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US Expert Says Ukraine Can Hold Out For Only 30 Minutes Before Capitulating To Russian Military

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US Expert Says Ukraine Can Hold Out For Only 30 Minutes Before Capitulating To Russian Military

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Kiev becomes increasingly frustrated it is not receiving the Western support it wants.

Written by Paul Antonopoulos, independent geopolitical analyst

In the event of armed clashes, Russia will defeat a significant portion of Ukrainian military units in less than an hour. The New York Times wrote about this possibility in consultation with King’s College London PhD Candidate and US Marine veteran Robert Lee.

“If Russia really wants to unleash its conventional capabilities, they could inflict massive damage in a very short period of time,” Lee said, adding: “They can devastate the Ukrainian military in the east really quickly, within the first 30-40 minutes.”

According to the newspaper, some officials in Kiev share the same view. The head of the Intelligence Service of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, General Kirill Budanov, said that in the event of a full-scale conflict without the support of Western countries, defeating Russia in a hypothetical war is unrealistic.

The General said that the Ukrainian military would be neutralized very quickly, its leadership would not be able to coordinate defenses, nor would they be able to supply the frontline. In such a situation, frontline commanders would have to fight alone without the possibility of reserves.

“They will hold up as long as there are bullets,” General Budanov said. “They’ll be able to use what they have in their hands, but believe me without delivery of reserves, there’s not an army in the world that can hold out.”

His frustration with the West is evident as he urged for immediate aid to assist the Ukrainian military against Russia, stating: “They need to decide, either we’re allies as they declare — and in that case allies help one another — or they need to say that this is not exactly the case. If the civilized world wants to avoid catastrophe — and this will be a catastrophe for everyone — we need military technical support now, not tomorrow, not the day after tomorrow, not in a year. Now.”

Moscow has repeatedly denied the allegation that it is preparing to invade Ukraine and attributed the false claim to NATO creating a justification to place more military equipment near the Russian border. However, this has not stopped American media from pushing the false allegation that Russia is preparing to storm Ukraine, without provocation, with up to 175,000 troops.

One senior Ukrainian military official, who spoke to the New York Times on the condition of anonymity, said that if the West failed to support Ukraine, the military would open its weapons depots so Ukrainians can take whatever they want. In addition, General Pavlyuk noted that Ukraine had up to half a million people with military experience that will “start a partisan war” if they do not receive Western support.

“Eight years have passed and there are very many people with military experience who are prepared with weapons in their hands to fight,” he said.

Unfortunately for Kiev, US President Joe Biden ruled out last week the deployment of American soldiers to Ukraine. None-the-less, there are more than 150 US military advisers in Ukraine, a combination of Special Forces and the National Guard, according to two US Defense Department officials.

In last week’s video call between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Biden, the American president warned that economic sanctions imposed on Russia after 2014’s reunification with Crimea would be intensified if a war broke out in Ukraine. Although what the repercussions might be were not revealed, the New York Times believes that Biden will not commit significant military assistance beyond what has already been provided to Ukraine.

Kiev is yet to realize that the US has little interest in resolving the Ukrainian crisis. The US knows full well that Crimea is now a permanent part of Russia and that the Donbass situation can only be resolved through peace initiatives which Kiev has no interest in pursuing. From Washington’s perspective, especially as they pool more resources into opposing China, having unresolved conflicts on Russia’s borders will suffice as it is a relatively costless exercise (retrospectively speaking) that ensures permanent pressure against Moscow, thus allowing the US to concentrate more on opposing China, particularly in the Asia-Pacific region.

It does not mean that the US has become disinterested in opposing Moscow, particularly in Eastern Europe, but it also does not mean that it is willing to invest so heavily in the Ukrainian military that has no chance of matching Russia’s military might in the short and medium term. It appears that Washington wants to maintain a Cold War against Russia knowing that it cannot defend Ukraine if a war breaks out.

If a war is to occur, it could see Donbass become a part of Russia like Crimea, or it could see the Donetsk and the Luhansk People’s Republics receive official state recognition from Moscow like in the cases of South Ossetia and Abkhazia. For the US, any of these two potentialities is far worse than the current status quo, hence why it prefers for the current situation to be maintained then see the emergence of another conflict that Ukraine has no chance of winning, like in 2014.


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US Generals also said their men have similar statistics to women soldiers. The US has faith in no one, lol

jens holm

They have. Our world also has changed. We use a lot of tech and we educate girlds and women and see they are just as giod as men in almost anything.

In Denmark and several other countries we have Female Premiere Ministers too. They are just as good and bad as any of the pinquins.

They handle joysticks with drones well too.

The main problem for Russia is the same as in the days of the Tzars. Russia dont produce a middle class by education and paid pr hour. Those are the vitals for well organized effective structures for production as well as any kind of distribution.

Thats almost totally ignored here. USA here is some few mainly rich jews and the rest in the streets hardly having an umbralla against rain and snow. But facts are those 170 million americans all has a higher living standards then most people in Russia. They also makles a lot of the poor less poor then most poor russians.

Our systems has many more winners in % even Kapitalisme and companies owned by stockmarkets has very bad sides too.

Danish vomen produce more then the Saudi(men) even they have no oil under their behinds.

Education is power.


Not in education, in physical statistics. Men are naturally stronger, and if you disagree, you’re stupid. That fact that men can barely throw grenades further than women (according to a general) is bad.


There are (almost) no men left in Denmark – effeminate and feminized sissy cucks like you are not men. You can handle your “joysticks” and dildos but it don’t make you a soldier. Wehrmacht had no women in its ranks (at least not in combat roles) they were still the best soldiers in the world, and most technologically advanced.

Last edited 1 month ago by N007



Russia will not invade Ukraine. They will surely defend their sovereignty if attacked. Any attack on the Donbass region Russia will support unofficially as they did in the past. Mostly by supporting useful military gear, firearms, ammunition and other means of small mobile systems to suppress the attacking forces. They won’t stand in the way if volunteers crossing over to help the people of Donbass.
The MSM will lie anyway about anything, but at least they will never have any solid proof of any kind of a invasion like before. And the Ukrainian army in its turn will be defeated again and will lie about the numbers of people they send to die, like before.
It is all a show to paint Russia as an aggressor to justify more sanctions, as anything before simply did not work out. Russia did not suffer any of the consequences the West hoped they will. Because there is nothing more they can do, they will just try to do this again. This is already a failure and the goals will not be achieved. They may stop NS2 but will have to freeze for that. Gasprom in future better sell their gas to others and simply refuse business with hostile countries. Only short term, with reduced volumes and at a much higher gas price. That should do it.
EU is totally dependent on Russia’s energy exports. They already know it better but the bureaucrats won’t be the ones sitting in the cold.

Last edited 1 month ago by TopGum
jens holm

Very optimistic. Russians are low producers in almost anything and are very dependent in exporting simpleton productions.

And EU are aware of that and we has to change away from those fossils as well as it goes. In windy areas such as Denmark we today cover 50% of electricity and are building more windfarms, so we can cover cars by electricity.

So we do something.

It seemes to be forgotten why USA is as they are and we also has Our own and EU oppinions about it.

You seemes to have no ideas about what “West” do to You. You are kept in more and more dark again by censured news and no possible and needed changes for improvements.

I saw that first time in Berlin in 1968. There even was books where Russians has invented almost everything in the whole world. You could get those books in German and English as a Tourist. East Berling only was winner in very good chicken with potatoes and first class light beer(I was less then 18 years old not allowed to drink normal beer).

You should visist us vand see. We have inproved a lot since 1991.


You told the same in 2014..when western media told that Russia would face a food problem as consecuence of embargo…the result was that no problem and food prices are cheaper than EU…you told the same during ND2 works….but Denmark allowed ND2 in its own waters because needs the Russian artic route and the transiberian railway route.


The “West” is living on borrowed time since day one. They are indebted beyond any reasonable point of return. With enough money people were able to explore the space 70 years ago. How did that turn out? They had to stop as it was a waste of money, but it was those big amounts of money that made the resources available and helped to pull all of that off.
It is in every nations means to decide how to use their resources and money. The “West” has chosen to enable free flow of investment allowing the creation of private companies which amassed a lot of revenue/power by sucking the life of their workers and those suckers who bought in their vision of technological dominance. Now they suffer the consequences being in debt they never ever can pay off. They will eventually default on that and plunge back into the dark ages.
This is all smoke and mirrors they do now. Russia is not dependent on European technologies. All they need they can get from China or substitute by themselves. It was only convenient to buy from their partners as they are selling gas and oil to them anyway.
I can understand why so many people out there deny this reality. They are the fools believing the West propaganda about Russia being so backward developed and China being in so much violation of human rights. But it is the West that is underdeveloped and in breach of human rights. That is why they need others to point their finger on and they need them to be more evil so people don’t see the sins the “West” has done as so bad, because their enemies are so much worse. But people can believe what they want. They just should not complain later on, they did not know about all of this. It is sitting right in front of them :-)


Not gonna happen, at least not any time soon. Debt is irrelevant, they just print more money. Economic rules? What rules, they make rules themselves. Imminent end of capitalism eh… It’s not real capitalism for decades, perhaps centuries. Yeah, they will eventually default and that’s it: no end of the world. No revolution in the West succeeded since 1789. (and that one was staged as well).
The system is stronger than ever, there is no opposition in the west. Riots and unrest a few years ago were created BY the system, not against the system. Look what they do to Assange, no one really cares. Look what they did with lockdowns and covid tyranny, some sporadic protests now and then, and that’s about it. LGBT, BLM, woke and other crap is again made by the system. They know they can do whatever they want so they perform social experiments on mass scale. Young people are brainwashed and indoctrinated like never before in history. My generation had protests against globalism 20 years ago. This generation support globalism. They are too stupid to even realize that! Just show them something trendy on FB&Instagram, they’ll all follow unquestionably. All global media and internet are almost fully under control today, sites like SF are nothing but minor inconvenience. That’s why people overwhelmingly believe whatever lie they tell them. “Russia is going to invade Ukraine for no reason!” it’s so stupid beyond belief, yet they repeated it so many times that 90% of people absolutely believe it, masses are oblivious. Dystopia, as Snowden said.

Last edited 1 month ago by Alex

There is opposition, you said it yourself :-) Assange, Snowden, people on the streets. Biden’s mandates don’t work. They are overruled almost everywhere now. People seem to not obey anyway. Too much lies from their government representatives.
Economics have basic rules you simply cannot breake or bend. Money printing increases inflation. We see that now. All is according to what societies have seen before.
US is a ticking bomb. Once people all around the globe stop following them, they are done. They need submission from others for their narrative to work. The more people turn away from them the powerless they become. All that talk about war and hostilities is just intimidation to keep their slaves going.

Last edited 1 month ago by TopGum
Arch Bungle

Russia produces only what matters.

The production and consumption of endless useless rubbish (called “Productivity”) is a characteristic of the West … Which China exploits to it’s benefit.

Last edited 1 month ago by Arch Bungle

“simpleton” productions like the Best Heavylift rockets on earth and unparallelled missile tech 20 years ahead of everyone else. You need to remove the dildo from your Anus so you can think clearly. Of course, you are correct, The US have advanced (Hollywood) productions, like a fake Moon Landing

Last edited 1 month ago by YankeeGoHome
Raptar Driver

You maybe correct but that just won’t cut it this time.


Why so?


This is a BS story. The REAL Reason the US will not “invest” militarily in helping out Ukraine is because none of the Poodles (UK and France) are too willing to help because it will lead to their extermination and they dont want instability in Europe either and if the US goes it alone, the US will have its own A$$ served to it in a war with Russia on Russia’s borders and perhaps have New York turned to glass by a Russian Hypersonic missile before it can say “Yankee”.

Last edited 1 month ago by YankeeGoHome
peter mcloughlin

It is true the US had to concentrate its forces against China, but a “Cold War” type stand-off with Russia does not recognize that the nuclear powers are moving towards global conflict, something they managed to avoid during the real Cold War – that era of peace.


The “nuclear powers” are not moving towards Global Conflict, its only the Western Globalist Cabal who wants this conflict as it believes it can win and subdue China, Russia and the rest of the non aligned world and have its New World Order ONE world government. No one else ramps up crises or invents crises except the West and its poodles. New anti Russian and anti China fake news are invented daily to start this conflict. In the reality, its too late. China wont stand by if Russia is attacked and vice versa – not because they are best of friends, but simply because if the one falls, the other’s next.The West really has no credible technological military advantage over either Russia or China.

Last edited 1 month ago by YankeeGoHome
jens holm

Relative sober article with no news.

But where is EU as well as Nato in it. They and We are not in this creation even with a comma or two.

Its also very visible that if its true Ruusia could take Ukriane witin a few hours, they must have more then 5 soldiers helped by a service dog for it.

I see no cold war but a try for the opposite after the USSR lost its many colonies because of themself. They tryed to changed in the hard way by Goba and Jeltzin but just as now had no relevenat tools. We see it all over. There are no progress for most of the Russians.

So things are the same. Stalin denyed Marshall help because the Communist party would loose control, but they by that hardly made any changes for real for “the people”.

Thats what we see. Parts of those collapsel non productive structures now are regained. The cold war mainly ids an internal one all the way from Navalnev and any opposition like 80% in Krasnodar.

Ukraine is bad omen in many ways, but we kind of try to help them, even they are as they are now. Chnges takes time.

We in west just want those areas to decide themself in respect both ways and never with political, productive and military methods. So what we do is to help and protect even Ukraine and fpor thatb matter Belarus are driven by too much by too much barking.

I take it again: Hardly a single one i west want any parts with Russians in. Why should we ? We already has a job with the other leftovers too.


You have clearly no idea what is going on.
Everything happens for a reason.
It is not about if Russia or NATO or the Ukraine could do something. It is about the reason for it to happen or not, and who and how would benefit from that. Everything else is just simple propaganda to achieve that outcome. For that you have to create a narrative so almost everyone will go with it.

Lone Ranger

Finally a realist.
Thats how long it would take before a salvo of supersonic cruise missiles take out the RADA, CIA HQ, and every big military airfield.
After that, Ukraine is toast.

Frank G

you forget about ammo depots, C&C centers, bridges, rail roads, com centers, front line equipment/soldiers, equipment depots, etc…

Lone Ranger

Once the HQs and airfields are toast the rest doesn’t matter.
You won’t be able to coordinate or get stuff from point A to point B.
There also will be EW, even EMPs are possible.
Frontline troops will run out of ammo within hours.
Georgia fell in 5days in 2008.
And since than the Russian military has increased its capebilities by multiple order of magnitude.


Ukraine needs to focus on feeding and heating its people and stop all this nonsensical war rhetoric. They have been used and abused by the west and now they are poorer than Albania. Put food on the table and gas in the furnaces.

mike l hutchings

unless Nato is ready to go all the way…their Sabor rattling is a distraction to cover for a weak ass Biden. can you think of a scenario where it would profit Russia to attack the west? this is all bullshit


Nato won’t go all the way because half of Europe would be devastated if they did,the Germans don’t want to commit suicide,although not sure i can say that for the stupid Polish leaders.


The best outcome US is hoping for is to provoke Ukraine to attack Russia, for Russia to react, defeat Ukies army, kill thousands of nazi soldiers, to annex most of Ukie wonderland (so they dont have to feed them) so they will have the reason for Europe to completely cut relations with Russia, to have a reason to fuel world wide antirussian hysteria and to sponsor nazis terrorist groups in the annexed ukie land..

The dont give a flying shit about ukies as nation, their lives or well being. Those biorobots are just a tool (meat for the grinder) in their war to destroy Russia…

Hunter Biden

They don’t need to provoke, they directly command this so called Ukraine since the Maidan putsch. Clowns from Kiev don’t dare to go to bathroom if CIA not approve. So if they attack Donbass it will be only because their masters ordered them to do so. It’s sad to see that people living in Ukraine are nothing but cattle, perhaps not even cattle go to slaughterhouse so easily.


No matter what thats a huge strategic and historical defeat of Russia. The West successfully created another Poland on russian soil ,even more insane and russophobic and more servile towards the West (if thats even possible). Wrong politics since Lenin onwards.


No loss to Russia – only loss to the Poles and the Ukrainian people. The West will abandon them in their hour of need, as usual


Lets start with sanctions first. Russia is not interested in annexing anything. Too much pretext for the West. Just defeat Ukrainian forces and give them a real taste/scare. But it will not happen. Even the US is aware of that.
Same way when Iran struck US base in Iraq with their missiles in revenge for the wrongful assassination of Soleimani, who was under diplomatic status. US did nothing about that. They are all talk and walk. They went too far and had to accept the outcome.

Last edited 1 month ago by TopGum

Iranians went even further and assassinated two US officials involved in planning Soleimani murder and not a tweet in the West about their liquidation.


There was a “jens holm” once here. But he had way better grammar than you do.


nope. the real jens actually says “Iam” not “I am”

andre zulu

what would putin do if war starts in belarus…???

Lone Ranger

Same as in Syria.
Russia would protect it, they have a legal defense agreement.


Stop those Nato gangsters from taking over.

Peppe il Sicario

Sorry but I hold the rights to the Jizz Hole moniker.


The Russian will definitely destroy they military installment in the east Ukrainian conflict border with ease but they will also need to make out all the air defense and military installment all over .

Lance Ripplinger

An all out war between Ukraine and the Russian Federation is such a preposterous notion. In a theoretical scenario, the Russian military would establish immediate domination of Ukraine’s airspace. Ukraine has no air defenses or air force that could even begin to slow down Russian air operations. The Ukraine army is poorly equipped and trained, with mostly underpaid conscripts. Ukraine itself is one of the top 3 poorest countries in Europe. Several million Ukraine refugees would flee the country in such a horrific scenario. Russia would be a pariah on the world stage, and economically be cut off completely by U.S. economic sanctions. I highly doubt the Russian people are interested at all in going to war. Likely, you would see mass protests across the country. As an American, I am so sick and tired of the neocon warmongers and the Military Industrial Congressional Complex. The U.S. shouldn’t be providing any “aid” or otherwise to Ukraine, or any other country for that matter. Who cares what happens to that crap hole of a country. Let Russia deal with Ukraine with diplomacy, like they have been trying to for years now.


Seems resonable. I just honestly doubt people in Russia would protest in such a case. A nuclear power has one unthinkable option, no one would dare to go too far seriously pocking them. As Putin said it before, if you know that a conflict is unaviodable, you make the first punch and you make it is so powerful, the opponent will not dare to punch back.
Russia does not make many threats. It simply does not need to. Only weak and insecure governments do.

Ivan Freely

“…so sick and tired of the neocon [and neolibs] warmongers and the Military Industrial Congressional Complex. The U.S. shouldn’t be providing any “aid” or otherwise to Ukraine, or any other country for that matter.”

I couldn’t agree more.

Raptar Driver

Russia needs not to in inflict massive damage.
The cobbled together Ukrainian army will simply defect.




Actually the US is referring to how long the Ukrainian men can withstand sustained violent anal intercourse while drunk on the front line.

Arch Bungle

“… in the event of a full-scale conflict without the support of Western countries, defeating Russia in a hypothetical war is unrealistic.”

Should read:

” … in the event of a full-scale conflict WITH OR WITHOUT the support of Western countries, defeating Russia in a hypothetical war is unrealistic.”

There, Southfront, FIFY!

Miltary Genius

hahaha more than 3 minutes more likely. The Uki hohols are corrupt and cowardly and most importantly Ukraine is part of Russia anyway and the 80% of Ukrainian population wants reunification.


Russia has put the neocons back in the bag.

The end

Imagine all these beautiful Ukrainian boys turned into dust in first 30 minutes. I cannot wonder about stupidity of western and Ukrainian leadership. Being a soldier in Ukrainian army these days is truly a committed job.


Maybe Jens will send some Gay Danes to help Ukraine

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