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US Forces To Stay In Syria To Limit Iran, Assad Influence – WP


US Forces To Stay In Syria To Limit Iran, Assad Influence - WP

FILE IMAGE: Issei Kato / Reuters

The Trump administration is expanding its goals in Syria beyond routing ISIS to include a political settlement of the country’s civil war, according to The Washington Post. US staying in the country is sure to draw ire from Syria and Iran.

The US officials say they are hoping to use the presence of American troops in Syria to put pressure on President Bashar al-Assad. Al-Assad’s forces with aid from Iran regained control over much of the country. US withdrawal could complete Assad’s sweep of Syrian territory and help guarantee his political survival, The Washington Post says, and would strengthen Iran’s influence in the region, an undesirable outcome for the US.

To avoid that outcome, US officials say they plan to maintain a US troop presence in northern Syria — where the Americans have trained and assisted the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) that opposes both al-Assad’s government and ISIS — and establish new local governance, apart from the al-Assad government, in those areas.

US officials also emphasized that an ongoing US military presence in Syria is necessary to ensure that ISIS remnants are mopped up and that repopulated communities are stabilized under local governance. “The fight with ISIS is not over,” one official said.

The official number of US troops currently deployed to Syria is 503, sent to train and assist the SDF. The actual number is believed to be far higher, including hundreds of additional Special Operations forces, forward air controllers, artillery crews and others sent for months-long temporary deployments.

According to Nicholas Heras of the Washington-based Center for a New American Security, the plans for a continuing troop presence indicate a shift in mission from defeating ISIS to a strategy aimed at countering Iranian influence. “The conditions are there for the counter-ISIS campaign to morph into a counter-Iran campaign,” he said. “The US has no master plan to stay, but isn’t in any hurry to leave either,” he said. “By placing no timeline on the end of the US mission . . . the Pentagon is creating a framework for keeping the US engaged in Syria for years to come.”



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  • Simon Gould

    The effrontery of these criminals knows no bounds. All options should now be considered by the legal forces in Syria.

  • jerry Hamilton

    Gosh!!!!!!! That took me totally by surprise.
    Nobody could have possibly guessed they would do that.
    Not in a million years.

    • Tommy Jensen

      I also fall off the chair. All the time I was hoping USA would help the weak and innocents, but yet again again again…………….
      Im hope next time US will be reasonable…….next time.

      • jerry Hamilton

        Help the weak and innocents is the American fairy story like Superman.
        America do corruption, not reasonable.
        Gov. that is, not the people.

  • Carol Davidek-Waller

    A policy that violates every international law and every principle of national sovereignty.

    • Tommy Jensen

      We won and we intend to continue to be winners in Syria…………LOL.

  • Bernie Garland

    Talk about a piss take, not invited by the elected goverment,and the UN will do fook all as usual,Russia needs too get them out

    • Rodger

      Not really worth it. Much better for Russia to keep them there as buddies to the Kurds so Turkey has a little less love for uncle Sam every day.

      • Langaniso Mhlobo

        Good shot.Sounds obvious .

      • MasterBlaster7

        The falling out with Turkey has been going on for a while now. It wouldn’t surprise me if Turkey was kicked out of nato….US puts a massive air base in Kurd controlled Syria and abandons Incirlik air base and supports a Turkish/Syrian/Iranian/Iraqi Kurdish state. What a crazy flip-flop that would be.

        • Rodger

          Turkey, Iraq, Iran and Syria would close their airspace to US military flights and the base would be useless. But they might go for it.

        • Rodger

          And Turkey might close the Black Sea to US navy vessels.

  • JohnT

    Go the hell home, Wall Street lost this one.



    “The US officials say they are hoping to use the presence of American troops in Syria to put pressure on President Bashar al-Assad”…Who give the UNITED STATES the authority to OCCUPY A COUNTRY UNDER FABRICATED ALLEGATIONS?, that’s another EVIDENCE of UNITED STATES BEEN RULED by the KHAZARIAN JEWS MAFIA.

    • Not a fan of Israel

      They want to stay because their masters in Tel Aviv are afraid.


    “The US officials say they are hoping to use the presence of American troops in Syria to put pressure on President Bashar al-Assad.”…TRANSLATION…The US official say they are hoping to use the presence of American troops to KEEP SUPPLYING WEAPONS TRAINING AND FUNDING TO THE SAUDI ARABIA/ISRAEL INTERNATIONAL MERCENARIES TERRORISTS in Syria.

  • Blucross

    BULLSHIT is what those American hating fag commies usually write about, this is typical of their half truth lies.

    • Blucross

      sure hope I did NOT offend…

      • Orcbuu

        He asked you a question.

    • alejoeisabel

      So much hatred in your comment. What half truth lies?

  • Icarus Tanović

    Why now, after getting rid of all wahhaby maniacs, cleaning entire Syria from all of those, securing border and especially one with Israel, government makes ultimatum to SDF to surrender or face the War?


    “US withdrawal could complete Assad’s sweep of Syrian territory and help guarantee his political survival, The Washington Post says, and would strengthen Iran’s influence in the region, an undesirable outcome for the US”…TRANSLATION…US withdrawal could complete Assad’s sweep of Syrian territory, an undesirable outcome for the INTERNATIONAL KHAZARIAN JEWS MAFIA with are USING the US MILITARY FOR THEIR WAR OF CONQUER.

  • MeMadMax

    You know what, putin could’ve ended this years ago with the lightning strike attack with the 150,000 troops he promised…

    Thanks putin…

  • Langaniso Mhlobo

    Peace negotiation should be halt until USA leave.

  • Walter White

    Get out of this country f**k off to where you come from an illegal army occupying a legitimate country and government

  • alejoeisabel

    The things that we do for Israel.

  • Joe Doe

    Assad should assemble legal team and sue america and it’s allies for billions dollars for destroying Syria

    • Robert Alaly

      That is so correct, take legal action against the USA and coalition partners for helping the terrorist , Iraqi goverment should do the same , if they get nothing at least they will put it on the books

    • Alex Trajkoski

      Yes, yes yes At list hi should send some of them back in body bags

  • Serious

    Of course. USA created ISIS especially to occupy Syria.

    In the same way, USA created 9/11 to occupy Afghanistan.

    But, what absolutely amazed me the most is that most people still not have understood that.

    • Анрэс Суарэс

      And they won’t, no matter how you explain them. Stupid people will remain stupid, sheep will die as sheep: it’s genetic.

      • Gregory Louis

        “The government has done nothing wrong…..they’ll always protect me”
        – Shepple 1776-2017

  • Jim Prendergast

    The U.S. will be much easier to clear out than ISIS. Do H.T.S. and Al Qaeda first then do the U.S.

  • SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

    Well, at least the US is being consistent in “its” foreign policy; that is, consistent lying, hypocrisy, and duplicity.

  • Kolarov

    I’m gonna post the same comment I posted in another article:

    The reason why the US supports the Kurdish militants so strongly is because Israel wants a weak Syria. A strong, united Syria with Assad in command would let Iran and their proxies establish military bases and batallions near Hezbollah in Lebanon and near the Golan Heights. Israel and therefore the US, support the Kurds to stop Iran from growing his influence in the area.

  • Brad Isherwood



    Do you think Putin does Masonic Handshake ,Serve Chabad Lubavitch and Wink,wink with
    Netanyahu for no reason?
    US are 16 years now in Dopeistan. ..
    US/CIA cheated/pushed out France from Indo China …took the Opium and geostrategic away from them.
    Lord Palmerston, the Grand Patriarch or Master of Grand Orient Freemasonry, as well as knight of the Order of the Garter, was Queen Victoria’s Foreign Secretary. Palmerston was also Prime Minister during the Britain’s Opium Wars against China, in 1840 and 1858, beginning a policy of narcotics exploitation that would later characterize the Illuminati’s strategy in the twentieth century. Opium was first exploited by the Portuguese in the sixteenth century, followed by the Dutch, before attracting the British. Starting in 1773, the British East India Company established a monopoly on the production of Indian opium, transporting it to China, and bartering it for silk, tea and porcelain.[8] The drug trade soared, and by 1830, opium was the largest commodity in world trade. In China, local criminal gangs, known as Triads, were selected by the British trading companies to distribute their opium.[9]

    When the Chinese rulers acted to stop the supply of opium, the British used their military and naval might to defeat them. The peace treaty that then followed gave the British a guaranteed right to increase the flow of opium, to be paid as compensation for the opium the Chinese rulers had confiscated, and to exercise sovereignty over strategic ports and offshore islands. This is how Hong Kong came under British rule.
    By the way….did you know that Empire – Zionism** originated with Opium Palmerston and his Masonic Lodge.
    Later you get Benjamin Desraeli who also becomes Prime minister.
    Rothschilds Sons = Freemasonic Lodge

    Putin is playing. …part of. …the Old Masonic game **

    • Solomon Krupacek

      US/CIA cheated/pushed out France from Indo China
      learn the history first

    • John Whitehot

      look at the junta desperately trying to make it seem they aren’t the ones put up by a jew (Nuland) and governed by another jew (Porko)

    • More

      Brad Isherwood
      Good assessment.

  • Solomon Krupacek

    thanks, putin!

  • US can do what they want as Long as Russia, China, allied regimes and resistance movements dont fight in a coordinated united front. Particular interests still dominate.

  • John Whitehot

    the zionist firends here should understand that most of what comes from the Washington Post is garbage.

    • EL ZORRO

      Washington Post is the CIA MOCKINGBIRD, remember they receive 600 millions from the CIA to keep in business(CIA BUSINESS).

      • John Whitehot

        of coz. They also have financial motives.

        in their building there’s probably a dark little room with a little door that once in a while opens, to reveal an individual wearing a kippah who passes them a sheet of paper with the next news to publish.

    • More

      John Whitehot
      You’re just jealous because you cannot:
      Prevent freedom of association
      Prevent freedom of expression
      Prevent freedom of thought

      • John Whitehot

        thanks for giving me a few seconds of hilarity.

        • More

          John Whitehot
          You get an up vote for your chutzpah, LoL:))

          • John Whitehot

            too kind :D

  • Solomon Krupacek

    yanks are coming, rssians are leaving


    Russian chief of staff: Russia will probably reduce the size of its troops presence in Syria

    • John Whitehot

      which is coherent with the statement made by the liberators of Syria that the conflict is heading to an end.

      Unless you are trying to suggest that the Russians are withdrawing because they lost, something that would find posters like dutch and deo applauding and agreeing and cause hilarity and uncontrollable laughter among the others

      also note that the “yanks are coming” part is deliberately added by you

      • Solomon Krupacek

        russia has lost.
        unduscutable truth.

        putin is loser, not chess player.

        • Gregory Louis

          How did Russia lose exactly….the war is wrapping up Assad is still in power and there’s going to be a land route between Iraq and Syria….they killed thousands of terrorists liberated key cities like Aleppo, Palmyra, Deir-Er-Zour, Bukamal, liberated Kurweirs Military Airport, idk what is a loss to you especially that Idlibstan is constantly warring with itself and the remaining Rebel pockets and ISIS are currently being cleansed so the government can focus on Southwestern Aleppo and Idlib …the only thing the government doesn’t own are the oil fields in Deir-Er-Zour….and Geopolitically Putin just won over other middle eastern countries…he didn’t sit by and watch an ally die like Libya the Russians acted which is what NATO let alone the US would ever conceive from them….and Assad already had most of the Syrian population under his belt now people can actually comeback home and stop this migrant crisis…..or would you have perferred ISIS to win Solomon cause the US coalitions bombings did nothing to stop them if anything they expanded even more….don’t contradict yourself either you’ll seem more ignorant

          • Tommy Jensen

            US are stronger in Syria than ever.

          • Gregory Louis

            I guess yeah the SDF are the second largest faction in Syria and pretty powerful…but to say this is Syrian Government coalition loss is insane…

          • Solomon Krupacek

            putin in speeches in autumn 2015 promised things, which are not fullfilled. today is much worse situation. turky, yanks, kurds occupy inevitably large parts of syria.

            assads fate? everywhere talk about post-asad-era. also in russian diplomacy. you will see, within 2 years assad will be removed.

          • Ace

            Yes. And everywhere there is talk of UFOs and “collusion” with Russia.

    • Tommy Jensen

      Putin will leave the rest to US. Russia´s job is done.

      • Solomon Krupacek

        yup. russia successfully divided syria …

  • dutchnational

    This is great news for the people of Syria and northern Syria in particular.

    If the present situation contimues, they can stay for decades as far as I am concerned. Their two airbases in the region can replace Incirlik that soon will be gone, like Turkey, from Nato.

    SDF will be great ally to take on international terrorists from Hezbollah to HTS, AAS, Iranian Guards etc.

    • Barba_Papa

      Your trolling is weak, old man. Maybe its time for something else? Maybe that army boots business we talked about?

      • More

        “…Your trolling is weak, old man….”

        Making personal attacks is no good, it badges you as what you accuse of others, you need to give a counter point.

        Putin does support the “informal” division of Syria. Putin’s Strategy is to

        1. Prevent the Arab – Saudi oil and gas pipeline to be built across Syria to Turkey and onward into the EU.

        2. Prevent the Iran – Iraq – Syria to Cyprus – EU oil and gas pipeline

        3. Block the Iran – Iraq – Syria Land bridge

        4. Block China’s proposed New Silk Road through Syria and its entry points, Raqqa, Deir Ez Zor, etc.

        5. Any IS Terrorists willing to “relocate” are given guaranteed safe passage by Russia to enclaves all around Syria, e.g. Idlib. So they can come back to fight again and again.

        • wwinsti

          Are you sure you’re not mixing up the US and Russia?

          • More

            “…Are you sure you’re not mixing up the US and Russia?…”

            Both Putin and the Russian military are weak, feeble and useless as Russia is incapable of standing up against Israel or even one of the following countries or organizations, US, NATO, Turkey, Saudi, Qatar, IS, etc.

            Putin – Russia offered to protect Syria starting in 2010 but failed to protect Syria in 2010 / 2011 / 2012 / 2013 / 2014 / Jan to Oct 2016, Jan 2017 to now 2017.

            By September 2015, these were the results of Putin’s dishonesty, Syria 500,000 killed, 1.9 million injured, 6 million displaced or refugees, infrastructure destroyed, economy trashed.

            Also Israeli and US Terror Axis planes without any S300/S400 protection and are allowed to fly freely in Syria, bomb the Syrian Military freely as well as drop supplies to IS Terrorists.

          • wwinsti

            Ahhhh, an informed person! Perhaps you can help me with my foggy recollections! Firstly, is it true that Assad was working with the CIA after the invasion of Afghanistan? All those interrogations had to happen before Gitmo was was set up for the US’s torture center, is that correct? Secondly, didn’t Assad, newly minted leader of Syria after his father passed, eventually start sending Syrian military officers to Saudi Arabia for training instead of Russia? And did not those very officers return to Syria, to form the backbone of the Free Syrian Army when half the government forces walked off and joined the Jehadists? Weren’t Russian advisors asked to leave in 2012, after which Jehadist forces made their biggest gains in all parts of Syria after that point?

            I do not wish to short change the Zionists, the Americans, or Erdogan in their schemes to overturn Syria, they’ve been planning the destruction of that country for decades. That doesn’t change the fact that pleasant sounding criminals had their earliest successes fooling allies into betraying one another, it’s happens to be something the US excels at.
            Qaddafi had not been murdered in cold blood until 2011 and people beforehand could illogically cling to the idea that Saddam’s murder was some sort of one off. China had to see the Americans using the same R2P excuse again to realize that every country was on a neocon hit list and the destruction of Iraq would be repeated in the ME and elsewhere. It’s fine that you were enlightened before everyone else, but do not condemn those who were late to the party.

    • Brother Ma

      What exactly is your problem?

      Come on ,in bullet points ,give me reasons why syria should fall and assad go?

  • john

    Oh, that is just agitation talk. The Yanks are going home, just like they were kicked out of Vietnam. Remember, Hezbollah, the Syrians, Iranians and Russians are masters in the game of patience. They, the Yanks, are going for sure, along with the Israeli and Saudi spies.–“advisors”. Then, Iran, Hezbullah, and Syria, to be sure, have plans for Israel–and they are not nice. And now, I feel that the Americans are really tiring of the Israel regime. They have lost their country to the Israelis and now they see that this is factual. It is the vulgar mob in the Knesset that dictates world policy through the W.H. But the boomerang is on the way back and when it hits the child killer Netanyahu across his well fed ugly face, the smack is going to reverberate around the world. It is too bad innocent people have to suffer because of such land-grabbing depraved lunatics. Indeed, “what does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his soul?” said Jesus of Palestine. But they crucified this great man, didn’t they? But Palestine is the land where Jesus was born, where He was Murdered (crucified) and the land where He was entombed. Palestine is forever. This too, is fact!–and– so is the The Dome of The Rock!

  • Lazy Gamer

    This is not US national interest but interest of empire and corporations.

  • Joe

    US obeys International laws when it suits them. Hey stop harassing China in South China Sea ok? Don’t talk about International laws bull

  • Not a fan of Israel

    Syria needs to give the US an ultimatum. Leave or die.

  • Not a fan of Israel

    The Yanks are all talk. Syria, Russia and Iran will push them out.