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JULY 2022

Russia Sets ‘No-Fly Zone’: US Halts Flights Over Northern Syria

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The U.S. Air Force has halted aerial missions in northern Syria. The US officials ‘don’t like’ the Russian air defense systems located in Latakia. 

Russia Sets 'No-Fly Zone': US Halts Flights Over Northern Syria

The U.S. Air Force has temporarily halted manned aerial missions in northern Syria where U.S. warplanes had been supporting the so-called “moderate opposition” groups combating ISIS, an anonymous White House source said Dec. 17, Bloomberg reported.

[SF editor: However, it’s hard to find any really ‘moderate opposition’ among Turkey-,Saudi-,Qatar-, the US-backed terrorists fighting Assad and beheading Syrian citizens.]

The Pentagon made the decision following Russia’s deployment of an S-400  air defense system in Syria. U.S. officials called this practice a “dangerous provocation” and ignored a Turkish threat to the Russian warplanes conducting an anti-terror mission in the region.

Only U.S. drones continue to fly in the area along the Turkish border and commonly known as the Azaz corridor.

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no lie

John McCain, his sister Lindsey Graham, Hillary, and Obam wanted a no fly zone. Merry Christmas from Vlad.

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