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US Forces Deployed Missile Launchers At Northeastern Syria Base – Report

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US Forces Deployed Missile Launchers At Northeastern Syria Base – Report

The Avenger short range air defense missile system mounted on a HMMWV.

The US led coalition has deployed three missiles launchers at one of its main bases in northeastern Syria, the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) reported on March 10.

“Ten trucks carrying seven wooden containers and three missile launchers entered the town of al-Shaddadi and headed to the occupation base,“ local sources told the state-run agency. “The wooden containers contain weapons as well as equipment for launching the missiles that were deployed in the bases recently.”

The SANA didn’t provide any details on the missile launchers, which may be US-made AN/TWQ-1 Avenger short-range air-defense systems (SHORADs).

A number of AN/TWQ-1 were spotted near Iraq’s border with Syria last month. Soon after, a report by Forbes said that the US military may soon deploy SOHRADs in northeastern Syria.

US Forces Deployed Missile Launchers At Northeastern Syria Base – Report

Click to see full-size image.

On February 24, the SANA reported the deployment of “shoulder-launched missiles” at al-Shaddadi base in southern al-Hasakah. The agency later determined that they were heat-seeking anti-aircraft missiles.

The shoulder-launched missiles were most certainly FIM-92 Stingers, which are the main armament for the AN/TWQ-1 system.

Recently, the US-led coalition denied deploying more troops or establishing new bases in northeastern Syria. However, the facts on the ground say otherwise.


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johnny rotten

They understood that rockets will soon rain like in Iraq, but it will also be the same as a flop, those fucking missiles would not be able to catch a hot air balloon stopped in the sky.

Hasbara Hunter

They gonna need them….


We know who those missiles will be directed at.and its not Isis.

Steve Standley

Exactly. those are anti-aircraft guided missiles (AAGMs). Only thing they’re useful for is Russian aircraft. SAA aircraft don’t even work northeast syria.

Just Me

US and Zionist instructions: Do not not tweet good things about Iran

It was Tuesday afternoon when Raffaele Mauriello, an Italian professor living in Tehran, tweeted a series of nice photos of a café in the Iranian capital titled “Living in Tehran”. The photos were soon met with a chorus of condemnations and abusive remarks by an army of CIA and hasnara Twitter trolls who accused Mauriello of being a “propagandist” and of having “close ties with the government”.

Mauriello, an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Persian Literature and Foreign Languages at Allameh Tabataba’i University, tweeted the photos – pictured below – after drinking tea with his wife and daughter at a café located in central Tehran, without having the faintest idea of how such “dangerous” sequence of actions would lead to “a war” on Twitter.

klove and light

soon very soon very very soon…….the last act …….

the nuclear attack on the LAST RESISTANCE against satanic britsh zionism will begin……….

ALL Nations that RECOGNIZE the illegal criminal satanic entity named israel are part of the satanic agenda of a one world government with jerusalem as its capital under satanic leadership.

persia is resisting syria is resisting iraq is resisting jemen is resisting

in the past months, numerous nations that had resisted in the past are playing ball….ie. morocco…10 december 2020 recognized israel…..

for the 99% dummies

RUSSIA under PUTIN is not resisting…..he is part of the agenda..just like china or uk or etc…..

step by step corona bs fake pandemic started in china, and was OVER in china after first year with chinese folks partying without mask or tests…..and NO CORONA pandemic in china with 1,5 billion folks….WHY???? pandemic is used to destroy freedom and rights…china never had any, so pandemic there of no further use after the corona pandemic was passed on to the world rights and freedoms denmolished……… total destruction of the monetary system war between last resistance and british zionist block will lead to the use of nuclear weapons by british zionist block

He will then SHOW himself to the nations of the world………

he will solve the 3 massive (created bs)worldwide problems

Virus WAR Monetary system

under 1 simple REQUIREMENT………

a one world government, with jerusalem as its capital under satanic leadership.

the NANO DOT TATTOO (mark of the beast)…… barcode..will be delivered to all humans on their palm of their hand and their forehead, and NO man and NO woman will be able to sell or buy without this Nano Dot Tattoo. Nano Dot Tattoo……….will be sold to the people of the world as their savior…… 1. the digital vaccine pass 2.as monetary payment system

and no matter what you do or any other……this will all happen and occur because the people of the world have been brainwashed for decades in the most satanic way imaginable…..

ie.. the 99% dummies here and elsewhere believeing in THEIR GOOD MAN………

the american dummies beleieving in THEIR master the russian dummies believinf in their master the chinese dummies believing in their master etc etc etc etc e…..

putin like merkel like macron like biden are all part of the agenda, and whatg YOU 99% are witnessing for decades is a theatre play by the elites for YOU DUMMIES !!!!


hard at work defending sdf and pkk and ypg, wonder what erdogan will have to say. one thing is certain and that is that turkey will neuter the kurds regardless of what the yankee-twats say and then erdogan will go for the second S-400 system and buy the su-57 or some such russsian jet. and the yankee-twats are once again failing in the attempt to set the rules for the middle east, in fact to such an extent they might just as well fuck off for home right away.

Jens Holm

Many here still dont understand how modern USA warfare is. They drive around making temporary camps and not permanent bases. Thats with higly educated soldiers and equipment. By that they cover much relative well.

By that they also are difficult to attack, because there is no camp, where the enemy can make long tie plans againt it.

Oliver Eitel

hahaahahahaha highly educated soldiers………..hahaha that comment made my day………they are just smart enough to follow orders……everyone else that can think for himself gets already pyscholocial problems as they suffer from moral problems behaving worse than Nazig Germany, thats why the suicide rate is so high in US military pesonal…..poor bastardas used for wallstreet and city of London and when return broken they get nothing…..must be a great motivation for the war crimes

Jens Holm

You are 100% correct. They follow well organized orders from the top to the bottom by advanced warmanuals.

The rest is completly irrelevant for whats going on, where they fight. Well its not. May soldiers suffers under and after war for many years and the suicide rates are higher then for the rest of the population. Thats why wars should be avoided.

BUT You forget the low deathrate as well as descriebed here, where they with few mobele soldiers and very good back up are ecelent.

Rhodium 10

USA support ISIS….thats not a secret or consp theories!…they attacked SAA in Deir Ezzor 2 times to support an ISIS Offensive…they attacked Shayrat base in Homs to support ISIS in Palmyra….2 times more to Protect Al Tanf ( an ISIS nest)….Kurds are only Tools for US forces vs SAA but nothing else!…when Erdogan wanted to Expel Kurds from Turkish border…USA allowed it!….

Jens Holm

Sciencefiction of the worst kind. Thats how to make Your own deep deep dark state.

And yes, You are correct. They are not nice people and for very good reasons. They dont give bananas to the one of Yours including You leaders, just because You have tails.

They fight You.

And yes, those countries has different agendas. Why write it again and again as I and others are highly retards unless You are Yourself.

You also dont see that USA actually made Turkey not go in for years. By the Trump retreat, they went in right away, which they had done years ago lettíng ISIS take whatever they wanted and grapping the borderzones for own expansion.

Take movies and remember timetable. You photos hardly show anything and by that Your conclusions are wróng too.

Now You have have Assads, Hesbollah, Iran and Russians against Turks there BUT

Great succes – isnt it. TOO.

You deny to remmeber that so many dont like Assads for so many good and bad reasons. Who made them??? Assads did.

Rhodium 10

There are no wrong conclusion when USAF ( included Danish air force) bombed SAA in Deir Ezzor to support an ISIS ofensive to take DZ air base…hopefully ISIS failed and the division of Syria was avoided.

Captain Freedom

So when the militia fires missiles at them again, the highly intellectual US soldiers will just fold their camp into a box and PUSH it to away to safety right into the Iron Dome, ALL of that in under 90 seconds. By the time the missiles arrive there will just be nothin but sand. Most impressive.

Jens Holm

Making contrast like that makes no sense.

I wrote You can make plans against permanent bases finding where there is no cover by the defence and do it during time. Its much more difficult against heavy armed highly mobile camps.

And Yes, its like camping and with better equipment just like the BEDUINS. They have their tents, families, keep their animals where there is water and food and have well connected and well armed guards in visulel contact to the in and outside.

Putting it into 60 secons is a joke. Its already has been known for years how they do by high tech and even put in landing zones for airplanes and helicopters.

People here write again its too expensive for the poor taxpayers, which mainly has more wellfare then most ppor in Syria. But thats how the militaries spend a lot of money.

I finally will allow me to mention that those missiles and radars actually are on vehicles too. Im sure they at least has small drones for observation as well.

This is not only about missiles but very much about, what happens for Assads and sometimes SDFs as well. You forget to compare how many base nests which has been destroyed by ISIS.

chris chuba

Like we did in Al Asad air base.

Jens Holm

Yes, kind of. Its a permanent facility. You can spy on it for a long time and find important targets and hit well. Iranians did.

But a learner there was, the Iranians saw, there was no air defence. That was the gab. The Iraqi forces defended only the ground well.

cechas vodobenikov

jens rehab failed—jens low educated want to be amerikan robot…agree their equipment while inferior to Russian, is more intelligent than their soldiers, obviously more intelligent than Danes

Jens Holm

Danes are educated as and partly with the Brittish forces and when we only send smaller units, we are a part of them.

We send very well educated soldiers, which by that are lighter armed but by that also more mobile, bacuse they need less equipment and supply. We have no WANT. We have had almost the same permanent relative well relations to USA and the rest since 1949.


So to be clear Jens …. you believe that having military units operate in the field without going home to a base every night is a US innovation? So when the mongols went on their years long campaigns the were what? Tourists?

Just out of curiosity … where do you believe the fuel, ammo and food these military hobos need to operate on is kept? How about the aircraft and helicopters that support them? Or the officers that plan operations?

Besides any time soldiers communicate use the EM spectrum by say … talking on the radio …. their location is known. Wasn’t it just a year or so ago that US soldiers got their fitness trackers and cell phones confiscated because the Taliban was using them to track their locations?

Jens Holm

I didnt write others didnt do or dont sont do same thing. I descriebed that using “BASE” is the USA forces mainly should be named as “heavy armed mobile camps”.

So yes, You are highly correct. Thats no new thing to be higly mobile and its known for 1000s of years.

USA of course has castles too. You even can see it by registrating the incomming convoys and what they have and where they go to.

The effectivity by the western economies is to store as little as possible. We order and its deliered. We are plug and play. Things stored mainly are not needed becaue we are well educated in logistics and it works.

That one about officers is same things. You dont have to call Toyota just because You have one of their cars. We dont. Those officers not even has to be there. They have all communications and even can see and ID you from satelited 9 km above You. You assume good plans only can be made by officer gatherings. That too, but communication for all has changed a lot.

Compare to You and me. We write here and can bring in all informations in seconds and both ways moron. We also could use skype. .

And yes. Communication can be tracked and used. Thats the war too. You also can sound like dirt and the flees will come and monsanta will do the rest.


“The effectivity by the western economies is to store as little as possible.”

Just in time inventories work well in manufacturing because it eliminates the need for costly warehousing however it requires a supply chain that works like clockwork. I’ve witnessed an auto assembly plant shut down and the workers sent home because a truck that was supposed to arrive at 1pm was caught in traffic and didn’t arrive until 4PM.

A modern military operating against barefoot kids armed with AK-47’s and RPG’s can get away with just in time deliveries however it’s a different story operating against a peer that interdict your supply chain thousands of miles beyond the line of contact.

The main reason the USA has over 1000 bases worldwide is so they can have pre-positioned stores of supplies, equipment and ammo which is the opposite of just in time deliveries. During the operation phase we see videos of tankers arriving in the remote desert fuelling up armour however what we don’t see are the supply bases behind the lines that that took months to stock that allow this to happen.

Against an opponent like Iraq 2003 who didn’t have the ability to strike outside their borders stocks of supplies were safely stored in Kuwait and SA and we all saw the wonders of the final phase of the US logistics train in the news …. however against a peer like Russia or even Iran these supply bases are known and vunerable to attack as are the supply lines leading to them.

“We also could use skype.” Nope … nada … never in a million years.

Jimmy Jim


Willing Conscience (The Truths

Trump the peace dove pulled US forces out of Syria but Biden the war hawks beefing them up, that’s shows not only a stark contrast in deeds, but also a stark contrast in objectives. So who are these missiles intended for, Russian or possibly Turkish aircraft, since Assad doesn’t fly over US controlled territory they can’t be for Syrian aircraft, or are they more likely going to be attacking Iranian drones. 2 carrier strike groups are approaching the region and the US in Deir ez Zor may have to defend themselves if a fight starts. A few months ago the US sent a large shipment of surveillance drones to Deir ez Zor and I thought they would be used against Isis, maybe I was wrong, now I think it’s more likely they’ll be used to spot for the carrier groups.

I loved what the Iranian Foreign Minister said the other day,

“If a meeting were to take place, it would certainly have happened with Trump’s better funambulism”

I wondered what the hell he meant by that so I had to look it up, a funambulist is a tightrope walker, LOL. And I loved this headline as well,

“Biden a Bigger Liar Than Trump”


Iran isn’t getting off to a good start with Biden if their lamenting the loss of Trump already, they’re starting to sound like me when I say ‘I miss Trump already’. Under Trump there was a very good chance of avoiding conflict and for both parties to return to the negotiating table, but under Biden there’s more chance the negotiations will fail and a war erupts. I miss Trump already, and so do the Iranians.

chris chuba

Trump put them into Syria in the first place and ‘took the oil’. U.S. forces have been in Syria continuously since Trump sent them in.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

I’m afraid you’re misinformed, Trump wasn’t the president of the US back then, Obama was, and it was Obama and Biden who sent the troops in and plundered the oil, oops.


Actually, not true. But there was no draw-down from Trump either. Moving troops from one place to another is not withdrawal. The oil thieving through a ‘legalized’ scheme enabling the oil to be sold legally on the open market, is Trumps policy. This is a fairly accurate timeline: https://apnews.com/article/96701a254c5a448cb253f14ab697419b However, most of this info is from the US. How long US troops have actually been there is not factually known (considering SFs)…nor is the present strength. The actual death count is not to be trusted as well. Incidents like this go unreported: https://www.veteranstoday.com/2016/09/22/unconfirmed-russian-med-ship-launch-missile-attack-to-kill-foreign-command-center-near-aleppo/ The main difference between Trump and Obama is that Obama openly supported the invasion, while Trump lied and continued to escalate the situation which has resulted in entrenched US forces in eastern Syria. While Al Tanf base was created in 2016 under Obama, Trump increased attacks on Syria, including 2 massive missile attacks based on false claims. Under Obama it is thought there were 2,000 US troops there. As of now, there is NO proof of US forces strengths being lower, especially since the recent arrival of more troops/equipment. Regardless, Turkey/Israel has been the recipient of the oil from both admins.


I have no idea what world events you saw, but obviously you drank the Epstein kool ade. I will never understand how anyone with an ounce of sense could ever believe that Trump was not a Zionist toy-boi. Trumps only job was to snow people while he undermined every peace thought. Ask the Houthis what they think of Trump…or Soleimani’s widow. The ONLY reason there was any movement (and NOT withdrawal, there were no returning of hundreds of soldiers) is because of Iraqi PMDs, a result of Soleimani’s assassination. This has nothing to do with whether Biden is a POS or not (he is), but there is not one US politician that has any intention of peace in the ME. Trump fully owns the east Syrian situation, regardless the continued BS that he wanted peace. Next, regurgitate the beautiful line that Trump was undermined by DS…the very DS he installed into the government, just like all the previous ones. I suppose you also believe that the recent peace pacts between Israel and Muslim countries is a step towards lasting peace and not a plan to isolate and destroy those countries that cling to the idea of being sovereign in their own right. Seems that Yemen, Syria and Iran have different feelings about that. As for a meeting over JCPOA, never would have happened, that’s why Trump dumped it and wanted to ‘re-negotiate’ Irans’ missiles…at whose request? The only demockcrazy in the ME the US can rely on. You probably missed this in the very same speech; “The United States must know that the people of Iran will never forget the current U.S. crimes,” Khatibzadeh said, adding, “Up until today, the Biden administration has pursued exactly the path of the Trump administration.” He also suggested that Iran will not meet with the U.S. so long as the Biden administration continues to implement the Trump administration’s pressure campaign against Iran. The idea I get from this is that Trump was better at BS, not that they preferred Trump.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

That’s funny because I just posted 2 comments from official Iranian Government sources, both published on the Iranian run Government news agency, and they both say they prefer to deal with Trump, so go argue with them, not with me. I think you’re the one who’s drank too much of Epstein’s cool aid.


Just in case you aren’t smart enough to comprehend what you read, all the quotes I posted were from the SAME source, the same press conference. The tight-rope remark, IMO, means he was good at Bullshit, pleasing the Israeli’s, while trying please his anti-war, anti-Zionist dupes. Your “they both say they prefer to deal with Trump” was never in any statement or interview I ever saw, that is your invention.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

“If a meeting were to take place, it would certainly have happened with Trump’s better funambulism”

“Biden a Bigger Liar Than Trump”

So you’re trying to tell me that means they prefer to deal with Biden, sorry buddy, you’re way off the mark. They much prefer Trump because he can negotiate a deal better and he’s also more trustworthy than Biden, so I don’t know where the hell you learnt to read.

““The United States must know that the people of Iran will never forget the current U.S. crimes,” Khatibzadeh said, adding, “Up until today, the Biden administration has pursued exactly the path of the Trump administration.” He also suggested that Iran will not meet with the U.S. so long as the Biden administration continues to implement the Trump administration’s pressure campaign against Iran. The idea I get from this is that Trump was better at BS, not that they preferred Trump”.

The idea I get from those comments is, Biden’s using the same big sticks to threaten Iran but not offering the same juicy prizes that Trump did, or the same guarantees, that’s my take on their comments.


Trump never offered them shit. he set preconditions. I don’t have any idea where you got that, but sure wasn’t from the Iranians. They plain and simple said they wouldn’t even approach talks with him, as he already told them he would re-negotiate, period. Iran has the same stance with Biden, NO re-negotiation. Bigger liar than Trump, yeah, that’s a real recommendation for Trump all right. As for reading, I do just fine. You can read, that’s obvious…comprehension? Not so much. Trump can’t negotiate shit, and never has. BS on TV doesn’t count. Where’s all the big deals he was going to make? F’ing ZIP. Trustworthy? So you find Nutsack trustworthy? That’s who he got his orders from, directly.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

The tightrope remark implies Trump would negotiate more tactfully and objectively with Iran in any new negotiations with the US. And I know you’re laughing when I say the words ‘tactfully’, ‘objectively’ and Trump in the same sentence, but the Iranians know exactly what I mean, they made the funambulism remark, and they made it for a reason, they don’t say anything at all unless it’s important. It’s the same for the ‘bigger liar comment’, it means something, it wasn’t said for nothing, somewhere an audience member or audience members understood exactly what the Iranians were saying. Preconditions were set by Trump when he threatened North Korea, ‘my button’s bigger than your button’ statements did nothing to belay anyone’s fears that a nuclear war was imminent, but what happened to those preconditions Trump set, what’s happening now in North Korea, and look at how happy the South Korean population is now, no more concerns of an imminent nuclear war, just the opposite. So preconditions set by Trump have a totally different meaning to any possible preconditions set by the Biden Administration. Trump may start at 0% on the 100% scale and Biden at 50% but Trump is known to ditch his set in stone preconditions with tactful negotiations [from his adversaries], so he can move from an initial 0% way up to 60 or 70% after negotiations, but the Iranians know Biden won’t change any preconditions he sets, if he starts at 50% it stops at 50%, and even then the liars can backpedal and renege on the deal they just made. Trump reneged on the deal Obama made, not his own. ……..

” Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Monday spelled out 12 requirements for a new agreement with Tehran that would require a wholesale change in Iran’s military posture in the Middle East.

In return for agreeing to an accord on nuclear and regional issues to replace the 2015 Iran nuclear accord from which President Donald Trump withdrew this month, Mr. Pompeo said, the U.S. would lift the punishing economic sanctions it is now moving to impose, restore diplomatic and commercial ties and allow Iran to have access to advanced technology.” …….

The US also promised Russia they would return to a pre 2011 [Syrian war] relationship status [with Russia] if Putin could get the Iranians to comply.


Uhh, name 1, just 1, deal Trump made. Korea, China, Russia? I guess if you call his Korea mess a success, then anything is possible in your mind. N Korea is about to test a new missile, due to no agreement from Trump, so much for Trump making S Korea feel safer. The Iranians never ever talked to Trump or his people. The Iranians even said there was no logic to making deals with the US because they would willy-nilly abrogate them at will. With all this wonderful carrot approach, why didn’t the Iranians bite? So you actually think that Iran would give up it’s missiles, while Israel continues to sit on their nukes? Was never going to happen and after 4 years, it would have if Iran ever had any intention committing suicide, which is more likely what they meant. The Iranians have continually said so, regardless the BS from Pompass. They are continueing the stance they have always had…return to your agreement, period. Biden can say the same shit, behind closed doors and the result will be the same.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Australia was threatened twice, Kim wanted to send nukes to Australia, then Trump started deal making.

“By the beginning of 2018, however, tensions began to ease dramatically, with North Korea announcing the restoration of the Seoul–Pyongyang hotline and agreeing to hold talks with South Korea about participation in the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang. Diplomatic activity flourished during the next few months, with the suspension of nuclear and missile tests by North Korea, and the 2018 inter-Korean summit in late April which culminated in the signing of the Panmunjom Declaration on 27 April 2018. An unprecedented bilateral summit between Kim and Trump was held in Singapore on 12 June 2018.”


And just before the corona virus pandemic hit the Saudis started a trade war against Russia and Iran, the Saudis took the price of oil to just a few cents above Russia’s break even price, and right on Iran’s break even price, but one phone call from Putin to Trump ended that trade war, Trump rang the Saudis the next day and an accommodation was agreed on [no one knows what]. So Trump’s been Russia’s friend more than an enemy for the last 4 years, but as you’ve probably already seen on the media, that’s all changing now, Biden’s becoming Russia’s number one enemy.

And what about Afghanistan, is that also a failure, or the fact Trump was the first western leader to say he had no problem with Assad remaining in power, at least until the next UN administered Syrian election, and he also said he’d have no problem if Assad was re elected under the UN auspices.

As the old saying goers ‘the Iranian’s just cut off their own nose to spite their face’. Trump more or less begged them to help him get re elected, and they flat out rejected his request, they thought they’d have a better time with Biden if he was re elected. But Biden wants to split Iran away from Russia, so Iran’s about to find out they just made the biggest mistake they ever have. They had a way better chance of getting a better deal out of Trump than they ever will with the LGBTQI dominated Biden administration.

I would’ve been happy if Trump could’ve replicated a similar deal with Iran as he had with North Korea, because as you unknowingly pointed out, that one hasn’t affected North Korea too adversely, but Kim’s no longer threatening anyone with nuclear holocaust either, so that’s what I call a good deal. But I don’t like the way he deals with the Palestinians, so I don’t think he’s perfect, just a lot better than all the other US Presidents that’ve come before him.


And the result of all his talks were…Zilch. Before his royal ass left office, N Korea had already stated that they would resume their work on delivery systems/nukes. ALL his talks were predicated on stopping OUR war games off their coast (NKs only in-stone requirement)…which did not happen. That is why his last talks with them lasted a couple hours, then collapsed, which you fail to mention. I find your use of that wiki humorous in the way you leave out/obfuscate pertinent items, as NK going after Oz…cute, they did not threaten to attack Australia, they simply included them in their US ‘hit list’ because they are US lackeys (from the article you cite). 5 eyes? Also funny is your assertion that Iran prefers Biden, especially so in light of another commenters assertion that Iran preferred Trumps ‘tight-rope walking’ approach. Ever heard this quote?; “Biden is a bigger liar than Trump”…Iranian FM (IIRC). Doesn’t sound all that thrilled to me. Your entire premise of Trump ‘begging’ them for election help is ridiculous beyond belief. Iran ‘cut off their nose to spite their face’? Good god, you do realize that the whole issue was Trumps doing and that was clear before he was elected, right? Apparently, you believe that Iran would negotiate their missiles away, because that was the goal behind Trumps dumping the JCPOA in the first place, at ISRAELS demand. NEVER gonna happen. It’s the only reason Israel hasn’t openly attacked Tehran in the first place and the Iranians know it. As far as Israel, seemingly in your mind per Trump ‘our wonderful ally’, at least Obama got JCPOA passed…which guaranteed a non-nuclear Iran, but that was not enough for Israel, who does have nukes. They (and Trump) wanted them basically open to attack, with no defense. That would have been a great deal…for Israel. Not so much for Iran.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

The bottom line is US and North Korean tensions have subdued, so have north and South Korean tensions, and Japanese tensions as well [no more test flights over Japan], and it’s not all over Australian news anymore either, but it was for a very long time. The recent breakdown of US Chinese relations has emboldened Kim to pursue his own course again, perhaps the Chinese even encouraged it, but no one’s threatening any reprisals or sanctions yet, or are they? And yes we are lackey’s for the US, and now we’re a member of the Quads alliance as well, and just recently we found out what life would be like if we weren’t in an alliance, so I’m glad we are, but that doesn’t mean I agree with everything our Government does. And what the hell are you reading when you say this,

“Also funny is your assertion that Iran prefers Biden, especially so in light of another commenters assertion that Iran preferred Trumps ‘tight-rope walking’ approach”,

I asserted the exact opposite in my comment, and you’re actually quoting segments from my original comments, I’m actually the person who quoted the Iranians statement with links. Here’s what I said in my original comment which you’re unknowingly quoting from,

“I loved what the Iranian Foreign Minister said the other day,

“If a meeting were to take place, it would certainly have happened with Trump’s better funambulism”

I wondered what the hell he meant by that so I had to look it up, a funambulist is a tightrope walker, LOL. And I loved this headline as well,

“Biden a Bigger Liar Than Trump”


Iran isn’t getting off to a good start with Biden if their lamenting the loss of Trump already, they’re starting to sound like me when I say ‘I miss Trump already’.

That’s what I said in my original comment, and this is what I said in my reply to you,

“That’s funny because I just posted 2 comments from official Iranian Government sources, both published on the Iranian run Government news agency, and they both say they prefer to deal with Trump, so go argue with them, not with me. I think you’re the one who’s drank too much of Epstein’s cool aid.”

So you’ve definitely

“drank too much of Epstein’s cool aid.”


Here is Trumps success with NK…https://www.armscontrol.org/act/2019-11/news/north-korea-threatens-resume-tests That the Iranians ‘preferred Trump’ is in your mind and no where else (they thought they’d have a better time with Biden if he was re elected, per you?). Trumps approach was the same as Bidens, the same they used with NK, nothing until they caved in, no reduction in sanctions first, nothing. He did use the same tactics with Iran, that’s why we’re where we’re at.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

What did Trump offer Iran last year, everything, he may have asked for too much in return but what he offered is way more than Biden possibly can, Biden’s restricted by the left wing elements of his party that won’t allow him to remove all sanctions and restrictions against Iran, but Trump promised Iran he would lift ALL sanctions and he really could deliver on his promise. They both carry the same big stick but only one of them could offer Iran what it really needs, a lifting of all sanctions and restrictions. Good luck with the LGBTQI Democrats.


As is usual with demented Trumpets, anyone not fawning over Tramp is a dem. They can’t possibly be rational people who see BS for what it is. You make BS claims (Trump offered everything?) that you can show nothing to prove, just continued claims. Where you get the idea that only Trump could deliver is beyond rational thought. It was Obama that got the JCPOA, it was Trump that dumped it for his Zionist pack of murderers. Biden will get nowhere parroting the same old tired BS that kept coming from Trump…stop enriching and we will talk, but no ditching illegal sanctions until you stop. No matter how much delusional crap you post, you can’t get past the fact that Trump is the one who created this…and there was never any indication the Iranians would have ever caved in to Trump/Nutsack. You and your Israel-first Zionist loving nutjobs need to just admit the fact that you’re in bed with Israel. The rest of us already know it.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

So you think Trump just up and decided to suck up to the Israelis and then pick on Iran for no more reason than a whim, LOL. I think the Iranians actually started it when they began building up threatening infrastructure near Israel’s border, what the hell else did Iran expect to happen. Just a few months ago SF published an article explaining the deals that Russia, Iran, Syria, and the US all made in 2018, concerning the Iranians presence and activity near the Israeli border, and as that article stated Iran has broken every single one of those stipulations they agreed to [AND THE RUSSIAN’S GAVE GUARANTEES FOR], so since mid 2018 Iran has done everything they agreed not to do, but you seem to think it’s all Trumps fault they’re back in the bad books. No wonder the Russians don’t stop the Israelis from attacking Iran, Iran got itself into this mess and ruined Russia’s reputation in the process. Find that SF article in their archives and read it.


Somehow I just knew you were an Israeli Zionist loving moron. Iran’s fault? That Trump was financed by an Israeli Zionist POS, bought and delivered? Yeah, it’s all their fault, Israel’s plans of ruining every country in the region is non sequitur. It is Iran’s fault Tramp attacked Syria twice as soon as he took office(over lies), assassinated Soleimani (while saying the US defeated ISIS), ditched JCPOA for Bibi (a decision made before he was even elected), deepened sanctions, then Israel assassinates Iranians in their own country. Not to mention, Israel has been attacking Iranian ships for the last 2 years. Yeah, lay this all at Iran’s feet. How strange that Russia just recently called out Israel for their attacks and their phony excuses, as their attacks seem to coincide with ISIS operations. I’ve heard that Israeli’s are having difficulty in flushing toilets. That too is Iran’s fault?

Willing Conscience (The Truths

You’re the moron, you think anyone who doesn’t hate Israel as much as you do must be a Zionist, but you’re wrong. I only support the Syrian people and most of them support Assad, so that’s the side I’m really on. And I’m actually listening to the Sunni and Druze populations in Syria, and they vehemently oppose the Iranians building threatening military infrastructure in their neighborhoods, they say the Iranians are putting their families lives at risk by provoking the Israelis. I complain when the US builds up unwanted military bases in South Korea and other places and that’s OK with most people, but if I complain about the Iranians building up threatening infrastructure in Syria against the local peoples will, you call me a Zionist, go slap yourself in the head for being so stupid.


Duh. I KNOW you were the same person, you just sound like two different people, making contradictory statements. But you wouldn’t realize that would you?

Willing Conscience (The Truths

What contradictory statements did I make, none that I can see, show me the contradictions I made. :]

The Objective

“Under Trump there was a very good chance of avoiding conflict and for both parties to return to the negotiating table, but under Biden there’s more chance the negotiations will fail and a war erupts.”

Coming from you, this comment is shocking. Trump shot several missiles into Syria as soon as he came to power. He killed Iran’s Qaseem Soleimani, almost sparking a war. And you say he is less likely to start a war with Iran. I think the opposite. I liked Trump because Iran feared him more.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

People like you said the same thing when Trump told Kim he had a bigger nuclear button. As you know circumstances have changed dramatically since Obama first tackled Iran, Trump was responding to the Iranian activities which had begun to threaten Israel, that’s why he escalated beyond Obama’s initial parameters. And I’m not so sure the Iranians feared Trump more than they do Biden, that’s yet to be seen, but from their official statements that I pasted in my comment, I can say for sure they definitely think they had a better chance of negotiating a deal with Trump than they do with Biden.

The Objective

Well, Biden is yet to take a highly provocative step like Assassinating a major Iranian figure. Had Iran not backed down, they would have fought a war with America since last year.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Give it time, things are just getting started.

The Objective

You don’t seem to understand the American leadership under Biden and Trump. They have the same end goal of overthrowing the Iranian regime but disagree on the method. Trump and his camp prefer “external and internal pressure”. They’ll sanction Iran, threaten or even execute military strikes (Soleimani), and instigate domestic revolt (like what happened in 2019). The Biden/Obama team consider such pressure too risky as it can lead to war. First, Iran may resist the pressure and continue to advance in its nuclear program. This would warrant America to do something to stop it. When sanctions and pressure fails, war remains the only option. Biden/Obama want to overthrow the Iranian regime without any major risk of war. In order to avoid being forced to attack Iran for nuclear weapons concern, they decided to halt the Iranian nuclear program through the JCPOA. This buys time for them to give color revolution more time to succeed. But I doubt any of these methods would work.

I’m beginning to dislike the idea of overthrowing the Iranian regime. This is out of safety for Turkey. If Iran is destroyed, the attention of Islam’s enemies will focus on Turkey.

Iran and Turkey must cooperate in Syria, because Russia/America/Israel/Arab League will try to play them off each other. These groups want both Iran and Turkey out. I feel ashamed for not having realized the realignments that’s taken place in Syria.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Trump only had short term goals for Iran, stop Iranian ballistic missile development and curb it’s nuclear capabilities and activities, and you know who he was doing that for. And I say short term goals because of the new terms he offered Iran with Pompeo’s offer last year, If you give up developing your nuclear and ballistic capabilities, you can return to normal relations with the US, we’ll drop ALL sanctions, and let you resume trading like never before. And the US added a sweetener for Russia too, they said Russia could retain all their new holdings in Syria, and relations concerning Syria would return to a pre civil war state of normality. I wished the Iranians would’ve taken up that offer, they didn’t really have to give up all research, just pretend to, that would’ve solved all the problems for everyone, and Iran could’ve gotten rich for the next decade, and decide then what it really wanted to do, either go back to building nuclear weapons and their delivery systems, or just keep on making basket loads of money for another decade, their choice.

I told you once the IRCG was training Brotherhood fighters in Iran in 2018 and you seemed skeptical of my claim, but I can see now you’ve discovered some new facts that are changing your attitude towards Iran, but only a few weeks ago you were frothing at the mouth condemning both Iran and the Shia faith. So my how things can change in just a few weeks, your old enemies now seem to be your new friends. Lucky you didn’t kill any of them before you realized they’re actually potential allies.

Peter Jennings

It won’t be long before these weapons get into the hands of terrorists. The hard part is already done…..getting them into Syria.

Turkish forces might also leave a few manpads lying around when they finally leave their ‘observation posts’ in Idlib.

The US/nato never did get over their failure to secure no fly zones over Syria.


Frankly, besides being senile, corrupt and demented, Biden’s Foreign Policy is worse than Trump’s than most people think. He is totally a stooge of the Zionist cabal and MIC. He will initiate more terrorism and conflicts in the regions. The sudden revival of ISIS in Syria and particularly Iraq is no coincidence. Only resistance will drive the US out of the region.

J Ramirez

Need to protect ISIS?

Arch Bungle


ISIS is a means to an end.

Arch Bungle

If the Russians allow these weapons to proliferate in Syria they will lose as they did in Afghanistan.

Time for them to stop acting like pussies and wipe out US bases. The Americans will not risk a third world war by making an issue of it.


Never underestimate the war mongering of Isr…the US.

cechas vodobenikov

amerikans lose all wars; their senile hologram multi gender president cannot defeat BLM antifa LGBT mafias

John Mason

Guess that the decision to go along with John Kerry that the terrorists are just ‘moderate’ will haunt the Russians. US and coalition which included the terrorists are going to be firmly established and will not depart Syrian territory which is a typical US tactic well orchestrated over the last 70 odd years; Cuba is a prime example as is Iraq and Afghanistan.

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