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US F-22 Tried To Prevent Russian Warplanes From Bombing ISIS In Euphrates Valley

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US F-22 Tried To Prevent Russian Warplanes From Bombing ISIS In Euphrates Valley

Illustrative image: F-22

On Decembers 9, Major General Igor Konashenkov spokesman for the Ministry of Defense of Russia revealed that a F-22 warplane of the US Air Force tried to prevent two Russian Su-25 warplanes from bombing a base of ISIS on the western bank of the Euphrates River on November 23.

Later, the US F-22 withdrew when a Russian Su-35 warplane arrived to escort the two Su-25, according to Maj. Gen. Konashenkov.

“The F-22 launched decoy flares and used airbrakes while constantly maneuvering [near the Russian Su-25 warplanes], imitating an air fight … most close-midair encounters between Russian and US jets in the area around the Euphrates River have been linked to the attempts of US aircraft to get in the way [of the Russian warplanes] striking against Islamic State terrorists,” Maj. Gen Konashenkov said, according to RT.

Maj. Gen Konashenkov also denounced a statement made by Lieutenant Colonel Damien Pickart, a spokesman for the US Air Force Central Command, in which he claimed that the aerospace over the eastern bank of the Euphrates River belongs to the US-led coalition.

“We saw anywhere from six to eight incidents daily in late November, where Russian or Syrian aircraft crossed into our airspace on the east side of the Euphrates River,” Lt. Col. Pickart told CNN during an interview on Decembers 9.

The spokesman of the Russian military described Lt. Col. Pickart statement as “puzzling” and stressed that Syria is a sovereign nation and a member of the UN. The general also said that the US-led coalition should focus on destroying ISIS in Iraq instead of close encounters between US and the Russian jets.

“Unlike the Russian Air Force, the US-led coalition is operating in Syria without any legal basis,” Maj. Gen. Konashenkov said.

Many Syrian experts believe that these harassments are a part of the US plan not only to stay in Syria after defeating ISIS, but also to divide the country if possible, in a way similar to the Korean Peninsula. However, this scenario is opposed by both the Syrian government and the opposition.

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Winnie Eldrup



US regime defending their ISIS assets, maybe they did have time to evacuate those by helicopters like they often do for ISIS leaders (I assume to bring them back to the Zionist colonial regime).

Nigel Maund

Why am I not surprised? ISIS is the Proxy Army of USA and Israel, who, as per usual, are playing a devious and deadly game in Syria and have no intention of leaving under anything but their own terms regardless of the illegality of their position. These two countries are the two key armies of the Zionist International Bankster – Corporatist Cabal in their efforts to acheve global hegemony for their evil world Government. Their armies are paid for by robbing the international financial system on a daily basis and the idiotic US taxpayers since 1913. There is little doubt that the biggest obstacle to global peace and prosperity are these two dreadful Governments and their even more appalling shadowy backers operating in the US as the “Deep State”. Unfortunately, the US citizenry are too educationally stupid, brainwashed, drugged to the eyeballs by Big Pharma or high on Meth, Coke and Cannabis to do anything about it until they are dragged into a war they do not understand and then killed in their millions like pigs to the slaughter.


Ah, yes American/British/Israeli ZIONIST logic – ” If WE are there it is our air space”

You can call me Al

Actually you may find that the UK have declined the order to participate. The UK troops that were there have been shifted back home and I have not heard of a UK fighter in Syria for months. I could be wrong, but I am sure I shall be corrected if that is the case.


I can’t correct you ;-)

Nigel Maund



British soldiers may be out of Syria but the chaos in the Middle East has always been the ruling class of the British Empire’s design.

You can call me Al

Well being a proud Brit, my view on that conveniently changes on a daily basis.

But whilst I still believe that the Brits do have influence, I think they have been robbed of much by the US.


Please understand that I am not pointing the finger at the British people but the bankers who have hijacked its control via the Bank of England. Tarpley explains the ordeal best:


Coincidentally, the same bankers did the same in the US with the creation of the “Federal” Reserve.

When Egyptian leader Mohamed Ali, a strong believer in development, allied itself with France and made strong allies throughout Palestine and Syria in the 1830s to secure the import of technologies, skills and man labor that transformed Europe into a modern society (his endeavor would have reversed the region’s centuries-long stagnation but also jeopardized the British East India Company-Levant Company’s two-centuries long control of the region), the ruling class of the British Empire put Henry Churchill in charge to wage a war against Ali and fomented anti-French tribal uprisings against the French and pro-French Maronite Christians in Mount Lebanon. That phase of history was known in the mainstream narrative as a clash between Maronite Christians and Druze.

I’ll spare you the details of the rest of history: the carving of the ME, the creation of IsraHell, the bombing of Iraq, the creation of the Gulf monarchies, the third war in Yemen to preserve the British Empire’s hegemony, the Arab Spring, the war in Iraq, etc.

The more people fight each other, the more they benefit.

You can call me Al


I do already know much of your comment (maybe not is such detail), I think we me, it is a split of some sort or pride (however false) and detesting the vermin in charge who wager or manipulate the endless wars.

As I say “my view on that conveniently changes on a daily basis”, based on my personal feelings not the facts.


I agree and I am with you: National pride is crucial, regardless of the cancer that infected the control of the country.

On a side note, you being Brit and me, Lebanese – are you aware of the Phoenician connection with Britain:


You can call me Al

Saved for tomorrow. Cheers.


Hey Al, ive always liked ur comments! I am Australian therefore we are commonwealth forces :)

I have always taken note of famous war quotes such as: “keep your friends close but your enemies even closer” “Divide and conquer” “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” as well as many others!

With my Russian friend who lives in the Dominican Republic we often chat about geopolitics and history! We often entertain ourselves with the idea that he UK is actually enemy number 1 of the USA (which i tend to believe when i look at history and the game of empires). Most people would laugh this off as nonsense but i think i can convince people with some small truths that this is the case! People always talk about this “anglo-american empire” but i think its all an illusion! Why would England be happy to lose its empire to the USA after WW2. The USA Entered into both WW1 and WW2 late yet benefitted both times from doings so! Oil used to be priced and traded in British pounds! in regards to US independence, The US back stabbed the Brits who were supplying the USA with protection, british law and education and engineering which was the greatest in the world! Yet the Americans got frustrated over taxes. After they back stabbed the Brits (whilst the Brits were at war with the French), they called on France for help (Britain’s enemy). After they used the French help, the French had their own revolution and the USA would not help in return! a few years later the French needed help against the Brits and the USA said “no, our policy is to not involve ourselves in foreign conflicts”!

This means the USA was able to back stab the english and then the French (twice) in order to become a free and independent nation on the policy of not involving itself in foreign conflicts! Fast forward to WW1 and the USA only enter because of the sinking of the lusitania which is said to be a false flag to get the americans into the war but was also the work of the Rothschild to make a deal with Britain to get Israel back! The Brits accepted this deal and the balfour declaration was administered! Brits did not fully go through with this until after WW2

Fast forward again to WW2 and the americans enter late again! Lose the least amount of forces but take over the British empire! 2 empires are formed this war, the USSR and the USA. Soon oil is traded in US dollars. Tech from Nazi’s goes to the USA and Russia.

For centuries the USA has back stabbed and played against the Brits for power! Empires dont forget 100 years or 200 years! I honestly believe that he Brits are playing a strong hand in bringing down the US empire by PRETENDING to be its friend! I honestly believe that Julian Assange works for British intelligence! I have solid theories as to why. I also believe that every country has its own proxy bad guy! USA has Al-Quieda and ISIS Israel has Hamas!

But i also think there are much higher levels to this. I think North Korea is a proxy of China or russia or both! I think the USA is a proxy of Jews (Israel) I think Russia, China and Iran are proxies of England!

I have solid theories for these too but its takes too long to explain!

I entertain myself with these THEORIES but every day something happens that reinforces these theories! It truly is a game of thrones! So much to say about it but its sounds too crazy and would take so much time! lol. anyway i wanted to say this to u, i dont know why!

Nigel Maund

Omega I know all about it – my son was shot while on active service in Sanghin, Afghanistan leading in his C company 3rd Btn The Rifles. This was Blair’s war and the army operated to ill conceived plans (simply reactive) and could not hold ground. Non existant helicopter support (relied entirely on US Blackhawks). Eventually after loosing 400 dead and well over a thousand wounded the UK pulled out of yet another disastrous war in “the Ghan”, which has been “a graveyard” of British Government hopes. The only gainers were CIA controlled drug operations which expanded in Helmand province. So, the question is this what the fuck were we doing in Afghanistan? What bullshit did the Goverment tell our soldiers? What did the dead and crippled / maimed men and women do it for?? is the Government never to held accountable. In my view a national referendum is required for all overseas wars.

John Brown

Nigel was your son exposed to the burn pits and the depleted uranium weapons in Afganistan? If yes he likely will not live much longer. More USSA soldiers die from the actions of their own military (The racist supremacist global Jewish confederate slave empire) against them, then from enemy action. See Delay Deny Hope You Goyim Die, Burn pits Henry Kissinger Racist Supremacist Jew. American Military Men Are Just Dumb Stupid Animals To Be Used As Pawns In Foreign Policy” to die in our wars. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uR5p09NTrkg The Hawk’s Nest to talk about book “The Burn Pits” which details how American soldiers have been poisoned in Iraq and Afghanistan by their racist supremacist Jewish slave masters. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ciga647XEM Informing Army recruiters about Henry Kissingers quote and more https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4IUAoLTXrwc Delay Deny Hope You Die Goyim https://www.rt.com/shows/documentary/399506-american-soldiers-war-afghanistan/ Lucas Jackson / Reuters https://www.rt.com/news/afghanistan-burn-pit-health-885/ Confirmed: Afghan ‘burn pits’ wrecking US troops’ health Thousands of American soldiers returned from the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan with severe illnesses. They are not the victims of ruthless enemy warfare, but of decisions made by their own military commanders. These soldiers were sickened by the poisonous smoke and ash swirling out of the “burn pits.” According to soldiers who served there, every type of waste was disposed of and burned in these toxic open-air dumps, including batteries, appliances, vehicles, plastics, dead animals … even human body parts. Today, up to 100,000 soldiers are sick and dying. “Delay, Deny, Hope You Die” features interviews with politicians, doctors and sick soldiers as well as never-before-seen footage and secret documents. This new documentary exposes the truth behind an important issue currently being ignored by the mainstream media.


Fantastic post dude!

Nigel Maund

Thanks John; appreciated! Good post and all sadly true. Our Government’s cannot be trusted ever again. I would never allow my son’s to fight for the UK or Australia in foreign wars, abd certianly nver for the USA under any circumstances. The present day US is the most corrupt Government on earth and has been for 80 years. People are waking up to the criminals who run our countries on behalf of mega wealthy business interests and not for all the citizens. Politic’s has always been a very dirty business but now it’s far worse than dirty!


Hi Nigel. I am sorry to hear for your son and the other soldiers who fight the oligarchs’ bogus “wars”. I know one thing: the “wars” aren’t “fought” for “freedom” or “democracy” but to invade lands rich in natural resources while sustaining the “wars” for as long as possible, question of milking the banking-corporate-security-military complex for as much as possible. Once the “war” is “over”, all sorts of banking, social, agricultural, etc reforms are imposed – to continue the destruction without the bombs. Colonialism 2.0

In regards to Afghanistan, you said it yourself: “The only gainers were CIA controlled drug operations which expanded in Helmand province.” While the Talibans destroyed the poppy fields, the CIA (and I am sure MI6 and Mossad) flourish and protect them. A new take on the 18-19th century Opium trade. There is also the minerals (lithium, etc)

What do they tell Western soldiers – whatever they need to hear: that there is a threat out there that needs to be taken care of so that the West’s Freedom is preserved and Democracy is brought upon the people living in the countries ran by the “demons” who endanger the West’s Freedom. Let’s face it, most people don’t question as such imaginary scenario is fed to people from young age by every aspect of the media.

Is the Government never held accountable – let’s only look at that more recent illegal invasions/bombings of Iraq, Libya and the the war in Syria – I omit the less talked Sudan, etc. Nobody was held accountable. Governments are the illusion of democracy and order. They will do (sign all sorts of documents) whatever their masters (bankers, corporations, the MIC, etc) tells them too.

John Brown

So Nigel did your son witness or hear the screams of the thousands of children being raped, sexually tortured and murdered USSA military bases by their Afgan pedophile allies? I think such things are are a major reason for the mass suicides of many of the slave Goyim soldiers like your son serving the racist supremacist global Jewish confederate slave evil empire and its master Satan. One can have no doubt in my mind that one is in the service of Satan when such things are done. If it were me on such a base I would mutiny capture and or kill base commanders etc rather then take part in or protect such evil as one has to choose between their eternal soul being damned to hell for ever or instead to be willing to die to fight against such evil. Part 1 US Occupation Turned Afghanistan Into a Paradise for Child Rapists The Taliban were cracking down hard on child sex abuse that flourishes under American tolerance http://russia-insider.com/en/us-occupation-turned-afghanistan-paradisefor-child-rapists/ri21724| Mullah Omar told his men to punish bacha bazi rape with death, Americans told their troops to learn to live with it There is a story doing the rounds along the American mainstream media circuit of how US soldiers in Afghanistan were told the pedophilic practice of “dancing boys” was culturally accepted in Afghanistan and to pay it no mind. Marine Times: https://www.marinecorpstimes.com/news/your-army/2017/11/17/dod-ig-us-troops-were-told-to-ignore-child-sex-abuse-by-afghan-forces/ American troops were told to ignore the rape and abuse of children by Afghan security forces they were partnered with, according to a report released Thursday by the Pentagon’s inspector general. Although the report found that there was no written guidance telling U.S. troops to ignore abuse allegations, cultural-awareness training for U.S. personnel deploying to Afghanistan identified child sexual abuse as a culturally accepted practice in Afghanistan. Actually this is not news. The new part is that this has now been confirmed by the Inspector General of the Department of Defense. However, for years now many US veterans of the Afghan occupation have been telling this story. https://www.nytimes.com/2015/09/21/world/asia/us-soldiers-told-to-ignore-afghan-allies-abuse-of-boys.html

John Brown

Part 2 Once in country, they were told by superiors to turn a blind eye to US-backed Afghan troops, police and officials sexually abusing boys, and a number of them found themselves in trouble when they attempted to intervene regardless. The US-sponsored police is especially famous for https://www.yahoo.com/news/taliban-honey-trap-boys-kill-afghan-police-034032649.html doing so: Practically all of Uruzgan’s 370 local and national police checkpoints have bachas — some up to four — who are illegally recruited not just for sexual companionship but also to bear arms, multiple officials said. Some policemen, they said, demand bachas like a perk of the job, refusing to join outposts where they are not available. What most of these reports fail to spend any significant time on, however, is that, unlike the Americans, the Taliban had no tolerance for this practice and punished it by death: Under the Taliban, bacha bazi was declared homosexual in nature, and therefore banned. The Taliban’s opposition to bacha bazi was that they considered it incompatible with Sharia Law, and outlawed the practice after coming to power in 1996. As with other homosexual activities, the charge carried the death penalty. In fact even today, dancing boys are prone to seek refuge and revenge https://www.yahoo.com/news/taliban-honey-trap-boys-kill-afghan-police-034032649.html in the arms of the Taliban

John Brown

part 3 Horrifying abuse at checkpoints makes the boys, many unpaid and unregistered, hungry for revenge and easy prey for Taliban recruitment — often because there is no other escape from exploitative commanders. Keep that in mind the next time you hear how the US has to keep ruling Afghanistan so that ‘girls may go to school’ and so on. The Taliban were cracking down on the practice until….Americans rolled into town, toppled the Taliban and allowed the rape of enslaved boys, sometimes as young as 10, to flourish again, lest they ruffle the feathers of their Quisling troops and cronies. In this case the US is literally fighting on the side of boy rapists against those who would stop them. Yes, the Taliban ran a harsh and oppressive regime (it would be a wonder if a regime that emerged from 15 years of war was a liberal one). But the American regime that replaced it somehow managed to be so cowardly and disgusting that it can not claim the moral high ground even over the medieval Taliban.

John Brown

Part 4 https://www.marinecorpstimes.com/news/your-army/2017/11/17/dod-ig-us-troops-were-told-to-ignore-child-sex-abuse-by-afghan-forces/

DoD IG: US troops were told to ignore child sex abuse by Afghan forces By: Kyle Rempfer   November 17 4.1K

Local children listen as the governor of Paktika province speaks to the people of Mata Khan, Paktika province, Afghanistan, Oct. 22, 2011. (Spc. Jacob Kohrs/Army) American troops were told to ignore the rape and abuse of children by Afghan security forces they were partnered with, according to a report released Thursday by the Pentagon’s inspector general. “In some cases, the interviewees explained that they, or someone whom they knew, were told that nothing could be done about child sexual abuse because of Afghanistan’s status as a sovereign nation, that it was not a priority for the command, or that it was best to ignore the situation and to let the local police handle it,” the report reads. Although the report found that there was no written guidance telling U.S. troops to ignore abuse allegations, cultural-awareness training for U.S. personnel deploying to Afghanistan identified child sexual abuse as a culturally accepted practice in Afghanistan. “There were a couple cases where service members brought it to commanders’ attention, and they said there’s nothing we can do,” according to an anonymous interviewee quoted in the report. “There’s no recourse to stop them from bacha bazi. Soldiers [were] told to ignore it and drive on.”

John Brown

Part 5 ”Bacha bazi,” which translates as “boy play,” is a cultural practice in which “powerful or wealthy local figures and businessmen sexually abuse young boys who are trained to dance in female clothes,” the report reads. In 2015, findings by the Labor Department on “The Worst Forms of Child Labor” stated that “reports indicate that some government officials, including members of the Afghan National Police, Afghan Local Police, and the Afghan Border Police, have boys for bacha bazi and also have them work as tea servers or cooks in police camps.” This most recent Defense Department investigation began in February 2016 at the behest of Congress, after reports surfaced in the media that Afghan forces had engaged in crimes such as rape, kidnapping, sex slavery, beatings, and pedophilia from 2011 and 2012, according to the report. Pentagon watchdog will investigate Afghan child sex reports Inspector General to address how U.S. commanders handled claims that Afghan military and police leaders abused children. By: Andrew Tilghman Get the Marine Corps Times Daily News Roundup Don’t miss the top Marine Corps stories, delivered each afternoon

John Brown

Part 6 One incident that gained media attention involved Army Sgt. 1st Class Charles Martland, a Green Beret who admitted he lost his cool during a 2011 deployment to Kunduz province. Martland and his captain struck an Afghan police officer, who allegedly had confessed to raping a boy and then beating the child’s mother for telling authorities. Martland said that he and the detachment commander, Capt. Daniel Quinn, received a “relief for cause” from that 2011 deployment for the assault, according to documentation provided to Military Times. Green Beret who beat up accused child rapist can stay in Army The Army has reversed course and Sgt. 1st Class Charles Martland will not be forced out. By: Kyle Jahner One recommendation from the report asks that the Defense Department determine whether child rape committed by Afghan security forces qualifies as gross violations of human rights. If so, a law already on the books called the Leahy Amendment would prohibit the United States “from using funds for assistance to units of foreign security forces” that have committed such violations.

John Brown

Part 7 The report concludes that while ”it is difficult to determine the actual extent of child sexual abuse due to a cultural taboo against reporting these crimes, both the [State Department] and the UN reported that the sexual abuse of children is pervasive throughout Afghanistan.” In all, 16 cases of child sexual abuse involving Afghan officials were reported to the Pentagon between 2010 and 2016. However, the inspector general explains that more incidents may have been reported, but not confirmed because of the lack of guidance on the issue. The problem stems from the fact that there is still no specific guidance from the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Policy on reporting gross violations of human rights such as child sexual abuse, according to the report. As a result, the report cautions that “there is no certainty” that all allegations of child sexual abuse involving Afghan security forces were properly reported. https://www.nytimes.com/2015/09/21/world/asia/us-soldiers-told-to-ignore-afghan-allies-abuse-of-boys.html U.S. Soldiers Told to Ignore Sexual Abuse of Boys by Afghan Allies

Asimina J. Colden

Why was your son in the military?

Nigel Maund

The Rothschild’s clan has controlled the UK since 1816 and most probably since the 1770’s and they funded King George’s army to fight the Colonists in the war of Independence having first advanced the idea of taxing them and hence causing the revolution which they thought they could crush! The UK has been a total puppet State of the Rothschild’s throughout the growth of its Empire. It remains to this day a Rothschild’s fiefdom. The Monarchy works in synch with the Rothschilds.


Agreed in general. However, I am not entirely convinced that it’s the Rothschild alone as there are older and, it seems, wealthier families. To name one: the Warburg, formerly known as Del Banco Venice. It was only when the Venetian Party moved north and seized control of European monarchies and their banks thats the British Empire came to be. I invite you to read the following:


It seems odd that the Rothschild admired colusiomnin the Dreyfus Affair when it hit France. As if they took the pinch to protect the identity of other oligarchical families.

Nigel Maund

The Rothschilds are not,as you say alone, but are the most wealthy and powerful. Related familes include the Schiffs, Lazards, Warburgs, Morgans, Stanley, Baruchs, Agnelli’s and Rockefellers and of course the Royal Families of the UK and Netherlands and the European main aristocratic familes. The UN and CFR were extensively funded by David (deceased) and Nelson Rockefeller. Henry Kissinger is a 100% Rockefeller asset as is Zgbigniev Bryzinski (now dead). HRC is a Rothschild’s asset as was Bill. In the UK Rothschild’s assets are Ken Clark, George Osbourne and of course Tony Blair – all prominent Bilderbergers.


I differ that they are the wealthiest and/or most powerful (the way I see it is that the “boss” never shows his fav) but I also think it’s doesnt matter. What you wrote does: “clan”. It’s a group of people. Agreed on all other counts.

Cyriak Papasissis

After Cameron’s resignation the British withdrew from the action slowly but surely. The May government is only verbally superactive . weak as it is. Macron now wants to replace Britain as the most loyal US lackey, under Rothschild’s custodianship.

You can call me Al

France and the US are a perfect match for each other.


A well written account of truth Nigel. Well said.

Nigel Maund

Thanks FG!




No not all of us


You say “high on Meth” like it’s a bad thing.

Jim Allen

Very well said.

Richard Noel Hedditch

Remember, ISIS are Hebrews. So the US military has never fired a shot at ISIS – ever. What the US air force has often done is attack those whom are fighting ISIS, be it in Iraq or Syria. The Iraqi PMU have been often attacked by the US air force – the same air force which did 911. And now the dirty Western activists in America have gotten Jew Trump into the White House.

Raptar Driver

You mean ‘Jews’, Hebrews are a completely different thing and ISIS has many Zionist Arabs too.

Денис Черкасов

US’s airspace in Syria? Damn occupants.

Suyanto Ng

Russia should play hard right now, threaten to shot down any coalition ISIS air force on Syrian airspace. Clear down that Homs desert from ISIS, Syrian now cannot guarantee integrity of their nation from air.Russia can assist that matter. Sealed entire Syrian airspace is important, that will make the land-grabber SDF came to negotiation with both legitimate Syrian gov’t and Russian forces there.


Ironically the terrorist once pictured using Soviet old arms now caught in camera as well as in their propaganda video using west made arms and protected by a F22 stealth fighter.


The US has supplied millions and millions of dollars worth of arms and ammo to the jihadi scum. We know what is best for Syrians. If only they would understand this.What is this “alternative viewpoint” nonsense?



Maj. Gen. Konashenkov reply to US is so excellent.


Later, the US F-22 withdrew when a Russian Su-35 warplane arrived to escort the two Su-25. hahahahha


F-22 runs away when the beast of the air Su-35 arrives because it is a coward that can only bully lower tech planes.


And because all it would legally take is one request from the Syrian government to please shoot down the war planes operating illegally within its borders. The US wouldn’t have a legal leg to stand on if that happened and I doubt they would get very much support except from their closest vassals. But I think that Russia is happy to keep the US in Syria because it really messes up their relationship with Turkey and the SDF can be fractured anytime Syria or Russia wants it. If the US makes a big mistake and shoots down a Turkish jet one of these days and lose their access to the Black Sea and their bases in Turkey as a result it would be worth a lot to Russia. It amazes me that the US still seem to believe their position in Syria in manageable. They aren’t even being led into the trap they are walking into it all by themselves.


That would explain a lot. I have been frustrated like forever with US presence in Syria, it seemed they were the reason why Syria couldn’t get near its own oilfields and the eastern half of Syria beyond the Euphrates. What you said would make sense why US is still being allowed to be in Syria.


Allowing the Syrian Kurds the oil fields for now actually makes their position a lot less secure in the long run. Money coming in will create a lot of tension inside the SDF. Will it flow north to the Kurds or will it flow to the Arabs that live on top of the oil? It would only work if the bigger players would accept the Euphrates as the new border and it would be internationaly recognized. Ofc Russia might still go for that because it would also mean that the US would have to accept the situation in the Crimea, the possible later partitioning of the Ukraine and have to end the sanctions. But I doubt they will because the US doesn’t do logic in international politics and has 1 set of rules for its vassals and another set for its foes. And Iran, Iraq and Turkey will never accept it anyway.


You make a most valid and likely point Rodger.

Jeff Lewin

The Syrians have no means of countering Coalition air power. They don’t like the US being in eastern Syria, but for now, they are in a stalemate on that front.


I love SU-35. SU-35 is an air superiority fighter jet. I haven’t seen any fighter jet in whole world better than SU-35. Its body design is so unique and scary.

You can call me Al

I wouldn’t disagree, but the F-22 Raptor is pretty damn good when it works and it is not raining and someone has shot it with a pistol.



Good video clip.

Harold Smith

Somewhere I read that the U.S. F-22 did not see the SU-35 approaching (apparently due to the advanced Russian EW capability). Has anyone else heard this?


Pakistan has given some material to China and then China has given that to Russia. Pakistan, China and Russia have better formula than that that Pakistan have given to them first time.

Little Sip

The F-22 ran away because it didn’t want to create a real incident. In an actual conflict, the Suck-25’s would have been trashed and burned long before anyone saw the F-22. The Suck-35 would have arrived to find smoke and ruins. No one would have ever seen the F-22.

I like this blog. A bunch of adorable viewpoints from folks who actually think we Americans care about your ignorant opinions. Yes, America is actually in cahoots with ISIS – the same ISIS we just helped the Iraqi nation push out of their country. Yes, we are the sepoys of the Israeli government – and the year 1882 just called, they want their vocabulary back. The Russians actually shooting down a US warplane just because the Syrians “legally” asked them too? Sure, if the Russians want to have their Black Sea Fleet “legally” sent to the bottom of the ocean.

Omega…IsraHell? Sounds like this thread is full of anti-Semites and hatemongers. Nigel…”International Zionist Bankster Cabals”? You’ve been reading too much Don Pendleton. And what the heck IS a “Bankster”, anyway? Was that a “banker” or were you referring to Banksy, the eponymous graffiti artist? Unclear.

Vitaly Zagryadsky

Oh my God! You are so brave. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bu3NUQr0Mok

Little Sip

That was about the fruitiest video I have ever seen in my life. And thanks for the bravery comment…I do what I can.


Seems US is creating their own International laws

Just why are their logic so low? No wonder about everything they tried failed miserably

Hope they realise that to stay in Syria surrounded by Iranians and Hezbollah will get their soldiers go bonkers in very good time.

Just not practical


>>Seems US is creating their own International laws<<

It's called 'Might makes right' and 'Do as I say, not as I do'.


a very good opportunity there to test the stealth characteristics of the f-22. being so close to a su35. it would be very wise for russia to send a special type plane also to gather information about its radar signature etc.


I would think that has already been done :)

Robert Duran

I highly doubt that this is even necessary. The much boasted F22 and F35 are just ordinary aircrafts hyped by naïve US generals and the western propaganda media

Omar Trevelyan

“Russian or Syrian aircraft crossed into (OUR) airspace on the east side of the Euphrates river” -Hilarious

“Unlike the Russian Air Force, the US-led coalition is operating in Syria without any legal basis” -Check mate

Brad Isherwood

Guess Putin has to show something *…..While F 22 does barrel rolls beside Su 25.

Reminding Putin Who is Top Dog….err…Top Gun ….in Occupied Syria*

( Don’t get your panties in a twist. …..Syria is Occupied by illegal Invaders who Putin cuts deals with and even Millions $$$ in Trade.

Enjoy the Mexico ( Saying in the US…. Cuz no one secures the border)

Enjoy the Syria : )


Fak news. Worshippers of Russia.


Baaaa! Baaa! Four Legs Gooood! Two Legs Baaaad!


It baffles me that my fellow American countrymen have no clue what a dangerous game our government in Washington is playing with the Russians. I told my relatives over Thanksgiving dinner that we are one step away from hot war with a nuclear armed Russia (and it’s completely unnecessary). My relatives look at me like I’m crazy. They don’t understand how close we are and I couldn’t find this story on Fox or CNN.

Raptar Driver

Don’t bother, it is like talking to the dead or like pissing in the wind, I have the same problem.


People think that somewhere there is an “undo” button for every chapter in our video game culture. That, or awesome kung fu female superheroes wait patiently to save the day.


I would love to ask Trump what he knows about this? I wonder if this has anything to do with the 44,000 troops the Pentagon has lost track of?


Hide Behind

North of Euphrates River is US airspace and Russia, thereby Syria, Iran and Hiz, agreed to it. The macho games between US and Russian (Soviet), ships and aircraft has been ongoing since end of WWII, and both sides military males love them. No more than what we Americans called game of Chicken, head towards each other in certain death of mutual destruction, and hopefully the other guys swerved away first. A Homoerotic dance of male phallic worshippers, mines bigger than yours. Why should Russia or Syria attack US Israel or Jordan, NATO and destroy what little gains they are making. Assuredly the Syrian military is but a cluster of relatively weak forces, compared to any of EuroCentrics, and is but held tentively together by Russian letzzership. The geopolitical situation of what was once a certain EuroCentric dominated area has now become not just destabilizing in ME, but upon world’s economiCs becoming more Russia/China and affiliates nations gains. Slowly but surely, no matter fate of Assad, those EuroCentrics are seeing dangers to their own Sovereign leaders. All said and done though, this makes US militarism a greater threat of increased war making on a Grand Scale. It is coming, the excuse they need to unleash that fury. Trumps latest recognition of Israel’s Jerusalem, gained him approval of any and all his actions from over 80 millions of Very politicly and economicly, Christian Apocalyptic Zionist. Russia has much larger geopolitical concerns than just those of a weak and fully dependent Syria.

Brad Isherwood

The Masonic /MIC has run the Game of Globalism since the 1700s. https://www.corbettreport.com/interview-1160-james-perloff-on-the-false-flag-heard-round-the-world/

The United States Supreme Court as tool of the Oligarchy https://www.podomatic.com/podcasts/tkelly6785757/episodes/2017-12-08T20_05_20-08_00 Program explores the Masonic History and recent appointments to US Supreme Court.

US MIC needs a enemy. ..or an Axis of Evil : )…..to more smoothly move the game pieces. During Vietnam war…..Game was costly. ..yet the destruction of aircraft and other Meant future contracts and more Generals with big Pensions. Wallstreet computer trading and plunge protection team mean the real Economy is chat by Alternative media on the net….as millions go into further poverty and hopeless situation personal debt. Global Opium /Opiates is skyrocketing. …part of the Reason US in Dopeistan 16 years : ) Big Pharma opiates Doctor/ push,Insurance,Prisons/Lawyers is Huge racket in USA. http://www.conspiracyschool.com/nineteenth-century Lord Palmerston and the Gunboat Opium wars on China. It’s from His Masonic Lodge in the 1840s that Empire Zionism emerged* Eventually….the Empire/Masonic tumble Russia in the Revolution.


Interesting analysis. Still, I wish Putin had not announced withdrawal so quickly. Having the Russian pilots enjoy the sun in deck chairs with lemonade would send a message but keep costs down. Maybe lemonade is expensive now?



Fernando Silva

Fake news!


Oh because you didn’t see this story on those Western Bastions of Truth and Reality (like CNN, FOX or BBC) it must be “Fake News”?


Hah, why I am not surprised of this maneuvers of the idiotic US ignorance with their jets. But I just wish one day while they doing this bullshit the Russian Jets to shoot one of this ugly f-22 down. If any other jet beside the US ones comes close to any of their jets it’s breach of international law or this or that bla bla. But what about them the constantly stick their tongue in every RU bombers, they were even so proud and brave to get to the RU Minister Of Defense Private Jet with that F-16 while ago. They just want provocation, but remember one thing US. This one that are you provoking all the time is not a terrorist on the ground with just a rifle and rpg and dressed in sandals, they are sophisticated world army that will screw you in seconds. But I don’t know what you people in US thing.


Shooting F-22s down because they’re a crime against fashion is an excellent idea….;O)

Roddy Wehrmacht

This is where World War Jew starts between Russia and America. In the desert of Who Gives a Fuckistan. For the sake of their israeli boss. Sad, America…very sad!

Icarus Tanović

Who gives a Fuckistan!!! Hahahahahaha ? ? ? ? ? ? HAHAHAHAHAHA ?✌️???HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!


Both Putin and the Russian military are weak, feeble and useless as Russia is incapable of standing up against Israel and the US led “Terror Axis” countries.

Israeli and US Terror Axis planes are allowed to fly freely in Syria and can bomb the Syrian Military freely as well as air drop supplies to IS anywhere in Syria.


“We saw anywhere from six to eight incidents daily in late November, where Russian or Syrian aircraft crossed into our airspace on the east side of the Euphrates River,” Lt. Col. Pickart told CNN during an interview on Decembers 9.” This is a vert stupid statement, there are ISIS targets on the east bank of the river, and they are going to be hit ! Besides the coalition is advised of these ops in advance. And it’s not YOUR AIRSPACE, time for for the US to leave Syria alone and leave ASAP.


Whenever anybody talks about “coalition” forces you should immediately explain that “coalition” means American forces. On the rare occasion it is a token force from someone willing to do whatever the U.S. tells them, It will be easy enough to point that out. The term “coalition” is U.S. propaganda intended to (1) obscure the fact this is the U.S. empire at work, and (2) convey the impression this is some sort of alliance among equal partners.


An important point. It’s a cringeworthy term, exceeded only by US references to “our partners” or “partner forces.” It’s not without some meaning as “coalition” planes (sans US) made the attack on the SAA at Deir ez-Zor.

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