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JULY 2020

US Forces Withdraw From Az-Zaqf Garrison As Syrian Army And PMU Push Along Syrian-Iraqi Border – Opposition Media


US Forces Withdraw From Az-Zaqf Garrison As Syrian Army And PMU Push Along Syrian-Iraqi Border - Opposition Media

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US forces withdrew from its garrison at Az-Zaqf villge on the border with Iraq on early Monday, a Syrian pro-Turkish media outlet “Qasioun” reported.

Qasioun’s report says that the move is a part of the wider US-Russian agreement over the deconfliction in the Syrian desert. If confirmed, US forces are now deployed only in At Tanf on the Damascus-Baghdad highway.

The garrison at Az-Zaqf was established by the US-led coalition in an attempt to build a US-controlled buffer zone between Syria and Iraq. However, this strategy failed and the Az-Zaqf garrison became needless.

It’s interesting to note that the report appeared following a major push against ISIS made by the Iraqi Army and the Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) in the border area inside Iraq. On Sunday, Syrian and Iraqi forces publicly met near the recently liberated town of Akashat confirming the Syrian-Iraqi cooperation against ISIS in this area.



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  • Zainab Ali

    yankees should just get lost from syria and iraq

    • jerry hamilton

      The Americans should get out of the Middle East altogether.
      They were never invited, they always invade.

      • MD Ranix

        zio wahhabis welcome them with open hands though

        • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

          What do you expect Britian created Al-Wahhab and his ideology all that long ago to control the middle east.

      • Goldfinch

        They should simply get out from everywhere and bring back their armies to home. 800 bases all over the world spreading terror and wars. Enough is enough.

    • BMWA1

      It seems likely that Iraq will follow Syria here, this is why Iraq is buying T90’s, and other Russian equipment (helicopters and small-arms), also why Iraq is tied ALREADY to the joint Syria-Russia Op (HQ-BAGDAD, this city, I think, is in Iraq) and many other indicators (plus,, ordinary Iraqis know US gave birth to ISIS for its own manipulative purposes, this is common knowledge it seems). The process in Iraq will take time, as Russia and Syria regain strength and Iranian economy recovers from its prior isolation, etc, etc., the list of reasons is very long.

      • Justin

        Iraq should invite Russia to build Bases in their country to counter any US threats!

      • opereta

        The Problem is the Langley, Virginia bought Iraqi politicia. Until they are executed for treason, the US will remain in Iraq

    • Rob

      Where Yankees and Refugees Israeli pipeline plans gone?

      • Zainab Ali

        illegitmate pipeline plans gone down the drain instead

    • Rob

      Congratulation to both nations in unity Syria and Iraq.

  • Hassadnah Abraham

    Iraq must het help from RUSSIA. Should never trust American

    • Richard Noel Hedditch

      America brought ISIS to Iraq.

      • Pave Way IV

        Saudi Arabia created and brought ISIS to Iraq. The US military and intelligence either pretended not to notice or were too dumb to notice. When we finally did notice, our military tried to use them in Syria by steering them to SAA or infrastructure.

        Most of the fleeing ISIS trying to escape Syria across the Turkish border are Saudi nationals or Saudi-trained foreigners. The US only gives Saudi ISIS leaders helicopter rides to escape the front so they can crawl back to Saudi Arabia. I hope the head-choppers don’t lose their enthusiasm for violent extremism once they’ve settled down back in Riyadh. Time for the al Saud family to feel the ISIS love up close and personal.

        • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

          The US knew the whole time they even financed and trained them in Jordan along with Israel and the Sauds to keep control on the Middle East. British Subjects me with Al Wahhab and help him create is fundamental principles and ideology which are similar to Talmud ideology. We see now as more of the Ottoman Jewish Janissaries declaring for Israel today in their Colonial created kingships.

          The only problem is the violent head choppers want to kill only other Arabs as they are puppets for the Jews in Israel,UK,France and the US.

          • Pave Way IV

            Actually, Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab would probably vomit at the sight of the death cult attached to his name today. By all accounts, he was a rather humble man. He advocated for a return to an orthodox version of Sunni Islam, but was hesitant to criticize other Muslims or make them feel bad about the way they chose practiced Islam. He was about as threatening as the Amish.

            Muhammad bin Saud (of the al Saud dynasty) liked Wahhab’s teachings, but needed to kill other Muslims (prohibited in their Islam) to establish and expand a Saudi state. Bin Saud usurped Wahhabism, adding ‘rules’ to justify the slaughter of anyone opposed to his rule. Wahhabism ceased to be a legitimate school of Islamic thought at that point and became a political tool of the al Saud family. They have always hid the fact that Wahhabism exists primarily to preserve the al Saud’s rule over Saudi Arabia. It has a useful secondary purpose of being a control tool for the ‘little people’ – as long as they are Wahhabist. It has to be one of the current best examples of religious fascism next to Israel. Any wonder why these psychopathic apartheid states got to be such good buddies?

        • opereta

          You giving to much credit to Pentagon Degenerates who especialice in loosing Wars.. As far as they continue in comand, the people of the USA don’t stand a Chance !! To dumb us even more, they are creating artificial interest in transexual SEALs and Rangers, instead of telling why we are loosing in Afganistan after 16 years

        • gustavo

          Wrong, just read Omaba, McCain, and USA senators declaratios since 5 year ago. USA-NATO-Israel are the creators of ISIS-Daesh-Nustra, with the help pf Qatar, Saudis, Jordan and Turkey.

          • Pave Way IV

            Ahhh.. the ol’ secular head-chopper group theory. I suppose it’s possible. I just know what I read on Snapchat. They seem to be the experts.

  • xam
    • Attrition47

      What a transparent attempt to link antisemitism to its opposite, antizionism. Are your haSSbara handlers paying you piecework?

      • Justin

        Yet I have seen u call the Ukraine right wing “Nazi’s” whilst saying they hate Jews! Although this is true, u fail to mention who leads them and who funds them and who created them!
        Porashanko and Kolomoiski!
        So u can’t really say that the Jews arnt criminals can u!
        U just can’t!
        U can’t say “Nazi” and forget to mention the Jews who funded them! That would be seen as biased and protecting Jews who are clearly criminals!
        So u have to forgive a little more when people get angry at Jews!
        They did steal Palestinian land
        They do have illegal nukes
        They do have a Middle East agenda!

        So maybe allow these people to speak their minds!
        The shoe fits, let em wear it!

        • John Whitehot

          Jews aren’t criminals.
          It’s just that many of the greatest criminals today are Jews.

          Antisemitism is no different from Russophobia or USA-phobia or Islamophobia. These are generalizations that only suit NWOers.

          • Justin

            Not all Jews are criminals, I agree!
            HOWEVER the bolsheviks were mainly jews and absolutely funded by Jews!
            Kolomoiski is a jew who funded and created a nazi right wing militant groups!
            Most of the Banks are Jewish runs and owned and those fuckers are scum!
            Israel is literally an illegal state!
            So if u are a Jew living in Israel, you are a criminal! Its stolen land!
            Jews I have met and many in Israel are racist!

            So not all are criminals, but 90% are scum!
            100% living Israel are criminals
            And the Jews living outside Israel would be about 10% criminals (as a guess)
            and id say 99.9999% of Jews are absolute Racists!
            take your time to watch this short video


    • Solomon Krupacek

      You shold pys monthy 3 000 USD for SF for political advertisment.

    • sam_koll

      So you saying a 911 false flag will be used in Tel Aviv so It can be blamed on Basher Al Assad. to give Netanyahu to excuse to use a tactical nuke on Damascus. Putin is not so stupid to let anyone in Syria do what you propose. Your chemical weapons false flag haven’t worked so you go to plan B

      • Pave Way IV

        That brings up the rather psychopathic possibility that Israel could do both to justify nuking Syria: some sort of fake chemical weapons attack in an Israeli city (but nowhere near the Likudnik nutjobs that would cook up such a scheme). The idea would be for Israel to retaliate with such excessive force and kill so many Syrians that Syria & Hezbollah were forced to act. That, of course, would be the casus belli for the US to attack Syria and Hezbollah. Which would, in turn, cause Russia and Iran to act.

        Sounds like the perfect Israeli total chaos plan to me. Israel is still pissed off at Russia and wants to teach them a lesson for interfering in Syria. They can’t do anything directly to Russia, so they have to get their US lapdogs to do the job. The US attacking Syria and Iran would be a bonus for Israel, too.

    • John Whitehot

      LoL, even my granny would get that you’re trolling for Israhell.

      • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

        The 2 upvotes are from zio trolls have dealt with them before possibly the same person.

  • Richard Noel Hedditch

    The American mongrel dog can clear right off.

  • Russian225

    It’s about time. They been there illegally.

  • Vince Dhimos

    Could this be a result of Russia’s show of force by firing 7 Kalibr missiles into the ISIS controlled area of Deir Ezzor combined with the entry of the Chinese into the Astana talks? Add to this the mysterious air attack on US coalition troops that was attributed at first to the Russians but was denied by their MoD. The US talks big but knows that bloodshed will spook the US public quick. Americans will fight as long as they don’t get hurt.

  • Solomon Krupacek


  • χρηστος

    a day full of good news

  • General Surena


  • Cheryl Brandon

    Get out of Syria1 Illegal squatters; You have spent 17 years in Afghanistan faking a “war on terror”,which was really a war to guard the Opium fields; Russia/Syria/Iran and Hezbollah plus local fighters and Palestinians brigades took 2 years and, have nearly cleared out Syria of your paid mercenaries/killers! So, US, who are you trying to fool?

    • martin aguilar

      I love you Cheryl !! I´m from Argentina and you ?