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JUNE 2023

US Fighter Jet Shot Down Iranian Drone Over Al-Omar Oil Fields In Eastern Syria

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US Fighter Jet Shot Down Iranian Drone Over Al-Omar Oil Fields In Eastern Syria

An F-15E Strike Eagle from the 391st Expeditionary Fighter Squadron at Bagram Air Base, Afghanistan, launches heat decoys Dec. 15 during a close-air-support mission over Afghanistan. (U.S. Air Force photo/Staff Sgt. Aaron Allmon)

An F-15E Strike Eagle fighter jet of the US Air Force had shot down an Iranian drone over eastern Syria, Fox News journalist Lucas Tomlinson reported on August 22, citing US officials.

According Tomlinson’s sources, the drone was shot down after approaching an unspecified area where some of 900 US troops deployed in Syria are situated.

On August 21, local sources in the eastern Syrian governorate of Deir Ezzor reported that the US-led coalition shot down an unidentified drone over the al-Omar oil fields, which are held by the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces. This was most certainly the same incident reported by Tomlinson.

The sources said that the drone flew over the oil fields and the nearby CONICO gas facility for a few hours before being shot down. The coalition maintains bases in both areas.

This was not the first time the US had shot down an Iranian drone over Syria. On 8 June 2017, a US Air Force F-15E shot down a Shahed-129 combat drone of the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps over the southeastern Syrian area of al-Tanf. Back then, the US-led coalition alleged that the drone attacked US troops.

A second Iranian Shahed-129 combat drone was shot down over al-Tanf by a US Air Force F-15E on 20 June 2017. The coalition claimed that the drone posed a threat to US troops deployed in the area.

The new incident will not likely lead to much escalation between the US and Iran. Tehran didn’t respond in the past to attacks on its drones in Syria.


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Its time those US forces came under attack in that area,maybe bring the Taliban in they know how its done.

Fog of War

Chabad Putin wont allow that.

Albert Pike

The Talibans are just the new US controlled Isis – it’s all theater…

Jim Allen

That remains to be seen. Until then it’s pure speculation.

Jim Allen

Hezbollah is a far better choice.


Well of course because Syria is sovereign American soil?


Like most american garbage the f16 is the most crashed/scrapped fighter in modern aviation history. A real POS like the f35.

f-16 dot net

Fog of War

This was an f-15


Thx. Glad you mentioned it. At least 140 crashed f15s acknowledged by official sources. The real number is unknown.

Idiotic engineering and maintenance would be unacceptable in major Eastern nations. Profits over people in the west.

Jim Allen

When did these F-15 crash ? I think you mean F-16. F-15 (upgraded) has only very recently been returned to service.

"Israel" is a terrorist NATO settler colony

Iran should deploy some AA weapons and use the American occupied zone of Syria as a weapons testing ground.


fake news no proof or any pictures just a other lie and fake news by the fascist yankees and their miserable jewish rats

La Rata

Also start shor down the ilegal USA drone over Syria…


Now would be the best time to attack the US in Syria because they are being humiliated in Afghanistan,give them a taste of what they got at Al Asad base in Iraq,they would pull out faster than a rat up a drainpipe.

L du Plessis

The report says it was a unidentified drone, so its speculation!! could be Turkish, Russian, or Syrian.


Tit for tat, in the shadow US-Iran war. At some point US will lose another in return.

Last edited 1 year ago by YepItsTrue
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