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US Forces Are Withdrawing From Al-Qaim Base On Syrian-Iraqi Border

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US Forces Are Withdrawing From Al-Qaim Base On Syrian-Iraqi Border

US forces are withdrawing from al-Qaim, on the Syrian-Iraqi border, and two other key military bases in Iraq in the coming weeks. Therefore, the US military will leave 3 of its 8 official bases in the country.

The decision to do so was announced on March 16 under a pretext of the ‘success’ in the fight against ISIS. However, in fact, it followed a recent increase of rocket attacks on US facilities across Iraq.

Al-Qaim is located on the highway between the Iraqi capital of Baghdad and the Syrian city of Deir Ezzor. The town of al-Bukamal, which Israeli and US media often label as a stronghold of Iranian-backed forces, is located on the Syrian side of the border. Therefore, the US military just officially abandoned its attempts to cut off the land link between Syria and Iraq thus preventing a free movement of troops, weapons and other suppleis from one country to another.


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colin adese

Like their proxy IS, cia-mic are retreating. Cockroaches!

In Exile

Yes just like the Roman Legions in the 4th century they are withdrawing to defend the heartland, ie Israel.

Liberal guy

Bang on spot except the Yankees rill defend Israel on multiple fronts

Zionism = EVIL

The Zionist entity will die like the virus it is and much faster than most people think.

Ashok Varma

So-called Israel is an albatross around the dying American thick neck.


Significant that base near Syria chosen…seems a prelude.


After the very precise ballistic missile strikes by Iran, the U.S. and its ‘ Coalition ‘ and the very recent 107mm Katyusha missile strikes, the U.S. know the gig is up. Their strategic position in Iraq, Syria is totally compromised.

Liberal guy

So true


With the coronavirus situation Iran is too vulnerable to tolerate US/UK Zioterrorists so close to Iranian borders. By subjecting Brits and Americunts to lockdowns and stuff, the Pentagon-led terrorists are freer to act without public consent and nipping any possible backlash in be bud by default. And with Western markets in the shitter, they might try to turn them into a walking zombie with war.

cechas vodobenikov

the CIA girl trolls r absent here—ugly and humiliated they hide

Liberal guy


Jens Holm

Hallo Barbie

Zionism = EVIL

Taji and the Americunt “embassy” aka occupation HQ has just been hit with more rockets.

New attack targets Baghdad’s Green Zone near US embassy as attacks spread as militants brazenly fire mortars at close range.

Icarus Tanović

Great move.

Hasbara Hunter

Better leave all your bases in the Middle East Divided States of Murica…the entire world is witnessing the Great AngloZioNazi Empire in full Retreat after their Massive Defeat…the Loudmouthed Emperor without clothes…Go home Yangeese & stay on your own turf….Better worry about COVID-19…Your Shitty Healthcare….Rothschild & Co orchestrating their Controlled Global Economic Corona Crisis…oh yeah and Start paying back the $ which Americans have borrowed from the rest of the World



25 trillion!


The turtling continues unabated; brace for impact, all men, women and LGBTQWERTYUIOP to your battlestations….

Jens Holm

We dont have that at all. We have USA is asked in and USA also can be asked out. USA did leave, didnt they.

And what happend. There was no iraqi army at all most soldiers even was fake and ISIS(ISIL) took all the free very good maitary equopment given to the Iraqian army for free.

Old saddams joined ISIS and could handle the heavy stuff against Bagdad.

Thats was the great great succes we saw.

Zionism = EVIL

Even by garden variety RETARD standards, this Danish fruitcake is complete moron who does not get even basic rejection and continues to spam in the desperate hope that someone will reply.

Rafik Chauhan

there is should air defence missile or manpads in Abukamal. bcuz US will target that are more now once they withdrew.

Zionism = EVIL

Iran now total control over the Baghdad-Damascus highway and should move AD systems along. From reports I have seen that is being done.

Concrete Mike

High altitude air defense would be necessaey, to keep the smelly israeli out!

Ashok Varma

US is falling apart and should stop the lost wars and go home and take care of its COVID-19 mess.

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