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JULY 2022

US Forces Killed Afghan Civilians In ‘Panic Shooting’ Following Kabul Airport Suicide Attack (Videos)

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US Forces Killed Afghan Civilians In ‘Panic Shooting’ Following Kabul Airport Suicide Attack (Videos)

ILLUSTRATIVE IMAGE: US soldiers from Grim Company of the 3rd Cavalry Regiment walk down the street near an Afghan police checkpoint, 2014. (Reuters / Lucas Jackson)

US Forces reportedly killed scores of Afghan civilians in “panic shooting” following the August 26 Kabul airport suicide attack.

Citing eyewitness and family members of some of the victims, BBC Pakistan journalist Secunder Kermani reported that a significant number of those killed in the attack were in fact shot dead by US forces in the panic after the blast.

Kermani reached out to the US Department of Defense for a comment on these claims. Nevertheless, the DoD didn’t respond.

Earlier, the Kabul Lovers channel on YouTube shared an interesting interview with an aid worker at a hospital in the Afghan capital who was among the first responders to the airport attack. The aid worker said that most of the victims were in fact shot in their upper body, suggesting that it was US forces who fired.

The attack was among the bloodiest in the history of the Afghan conflict. At least 170 people, mostly civilians were killed. Two British nationals and the child of another British national were among the victims.

The US lost 13 service members, including ten Marines. At least 18 others sustained wounds in the attack. President Joe Biden vowed to “hunt down” the preparators.

When the attack first took place, Lara Seligman of Politico said that US forces “returned fire” after the explosion near Kabul airport. US defense officials also said “gunmen” took part in the suicide attack.

Nevertheless, ISIS – Khorasan Province (ISIS-K), which took responsibility for the attack, said that it was carried out by a suicide bomber only. The group identified the bomber as “Abd al-Rahman al-Logari”.

The testimonies provided by eyewitness provide a logical explanation for how so many people were killed in the attack. However, these claims are yet to be confirmed.


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Peppe il Sicario

Americ*nts at their finest!!! No evil deed is beyond them.


Same as Iraq, Lybia, Syria. Any percieved threat – start shooting at people going about their business. Standard Operating Procedure in the armed forces of the Pariah States of America who have never heard of Geneva and will not be bound by the ICC; they even threaten the judges.

State sponsered gangsters.

Lazy Gamer

The American soldier is that undisciplined?! No wonder their police also act the same way. They all shoot first and ask questions later.

Peppe il Sicario

Most US cops are ex-military. So, they bring their deranged trigger-happy psychosis to their new job as “law enforcers”.


Don’t US forces claim they are all about ‘trigger discipline’? Seems whenever US military are forced into occupational policing duties it invariably goes downhill fast. Maybe US politicians could finally take note of this at some point?!

Ukropnazi girls love Russian jizz

Best fighting force on the planet my a….


Remember how that pilot took off despite people hanging onto his plane? These guys view any other person not American (you gotta be white too) as less than human. It’s like racism is part of their training.


They dont care about the White people either.


US is one of the least racist countries, Ophrah, Obama, Kamala, Condoleeza Rice, Colin Powell, and countless black sport guys, many asian and other business successes. One False Flag about a Minnesota policeman who knew the victim personally as a work colleague, and you spout the nonsense still a year after the false flag. Unbelievable.

The Black Terror

Just as in the crime-infested cities, towns and shithole ghettos of the US, guns are not the problem – mentally deranged, brainwashed, brain damaged murderous freaks with guns are. Does anyone really expect people from a murderous, crime-infested, sick society like the US to value the life of an Afghan? Afghan lives are worth less than pets, service dogs and are as worthless as insects to these butchers. A country that had 19,141 murders in 2020 (according to the US Center for Health Statistics) does not give a damn about the lives of Afghans, Syrians, Iraqis, Yemenis or black Africans.


Says who? You? The MSM says otherwise. Another desperate troll from Herzliya.

Last edited 10 months ago by DustBowlWinds

The only thing worse than being an enemy of the US of Anal… is being a ‘friend’ of the US of Anal

Arch Bungle

Even the Incas can’t compete with Uncle Sam for blood sacrifice to Moloch!

Arch Bungle

What’s the real news then, genius …?

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