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MARCH 2021

US Forces Increase Activity At Turkish-Syrian Border – YPG


US forces have been increasing activity at the Turkish-Syrian border, Reuters reported citing a People’s Protection Units (YPG) military commander.

According to Sharvan Kobani, US forces are going to start a monitoring of the situation on the border after Turkish cross-border fire and airstrikes on Kurdish militias in northern Syria. However, the article emphasized that the monitoring had not been started yet.

Meanwhile, pro-Kurdish sources argued that the monitoring has already started and US troops are patrooling the Kurdish-held areas bordering with Turkey.

Reports from locals appear that US forces could be seen along the whole border from Qamishlo to Kobane. If confirmed, US troops will become a buffer force that should prevent Ankara from combating Kurdish militias in Syria. Turrkey describes the YPG as a terrorist group, a branch of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK).



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