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US Going to Invade Yemen – Houthis

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US Going to Invade Yemen - Houthis

Abdul Malik al-Houthi, the leader of Yemen’s Houthi Ansarullah movement

In a televised speech on October 13, Abdul Malik al-Houthi, the leader of Yemen’s Houthi Ansarullah movement has said that the US military is setting up a ground to invade Yemen.

He noted that the US military’s recent missile strikes against radar sites on Yemen’s Red Sea coast is a clear indication of it.

“The US is after laying the groundwork for making an invasive move against [Yemeni] Hudaydah Province,” he said, adding “The Yemeni nation will defend its territory, freedom and independence, seeing it as its right to use any legitimate means against violent invasions.”

The statement was made on the anniversary of the October 14, 1963 onset of an armed struggle, which forced the UK into withdrawal from the southern part of Yemen.

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Where are the moderate happy head choppers in Iraq and now when the Syrian theater is partly going down the drain and fast, been sent this days.

Syria, I dont think so, but more lightly either Yemen where ISIS/Saudis are in control, or to Africa, to be the back bone of an merc army invading Yemen, where the fight is going down the drains as well, and the Saudis, well, its digging their own grave.

I have watched Yemenits fight, and above all, the insane rocky terrain, and wast areas of mountains, and I know the Yankees may bomb this for an entire century and will achieve nothing, other than continue with mass slaughtering of civilians.

Yeah from the scums that whine about road side bombs, and IEDs, while hole funerals is slaughtered the western MSM gives them some few lines, and dont even write whom did it other than an air plain, double tapping, the ultimate cowardliness of any military scum conceivable.

The sheer evil of the UssA army and gov. is finally comming into the light, it have taken some years.
And now, they do the freak show them self.


The UK-Empire conquered the Yemen people eons ago, and are eager to get it back.
The UK-Empire conquered America from within, as the Rothschilds are Jews married into Norwegians who own and run the UK-Empire.
When the UK-ordered America to fight and die and win the First World War for them, we obeyed them because they own our banking system and our media and our news papers.
When the UK-Empire ordered us to fight the II-World-War for them (which the UK-started) we did it because we had no choice.
We Americans do not like the UK nor Norway, we want to win back our Freedom!
Ditch the evil-UK-Empire, and bring back the Republic.
Let the whole world unite and destroy all remnants of the Zionist-UK-Empire.

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