staff’s Main Intelligence Department said.

“The US subversive activity against the Bolivarian Republic continues. Various options are being developed for shifting the “Chavist” government – from creating conditions for growing protest sentiments and their subsequent transformation into a “social explosion” to a military intervention against Caracas,” Kostyukov said.

At the same time, according to him, “Washington, fearing to engage the national armed forces, wants to organize an invasion by the hands of its allies, primarily Colombia.”

“In addition, the creation of illegal armed groups of Venezuelan deserters, representatives of Central American criminal groups, Colombian rebel groups, which are already used to commit sabotage on the infrastructure of the Bolivarian Republic,” he added.

Furthermore, the US was “not bothered by the fact that ordinary civilians, whose interests are allegedly actively defended by the United States, are primarily affected by their actions.”

“Washington is actually ready to designate the leadership of the Bolivarian Republic “a state sponsor of international terrorism and, under this pretext, undertake forceful measures and sanctions against Caracas.”

He also reminded of the failed “humanitarian invasion” from Brazil and Colombia. And claimed that US President Donald Trump had set a goal of removing the “left” governments of Venezuela, Nicaragua and Cuba in a quick timeline.

“Regarding Venezuela, concrete steps are already being taken to destabilize the domestic political situation in the country through the consolidation of opposition forces, the organization of large-scale protest actions with them and, most importantly, the unleashing of hybrid aggression against the republic. This is the formation of state-controlled government bodies including the actual “appointment” of Washington and the official recognition by its allies of the chairman of the Venezuelan parliament, Juan Guaido, as an Interim President of the country. This is the accreditation of alternative ambassadors of the Bolivarian Republic in foreign countries and its representatives in international organizations. This is the seizure of diplomatic and other state property abroad, the arrest of accounts and gold reserves, the imposition of sanctions.”

According to Russian Intelligence, the Organization of American States, the informal “Lima Group”, the European Union, and influential international financial institutions were involved in the implementation of the plans of the “color revolution” in Venezuela.

Finally, according to Kostyukov, Washington, “guided by the updated Monroe Doctrine”, openly raises questions of the provision of economic, military-technical, humanitarian and other assistance to Latin American countries depending on their position on pressing political issues, thus seeking to promote their interests in the region.

Separately, on April 26th, the US Treasury Department announced sanctions on Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza, as well as on Judge Carol Padilla.

“The United States will not stand by and watch as the illegitimate Maduro regime starves the Venezuelan people of their wealth, humanity, and right to democracy,” said Treasury Secretary Steven T. Mnuchin. “Treasury will continue to target corrupt Maduro insiders, including those tasked with conducting diplomacy and carrying out justice on behalf of this illegitimate regime.  This Administration stands with the Venezuelan people, and alongside an international coalition committed to holding accountable those who are responsible for Venezuela’s tragic decline.”

In response, Arreaza said that “some reactions confirm that we are walking the right path.”

On the previous day, he claimed that US sanctions “have Taken Thousands of Venezuelan Lives.”

“The wealth of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela has been affected in a substantial way, closing bank accounts, withholding money,” the foreign minister said.

From U.N. headquarters in New York City, the diplomat said that “we are campaigning for ourselves so that the world understands the consequences of the unilateral blockade of the U.S. government on Venezuela, consequences that have taken the lives of thousands of Venezuelans.”

He also praised the relationship between Russia and Venezuela and said that it presents no threat to US security.

Regarding the US sanctions, the Russian Foreign Ministry expressed Moscow’s “outrage” at the “diplomatic blackmail.”

“We were outraged at the report that the United States imposed personal sanctions on Venezuelan Foreign Minister Arreaza. A blatant attempt was made again to put pressure on the government of that country and the entire Venezuelan people,” the Russian ministry said in a statement. “We urge the United States to return to the international legal field, to stop the policy of blackmail and provoking tension in Venezuela from outside. The world community needs to promote the establishment of an inclusive intra-Venezuelan dialogue. There is no alternative.”

On April 27th, Venezuelan people took to the streets to celebrate the country’s departure of the Organization of American States (OAS).

This is a result of a letter Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro saying that this institution promotes attacks and aggressions against the South American country.

“We are liberated from the Ministry of the US colonies. The interventionist and disrespectful body of democratic principles and international law. Our Bolivarian and independent homeland says GOODBYE to the OAS.”


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The US line is so out of touch with reality it’s almost funny. Almost.


It can be said that the US government lacks imagination in many ways and wars, and it is apparent today that the tattered US ‘ Elected Governments Replacement by US Puppets Manual’ is yet another overused strategy that epitomises the lack of US strategists imagination.


Not just political strategist..Look at the failed F35 program..The Boeing Max disaster. They are also years behind in hypersonic weapons tech and 5G technology.

Make sense

Failed F35 says you? Tell me, what’s your aerospace background?

John Whitehot


imagination needs mental freedom to work. the US establishments gave up, and then forbade every possible freedom of thought long ago, because ANYONE still able to think straight would realize what the US has become as a country.

they sold everything, and are now experiencing the effects of having nothing left.

Tommy Jensen

Just wanna say we Americans never give up. We are like Spartans.
If Putin comes with his hypersonic weapons and Maduro with his wild hordes against an American, we stand where we are and THEY die! Because we do it for freedom.


US has been at war for 224 years since its establishment 240 years ago at a rate of 224/240. It has been the most violent country in history and it is about to come to an end.


Ha Ha Tommy Americans like Spartans – you mean those lean in shape warriors – more like a bunch of 250lbs over weight, 50 inch waist couch potatoes!

Allan Greedspoon

More like 350lbs last time I saw the obesity rates of Americans . .


Whose freedom? Because Washington is basically asking you to die do for the lobbied interests of Wall Street, Netanyahu and Saudi Arabia. You don’t even have freedom yourself, your government doesn’t even answer to you. You’re a slave and of the worst kind. At least the slaves at the cotton plantation knew that they were slaves and who the master was who mercilessly whipped their backs. You think you have freedom and are willing to die for your master. Loser much?


what freedom if you suffer from medical bill

Allan Greedspoon

Jensen has escaped the institution again. Whatever you do, please just try to humor him until the men in white coats can come and gently coax him back into the asylum…


“We are like Spartans.”
You mean actors, like Gerard Butler, and Australian David Wenham?


No one is coming at you, you are the aggressor. Freedom, lol, freedom to be, obese, ignorant and morally corrupt. I think you should stop watching Hollywood movies and Fox News propaganda, your brain is fried.


you are a brainwashed sheep! Why would you defend your corrupt government that wouldn’t think twice to kill its own citizens!!


If only the Americans would ‘stand where they are’ in the US , rather than standing on other peoples property :)


“Washington, fearing to engage the national armed forces, wants to organize an invasion by the hands of its allies, primarily Colombia.”

Err, Colombia, you might want to take good hard look at Turkey, and the messy consequences for their own domestic security resulting from playing role of US’ primary regional state entity in proxy war against Syria. :(

viktor ziv

If You allow me to add Sudanese dying in Yemen for Saudis as well.

John Whitehot

but hey, who cares about the sudanese. They are africans. even their mothers don’t mind if they die in a war.


Columbia is Americas garden, if they lose Columbia billions of dollars from produce, mostly cocaine will be lost from the American economy.


Colombia is in fact , just another ‘Lady Garden ‘ that the US uses and abuses :)


Good old Donald has forced the directors of this horrid play to drop the curtails altogether. The US and it’s actions are now fully visible as the criminal mob that they are. Blackmail and coercion are the tools of the mafia. What a surprise…they fit right in with the Buffoons own style and character.


Capitalism is the legitimate racket of the ruling class.”(Al Capone)


The US military has the task of creating confusion.


The US military has a long tradition of confusing itself :)


Washington wants to remove national govrrnment and bring corrupt proxy government in Venezuela. This is the case.

You can call me Al

… that then takes out huge IMF loans and re-privatises the energy industry…. + of course begs for GM food and related stuff.


That exactly Jews wants in every single country in the world. That’s good that certain governments e.g. Russia and China refused to import GMO products from Jews.


Pillage, it’s what made America what it is today, a cesspool.


Of course, this is true.

Jacob Wohl's Nose

Columbia can’t even defeat FARC and they want to fight against the BNA and Venezuelan Army? LOL


To be fair, I imagine the US has plans to invade every country, why work when you can steal.


Once again South Front regurgitates what the Russian Foreign Ministry said as fact, but this is not a matter of being deterred. Plans exist, whether or not we finally get off our butts and implement them is another matter entirely.


Wake up moron! your government is corrupt as Fuk! While Americans starve your government tries to fight the whole world!


Don’t you have a synagogue to shoot up, or something? Bug off.

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