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JUNE 2021

US hampers arrival of humanitarian organizations, UN mission to Raqqa in Syria

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US hampers arrival of humanitarian organizations, UN mission to Raqqa in Syria


Originally appeared at TASS

The United States is hampering the arrival of any representatives of humanitarian organizations and the UN mission to Raqqa in Syria, Russia’s Defense Ministry reported on Saturday.

“The US is continuing to hamper the arrival of any representatives of humanitarian organizations to Raqqa, let alone the agreement on the arrival of the UN mission to the city, which should register the scale of the humanitarian disaster in order to determine the amount of emergency humanitarian assistance to the remaining population,” the Defense Ministry said.

According to the Defense Ministry, “the United States, Great Britain and the countries of the “coalition” that intensively worked for the faster adoption of UN Security Council resolution 2401, are now completely ignoring the fulfillment of their own obligations in Syria.”

On February 24, 2018, the UN Security Council adopted resolution 2401 on establishing a ceasefire in Syria for at least 30 days to provide humanitarian assistance to the population. According to the document, the truce does not apply to the Islamic State and the Jabhat al-Nusra.

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Gary Sellars

Muricans and their dirty tricks…


They have literally wipe RAqqa off the map
So nothing to see


Remember: What the Nazi’s did to Lidice & Lezaky, they paid a price. Do the Yanki Fascist Scum think they will escape the Wrath of Humanity?


They don’t want their war crimes in Raqqa exposed for the world to see.They much prefer to demonise Russia who is saving lives in SYRIA (


This is a ‘blow’ to freedom..


The sheer scale of the US Marine artillery barrages on Raqqa destroyed much of city and residential areas, and the US-SDF seem in no hurry to have the city’s Arab majority return and resume normal life. This could be perceived as de facto ethnic cleansing of Raqqa’s Syrian-Arabs going on – with intent to permanently expand the Syrian-Kurdish controlled territory south, far beyond their historical remit, and exert permanent control over the vital Syrian Tabbqa Dam water and hydroelectric infrastructure – for any partition plans.

Scale of US Marine artillery barrages at Raqqa:



AM Hants

permanent control over the vital Syrian Tabbqa Dam water and hydro-electric infrastructure – obvious objectives for any sustainable partition plan.

Think you might be right there. They want control of the water.

David Pryce

Yes Syrian army used the old fashioned mission creep in East Ghouta which is so much safer for civilians while the US flattened Raqqa, civilians, terrorist, donkeys and chickens all bombed and poisoned with white phosphorus shell’s and mortors.
Where’s the journalists to cover this act of savagery?
And they have the neck to talk about Syria defeating US trained terrorist in Ghouta.
We all know the so called SDF are AlQaeda ISIS and Kurds.
UN is a joke who the fuck ever thought NY ? be an honest broker for peace? Poor Nations vote with US bacause they depend on US aid to survive.
Where the ones on the stage and there laughing at us.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

1500 Terrorists existed in Raqqa when the heavy bombardment started , 2000-3000 were evacuated before it started and a further 2000 in the first 2 weeks of the siege and 1000 when they started raining hell on the city. This isn’t the only City they leveled like that Mosul and Fallujah both shared a diverse population and secularism thrived in those cities, US always plays a psychological game when bombing with Napalm, they did it in Dresden and Hamburg and also Japan before they sent living hell on them, the Atomic bomb.

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