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US Handed Over 55 Armored Vehicles, Trucks To Lebanese Military (Photos)

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US Handed Over 55 Armored Vehicles, Trucks To Lebanese Military (Photos)

Official logo of the Lebanese Armed Force, source: lebarmy.gov.lb

On April 21, the US embassy in Lebanon announced the delivery of dozens of armored vehicles and trucks to the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF).

In a statement posted on Twitter, the embassy said that the shipment, which arrived in Beirut Port on April 15, is meant to “protect”  Lebanon’s border.

“On April 15, a US-flagged ship docked at the Port of Beirut to deliver 55 armored vehicles worth $13 million, which will enable LAF units to better defend and protect Lebanon and its borders,” the statement reads.

The shipment included Humvees [High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle] as well as 4×4 and 6×6 FMTVs [Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles].

The US and other Western countries, mainly the UK and France, has been stepping up their support for the LAF on the hopes of restricting Hezbollah’s activities in Lebanon and its access to the border with Syria.

In January, the UK shipped 100 Land Rover Wolfs light armored vehicles to the LAF. Later on March, France delivered a shipment of MILAN anti-tank guided missiles and thermal sights to the military.

Despite the West’s attempts to use the LAF as a pawn against Hezbollah, the military maintains superb relations with the group. The two cooperate on counter-terrorism in Lebanon as well as against Israel.


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What a joke. Lebanon’s military receiving “aids” from the US/UK/France terrorist Ziocorporate globalists responsible for the fabrication and maintenance of the Rothschild neocolony in Palestine.

Hezbollah should take that pile of shít and sell it for scraps, use it for target practice or put them on the border as a marker with flags painted on to remind terrorist Ziojew invaders that they belong in Poland, Ukraine and Russia.

johnny rotten

Don’t accept anything from the Yankee, not even if it’s a gift, in fact especially if it’s a gift.


Never trust the yankiees and their servants

Potato Man

How about the US lift sanctions on Lebanese people huh….
This is the same shi5 that British did some time ago…

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