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US Forces Activate Air Defense In Response To Rocket Attack On US Embassy In Baghdad (Video)

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US Forces Activate Air Defense In Response To Rocket Attack On US Embassy In Baghdad (Video)


Last night, US forces used their C-RAM (Counter rocket, artillery, and mortar) system to repel a rocket attack on the area of the US embassy in the so-called Green Zone in the Iraqi capital of Baghdad. The strike on the US embassy followed a series of attacks on US supply convoys across Iraq during the past few days.


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A supply convoy of the stupid a$$holes has also been hit a few minutes ago. The rockets will keep coming until the morons flee and leave the region.

Just Me

A new type of heavy 330mm Iranian rocket system with Tehran license plates spotted in Iraq. The rockets keep a coming.

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Just Me

Earlier in the day, Iraqi sources said that a blast from an explosive
device had hit a convoy of the US coalition on a highway in the province
of Babylon, without elaborating.Details are still coming in.

The attacks come as anti-American sentiments have been running high in Iraq since the US assassinated Iran’s top anti-terror commander, Lieutenant General Qassem Soleimani, and the deputy head of Iraq’s Popular Mobilization Units, Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, in Baghdad on January 3, 2020.

Just two days later, Iraqi lawmakers unanimously passed a bill mandating the withdrawal of all foreign troops from Iraq.

Iraqi resistance groups have pledged to take up arms against US forces if Washington fails to comply with the parliamentary order.

Ashok Varma

US is defeated and needs to leave the region. It can not even protect its so-called embassy after 20 years of savage occupation.


Time to BBQ some PMU terrorists, I hope Biden gives the B-52 the greenlight to carpet bomb them.

Ashok Varma

One day your nuts will drop and you won’t have to post such teenage tough talk anymore or buy used military hand me downs to show your internet warrior hasbara credentials. Silly chit of a boy.


One day Ashok? I don’t have much time. this year or next one please.

rightiswrong rightiswrong

Typical 3skin coward, begging for the Christians to do the fighting.


Christians used to feel sympathy to you, no more, Israeli stood with Turk Azer dictators against a new armenian established christian democracy


The last time I remember, it was Christians who have killed Jews in the Holocaust, kicked them out to Northern Africa (Spain) or did Pogroms (Russia).

Why the hell should we care what you think? without Israeli intel you would get teror attacks by ISIS everyday. Jews are not your pets anymore, maybe only the Orthodox weak Jews that can’t fight for themselves. Here in Israel, no one tell us what to do.


usa foreign policys really messed up,since bush/clinton,30 trillion debts to prove is the case too.

The Objective

A lot of arrogant statements by Iranian trolls on this post. They’re full of shit like, we’ll do this and that to America … we’ll drive them from the middle east … they’ve lost in Iraq … the resistance is determined to fight … etc.
If Biden should order a bombing of their leaders now, the next thing we’ll see in the news is a lot of grownup bearded men crying and calling America all sorts of names. Just the same old Shiite behavior for the past 1000+ years.
You guys will never win a war.


You mean the ones who get paid to use the megaphone,kill israel,kill america kill israel,yet not even a single shot dared ever to pass over israeli nor usa border,no not even one!

They you gotta seriously ask,what’s israels problem,gendered menopause or what?

Arch Bungle

What are you talking about?

Thousands of shots passed over israel, courtesy of the IRGC, delivered by Hezbollah in 2006, here is just one:


Joo ship go BOOM!

And these 200+ US marines were blown sky high , courtesy of Iran:

comment image

And here’s a recent ‘shot’ which came as a middle finger to Trump:


American Hawk go BOOM!

The Objective

The Israelis are itching to nuke the Mullahs.
Do be careful what you play with.
My only concern is for the innocent civilians of Iran.

Arch Bungle

The israelis must then also be itching to be blown to pieces too, right?

Another 6 million up in smoke like the last time, right ?

Glassing over israel is an easier job than glassing over Iran – never forget that.

Arch Bungle

If Biden should order a bombing of their leaders now,

But he won’t. If he doesn’t want 52 US bases to look like this:


The Objective

And do you have any idea what Iran will look like?

Arch Bungle

But Iran isn’t the one starting the fight right?

So the premise BEGINS with the US trying to wreck Iran AND THEN the retaliation results in 52 smoking craters where there used to be US bases.

That’s the cycle of violence for you – nobody wins. So the US best sit it’s dumb ass down and not start anything.


Warfare is becoming a bit of a headache for the US grunts these days.


Just listen to those rats crying like big Girls.comment image


Winning a war has a wide range of definitions. Iran only needs to remove USA from Iraqi oil fields, and together with the new green energy plans and ensuing acceleration of de dollarization will accelerate US decline.

The Objective

If Iran can achieve what you’ve highlighted, then it truly wins – no objection. However;
goodluck with that.


comment image

Yes,brasso really works:


2021 is the year today, the US the so called we are the strongest and the best@!
Don’t have any anti-air defense system, to protect themselves and they relaying on C-RAMs, 20mm fireworks for real, hah, and imagine Trump managed to sell the stupid saudis that piece of shit Patriot which is boomerang, you fire the missile and it comes back to you, cuz it loves you.


The US wouldn’t even be in Iraq or Syria if it wasn’t for American Jews and Israel. They are the number one problem facing the US, the American people and humanity. Including China.


The problem isn’t China, it’s Jews and Israel. The US would get along with China just fine if Israel didn’t exist and the US was Jew free like China is.

This video can be watched by clicking on the link below the screenshot.
comment image

comment image https://www.timesofisrael.com/all-the-jews-biden-has-tapped-for-top-roles-in-his-new-administration/


“Here’s a rundown of the Jewish names you should know as the Biden administration begins.

Anthony Blinken, Secretary of State
Blinken, a longtime Biden advisor with an extensive diplomacy resume, is the stepson of a Holocaust survivor whose stories shaped his worldview and subsequently his policy decisions, including in the Middle East. He holds mainstream Democratic views about Israel and said during his confirmation hearing Tuesday that he wants the U.S. to reenter the Iran nuclear deal — and that he would consult with Israel on Iran policy.

David Cohen, CIA Deputy Director
Cohen, who has long been involved in Jewish causes and issues, will occupy the job he held under President Barack Obama. He does not require confirmation, meaning that Biden’s CIA has a top expert in Iran issues from Day One.

Merrick Garland, Attorney General
Garland was blocked from joining the Supreme Court in the last year of the Obama administration. Now, he’ll require Senate confirmation to become the country’s top lawyer. In his speech after being nominated, he credited his grandparents, who fled anti-Semitism in Europe before coming to the U.S.

Avril Haines, Director of National Intelligence
Haines was deputy director of the CIA under Obama and Biden reportedly considered her to run that agency. Her mother was the Jewish painter Adrian Rappin (originally Rappaport), and her non-Jewish father once wrote in an account about a trip with Haines to Israel that the nominee identifies as Jewish.

Ronald Klain, Chief of Staff
Klain, a longtime Biden who was the president-elect’s first major appointment in November, was previously chief of staff to Biden in his vice president days and to Vice President Al Gore. He has maintained ties with his childhood synagogue in Indianapolis, where he famously learned multiple Torah portions for his bar mitzvah, and has spoken about his commitment to raising Jewish children.

Eric Lander, Office of Science and Technology Policy director
Lander, a leading geneticist, will require Senate confirmation after Biden elevated his position to the Cabinet level. After he was criticized for toasting James Watson, the scientist who is credited with discovering the shape of DNA and who also expressed racist and sexist views, Lander said he, too, had been the subject of anti-Semitic comments by Watson.

Rachel Levine, deputy health secretary
Levine, raised in a Conservative Jewish home in Massachusetts, is Pennsylvania’s health secretary. She is the first known transgender person to be nominated for a position that requires Senate confirmation.

Alejandro Mayorkas, Secretary of Homeland Security
Mayorkas, 60, the deputy secretary of Homeland Security under President Barack Obama, was born in Cuba to a Cuban Jewish father and Romanian Jewish mother who survived the Holocaust. He has worked closely with Jewish groups and spoken often about the specific threats facing American Jews. An array of Jewish groups sought a swift confirmation given the threat of extremist violence surrounding the presidential transition, but a Republican senator who supported overturning the election results blocked that possibility on Tuesday.

Anne Neuberger, National Security Agency cybersecurity director
An Orthodox Jew originally from Brooklyn and educated through college in Orthodox schools, Neuberger has worked at the NSA for more than a decade. She helped establish the U.S. Cyber Command and worked as chief risk officer, where she led the agency’s election security efforts for the 2018 midterms.

Wendy Sherman, deputy secretary of state
Sherman was the lead negotiator for the 2015 Iran nuclear deal and took the lead in advocating for the agreement with the Jewish and pro-Israel communities, later describing tensions with Israel and some American Jewish groups over the deal as “very, very painful.” She has also played a role in hewing the Democratic Party platform to traditional pro-Israel lines.

Janet Yellen, Treasury secretary
Yellen already made history as the first woman chair of the Federal Reserve, but now she has been appointed to be the first female Treasury secretary. The respected centrist was one of three Jews featured in a 2016 Trump attack ad that reflected longstanding anti-Semitic tropes.”

– All the Jews Joe Biden Has Tapped for Top Roles in His Administration –



“This article presents evidence that the Israeli deep state was a prime mover in the events of 9-11. Note that it does not imply that other groups (i.e. the US deep state and maybe others) were not involved in both the commission and cover up of the September 11 attacks.

The 9-11 event advanced the Neocon PNAC agenda, with its explicitly stated need for “…a catastrophic and catalysing event – like a new Pearl Harbor” [1] in order to mobilise US public opinion for already planned wars, the effects of which would be to destroy Israel’s enemies. …

Israeli espionage around 9/11
Shortly before 9/11, over 140 Israelis had been arrested for suspected espionage. Some of them were posing as Art students. These suspects targeted or penetrated Military bases, DEA, FBI, Secret Service, ATF, U.S. Customs, IRS, INS, EPA, Interior Dept., U.S. Marshal’s Service, various US Attorneys Offices, Secret government offices Unlisted private homes of law enforcement/intelligence officers. Most of the suspects served in military intelligence, electronic surveillance intercept and or explosive ordinance units.

Dozens of Israelis were arrested in American malls kiosks selling toys, acting as a front for a spying operation.

60 detained suspects worked for the Israeli company AMDOCS which provides most directory assistance calls and most call records and billings services for the U.S. by virtue of its contracts with the 25 largest telephone companies in the U.S. …

After 9/11 – More detentions of Israelis
Following 9/11, over 60 Israelis were detained either under the Patriot anti-Terrorism Act or for immigration violations. Some of them were active Israeli military personnel. A number of them failed polygraph examinations when questioned for surveillance activities against the US …

Chief judges
Full article: 9-11/Legal action
All the judges appointed were Zionist Jews:

Alvin K. Hellerstein – a judge for the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York and has been involved in several high-profile 9/11 related cases including consolidated master case against three airlines, ICTS International NV and Pinkerton’s airport security firms, the World Trade Center owners, and Boeing Co., the aircraft manufacturer. Hellerstein is a dedicated Zionist with ties to the Jewish mafia dating back to 1956. Hellerstein’s wife is a former senior officer & current treasurer of AMIT. From its website it states: “Founded in 1925, AMIT is the world’s leading supporter of religious Zionist education and social services for Israel’s children and youth, nurturing and educating Israeli children to become productive, contributing members of society.”

Michael B. Mukasey – This Orthodox Jewish judge oversaw the litigation between Larry Silverstein and insurance companies after 9/11. Silverstein was awarded billions. Mukasey prevented full inquiry into the Five Dancing Israelis incident who were arrested in connection with 9/11. He played a role in their release. He was later appointed attorney general by President Bush. He defended the patriot act, and he supports torture policies.

Michael Chertoff – In charge of the Criminal Division in the USDOJ on 9/11. Essentially responsible for the 9/11 NON-investigation. He let hundreds of Israeli spies who were arrested prior to and on 9/11 go back home to Israel. He was also a prosecuting judge in the first terrorist attack on the WTC in 1993. Chertoff purportedly holds dual citizenship with the US and Israel. His family is one of the founding families of the state of Israel and his mother was one of the first ever agents of the Mossad. His father and uncle are ordained rabbis and teachers of the Talmud.
Kenneth Feinberg – set up the victim’s compensation fund ($7 billion); controlled by a Zionist cabal, it managed to get 97% of the victims’ families to take money in exchange for dropping demands a legal investigation of 9/11.

Sheila Birnbaum – Another key Zionist involved in the cover-up of 9/11 is Sheila Birnbaum of Skaddan, Arps law firm. Birnbaum was appointed ‘special mediator’ of the legal suits filed by the 3% of families who decided not to be bought off. Nothing of significance has happened with these claims since. …

Netanyahu Openly Gleeful of 9/11 Terror Attacks
Israeli PM, Benjamin Netanyahu, stated publicly that the 9/11 terrorist attacks were “good” for US – Israeli relations, and that the event would generate “immediate sympathy” for the Israeli cause of ethnically cleansing the Palestinians. The Israeli newspaper Ma’ariv reported that Likud leader Benjamin Netanyahu told an audience at Bar Ilan:

“We are benefiting from one thing, and that is the attack on the Twin Towers and Pentagon, and the American struggle in Iraq,” Ma’ariv quoted the former prime minister as saying. He reportedly added that these events “swung American public opinion in our favor.””
Benjamin Netanyahu [31] …

Francesco Cossiga

Former Italian President Francesco Cossiga (who revealed the existence of Operation Gladio) was reported in November 2007, in Corriere della Sera (Italy’s oldest and most widely read newspaper) that 9-11 was a False flag attack run by the Mossad and the CIA, and that this was common knowledge among global intelligence agencies.”

– “9-11/Israel did it” –



“The USA in 1999 is under that same degree of Jewish domination that Weimar Germany was under in 1929.

Sir Arthur Bryant, a respected historian of the 1920s, wrote that although Jews comprised only 1% of the German population, in 1924 in the Reichstag they constituted a 25% of the Social Democrats.

Jews controlled 57% of the metal trade, 22% of grain, and 39% of textiles. More than 50% of the Berlin Chamber of Commerce were Jewish, as were a spectacular 1,200 of the 1,474 members of the German Stock Exchange.

Of the 29 legitimate theaters in Berlin, 23 had Jewish directors. Authorship was almost a Jewish monopoly. In 1931, of 144 film scripts worked, 119 were written by Jews and 77 produced by them.

Look at Hollywood in 1999. Jews totally dominate the film industry. Although most of the films are vulgar, violent trash, the industry falls all over itself giving each other awards for producing such. Propaganda and ‘message’ films flow out of Hollywood and across TV screens. (Read ‘How The Jews Invented Hollywood’ by Neal Gabler)

The news and communications industry is a Jewish kingdom. How many Jewish bylines do you come across? From the NY Times to your local paper, from NPR to radio talk show hosts, you are being ‘informed’ by a specific group of people American society.

The American financial industry is essentially a Jewish franchise. From the Federal Reserve to banks and mortgage and other financing industries, the ownership is most often Jewish.

And the professions are so dominated by Jews, it is shocking. Open the phone book Yellow Pages and read through the Physicians and Attorneys sections…and prepare to be stunned.

Did you know an Israeli company does the entire billing for most of America’s cell and regular phone systems? The company has total knowledge of who you talk to and for how long – at least.

Did you know an Israeli company created and installed and maintains the absolutely HIGHEST level of secure communications in the Pentagon and White House? Do you think someone might have built in a monitoring system?

Also, do a Google search and try to find and read the Fox News 3-part series by Carl Cameron on Israeli spying in America.

Look around. The USA of today very closely mirrors the Germany of 1929.

Is there anything ‘wrong’ with this? Not in principle, no. All people are deserving of the rewards of the energy they invest in achievement. The problem is one of monopoly and the exclusion of non-Jews via the self-promotion which predominates in most of today’s Jewish-controlled America. If a Jew is up for a job against a non-Jew, and the one doing the hiring is Jewish, guess who gets the job.

Since Jews stick together as a group, they pull and shove each other up the ranks of corporations and pull strings ensuring members of their race are given first shot at student openings in the major universities and top jobs throughout the areas of their dominance in every type of business imaginable.

Bryant also wrote that in 1929 Germany, in law and medicine, Jews were vastly over represented. In Berlin in 1931, 42% of the city’s doctors and 48% of its lawyers were Jews.

The Jews in Weimar Germany used their propaganda levers to ridicule German ideals and culture. They even slandered the memory of the fallen German soldiers of that terrible war, World War One.

During the horror days of the great inflation, Jews by and large remained wealthy people and prospered at the losses of the masses. They took expensive vacations while ordinary Germans starved.

Today, Jews control vast areas of wealth in America. Estimates range all the way up to 70%.
Whatever the figure, it is huge and immensely out of proportion to their 2% of the population in American society.

Today, in 1999, the U.S.A. is totally dominated by Jews. Virtually every newspaper or magazine is owned by Jews. Their self-serving propaganda constantly fills the TV screen. The Federal government is totally under Jewish control. US military forces are the pawn of Israel. The banks, the markets are theirs. They systematically denigrate our Founding Fathers and our heritage and our Constitution.”

– Jewish Dominance Of
America – Facts Are Facts –


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