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JUNE 2021

US Forces Have No More Formal Pretext To Remain In Syria – Russian Defense Ministry

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US Forces Have No More Formal Pretext To Remain In Syria - Russian Defense Ministry

US special forces in Syria

US forces have no more formal pretext and any ground to remain in Syria, Russian Defense Ministry Spokesman Igor Konashenkov said on December 15.

“It turns out that the Pentagon is deliberately deceiving the international and US public, including the supreme commander-in-chief, or there are no more grounds and even formal pretexts for the US troops’ presence in Syria,” Konashenkov said commenting the Pentagon’s statement that the US -led coalition will remain in the country until the full defeat of ISIS.

The spokesman recalled a declaration of victory over ISIS that US President Donald Trump made earlier this week and said that the Pentagon’s statement came in contrast to the statement made by the US president.

Konashenkov also added that a remark of Marine Major Adrian Rankine-Galloway that the Pentagon does not see any withdrawal of Russian forces from Syria shows “not only their [US] ill-concealed wishes that we [Russia] should not be there but also that the US does not have real information on what is happening on the ground.”

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Trustin Judeau

Their pretext now is fighting ISIS.Once ISIS controls zero territory it will be to ensure the stability of the country -lol. The goal of USA is undermining the Syrian goverment and Iran.This is why they will try to keep SDF as proxy post ISIS era.


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Alejandro Bonifacio

go straigth to fu**ing hell!!!


exactly. russia can release 10,000 statements about how US should leave syria and stuff, but they just do not care. they will not leave until they feel they have to

Brad Isherwood

Consider Syria as Vietnam.
The Japanese powered on Vietnam, ..
When WW 2 ended…French moved to control Vietnam +The Indo China narcotics.
The US showed up to create intrigues where Vietnamese turned against the French.
The CIA orchestrated chaos in Vietnam to push the rebellion against Saigon and the
French . comment image
Defeat at Dien Bien Phu, ….France withdraws from Indo China.
America works the corrupt South Vietnamese gov, ….sends in Advisors to fight the
Viet Cong.
US runs Gulf of Tonkin False Flag event….and it’s Full war….US boots on the ground.
During the Vietnam War. ..CIA via Air America flew weapons and narcotics in the Far East,
As US corporations aligned to the Military Industrial Complex made millions $$$.

Syria is similar to this. ….Foreign influences compete over Syria,
Weapons to Narcotics are in play.
Vietnam war was deception. …so to is Syria and Iraq.
Did US invade Iraq to get the oil?….or to just have a war and be there. ..to play the next turn in the game? : )


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More like provide a place to train ISIS


Hey man I noticed u haven’t been commenting on a while hope ur okay :))


Maybe US will withdraw from Syria at the same time Russia withdraws from Ukraine, South ossetia, Abchazia and Transdnjistria (Moldovia).

Would solve several issues at the same time.


Not many ethnic Yanks in Syria.


Or indeed in ” Ukraine, South ossetia, Abchazia and Transdnjistria (Moldovia).”.

The US Military is akin to a nasty disease. The only people who gain are the US Doctors (Military Industrial Complex) and the Medical Consultants ( Israeli Government).

The vassal states of the US are required to buy expensive US Health Insurance (US Weapons) and those that will not buy the insurance are infected with the US Military disease (terrorism).


I fail to see the relevance to either the subject of the report or my comment.

As such, this is plain trolling.

You can call me Al

comment image


‘There are none so blind as those that do not want to see ‘ Dutch :)

Basu Deb

And the USA from the hundreds of their military bases all over the world!


The subject was : illegal military bases.


How many USA military bases are legal? The USA has turned Kosovo into an armed American fortress. These bases followed an illegal NATO war on Yugoslavia, an illegal separation of the Kosovo province from Serbia and a de facto occupation of the province by NATO and American forces.

Doesn’t appear too legal to me, and this is only one example.

You can call me Al

“And the USA from the ILLEGAL hundreds of their military bases all over the world!”..

All corrected.


Like the illegal US bases in Syria Dutch ? You know, the 6 bases in the North East of Syria and the base at Al Tanf.

Ante SMB

You really are miserable with your propaganda statements.
Colleagues below have answered with arguments. Russia is not present nor in Ukraine, nor Abhazia, nor in Transnistria. To claim contrary you should provide some clear proofs and arguments.

Russian army is present in South Osetia because they are invited by SO government to protect them against USA puddle army of Georgia (beaten heavily in 5 day conflict with Russian conscripts back in 2008).

On the other hand your empire of chaos led by USA is present in Syria illegally. Nor invited by legal government nor asked so by the UN.


Moldova Asks Russian Troops to Quit Transnistria
Moldova’s parliament has passed a declaration asking Russian troops to leave Transnistria, a day before Russian Deputy PM Dmitry Rogozin’s planned visit to the breakaway region.
Ana Maria Touma BIRN Bucharest

Moldova’s Parliament Speaker Andrian Candu. Photo: privesc.eu
Moldova’s parliament adopted a declaration on Friday, asking Russia to withdraw its troops from the breakaway region of Transnistria where they have been deployed for 25 years.

The move came a day after the Moldovan Foreign Ministry warned Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister, Dmitry Rogozin, that the country would not allow him to land by military plane in Chisinau for a visit to mark the 25th anniversary of the Russian peacekeeping mission in Transnistria.

Parliamentary speaker Andrian Candu, a member of the ruling Democratic Party, said the text of the declaration was drafted together with the Foreign Ministry.

A majority of 61 MPs out of 65 MPs present at the session backed the motion after opposition Socialist Party deputies left the chamber in protest against the decision to include the document on the agenda without enough time for the MPs to evaluate its impact.

“This is a serious violation of common sense. At least allow us to look at it properly,” Socialist MP Vlad Batrancea said in parliament. “We believe this is a geopolitical provocation,” he added, before he left the hall with his fellow party members.

Moldova’s pro-Russian President, Igor Dodon, condemned the document in a message on his Facebook account, accusing the pro-EU dominated parliament of trying to “worsen relations with the Russian Federation and undermine all the breakthroughs in Moldovan exports to the Russian Federation, regional cooperation, education and humanitarian programs.”

He also claimed that such a decision could only come from “outside Moldova”, presumably referring to Romania.

Romania’s Prime Minister, Mihai Tudose, and several Romanian ministers were in Chisinau on Friday for a joint government meeting with the Moldovan executive.

Dodon confirmed that Rogozin was due to arrive in Chisinau on Saturday and argued that adopting the declaration a day ahead of his visit would only fuel regional tensions.

“I want to restate my position: I support a comprehensive dialogue with the Transnistrian representatives to solve all problems of, most of all for the ordinary people on both sides of the Dniester [river boundary],” he added.
Quote from Balkan Insight 21.07.2017 :

Parliament Speaker Candu confirmed that Rogozin was likely to land in Chisinau, despite the Foreign Ministry’s warning. “Yes, I understood he is coming, despite not being welcome,” Candu said.

Russia has stationed about 2,000 troops in Transnistria since the 1992 truce that ended a war between pro-Russian separatists and the Moldovan military.

Since 2014, after conflict erupted in Ukraine, Moldova has banned Russian military from crossing its territory and the Russian Airforce from landing on the airport in Chisinau.

In 2008, NATO’s Parliamentary Assembly also adopted a resolution urging Russia to “withdraw its illegal military presence from the Transnistrian region of Moldova in the nearest future”.

The Kremlin took no notice but in 2016, Russia announced it would withdraw its troops once the weapons depots of the 14th Army were liquidated.


Hey netherfuckian, Tranistria is not Moldova you filthy netherfucker, it’s tranistria you cunt shit, cheesehead potsmoking cunt. Moldova’s govnm’t is americunt and western puppets so it’s west apeaking through them not the moldova you netherfucking piece of garbage. You can shove your declaration up your stoned cheese smeared asss, dumb ass netherfuckian.

John Whitehot


it equates to say that maybe your favorite football team will win when your basketball team wins as well.


Americans are brainwashed by constant unending barge of propaganda on this subject. If that weren’t enough anyone who pushes back against this programming often is subject to violent reaction from the programmed.

I’ve found it amazing how the MSM has been able to maintain the illusion of free honest press for so long when it’s anything but.

Boris Kazlov

douchenazional, the perennial fascist Russophobe accusing Russia of non-entitities none of these accusations will hold sway under analysis, but ithey may stick with some ameritards or Europeeons, not worth my time refuting his shit, I feel like puking instead.


Please do. Can we puke together after deciphering this crypto english.


i will puke in your mouth filthy nazi remnant pig.

Boris Kazlov

After you puke in his mouth I will piss in it.


Ukraine is under western occupation, you filthy netherfucker, Don’t even try to compare those situation filthy netherfucker, you filthy virmin cunt, your filthy govmnt is sponsoring hate against russian ethnic polupaltion in ukraine, you filthy netherfucker, you filthy nazi remnant pig. Russia is invited in South Ossetia, Transnistria, Abchazia, i am from Crimea, you filthy americunt cunt licker filth, you piece of walking stoned garbage, don’t you even open your filthy netherfucking anus you call mouth to speak about those places, you filthy nazi vermin, shit eating ass fucking cunt.


LOL you seriously expect US to keep their word on taht???


It seems to me that by declaring victory over ISIS that Trumps trying to pull out but certain elements (the ones responsible for the mess in the first place) are resisting him. It’s sad that the president of the United States doesn’t have full control over his own government thanks to massive creeping corruption.

That corruption seeks to destroy Syria and keep the middle east in a state of turmoil and will manufacture excuses to keep American forces in region whatever the cost no matter how many people are killed you can bet on that.


Just get the Kurds to ask the US allies to nicely leave or the Kurds would be in deep deep trouble .

Note that the Kurds are here to stay forever , the American ONLY when they are able or be forced out by Iran.

I just do not think the Kurds would be soooo stupid to go against Assad , Iran and Hezbollah assuming Russia stays aside.

Sooner or later US would be forced to leave as they just cannot militarily stay in a hostile country unless they do not value the lives of their soldiers. No commanders will take that kind of stupid responsibilities.

So I am sure US will leave peacefully as they are not jihadist that are suicidal

Maybe get NIKKI HALEY to shout ” UNFAIR UNFAIR ” in UN to justify.. maybe she can succeed.

Tommy Jensen

Contrario to Russia who only think on their own gas interests in the ME region, the United States of America have an international “Obligation To Protect” innocent civilians who wanted freedom.
Therefore we stay!
We cannot just leave innocent civilians and vulnerable children in a Syrian mess caused by HitlerPutin and ButcherAssad like a brutal and merciless Russia is doing.
We are just preserving our human right values and the right to defend ourselves if we are attacked.
Syrian children have been writing postcards to Mattis “the Dog” and said they felt secure and were happy for bubblegum the US Marines gave them!

Boris Kazlov

We have seen how you protect children, maimed and without eyes in Syrian Hospitals, after Murikan bombing, the peace of the graveyards like in totally destroyed “liberated” Raqqa, you had to hurry there to get the Kurds to occupy Syrian oilfields in East Euphrates before the SAA, who was busy battling terrorists helped by Murika.
How cute Syrian children writing in *English* to thank for bubble gum!
Stupid PR stunt, very stupid Murikan-like.

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