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US Forces Deployed In Syria’s At-Tanf Reportedly Conducted Live-Fire Drill Involving M142 HIMARS System (Video)

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US forces and US-backed militant groups deployed in the Syrian border area of At-Tanf have reportedly carried live-fire drills involving a M142 HIMARS (High Mobility Artillery Rocket System). The video, which allegedly shows a part of the drills, appeared on YouTube on January 3, 2019. However, it remains unclear when it was filmed.

If the development is confirmed, this will be another confirmation that the announced withdrawal of US troops from Syria does not mean that the US is really going to withdraw all of its forces from the country.

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Zo Fu

It is Russian fault. They should bomb out fucking american scums from AlTanf 2 years ago, immediately after Trump ordered missile attack on Shayrat airbase.

But Russian are so naive and fucking cowards. They keep playing nice with IsraHell and USA.
I’m tired of Russian ‘warnings’ and making ‘deals’ with western ‘partners’.
I was expecting that something would change after IL20 shooting down and 15 crew murdered by IsraHell. But nothing has changed.
Frankly, are Putin&Lavrov so stupid or are they bribed by Jews and so called ‘western elites’ to tie hands of their own generals and military?

Promitheas Apollonious

something to change based on your limited understanding of what is happening and your well wishing, no it will not change. Try next time when you say this things to connect your single cell to your fingers then write.

Zo Fu

keep facts mr FUCKHEAD:

7 April 2017
-59 Tomahawk cruise missiles were fired on Shayrat airbase
-Russian did not ANYTHING in reaction

14 April 2018
-the United States, France, and the United Kingdom carried out a series
of military strikes involving aircraft and ship-based missiles
-Russia made BOLD STATEMENTS before attack but did not ANYTHING in reaction

18 September 2018
-The Il-20M was shot down off Syria shortly after an Israeli air strike had hit targets in the Latakia Province.
-Russian military stuff was quite angry and “reserved the right to take further steps in response” but PUTIN (namely once more for you Mr RETARDED FUCKHEAD) – it was PUTIN himself who downplayed the incident as “A chain of tragic accidental circumstances”.

And Putin did not anything since that time against ‘Western partners’ of course.
He only made bold statement about S300 and no fly zone for Israel above Lebanon.
But it is just an empty proclamation as Israel keeps attacking Syria from Lebanese airspace with impunity.

Putin&Lavrov – masters of empty proclamations.

Meanwhile Medvedev is a crypto Jew, Russian central bank is run by neoliberals and Jews and good chunk of Russian economy is ruled by Jews and Oligarchs.
And Putin tolerates it and is busy to play nice with West partners and screw his own people with so called “pension reform”.

It is apparent that Putin in 2012-2018 presidency term is not the same Putin as in 2000-2004. I hope he will be ousted soon.

uncle tungsten

The big question for Russia given the pension ‘reform’ is whether they will see red vests or yellow vests in the next fortnight. And then what will Sergey Shoygu say about that. Things definitely changed after the Israeli set up of the Ilyushin shoot down. I will be interested to see if Shoygu flexes his bicepts again in the next fortnight.


Just blabbing your big mouth.
How come that Israel never again tries to fly into the Syria?!
The last time they did they did it from Lebanon…cowards were hiding behind civil airplanes to attack to prevent Syrian to shoot them down.
But Russia just might declare Lebanon non fly zone for everybody also.
And where is yours so “invisible” US air-force?
How come they don’t have guts to challenge Russian non fly zone with so invisible F-22s?!…
Everybody would like to know if S-400 can shoot them down and they know very well where are the Russian bases.
So go on pussies try your luck!
You are just another big mouthed Yankee having vary bad time to be part of totally bankrupted would be super power.


I reckon everyone wants to know if the S-400 can or cannot defeat stealth. The real point is that both sides seem to be at least smart enough not to attack each other directly, but only each others proxies. Because an American attack on a Russian base would be an act of war that could lead to WW3 happening just as much as a Russian attack would be on an American base. Thankfully at least, so far, the military commanders in theater seem to be still smart enough to realize this on both sides.


I don’t know about everybody, the S400 can defeat stealth the F22, it was proven a couple of times where the S400 multi band radar picked up the F22 coming from eastern Eufrates and a Suk 35 was dispatched to intercept them, one time when 2 Suk 25 were prevented to attack ISIS positions, the Suk 35 maneuvered behind the F22, and another time when another Suk 35 engaged in a mock dogfight and outmaneuvered the F22 by getting behind it.
The F22 supposed situational awareness afforded by stealth was neutralized by a robust Russian EW blinding the F22 radar and making it unaware of the Suk 35 proximity.
Russian IADS would eat the F22’s for lunch.

Brother Ma

God that makes me happy as I know the Suk are also more manoeverable in a dogfight. F 22 are toast as are f35.


Judging by the acts only I don’t know if “both sides seem to be at least smart enough not to attack each other”
US was using cruise missiles attacks (even with announcing chosen targets in Syria to Russians) there was always possibility that somebody of NATO soldiers makes some mistake and kill some Russian soldiers instead with some cruise missile and inadvertently start war between Russia and NATO.
I wasn’t talking about “attack” at all.
I was talking about flying over the Russian military base in which case Russia would be entitled by the international law right on
Since US claims that their F-22’s are invisible there is no danger that anything happens.
So why they didn’t try to test S-400 if they are so sure in their F-22?
The answer is self explanatory.
Actually US know that claim of being invisible to S-400 is bullshit so they will never even try against S-300 let alone S-400.

Brother Ma

God let it be so!


I think considering that in both cases the US targeted basically useless real estate just to look good on the evening news I’d say both sides are still smart enough not to attack each other directly.

As for flying over each other’s bases, there’s huge risk involved. Aircraft can get shot down by hotter heads, it could lead to serious accidental confrontation, followed by not willing to back down in order not to lose face. Many WW3 follow that kind of starting scenario. Stealth may not work as advertized, Americans lose face and start doing more stupid things to save it again. S-400 may not work as advertised, the Russians then have to start doing more stupid things in order to save it again. The best scenario, regardless of whether or not stealth works or not, is to not be so stupid to get into such a mess in the first place. Because real life is not a Hollywood movie or a video game. And if things escalate to the point of nuclear war there is no such thing as a last minute deus ex machina save or a previously saved savegame.


Listen I was making comment on some arrogant youngster (probably)… to calm him down.
I wanted to be provocative to put him in his place that’s all.
I am not into the adventurism and chest pounding.. and Russian high command even mach less so.
I also hope that for US high command is the same situation.
There is no need for you to giving me all these common sense comments.

I understand the danger’s involved in force posturing.$
No responsible professional army does that.
End of story.

P.S .
if only US neocon side (Pompeo, Bolton) would be so appeasing like Russians are.
I would have no problems sleeping like baby.


“keep facts mr FUCKHEAD”

Syria is not Russian territory.
Russia respect international laws therefore her rights are limited in the foreign land.
Russia was invited to Syria to fight terrorists (common enemies) and not to start WW3 against US or NATO over Syria or Iran-Hezbollah bases in Syria.
If in those attacks were killed Russian soldiers Russia would sink NATO ships and WW3 would start.

And who the f*ck are you mr. insolent?!
Another German NAZI who wants to fight US to the last Russian?!
Get lost loser!

Bigaess Wangmane

At the end of the day, it’s ZOG and its vassals on the way out, not Russia, not Hezbollah, not Iran or any of the militia that fought for the territorial integrity of Syria. Delaying the inevitable won’t change that.


A prophecy thing…Armageddon?
Well it’s OK with me as long as Russia is not loser

Promitheas Apollonious

fuckhead is the one who make you not knowing the use of condoms and none teach them the art of jerking off rather than making a worthless piece of sh*t as you are.

Django de Reynaerde

Zo Fu, I think you’re ready for a long, invigorating holiday. Reading al those geo-political press articles is apparently starting to weigh heavily, … Know that wars have never won or been terminated by weapons. Only through dialogue and despite the hostilities: understanding and compassion for the opponents wishes and needs results. Let this be just the formula that the Russians use best and see their influence expanding and changing throughout the Middle East, the rest of Asia but also Africa. This requires time and advancing insight. It is unfortunate that in the meantime innocent victims are still falling, but the alternative that you bring to meanwhile could have ensured that two thirds of the world is currently declared uninhabitable. Provocation and confrontation politics are simply no good means for efficient conflict management. Maybe some sunlight and fresh air can do you good, … It’s highly recommended!


Well it’s good you aren’t in a position of power, then we’d be all dead. It’s really not that simple. Look at the war, not just a battle. Russia/Syria are winning the war. Israel/US and their allies are a great adversary, yet Russia has managed to slowly defeat their geopolitical plans of Syria’s destruction with limited resources. It really is quite an achievement. Putin is a master chess player.

Enrico Graziani

Perché la Siria non bypassa Al Tanaf con 100 Km di autostrada con una bretella che inizia prima dei 55 Km di zona americane e finisce in Iraq dopo il confine riallacciandosi sull’autostrada Damasco Baghdad? Bellissima beffa per gli yankee.


They are busy killing Palestinians and cementing tunnels dig by themselves.
So they have sent their US stooges instead to baby sit “moderate” rebels.

This rocket launcher is just nice fat target for Syrian & Russian SU-25’s once U.S. leaves.


The only way to get American troops out of any country is body bags.
As long as the US suffers no casualties the American people will cheer.
As soon as an American soldier is filmed being decapitated, the Americans will start screaming bring our boys home.

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