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US F-35A 5th-Generation Fighter Caught Fire During Training Flight

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On Friday, the US F-35A fifth-generation fighter jet caught fire during a training flight at a military base in the US state of Idaho.

US F-35A 5th-Generation Fighter Caught Fire During Training Flight

Photo: US Air Force / Wikipedia

The F-35A fifth-generation fighter caught fire during a training flight at the Mountain Home military base in the US state of Idaho, the Defense News informational website reported, citing the US Air Force.

The incident happened at around noon on Friday. According to the US Air Force, a fire occurred in the aft section of the aircraft. The fire was quickly extinguished, resulting in no injuries.

As spokesman for the US Air Force Capt. Mark Graff said, as a precautionary measure, the pilot of the fighter jet and three aeronautical engineers were transported to a medical center for standard examination procedures.

Circumstances of the accident are currently being investigated.

According to the informational website, seven F-35A fighters have been delivered to the Mountain Home air base for conducting air defense exercises from 10th to 24th September.

The fire in the aft section is not the only problem of the F-35A. Recently, 15 strike fighters were taken out of operations due to a problem with the coolant line insulation. As it was reported, the insulation around the coolant lines was breaking down inside the fuel tank. According to US military officials, the reason was the use of incorrect materials for manufacturing of the insulation by the supplier.

The insulation issue also impacts 42 F-35s on manufacturer Lockheed Martin’s production line. However, on Friday, when the problem was made public, US military officials said they were certain no other planes had been affected.

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Typical bias journalism from South Front. Don’t see you reporting on the PAK-FA fire lol. Unbias journalism my ass.

Boris Kazlov

Please post your sources reporting the PAK-FA fire, if you can.



Much worse fire than that of the F-35. Not that SouthFront will tell you, I mean this is a page that posts a fake MH17 leaked report from a none novoroissya supporter and Almaz Antey worker and claims it to be neutral anonymous Russian hackers lmao.


Your link refers to the incident that took place in 2014. It’s a bit late to use it as breaking news. Don’t you think so?


The point am making is that it occurred and you didn’t mention it. Also it is quite obvious you filter articles to drive an evil west narrative. Like you denial on Russia’s use of cluster bombs in Syria, but yet always keen to mention those of Saudi Arabia. If you are gonna. Be unbias as you claim to be, then learn to report on the sides and stop selectively choosing. You are no better than the likes of FOX CNN RT BBC when you do that.

John Whitehot

lololorotfl. “Much worse fire”.

Boris Kazlov

I love that these planes catch fire on their own, we can save on missiles.


This news was in a number of other sites prior to this. They must be biased as well given your logic.


Tom Johnson

Lol quantum radar. You mean an Infrared laser with quantum entanglement. Infrared seeking munitions + a giant glowing target = BOOM!

Gary Sellars

eejit… a fire in a development PAK-FA prototype from 2 years ago… yeah sure, thats more relevant than a fire on a “service” F-35 taht happened a few days ago…

chris chuba

The funny thing is that whenever I see an article on the Armata tank I still read U.S. commentators talking about how a prototype broke down during the May Day parade that took place about 3yrs ago. They expect prototypes to work perfectly and ignore that the Armata has now entered serial production.

Brad Isherwood

comment image?w=1260&h=878


Good ole American high tech scam – the 1% get their obscene kick-backs and profits, my sons and their buddies (U.S. military) get screwed!


Doubly screwed with crap equipment and fighting wars that don’t need to be fought.


There is a fundamental design issue – they can bang on about contractor’s errors and cracked cable insulation all they want – but the bigger issue is the engine and electronics packaging at rear is simply too tight and that proximity is regularly overheating components in the rear of the fuselage.
The operational answer so far has been to simply open bomb bay doors periodically to flush air through the overheated rear areas.
That ain’t too stealthy a solution, but it is more or less impossible to redesign the rear end packaging this late in the day. It isn’t going to magically remedy itself, it is big design issue.


It’s not a design issue as it probably can’t be resolved. I know design a new aircraft.

Ole Johansen

The real danger of F35 is that it can set the WORLD ON FIRE…

Being the perfect false flag machine, looking like a plain fighterjet, there are hidden features in this machine. Its has BUAP technology.( A link will follow at end of the post)

Now speaking from one of the stupid nations buying this, its my big fear that the US will simply use the BUAP feature, to overrule the pilot and launch a false flag attach.

Inside every commercial airplane there is today BUAP. At least the modern ones and the ones that have done upgrade. A box as small as a cigarette pack is all that is needed. I guess today drone controllers even comes smaller than that.

If you multiply BUAP airplanes with AIS references on ships, you might say that all commercial airplanes can be turned into ship sinking drones by ONE strong central computer and take out thousands if not ten thousands of ships, installations and what not. So your flight to Australia from South Africa might end with being “BUAP’ed” into a Chinese ship and you die as a “hero” for your western values ;-)

But back to the Trojan Horse F-35. Cause that is what it is. There can be no doubt that this is not only possible, but also a strategic move for control in a all out war.

I am very supprised Russia and China lets the western world have their BUAP in all planes and not mentions of this what so ever ever…



Given the technology described in the article the JSF is really a big drone.

John Whitehot

it goes without saying, it could also be used by enemy countries to bomb or shoot down the user. Besides, the Iranians managed to make the most secret US stealth drone land at one of their bases, couple of years ago. This speaks volumes on the robustness and security of the network element deployed on advanced aircraft

Brad Isherwood

Only it the ejection seat does not kill you or break your back.


Brad Isherwood

They are just kidding themselves this can which overheats will have combat cycle
Endurance……even 50% of Gen 4++ Russian jets.
What’s the plan…have maintenance and software specialists sitting around East Europe
Airbases . …as F 35 flops down in limp mode like….. some 1986 Chevrolet Celebrity?

Will they send V 22 Ospreys in to rescue downed F 35 pilots? : )

Tom Johnson

There is nothing wrong with the seat-“returd” the problem relate to having an under developed “pencil” neck like yours.

Overwatch D.VA

F35 is an ongoing scam by Lockheed Martin , and they know this , thats why there’s an army of shills / astroturfers / paid trolls flooding the internet defending F35 and attacking those who criticize it.

then again , the military industy of america is out of control.. and the corrupt government , with no war but spend like drunken sailor on peacetime ..


All is not lost….bolt a car seat and 50 cal MG on it and use it as a technical….it doesn’t even have to fly

Brad Isherwood


“Every Battle of Britain radar would be able to see every stealth airplane today, loud and clear,” Sprey says, describing how low-frequency radar was used during the 1940 air battle over the UK. “That’s the irony. Stealth is supposed to be the latest hook that obsoletes everything that came before it, but WWII radar sees it perfectly.”

While the US military moved away from low-frequency radar after World War II, many of America’s adversaries did not. “Other countries did not walk away from the long-wave [low-frequency] radar, [including] notably, Russia, which from World War II on to this day, and every generation, has produced radars of increasing sophistication and increasing ability in that


LOL. …..More than just Jinxed : )

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