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US, France, and UK In Direct Talks Over Possible Syria Strikes

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Originally appeared at ZeroHedge

“That has to be, in the history of propaganda in the 20th and 21st centuries, one of the most outrageous claims that I can think of,” John Bolton stated in response to Moscow’s charge that anti-Assad insurgents in Idlib are preparing a chemical false flag in order to hasten a US attack on Damascus, according to a new Wall Street Journal report.

“Along with the United States and France, we have been clear that we will respond swiftly and appropriately if the Assad regime repeats its appalling use of chemical weapons,” he vowed, echoing statements the national security advisor began making weeks ago during a trip to Jerusalem.

US, France, and UK In Direct Talks Over Possible Syria Strikes

The WSJ has revealed the White House is now in direct talks with the U.K. and France over plans for a possible third round of coordinated strikes on Syria should the Syrian Army use chemical weapons during its Idlib assault.

After a speech in Washington on Monday, Bolton told reporters, “We’ve been in consultation with the British and the French, who joined us in the second strike, and they also agree that another use of chemical weapons will result in a much stronger response.”

The news comes a day after Bolton indicated during a speech that the US and its allies Syria would respond with much “stronger” and harsher action against Damascus. 

Also, early this week there were reports that Germany is mulling over whether to agree to a request by the United States that it join any potential strikes on Syria, though such a move is expected to be too politically divisive for Germany to agree.

Thus far a Russian air attack on Idlib is underway, with international reports saying about 70 strikes have occurred on Idlib in the past days. Syria pro-government forces have amassed around Idlib Province and are said to number as many as 100,000. If true this would be the largest mustering of Syrian forces for any single battle throughout the seven year long conflict.

Meanwhile the United Nations has warned of an impending humanitarian disaster, and a UN Security Council meeting chaired by the US is set to be held on Tuesday morning, according to the WSJ.

On Monday the WSJ reported that unnamed US officials now claim to be in possession of intelligence which they say shows Assad has already given the order to conduct a chlorine gas attack in an absolutely unprecedented level of “pre-crime” telegraphing of events on the battlefield.

The anonymous officials told the WSJ of “new U.S. intelligence” in what appears an eerily familiar repeat of precisely how the 2003 invasion of Iraq was sold to the American public (namely, “anonymous officials” and vague assurances of unseen intelligence)  albeit posturing over Idlib is now unfolding at an intensely more rapid pace:

Fears of a massacre have been fueled by new U.S. intelligence indicating Mr. Assad has cleared the way for the military to use chlorine gas in any offensive, U.S. officials said. It wasn’t clear from the latest intelligence if Mr. Assad also had given the military permission to use sarin gas, the deadly nerve agent used several times in previous regime attacks on rebel-held areas. It is banned under international law.

It appears Washington is now saying an American attack on Syrian government forces and locations is all but inevitable.

However, this time the stakes are much higher as Russia has built up an unprecedented number of warships in the Mediterranean Sea along the Syrian coast in response to prior reports that the U.S., France, and Great Britain could be preparing an attack.

* * *

Meanwhile, does anyone remember this fake news from 15 years ago?…

US, France, and UK In Direct Talks Over Possible Syria Strikes

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Promitheas Apollonious

Time for all of us to see if Russia stands for what they claim they do.


Take out launching platforms as they promised the last time…. and did nothing.

Concrete Mike

Ecoute bien.

Your picking and choosing here. The full russian statement was: russian forces are embedded with saa everywhere. Target russian soldiers, russia will target launchers.

Thats the russian position.

Now the last airstrikes hit nothing but empty building and desert, no russian forces targeted, russia and syria had a nice pantsir party, no need to sink us ships for nothing, they disnt do shit just wasted a billion dollars we dont have.

There exists no popular support for a western intervention in syria, why would russia go out of her way to give an excuse for nato to get the public to back them. Its a game of rope a dope here with nuclear weapons on the side….this is serious shit mac.

Let NATO keep making an ass of itself.

Im not worried at all, putin and shoigu know what there doing.


” the WSJ reported that unnamed US officials now claim to be in possession of intelligence”

I would seriously doubt them possessing intelligence of any kind!

To date, not one single shred of EVIDENCE that Assad’s forces have used chemical weapons in Syria has been presented and yet, they’ve been attacked twice by the terrorists’ international air force. Another CW false flag is just another vial of soap powder (Iraq comes to mind) being presented to the public for Israel’s benefit to assist it in becoming the dominant force in the region and increase the wealth of the military industrial complex..

Quoting ‘anonymous source’, ‘unnamed sources’, ‘intelligence sources’ or even ‘anonymous intelligence sources’, are the buzzwords giving everyone a clue that what is to follow is pure BS lacking any evidence or credibility whatsoever!


I smell Bolton behind it. Well it is time to show the world, that he is not a “genius” but an “idiot” and that bullying nuclear superpower like Russia and treat them as “untermenschen” have some inevitable consequences. Come on Russia, show dear American “partners” some preemptive strike instead of words this time.


Bolton just one more member of the Deep State cabal.

C’mon Trump, smash the Deep State, that’s why you’re supporters put you in the White House, not to be their patsy.


Well, Trump is may be not a member of the deep state but they owe him. And don’t forget he is a DOTARD. Nothing good can be expected from this old and stupid moron.

I suppose Putin knows what he is doing and will take some countermeasures. And by the way. This 300.000 Russian drills ongoing on Siberia including strategic weapons can go live immediately. Is it just coincidence ? I don’t think so.

I suppose this time some US pride will be sunk. Enough is enough.


Some people prefer a silver tongued psychopath destroying countries like Libya for example to a street talking individual who seeks to avoid a world war with Russia. Personally, I prefer the latter. If I believed MSM media or the so-called liberals and left, in bed with the Deep State and it’s war machine, I would use the word DOTARD and make all kinds of other false accusations. That’s called being a sheep and following the herd rather than thinking for one’s self.

Muriel Kuri

Excellent description of OBomber. His hands are so bloody, yet his mouth spouts out golden tongued words that bamboozle the masses.


True indeed! Enough is Enough! Russia should act now if the EVIL empire attacks Syria!


You think well, because what that means is: Russia will react against an western agression. The psychos as Bolton are warned, now all they have to do is just start that war of agression.

Promitheas Apollonious

That means smashing the ones who put him there and is not the vote of the people that easily can be manipulated with no fail.


“..who put him there..”

We’re going to be in disagreement on this one. The people who put him over the top in the election were the ones who disagreed with the war mongering, Deep State vetted candidate Clinton; without the support of those people, he would not have become President.

We know the false flag is coming, the question is, will he capitulate to the Deep State.

Promitheas Apollonious

not bad to be in disagreement. But you referring to the voters and I am not. Voters as I said are easily manipulated. I was refering to the ones who decide who becomes president. The system is such in US, that the individual vote does not matter.


“..the individual vote does not matter.”

I don’t know where you got that idea from, but it seems you have not delved into it deeply enough. I take it that you are referring to the electoral voting system though that wasn’t clear in your response. That system was devised so that all areas of the country would be represented and not dominated by one geographical segment. So yes, the voters do not elect a candidate directly, but instead the elector (to the electoral college) is chosen to represent whom the people of a geographical area have voted for. The last election was a prime example of why this system was created, to represent the entire country and not just the wealthy east or west coast of the country. Had this system not been in place, the Deep State’s candidate, Clinton would’ve been in office and probably we’d either be having WW3 or on the cusp of it; also, the majority of the geographical part of the country would have no representation.

As for general voting….. It does matter provided a candidate is able to be elected President that does not succumb to the Deep State and is able to uphold the Constitution. Said candidate would have to have his own money, as he would get no coverage in media from the Deep State affiliates. He would probably have to have his own trusted security service also. Trump had his own money and I’ve heard that he brought along his own security detail (don’t know if that’s true). The one thing to understand for sure is that he was not (regardless of what anyone says or thinks of him) a Deep State vetted candidate. That’s what the ruckus has been about in the US for the last 2 years. The only question that matters is: has he succumbed to the Deep State? We will know the answer to that after the false flag event underway in Syria.

Promitheas Apollonious

I am aware of what you telling me Mike I am not so sure you understood what I have answer you. They given you two political groups to chose which will representing you that both are 100% controlled by the ones who decide which configuration they need for the job at hand and is simple as that.

And what I said is true and a fact. The voters dont matter the electoral`s do and those are all controlled by the same people who own every one in US and not only. In any case not important. Soon all the masks will fall and you see what I mean.


Interesting comment….. I do see we’re in pretty much agreement. I didn’t realize you were talking political parties as in Republican / Democrat. You’ll probably understand then why out of the entire ballot offered me last election, I chose only one name for an office and disregarded all other candidates from both parties. I sure hope they counted that 1 vote and didn’t think the ballot was blank.

I agree with you that the electoral votes do count, however, enough electoral voters disregarding the populations vote would see hell to pay; besides, they tried addressing the electoral vote last time to violate what the people wanted…. it didn’t work.

“Soon all the masks will fall and you see what I mean.”

Look forward to it…. hopefully, we’ll still all be here.


” Trump had his own money and I’ve heard that he brought along his own security detail (don’t know if that’s true).”

Eric Prince is a key player in Trumps security.


Sounds interesting. I hadn’t paid that much attention to it before. Maybe that’s why with the Deep State working so hard to get him out of office, he’s still walking around and they’re still trying to get him out.


If my understanding is correct, the Deep State (I do not know why we capitalize that name. They are a bunch of control freaks and criminals.) did not think that Clinton could lose. They thought that Trump was such a buffoon, that he did not stand a chance, and not only that, they had rigged the voting machines. There was nothing to worry about. They had no plan B. It did not cross their minds even once, that HRC was so despised, that she could loose a rigged election. She did not give a concession speech for two reasons. The first is that she was drunk and throwing harpy fits, and the second was that there was no concession speech written and set up on a teleprompter for her.

A little more on Eric Prince. I expect that these things will be out in the open before long. It seems that our little Eric was a kind of double agent. On one hand a mercenary, and on the other hand a patriot. Strangely, pictures started to surface of McCain hanging around with the enemy and other unseemly tidbits. It is unknown if Prince took the pictures, or just came into possession of them but it became known that McCain cared more about the “rebels” than the American people. It is rumored that some of the chemical weapons supplies that reappeared in Syria were brought in by his wife’s charity “Operation Smile” as part of a humanitarian effort. Prince is a man who, if people like him or not, knows where the bodies are buried.

It appears that Trump is fond of information on his enemies, and is keeping Mr. Prince around.


Sounds good. You’re right about McCain and you can definitely add his protege, Graham, to the mix of the most avid outspoken and acting on behalf of terrorists against the real interests of the American people.

I capitalize the Deep State to indicate the REAL shadow government that has been running the country for decades. That shadow government consisting of the non-elected heads of the intelligence agencies & the military industrial complex. I also include the well heeled lobbyists and funded stink tanks of Saudi Arabia and Israel. Finally, I include the dual citizenship Congress critters who place Israel’s interests above that of the American people they are supposed to represent. As you can see, it’s a rather large and powerful grouping which is making it difficult for Trump to follow through with his pledge of staying out of foreign wars and getting out of NATO; also why Trump needs all the help he can get to not be taken out by them.


“You’re right about McCain and you can definitely add his protege, Graham, to the mix of the most avid outspoken and acting on behalf of terrorists against the real interests of the American people.”

Oh yes, we cannot leave out Lindsay Graham. I will never understand why he is given so much time in the Media. He did something interesting recently though. He was at the hearings for the potential Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh and he brought up Military Tribunals. I was taken back by this. This was the last thing I expected him to bring up. To speak so boldly about these things, I have to wonder if he has been making deals in the background to save himself from them.

In case you have not seen it, the video clip.



Thanks for the clip. I don’t know about ‘save himself’. Military tribunals should be of concern for everybody, as they loosely do not define what ‘collaborate’ with the enemy means. For example, if the government works generally against the people it supposedly represents and you criticize it, which happens to coincide with the opinions of those said government deems an enemy, in their eyes, are you collaborating? In this age of censorship where Americans are being blocked at every opportunity to see the truth, where propaganda pushed by the Plutocrats works against the principles that the country was founded upon and where they have arbitrarily dispensed with the Constitution when it suits them, bringing up military tribunals is a dangerous step too far. No country has the Congress declared an act of war against and the idea of a war on terror, by those Deep State actors supporting terrorism as proxies to overthrow governments, is ludicrous at best.


Most of the conversations that I have seen that have discussed military tribunals are the discussions linking Hillary Clinton to the sale of 20% of the US uranium supply to the Russians(collusion with the Russians to complete the Uranium one deal). This is a polarizing issue to say the least. The best coverage of this I have found to be Judicial watch.

“In this age of censorship where Americans are being blocked at every opportunity to see the truth, where propaganda pushed by the Plutocrats works against the principles that the country was founded upon and where they have arbitrarily dispensed with the Constitution when it suits them, bringing up military tribunals is a dangerous step too far.”

I could not agree more about the censorship and misinformation that is being flung around. I have never seen it this bad.

In the end I think that military tribunals are going to be held for the extreme treason that has been committed against the American people, and the crimes against the rest of the world as well. It is a dangerous step that hopefully will not lead to a slippery slope.

In the discussions that I have seen elsewhere the conversations were about the amendments to court-martials that is to be going into affect Jan 01/19. Many people are overjoyed about them, others are concerned. Time is going to tell on these things.

Link to the 2018 Amendments to the Manual for Court-Martial, United States.



From time to time I’ve been pleased to view Judicial Watch in it’s pursuits, however, until I actually see an investigation launched into the Clinton pay to play fund, I’m going to remain a skeptic.

What concerns me with military tribunals is that the Deep State organ at will labels people it desires to destroy as enemy combatants. This label serves to strip a citizen of their Constitutional rights and subject to a military tribunal. As the Deep State always uses vague terminology or the classified label in it’s pursuits, this is what I was referring to when I questioned what ‘collaboration with the enemy’ is defined as.


I do understand what your concerns are. In Soviet Russia thousands and thousands of people were incarcerated and killed under the Criminal Code article #58 under Stalin. It was many years later that some survivors finally learned what their charges were. Most died without knowing their infractions. Not many made it back out of the Gulag.

I had thought to write a long response. I have decided not to. I will hint at how I see things and time is going to tell what is true and what is not. There has been a lot going on that is not making it into the media for many months now. I have decided not to get into it for two reasons. It would be a lots of work, and you might find it incredulous. After a brutally long process some things should begin to perk up to the surface later this week. I have never seen a process move so slowly. I understand why, but I still feel like driving a blunt spoon into my forehead.

I easy terms, the pit is being dug for the deep state to fall into. The deep state is going through spasms and trying to avoid the pit. They are failing.

Hopefully things are going to get a little more interesting and scandalous. I can hardly wait.

By January 1/19 all will know, black and white, and who ended up in the pit when this struggle is over.


I hope you’re right and look forward to 1/19.


This is the favorite video over here at the moment. ;-)

#RealSearchBanRT If You Think It’s Time To………. LOCK THEM ALL UP#WhatILikeIn4Words pic.twitter.com/EQP94VZXmF— Alice (@realTRUMPERLAND) September 5, 2018


It’s a start…. still leaves a lot of the Deep State intact.


Agreed! :-)


FYI – The US has started declassifying documents that will begin to topple the house of cards. It is within the realm of possibility that this may have triggered whatever is going on in Syria today. I am not sure, but it is a fact that documents are being declassified.


Thanks…. I saw that. In Syria, it looks like the West shot down a Russian plane off of Syria’s coast. It’s not a forgone conclusion yet but the Russians have stated that a French frigate fired it missiles about the time the Russian plane disappeared.

To summarize: Syria was hit from the air and sea with an hour+ long missile strike. This missile strike occurred shortly after it was announced by the Russians and Turkey that there would be no Idlib offensive. If you recall, Bolton and associated psychopaths had promised to strike Syria harshly if CW weapons were used. A NATO strike force had parked within striking distance of Syria. Ironic then that after the announcement of no offensive, thereby dashing the false flag CW excuse the West was to use in support of their terrorist proxies in Syria, that a long sustained assault on Syria progressed. It seems we’re progressing ever forward towards a world war. The US is now stating it wasn’t involved, might be true but, based on the psychopaths history of running the government, truth is not one of their strong suits.


Thanks. Understanding all of the macenations that are involved in the ME are not a strength of mine.

What is coming out of back channels right now is that Washington DC is in full panic mode. Deals are being offered/blackmail threatened/promises made to stop the declassification from going forward. The psychopaths are in full frenzy. I am quite sure that there are quite a few things that they would rather not become common knowledge.

If Russia and Turkey have pulled out of an offensive then a big card that they had to play as a global threat has been moved off of the table.

My guess is that if a Russian plane has been shot down, it was a panic move played by the dark side. I do not think that Putin will be fooled and be pushed into over reacting. I think that we will survive to see another day. ;-)


Except that 14 Russian servicemen died in an unprovoked attack that the West had promised to perform in a false flag attack. Once Russia is finished analyzing all of the data, Putin will have to respond. I don’t think this is going to be a wash. Someone is going to suffer retribution. They didn’t just shoot down a plane, they deliberately in an unprovoked attack, killed 14 Russians just because they wanted to.


“Once Russia is finished analyzing all of the data, Putin will have to respond. Someone is going to suffer retribution.”

…and they should. I do not believe what we are told in the media is accurate for the most part and I have seen the MSM suppress many Russian reports. One report I came across an hour ago was claiming that “the generic Syrians shot down the plane accidentally. My thoughts and prayers go to the poor family who have lost their loved ones on this very strange day.

Another story was that Israel was attacking and in defending against this, there was an accident and the Russian plane was shot down.

After watching investigation after investigation done by the Russians I have confidence that they will get to the truth. I for one would like them to have the opportunity make their case basted on science and correct information without the noise of the world drowning the results out.

Who ever shot the plane down and ended the lives of 14 servicemen people must give an account, and suffer retribution.


Russia now knows exactly what happens. Four F15/16’s used the Russian plane, which was returning to it’s base, for cover to attack targets in Syria such as power stations. So the Syrians, defending themselves hit the plane while targeting the Israeli planes. Essentially, the Israelis hid behind the Russian plane and the Russians reserve the right to respond.


Thank you! That paints a very nasty, but very clear picture.


Check this out…. Erdogan being threatened by his terrorist buddies in Idlib :)



An interesting article indeed. I try not to comment to much on the comings and goings in Syria because frankly, I don’t know enough to have an informed opinion. But since you were kind enough to post an article I cannot resist a comment or two.

My first thought is…the world has been at the brink of the apocalypse for weeks now. In that time the propaganda machine has been in overdrive so that sad little reporters can make a living while there is a stale mate going on. A leaf blows by, a blade of grass moves in the wind, well heck, might as well create an incursion out of it…or a tunnel.

My other thought is this. In the amount of time that this stale mate has been going on, I think that the rebels could have drilled a tunnel to Canada. Perhaps I should go out and check the yard to see if there have been any cave ins or pot holes.

I watched the video and the man narrating it. He had the mannerisms of a kid who is in a pissing match with the kid next door. He seemed to feel pretty brave about it all. I suppose that he may not have figured out that it would only take water to flush him out and collapse the tunnel, if in fact the tunnel exists. Nothing better to do, so he was hamming it up for the camera?


“..the world has been at the brink of the apocalypse..”

And still the majority of Americans remain ignorant of their potential demise thanks to the psychopaths that run the government and control the media.

re: trunnel…. These terrorist critters possess huge tunnel digging machines. Often, after Syrian troops have liberated an area, they’ll post a video showing the tunnels (which depicts the circular effects of a tunnel boring machine) with vast areas for vehicles and weapons storage etc. While I get your point on the time factor, the jihadi in the video just might have a tunnel near Erdogan’s residence.

The problem with the individual in the video is that wahabism has destroyed his brain and he really believes and will act on everything his wahabi handlers tell him to do.


” These terrorist critters possess huge tunnel digging machines. Often, after Syrian troops have liberated an area, they’ll post a video showing the tunnels (which depicts the circular effects of a tunnel boring machine) with vast areas for vehicles and weapons storage etc. While I get your point on the time factor, the jihadi in the video just might have a tunnel near Erdogan’s residence.”

Thank you! This is the reason that I attempt not talk out of turn. I had no idea that rebels have boring machines. Sadly, I have a darn good idea where they got them. As you have explained, this is a far greater threat to the area and immediate neighbors than I was aware of.

As for my attempt at humor? I think that I might have to check out the back. OMG! The rebels have boring machines.

The individual in the video seems to be under similar brainwashing to the ANTIFA roaming around these parts.

Empire's Frontiers

That’s the version delivered by television.

There is land, water, and machines.

The families in control of these three things have erected systems that have concentrated power in their hands entirely.

Consider this, do you suppose that as the ‘voting population’ was expanded, and splintered, among blacks, women, and the poor, the power of the peasantry was concentrated or diluted?

What’s being described is that by the time any particular candidate is a candidate in the first place, he’s been selected and elevated, his direct competitor too.


“..the power of the peasantry was concentrated or diluted?”

The name for that is division and the Deep State wields that weapon well.

“..by the time any particular candidate..”

That’s one reason why the Deep State is obsessed with Trump, he was not their vetted candidate; they sought Clinton to continue the game, Trump was an upset.

“In the case of trump…”

The only reason he was able to be a candidate is he had his own money and was already a known name. Trump made his money in real estate. As far as I know, he was not born into a political family and he was against NATO and foreign wars (that does not endear one to the Deep State) not just prior to the election either, but as a matter of course. Two years of investigation into him by the Deep Stater’s trying to get him out (he’s ruining the chessboard with NATO & the EU) and an entire political party who’s only platform and reason to vote for them is impeachment of the man, tells me that you are in error on this one. Another thing, I’ve never seen so much hostility aimed at one candidate as the Deep State has directed at him through it’s control of the MSM. All of that preaching of hatred by them has pushed the population to each other’s throats for merely voting for an office. This is WAY BEYOND being disappointed by electing someone from the other party.

Empire's Frontiers

Still seems to me you’re on with the television drama of the trump presidency.

We’d be watching instant replay of his young wife dodging skull fragments if he were acting contrary to his, as it was once described, kingmaker’s will.

It’s his turn to occupy an honorary office while federal policy, the policy of the plantation owners, carries on the same trajectory as ever.

When you’re reaching your conclusions about trump, or political actors as they’re shown on camera and in the press, it’s worth going over the question Morpheus poses to Neo in the dojo,

‘You think that’s air you’re breathing?’


I believe you’re confusing wealth with power. Some have wealth and little power, others have wealth and power.

I don’t disagree that Trump is wealthy, lives comfortably, has had tv shows, has an ego etc. I disagree with him being a member of the Deep State prior to being a candidate or after achieving the office of the Presidency. The vetted Deep State candidate on the Democrats side of the aisle was Clinton…. on the Republican side was a host of contenders. Trump had the money, the name and a history of being against foreign wars and NATO, two things very precious to the Deep State.

Division is the tool of the Deep State, that’s a given. As I don’t possess a tv or follow the day to day actions of the Deep State in the US working against Trump, I can’t be following any drama; besides, I hate dramas!


Reflecting on ‘some have wealth and little power’ it dawned on me that you might not have understood my point, so I’m embellishing that comment.

I define power as that wielded by individuals that actually run a country andddddddddd, while wealthy individuals will always have more influence in matters than the common non-wealthy, their wealth does not guarantee a place at the ruling elite’s table for many reasons. Some of the reasons can include such things as family, education, wrong beliefs, culture, etc. etc. Trump is such a person.

While the Matrix was pretty creative, unlike most generally mass produced garbage, my favorite was the line that man is a virus. I find it factual based on the still ongoing primitive mindset of the species.

Empire's Frontiers

You may find it encouraging that I did understand that remark.

If you’d believe it, I made a similar point not long ago in a very similar context.

It’s occuring to me you you and I share a similar frame of view, based on what we’ve expressed here.

But yours is shifted an inch off of mine, and nothing more. Far as I can tell.

If all the names, faces, and address were on the table between us, we’d find no dispute between us about who’s who, and what they control.

AM Hants

Bolton, who was the US Permanent Envoy to the US, when Bush was desperate to invade the ME, in order to keep daddy happy?

Hisham Saber

‘ unnamed source ‘ means Mossad 99% of the time. They leak garbage to U.S. Jews, who own the media, who then make it take a life of its own.

Doesn’t matter, because if the U.S., Britain, France do attack Syria this time, severely as Bolton has stated, then the insurgency and all out attack on U.S., U.K., French bases will commence immediately by the forces of the axis of resistance. And this alignment of forces has been preparing for some time now. Just one phone call from Mr. Assad, Mr. Khamenei and the U.S. et al will lose their ground forces and bases in both Syria and Iraq, watch and see, mark my words.


“..means Mossad 99% ..”

Don’t know about that one, as there’s so many traitors in the US government working for Israel that Israel needn’t say anything at all, as the plan exists going back to Balfour. You have to give some credit for these sources to be the enthusiasm of US traitors, who will always support Israel before that of the American people they supposedly represent.

As to your 2nd paragraph. I do believe the Russians are planning to deter any severe action the terrorist supporting governments have planned if they try to bring that plan to fruition.

Hisham Saber

Here is what one wise Roman statesman said about the traitors in Rome, who , again, as in Washington and London, happen to be Israel firsters. All Talmudic Jews too. BTW, Julius Caesar was stabbed to death by his very Senate because he emancipated the Jews. Read these ominous words and warning ;

— “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through…all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself.

For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear. The traitor is the plague.” —

Marcus Tullius Cicero


>>Meanwhile, does anyone remember this fake news from 15 years ago?…<<

Just after the Iraq war I thought that from now on UKUS (without the F at the time) would have zero credibility afterwards when it would come to future casus belli and claims from 'intelligence agencies'.

Oh boy was I wrong in that regard. :(

Promitheas Apollonious

you was not wrong among thinking people have no credibility. With their amerikanized clones that is another story but who cares about them? Of course if none answer them in a very damaging way to them, like russia do what they claimed in the past they will, then problem is solved. If on the other hand russia again back down and stay only with words and trying to convince the criminals that what they do is criminal, then expect war in the balkan area as well ukraine.


russia is ORDERED to stand down!!!….they want hezbollah,SAA, and eventually iran…

John Whitehot

the only chance is that Russia is so incapacitated by laughing that the clowns in washington, on orders from the butchers in wall street will perform their strikes undetected.

Concrete Mike

LOL my thoughts exacly,

Here is how the latest phone call between bolton and shoigu went.

B: Sergei, we dont want chemical weapons used in syria.

S: Da, its ok there gone, you guys signed off on it .

B: we have intelligence that says assad said use gas in idlib…

S: NYET, Thats nonsense, we dont need chlorine to kill your cia boys johnny.

B: it will be a massacre, the us wont stand for this!!!

S: Ok, what are you going to do about it.

B: inwas thinknsome cruise missiles like last time…got some targets for us?

S: Oh this crap again??? Haha no, were done saving your incompetent ass.

B: But there are iranian forces with chemical weapons there!!!!

S: Yes yes, were not the new york times, you dont have to lie to me. Ill tell you what Johnny, we going to kill all terrorist that dont surrender. Al nusrah was never part of any de escalation agreements, so they must die. We offered the brits a way out for their boys they said no, same deal for your boys. Take the deal or their gone.

B: There are 6 millions civillians in idlib, we cant let you attack it.

S: Its too late….click…

B:…..oh crap….

John Whitehot

he he he he

Promitheas Apollonious

stop embarrassing your self kid.


Interesting…Have you got that link for me please?


new stupid brainwashed generation has rised :) Aka Goebels’s style propaganda works perfectly.


I watched an RT documentary about a senior school in the USA yesterday. The overall picture was that the US young and their teachers have no brains to wash,

Tommy Jensen

Between the asphalt and stony roads in East are growing beautiful flowers up of traditional knowledge, soul, heart and spirit. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bajLiVUfNtk&index=14&list=RD3kNqHkyaFBk


That’s a lot more pleasing to the ear than Rap Tommy. The trio all look clean as well.


They’re born with brains but US culture doesn’t feed the brains very much.


The British ‘Culture’ is heading that way as well Neil.

The City of Culture for 2019 is Coventry fot Gods sake :) Already there are bands and singers banging away and burbling in alien tongues.

Culture to Coventry is as its Ring Road , a barren concrete circuit that encloses mediocrity.


I don’t know about Coventry, Florian, but I agree British culture is going downhill. I like to have deep conversations with my children, going into as much detail as possible about every side of any subject. This is good exercise for their brains, and people are amazed by the complexity of thought they are able to express. Sadly, British culture seems to reduce everything to the level of GW Bush’s ‘you’re either with us or with the terrorists’ or May’s ‘highly likely the Russians did it’.

Concrete Mike

My my yes we were wrong. This goes to show how transnationnal corporations have usurped our governments for their own benefit.

Tommy Jensen

You have seen nothing yet ;-).

Prince Teutonic

This is an endgame of Syrian “civil” war…

Promitheas Apollonious

nope this is a start game for earth if human kind will have any future on it. and the population of the western world is 90% responsible for making it able for this psychopaths to decide if we have a future or not.


not a bright future i might add……..for all humans no matter where u live…very vey dark times…unimaginable


Time to buy some candles Potcracker :)

Promitheas Apollonious

if you look west no already is heel for them. But then west is what? less than a billion that goes for extinction as far native population goes and so mixed among them even themselves have no idea what their ID is.

And then is the nations that keep their populations intact as well of one ID. They have a bright future.

Concrete Mike

I agree, fuck market capitalism, fuck the banks and fuck wall street.

Promitheas Apollonious

yes but here we not talking of money CMike and for them to be fucked with out the ones who do the fucking in their minds end up fucking their own selves, it will change in the next 10-30 years, not tomorrow.

Here we speak of WW3 happening and when this happens, then all else are reset if there still any stupid human left to reset them.

John Whitehot


we don’t give a f***.


Russia put these Morons out of their misery…. they are Psychopathic Retards that are tired of Living….their Tricks are done…. Just Sink the whole Mediterranean Fleet if they Fire one of their Rockets…as a Pre Emptive Strike….these Folks are Pathological Liars and Dangerous Idiots….it will be a Blessing when they’ve left the Earth for Good….

AM Hants

It is the same crowd, who took us into the Iraq War, behind events in Syria. The ‘White Helmets’ have sent the finished video production to their media mates. Just 2 years after the ‘Chilcott Report’. Yet the masses will believe the lies. Only this time, they will be meeting the Russians, who are well prepped.

Promitheas Apollonious

starting with Yugoslavia.

AM Hants

So true.

Jim Bim

The same Bolton threaten the former OPCW director in 2002 if he would not resign from his newly elected post, because the director had persuaded Iraq to be a signatory to the OPCW. Bolton told the director, ” We know where your kids go to school” This was shortly before the invasion. The director resigned and was replaced with a US stooge. The newly OPCW director is also a US stooge and had a carrier in NATO.

AM Hants

11 September 2001 – Ultimate False Flag

11 September 2012 – attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, that resulted in the deaths of four Americans, including U.S. Ambassador to Libya J. Christopher Stevens, partisan in-fighting over the politicizing of the House investigation into the disaster seems to be picking up speed in Washington.

Remember how Hilary found the deaths of the US Ambassador to Libya J. Christopher Stevens, plus his team funny, when the lawyer, Hilary Clinton, the Secretary of State, at the time, was attending the hearing, into their deaths.

11 September 2018 – White Helmet Video Film Production, sent to the friendly media, to try and kick start war against Russia, to keep the UK plus friends happy?

Weren’t UK intelligence, plus the UK Government, involved in trying to interfere with the 2016 US Presidential Campaign. Trying to get Hilary into the White House and keep Donald out?

Elisabeth Jenders

11 September 1973 – “When freedom bells were ringing in Chile, the American cowboy rode out to do mischief” – (this is how a BBC news anchor expressed it) and toppled Salvador Allende.


Thanks.. Something usually forgotten about September 11

AM Hants

It would be interesting to know which years, false flags went down on 9/11?


It really is remarkable that the US/UK psychopaths continue to accuse the Syrians of committing crimes or actions that they themselves commit on a regular basis.

Manuel Flores Escobar

Sultan Erdogan and USA know that the retake of Idlib is the final Victory for Assad!..therefore both try to avoid it…threats and more threats…USA dont have enough cruise missile and launchers to stop SAA offensive…they have launched 166 without significative damage for SAA in 4 targets…so they need 3375 for 21 Syrian bases and 40 large complexes..as SAA have a ratio of more than 70% of interceptation thanks to Pantsir and Buk system…I suppose that Russia have strengthened not only naval group..also SAA air defense!

AM Hants

Moscow Warns US, Allies Against ‘New Dangerous Steps’ in Syria… https://sputniknews.com/world/201809111067941525-us-allies-syria/

Staged Filming of Mock ‘Chemical Attacks’ Has Begun in Idlib – Russian MoD… https://sputniknews.com/middleeast/201809111067930808-idlib-footage-alleged-chemical-attacks/

UNSC Holds Meeting on Situation in Idlib, Russia-Iran-Turkey Summit (VIDEO)… https://sputniknews.com/world/201809111067938680-unsc-meeting-idlib/

Good luck Syria.


WWIII or not I am satisfied i knowing that the terror hub called Idlib will never survive


Brilliant planning and coordination by Syria and Russia. They saved the Idlib operation for last.

Think about it fellas, all the other operations were performed on the periphery of Russian air defenses. For three years now, the SAA and Co. has worked to herd the worst of the worst into the best spot possible; where Russian power is strongest. Russia is not only holding large scale Naval exercises now, it is also holdings the largest ground and air exercises it has held in decades ( utilizing a ton of Airborne troops ), in numbers totaling about 300.000 and accompanied by about 1,000 aircraft. Even a massive attack by the US, UK and France would be dwarfed next to that force, which is actually already locked and loaded.

The Occidentals have a lot of deficiencies but, are not completely dumb. Russia is mobilized in numbers to smash anything, short of all out war, that the West can offer. They wouldn’t be asking Germany to get into the game if it was not so. Also notice this, while the politicians like Haley, Bolton et al keep running their mouths, the actual US military commanders have been almost silent. Those guys understand what they could be on the receiving end with, if it goes too far.

Russian dialog right now is drawing the line, in front of the world. What Russia thinks, is way more important than what Secretary Pompeo and the rest are saying. I view the current hyper hysteria from the West, as just hot air. Even if the West was to bring the load, which they are showing no sign of seriously doing ( it would take a year or more of enormous prep in secret to pull off, which would be impossible anyway ), most or maybe even just about all it would never return home.

As a personal note to the warmongers, if you clowns start something that gets our servicemen slaughtered like a Sunday pigfest, for the sake of saving some of the most vicious human beings alive at this point in human history, you will be the ones remembered for that evil. You are the ones who need to think about it. My take, I wish well to all.


Agreed, but present op will not be last, there is the eastern bank (that might have political revolution, but maybe not) and the various camps to cordon-off like Tanf. Those are still major or dangerous tasks, respectively.


For sure BMWA1. The show will continue on. There is a lot left to do. I wish well to you.

leon mc pilibin

The best answer for these lying warmongers,is SHOOT THEM OUT OF THE SKY.

Brad Isherwood

Wow…..French Jets flying right past Russian fleet to attack Syria!

Putin’s too busy bashing over 50 Russian Men and Women in the skull over Pension reform protest, To be concerned about Macron attack Syria. Months before was Putin holding Gold bars, Now he’s beating up Russians with Fascist goon security forces. Maybe Netanyahu showed him how it goes best during recent visits.

Russia is finished in Syria…..Finished. US will occupy stolen 1/3rd of Syria with 2000 boots and just laugh at Russia.

You did it to yourself Russia. Cowardice and Geostrategics never works.


Only thing finished in Syria is US delusions for regime change. Few hundred tomahawks arent going to change the outcome of this war or get rid of Assad. Idlib operation will still go ahead. US has no sizeable boots on the ground to do anything other than air strikes. Yes they may hold the east 1/3rd but at some point a political settlement may be reached with the kurds & the US will have to get out.

Promitheas Apollonious

they may have the turkish army and they have the kurds as boots on the ground as well israel. I think that is more than enough boots on the ground air and sea, if they want to start WW3 now or leave it for later.

You can call me Al

I’ll still keep my bet on Russia, China, Iran, and Hezbollah.

Promitheas Apollonious

There is no question in my mind of the final outcome and who the winner is either. Was just pointing out that they have more than enough boots on the ground if they feel lucky.

Brad Isherwood


There’s real….and Fake. Syria is gone. 2000 US boots steal 1/3rd of Syria. I wish it wasn’t so…..it however is. It’s Like Putin do Nothing while US missile shield March East to Russia’s Border

Russia is Bitch slapped as China juggles $$USD

Putin has no game. .. Medvedev is gay..

It’s tears for Syria who have@tty Russia cut deals with Rothschilds, US, Nato and Israel

Putin isn’t the Leader. ….you thought he was .

You can call me Al

Hahahahahaha – are you a real serious numpty ?.


“he’s beating up Russians with Fascist goon security forces” LMAO what!? Man you should work for CNN dude

Brad Isherwood

Buddy….it’s on YouTube, and other net links.

Russian security services bashing skulls of over 50 Russians who just walk/protest.

It’s over for Putin. ..

@ing Evil ex KGB who bests up pensioners. Putin is pose with Gold bars,

Then smash over 50 Russian pensioners!

Syria gas no @ing chance with Putin/Lavrov who are Be’atch of Rothschilds Central Bank. Syria is a complete Lie. .. Military Industrial Complex testing ground, 2000 US boots steal 1/3rd of Syria on the easy. Putin and Assad…..do Nothing!

It’s over I’m not making this up as I go, It’s Libya 2.0

If Serbs jump in to damn Putin… Well that’s justified. .. Russia @t on Serbia while UN bombed them.

Putin/Lavrov are Cuckold trash…… Absolute Metro sexual Atlanticist https://i.ytimg.com/vi/JlhhATDebxw/maxresdefault.jpg

Russia is owned Be’atch of Banjrrs/Oligarchs. There no fugging war…that’s All Kabuki theatre.

Russia won’t even recognize the Donbass after they die for years!

Hello!…..are you getting this?


I am not questioning the protests, I am questioning the “fascist” part. And I saw some of the videos….they definitely weren’t “just walking”. Additionally, please don’t forget that you are digesting things which are regurgitated through the media. *WITH THAT BEING SAID* I am not at all defending anyone or making excuses for anyone, especially not Putin. But when it comes to reading news, I am grounded enough to realize that it is made/printed to sell, not to report, therefor I approach it with a *wad* of salt.

P.S. Never liked Kool-aid

You can call me Al

“Meanwhile the United Nations has warned of an impending humanitarian disaster, and a UN Security Council meeting chaired by the US is set to be held on Tuesday morning”;….. sorry what UN Security Council meeting chaired by the US” – hahahaha, gee what a wonderfully lucky coincidence !!!!.

Look, it was going to happen, we all know that; now are Russia up to getting seriously active in this – they should be and China should grow a pair of yellow bollocks and join.

Tommy Jensen

Not sarin but Assad has clearly developed WMD and threaten to use it against Israel and United States and anybody who stands in his way for unlimited brutal dictatorship power over Syria´s population and its innocent peaceful neighbour countries. Assad has also threatened to use terror on UK´s and the frogeaters soil and this is not the only thing. There are also other things Assad has been doing.

Promitheas Apollonious

yes breathing………..


“Assad said” “Assaf threatened” Did not find anything where he said any of that. ON THE OTHER HAND, we have NATO who blamed sarin attacks on Syria and then admitted it was a false flag attack, not even counting all other false flags and US support and arming of ISIS.

Swallow less propaganda please. Thanks.

Doom Sternz

So the FUKUS are in direct talks on committing war crimes. The occupation is illegal and international law prohibits any attack on a sovereign nation. The FUKUS are the terrorists.

The liberation of Idlib from US backed terrorists, has now begun. Barring a major U.S counter-attack to protect their own assets, that the Syrian and Russian forces will heavily bombard. The FUKUS refer to them as “Rebels” the reality is that they are Al Qaeda/ISIS and a million other flavours of Takfiri head-chopping murderers. ie they are FUKUS foot soldiers.

The West is a totalitarian military dictatorship. I think we are starting to see the masks come off. A Plutocrarcy kept in power by fear and brutality.


“In January 1998 Bolton signed the Project for the New American Century’s letter to President Clinton urging regime change in Iraq”

– John R. Bolton –


Discounting the Official Narrative as the absurdity it so clearly is, there are just two organisations on the entire planet with the expertise, assets, access and political protection necessary to have both executed 9/11 and effected its cover-up to date (ie the means). Both are Intelligence Agencies – the CIA and the Israeli Mossad whose motives were arguably the most compelling. Those motives dovetailed perfectly with the Neocon PNAC agenda, with it’s explicitly stated need for “…a catastrophic and catalyzing event – like a new Pearl Harbor” [1] in order to mobilise US public opinion for already planned wars, the effects of which would be to destroy Israel’s enemies.

This article marshals evidence for the proposition that “Israel did it”.”

– 911/Israel did it –





FUKUS isn’t so stupid to eliminate the world including itself by starting war against Russia for the cause of saving a tiny rubbish useless nation the evil Israel. The governing elites of FUKUS not 100% blind as we all the readers on South front believe. The chances of Peace and surviving the humans still exist. I hope so.


blabla from occident a l,obama !!

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