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US Fighter Jets & Troops Deployed in East Africa Since July

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A statement of the US Africa Command revealed that the US Air Force has deployed a fleet of aircraft in east Africa over this summer.

US Fighter Jets & Troops Deployed in East Africa Since July

Photo: US Air Force / Senior Airman James Richardson

A fleet of aircraft has been deployed by the US Air Force in east Africa during this summer in order to respond to potential threats in South Sudan, the Stars and Stripes newspaper reported, citing a statement of the US Africa Command.

According to the October’s statement of the US Africa Command, the Pentagon has been prepared to engage in South Sudan since July, when a number of the F-16 fighter jets and the KC 135 refueling tankers have been moved by the US Air Force to the Camp Lemonnier base in Djibouti.

“[The deployment was a] precautionary measure in order to protect Americans and American interests in South Sudan if required,” the Stars and Stripes newspaper quoted the statement. “These assets have remained in Djibouti out of an abundance of caution in response to that situation in South Sudan.”

The deployment that included about 50 combat-ready troops was a response to diplomatic personnel coming under fire.

“I can say that we do not believe our vehicles and personnel were specifically targeted in the attack,” spokesman for the US State Department, Mark Toner, said in September. “It’s our assessment that the attack was connected to the breakdown of command and control among South Sudanese government forces, and we have demanded that the government of South Sudan investigate this incident and punish and hold accountable those responsible for it.”

Also, on October 13, the US military launched a series of cruise missile strikes on three radar installations in Yemen. The attack became a response to recent threats made on naval vessels in the Red Sea. This was the first time, when the US has taken part in the Yemen conflict directly.

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Gue Bjuen

does someon know a good video where you could find out the issues in sudan? the US wanted to attack sudan too but i never understood why. the only thing i know is that the US succed in taking over sudan but how and why is unclear to me. plz help thz.

Pave Way IV

Pete McCormack interviewed ivan Gayton and produced a short video for an explanation of Sudan/Darfur back in 2008. It’s simple, straightforward overview that will help you get started and it covers all the basic issues still in play today. Developments since then were South Sudan gaining it’s independence and it’s immediate fall into corruption and psychopathy, making life even more miserable for the unfortunate citizens.. There’s plenty of videos that go more into depth on the Sudan/South Sudan situation today that build on what Gayton covers. Hope this helps.

Darfur in 10 Minutes: An Overview of the Conflict in Sudan

Gue Bjuen

thz a lot~

Pave Way IV

With regards to the USAF aircraft deployment to Djibouti: oil and the Chinese. This opinion piece sums it up nicely:

The CIA’s ‘Dirty War’ in South Sudan

The U.S. has none (I mean zero) interests in South Sudan except to keep China from the oil there. For what it’s worth, China cause most of the trouble by flooding the region (and the psychotic, tyrannical Sudanese government) for years with aircraft, armor and weapons to ‘control’ the South Sudanese tribes. That resulted in years of bloodshed internally until the South declared independence. The problem is that South Sudan (while exploited by the north) was not ready to operate as a state. It’s more like an affiliation of criminal gangs. The U.S./UN do-gooders encouraged them to declare independence from the north, and chaos has ensued ever since. That chaos and bloodshed is just fine with the U.S. because it still serves to prevent China from extracting the oil there. In the mean time, the U.S. and U.N. try to establish an eternal welfare state propped up by UN peacekeeping troops. If this sounds terribly familiar, it should.

Gue Bjuen

thz a lot !!

Peter Jennings

Sounds like another false flag or an incident that never happened. The usual USadmin tactic to warrant an over reaction.

Kongsak Vongshusri

US and EU aggression must stop.

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