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JUNE 2021

The US is Executing a Global War Plan

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Written by Finian Cunningham; Originally appeared at strategic-culture.org

Washington is moving inevitably on a global war plan. That’s the grim conclusion one has to draw from three unfolding war scenarios.

Ultimately, it’s about American imperialism trying to assert hegemony over the international order for the benefit of US capitalism. Russia and China are prime targets for this global assault.

The three unfolding war scenarios are seen in Syria, North Korea and Ukraine. These are not disparate, disassociated conflicts. They are inter-related expressions of the American war plans. War plans which involve the moving of strategic military power into position.

The US is Executing a Global War Plan

Last week’s massacre of over 100 Syrian government forces by American warplanes near Deir ez-Zor was an audacious overt assault by the US on the Syrian state. The US, along with other NATO allies, have been up to now waging a seven-year proxy war for regime change against Russia’s ally, President Assad. The massacre last week was certainly not the first time that US forces, illegally present in Syria, have attacked the Syrian army. But it seems clearer than ever now that American forces are operating on the overt agenda for regime change. US troops are transparently acting like an occupation army, challenging Russia and its legally mandated support for the Syrian state.

Heightening international concerns are multiple reports that Russian military contractors were among the casualties in the US-led air strike near Deir ez-Zor last week.

Regarding North Korea, Washington is brazenly sabotaging diplomatic efforts underway between the respective Korean leaderships in Pyongyang and Seoul. While this inter-Korean dialogue has been picking up positive momentum, the US has all the while been positioning nuclear-capable B-52 and B-2 bombers in the region, along with at least three aircraft carriers. The B-2s are also reportedly armed with 14-tonne bunker-buster bombs – the largest non-nuclear warhead in the American arsenal, designed to destroy North Korean underground missile silos and “decapitate” the Pyongyang leadership of Kim Jong-un.

American vice-president Mike Pence, while attending the Winter Olympics in South Korea, opening last week, delivered a blunt war message. He said that the recent detente between North Korea and US ally South Korea will come to an end as “soon as the Olympic flame is extinguished” – when the games close later this month. This US policy of belligerence completely upends Russia and China’s efforts to facilitate inter-Korean peace diplomacy.

Meanwhile, the situation in Eastern Ukraine looks decidedly grim for an imminent US-led invasion of the breakaway Donbas region. Pentagon military inspectors have in the past week reportedly arrived along the Contact Zone that separates the US-backed Kiev regime forces and the pro-Russian separatists of the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics. Donetsk’s military commander Eduard Basurin warned that the arrival of Pentagon and other NATO military advisors from Britain and Canada indicate that US-armed Kiev forces are readying for a renewed assault on the Donbas ethnic Russian population.

Even the normally complacent observers of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), charged with monitoring a nominal ceasefire along the Contact Zone, have lately begun reporting serious advancement of heavy weapons by the Kiev forces – in violation of the 2015 Minsk Peace Accord.

If the US-led Kiev forces proceed with the anticipated offensive next month in Donbas there are real fears for extreme civilian casualties. Such “ethnic cleansing” of Russian people by Kiev regime forces that openly espouse Neo-Nazi ideology would mostly likely precipitate a large-scale intervention by Moscow as a matter of humanitarian defense. Perhaps that is what the US planners are wagering on, which can then be portrayed by the dutiful Western news media as “another Russian aggression”.

US-based political analyst Randy Martin says: “It is undeniable that Washington is on a war footing in three global scenarios. Preparation for war is in fact war.”

He added: “You have to also consider the latest Nuclear Posture Review published by the Pentagon earlier this month. The Pentagon is openly declaring that it views Russia and China as targets, and that it is willing to use nuclear force to contest conventional wars and what the Pentagon deems to be asymmetric aggression.”

Martin says that it is not clear at this stage what Washington wants exactly.

“It is of course all about seeking global domination which is long-consistent with American imperialism as expressed for example in the Wolfowitz Doctrine following the end of the Cold War,” says the analyst.

“But what does Washington want specifically from Russia and China is the question. It is evidently using the threat of war and aggression as a lever. But it is not clear what would placate Washington. Perhaps regime change in Russia where President Putin is ousted by a deferential pro-Western figure. Perhaps Russia and China giving up their plans of Eurasian economic integration and abandoning their plans to drop the American dollar in trade relations.”

One thing, however, seems abundantly clear. The US is embarking on a global war plan, as can be discerned from the grave developments unfolding in Syria, the Korean Peninsula and Ukraine. Each scenario can be understood as a pressure point on Moscow or China to in some way acquiesce to American ambitions for global dominance.

To be sure, Washington is being reckless and criminal in its conduct, violating the UN Charter and countless other international laws. It is brazenly acting like a rogue regime without the slightest hint of shame.

Still, Russia and China are hardly likely to capitulate. Simply because the US ambition of unipolar hegemony is impossible to achieve. The post-Second World War order, which Washington was able to dominate for nearly seven decades, is becoming obsolete as the international order naturally transforms into a multipolar configuration.

When Washington accuses Moscow and Beijing of “trying to alter the international order to their advantage” what the American rulers are tacitly admitting is their anxiety that the days of US hegemony are on the wane. Russia and China are not doing anything illegitimate. It is simply a fact of historical evolution.

So, ultimately, Washington’s war plans are futile in what they are trying to achieve by criminal coercion. Those plans cannot reverse history. But, demonically, those plans could obliterate the future of the planet.

The world is again on a precipice as it was before on the eve of the First and Second World Wars. Capitalism, imperialism and fascism are again center stage.

As analyst Randy Martin puts it: “The American rulers are coming out of the closet to show their true naked nature of wanting to wage war on the world. Their supremacist, militarist ideology is, incontrovertibly, fascism in action.”

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Didier Favre

Everybody is supremacist these days. Everybody but the speaking person.


Of course. Everybody sensible person knows that.

The main problem is that, instead of confronting the problem, Russia tries to be part of the gang !!! Like I said so many times, Russia and CHina are the ultimate goal and will be submit at the end when they will run out of allies that they betrayed instead of reinforcing them.

I said this so many times. There is no “war on terror”. There is no “war for democracy”.

The problem also is that the amount of stupid people is so high.

Samantha Green

With any luck, the war will get so hot in the ABORTION BANNING Middle East, that there are not enough bombs left anywhere else to start wars in ABORTION RIGHT DEFENDING Ukraine or Korea.




Russia won’t let it’s allies drag it down with reckless behaviour. The US can do a significant amount of damage if it gets the opportunity to strike Russia, and Russia will slowly but surely improve its own capabilities while letting the US drag itself down. I see a lot more conflict the US will have to deal with internally.


I feel sorry for the people of America and I hope this disaster will be avoided. One has to be blind not to see the real reason for the agression towards Russia – it is its resources. As for China – they are creating a model society that might destroy capitalism and bring about a new system. I guess this was one of the main reasons for the destruction of Yugoslavia. The usa cannot stand up to competition. Their imperial wish is obvious as well as their achievement: self- appointed global cop. Not any more. A cop is not a substitute for an emperor.


Why do you want to feel sorry for terrorists ? Americans deserve to die and go to hell. Nothing less.

The globalists want to rule the world and don’t want any competition because they will loose. That’s why they invaded first Germany. Because Germany would have been much more powerful than USA and every country would have turn towards germany instead of USA.

USA is destroying the good people and helping the bad people to achieve their sick plan that will never work. They will destroy the planet for nothing, just because they are ill.

Muriel Kuri

Ill, in that they are totally insane. They put the world at the precipice of annihilation because of their greed and total disregard for any other country. They covet the assets of Russia and want another Yeltzin that they can control to demolish Russia once and for all. They envy China’s industry and owe them trillions that will never be repaid. They will either stay ‘king of the hill’ or take all of us down with them.


I don’t have the feeling United Retards have any clue what they are talking about they are used to fight small countries…. How can the U.S. ever win a war from all these people they want to Fight? They must have become insane. Stop snorting Heroin NeoCons…… you are starting to hallucinate…..


With usa it is not about winning but creating chaos.They don’t win but we have to admit it- they are exceptional in creating chaos, death, destruction. I don’t think they are on drugs. It is a mental desease.


Well…. the situation is as follows: If they want their little war…. I’m afraid it will be their last opportunity to create Chaos….. Everrr…. and you are right: I don’t think they understand this….I’ve never ever seen Retards like this….a cryin’ shame….


May be Trump was chosen by the jews, may be by the people, may be he submitted himself to the deep state or may be he is just protecting his life. I won’t be surprised if he patiently waits for the full exposure of the deep state operatives- clinton and gang and draw the line. No one was elected in Brussels. Elections is now a waste of time and funds. Plus, most people know already about Rothschild and buddies, the buildenberg club. They run the show. What elections? There was something in Latin: give the people bread and entertainment. This is what we have nowadays.


Brussels is a Dictatorship….. all lousy Politicians that failed in their countries end up in Brussels


‘The usa cannot stand up to competition’. This is a perfect way of describing the problem the US is facing. If goods are produced of better quality for cheaper, the US dollar isn’t necessary or wanted for trade, then the US largely becomes an irrelevant nation lacking in skills and social welfare for the people, a bloated bureaucracy with incompetent management and significant inflation from all the money they have printed.


The Empire will continue to push until it’s stopped. This is mainly an amoral cost-benefit game; and since up to now Washington can print money for free, its inhabitants haven’t had to confront any serious costs to themselves so far. As another analyst remarked, even replacing Putin with a more pliant figure won’t close Pandora’s box, since the Empire’s shiny new poodle would immediately be mobilized against China.

No, the time to make a stand was right now. Handing east Syria to the Dark Throne on a silver platter was exactly the wrong thing to do; it only convinces the Dark Throne that its approach is working. Do you want to fight a little now, or a lot later?

Steve Bell

Listening to Sergei Lavrov deliver the same warning again is becoming an embarrassment, a bit like the boy who cried wolf one too may times. The U.S. will again disregard his verbal sermon because it’s convinced that Russia won’t back up this verbiage with action. Shooting down some U.S. warplanes or vaporising that U.S. base across the Euphrates can easily be justified now that the U.S. has shown its true colours by OVERTLY attacking Syria. Will the U.S. escalate and try some Russian roulette? Perhaps, but being kicked in the butt and laughed at is a losing game.


Well yes, but talking is all a diplomat like Lavrov is supposed to do; all he can do. The lack of action to back it up lies squarely on Putin’s plate.


Syria has been lost, the Ukraine has been lost because there is no EU will to go to war and North Korea has also been lost for the same reason with SK and Japan.
The US is a sad country these days because they have all this firepower and nobody wants to see them use it.

Steve Bell

Sad, but also dangerous, as the MIC sees a fleeting chance of a (delusory) first strike opportunity before China overtakes it in military applications of quantum computing, HGVs, EM rail guns etc. An Al Capone with a looming bankruptcy, armed to the hilt with nukes.

Tommy Jensen

There is no smoke about what Washington actually wants. It is and has been clear as the day:
“Full Spectrum Global Dominance”.


Yeah I want that too….. I want to Dominate the WHOLE WORLD….! If I say this in public they will arrest me and put me in a Mental institution…..sure Washington you can dominate the world no problemo….


It’s a fantasy they saviour but it’s a bridge too far .

They will never achieve it especially when US is so weak economically depending on printed dollars.

You can call me Al

So was the bridge to far in Arnhem (WWII), when their intelligence was so crap and they were so useless, it left our heroes in the British division of the 1st Airborne – up the creek without a paddle (+ the polish)….. they have always been crap despite their propaganda.


Again, Finian, you rearranged my minds in an orderly, neatly manner.

You can call me Al

A very good article thank you.

I believe that everything you state is a fact, but also it does not cover every aggressive act by the US, but to be honest, they are so obvious, they are almost irrelevant now.

Now – I do believe that Russia and China, plus their allies could rip the US butts within a week; I do not think that most of the Europeans (maybe the French) will join in, Germany has said as much, the UK has suddenly sold all of it’s military ….and so on and so on. Help from South American Countries – whhahahaha, African – whahahahah, India their friend of the day !!?, no chance, but even if they did, so what…I could sneeze from here and have more effect. so you are left with what the Arians and the ME, Australia, Canada and France…. wow !!.

But my assumption is based on Russia + China together; my worry is “how reliable and honest are China ?”.


Without being able to give you a conclusive answer to that last question, I can tell you for a fact that Chinese also wonder how reliable Russia is–that the whole flirt with China is a 2nd choice for Moscow, since Russian elites have considered themselves European for centuries. Or even worse than that, just a feint to get better conditions for admission into the western system–compare the halfhearted moves of Tsipras and Erdogan.

You can call me Al

You bring up a good point. Frome both sides the scepticism needs to stop.


Actually to my opinion US is in no position to start a global war esp with Russia and China combined.

The major weaknesses of US are US main power is on US continent and had to cross big oceans to have any effect on the outcome of the war.

Another is that US power are based on floating coffins which are really very easily decimated in weeks.

China and Russia are both connected on land in Asia , M E, and to Russia.

There is just no way Europe can stand the combined onslaught of Chinese and Russian armies.. no way.

US reinforcement can be very easily blocked .

So at the end of the war, if we are not all dead from nukes would be China control Asia, russia control europe , Iran controls ME and US control America

End of war

You can call me Al

I would hope it was that simple and logical, but these are Americans we are talking about.

Matt Lazarus

Despite vast expenditure on “defense” and despite all the bellicose rhetoric, US military is not prepared for an actual war. US no longer has sufficient manpower to launch land-based invasions of Iran or North Korea. Even in Afghanistan, US troops are losing ground to indigenous forces opposed to US occupation. An actual war against China or Russia is simply out of the question. The US Navy has been plagued by series of scandals resulting in termination of dozens of high ranking officers. US Navy has also suffered series of accidents over past year in which crews lost control of their ships resulting in collisions and numerous fatalities. US Air Force continues to have problems with F-35. F-16s are still being flown but have experienced number of recent accidents. People living in vicinity of US air bases in Japan are demanding the plane be grounded. The Osprey, one of the Marine Corps principal transport aircraft, has experienced number of crashes, involving considerable loss of life. The aircraft is not airworthy and should be removed from service. The US recently ordered squadron of B-52s to Guam–presumably in “preparation” for possible attack on North Korea. The B-52 is an extremely old bomber which travels at speed of commercial jet liner–it would not be able to reach Korea without being detected and anti-aircraft crews in Korea and China being alerted. The mainstay of US power–its fleet of aircraft carriers–would be extremely vulnerable targets in any actual war. Vision of US global hegemony is increasingly a fantasy

You can call me Al

I absolutely agree. I honestly hope and pray that I will see their collapse one day.

I read a report that stated on average 50-60% of all the US military gear is either under maintenance or not field worthy now.

PS There nukes still work off computer cassette tapes – what could possibly go wrong ?, when the UK sub test fired the trident missiles, the went backwards towards the US …. absolute rubbish.


There’s a difference between Jewmerica, which is what the article describes. And America First that most of America wants and that put Trump in office.
Jew neocon war mongers:


The good folks in those photos are shrewd warmongers, no doubt. But like any marketer, they can only push people a bit further in the direction in which they *want* to go, by latching on to pre-existing beliefs. The genius of Trump, such as it is, lies in understanding that his base’s anti-war sentiment was always wafer-thin. Mainly, they didn’t like that Obama guy prosecuting what they felt were rightfully republican wars (just like Democrats immediately were OK with Bush’s wars once O took over). Now red-blooded Trump is in charge (or at least pretending to be on TV), the massive military expenditures and drumbeats against Iran plus a dozen or so others are all good to the deplorables.

Far from being “stupid”, the Pentagon generals understood before others that the Vietnam-era protests always were about number one only. Once the draft was abolished, the antiwar movement deflated, never to recover. Americans haven’t known the horror of war in their own streets for two centuries–15 minutes in 2001 doesn’t count. Question their right to dominate over the lesser races of the world, and soon you’d be wondering what they’re all doing on land that rightfully belongs to the Indian tribes–not going there.

Michael Moore, the Saker, and several others feel obliged to periodically refer to ordinary, patriotic but basically decent Americans; but they are a myth, numbering maybe a couple thousand in the entire continent.


You’re obviously ignorant of America and American history, or you’re lying. People from the American civil war were alive in my lifetime. I’ve walked some of the battlefields myself.

“Washington (CNN) – Support for the war in Afghanistan has dipped below 20%, according to a new national poll, making the country’s longest military conflict arguably its most unpopular one as well.

The CNN/ORC International survey released Monday also indicates that a majority of Americans would like to see U.S. troops pull out of Afghanistan before the December 2014 deadline.

Follow @politicalticker

Just 17% of those questioned say they support the 12-year-long war, down from 52% in December 2008. Opposition to the conflict now stands at 82%, up from 46% five years ago.

“Those numbers show the war in Afghanistan with far less support than other conflicts,” CNN Polling Director Keating Holland said. “Opposition to the Iraq war never got higher than 69% in CNN polling while U.S. troops were in that country, and while the Vietnam War was in progress, no more than six in 10 ever told Gallup’s interviewers that war was a mistake.”

– Afghanistan war arguably most unpopular in U.S. history –


Not just one opinion poll but several–impressive. Are those opinions ever to have consequences like, say, electing representatives who’ll stop that war by defunding The Troops? Exactly.

I can even believe those poll numbers; all they’re saying is Americans know they lost the Afghan War, and they don’t like losing. Back in 2001, the Taliban were asking for the evidence linking uncle Osama to 9/11 before they’d extradite him, or try him themselves. Whatever else you think of the Taliban, this was the completely normal and proper way to go about it, but for the US it wouldn’t do of course. When Bush went to war anyway, a wave of euphoria washed over the entire US.

The above only means you have to start another war to get it right this time. There is no pressure from American voters on Trump to stop spending THEIR money on the Armies of Mordor, which of course will lead to such new wars–they love it.

How walking the civil-war battlefields is relevant to any of this is not clear to me; enjoy the fresh air I guess.


The US couldn’t provide evidence to support an extradition request because 911 was staged by a 5th column in the US, not carried out by bin Laden.

The Chinese and everybody else could stop buying US debt, that would defund the Jewmerican war machine. And be detrimental to the Chinese and other economies in the process.

You’re a blame shifter. After 911 most Americans didn’t know what happened, it took years for the false flag narrative to be figured out. They really had no say in the preplanned wars. They were carried out immediately.

Trump got elected because he could pay for it without Jew support. And had the business success to demonstrate his ability to prevent an economic collapse. Trying to drain the swamp filled with incumbents with 90% plus reelection rates and no term limits is easier said then done. Especially when you’ve got the lying Jew media shilling for their paid for and black mailed status quo establishment swamp slaves 24/7/365. The internet and sites like this are exposing the Jew machine for what it is.

And a lot of Americans look to people like Vladimir Putin and Sergei Lavrov for insight into what is happening and dismiss US pols from the President on down for the Jew world order pathological liars that they are.

The last thing that most Americans want is another Jew world order war. That’s what America First is all about. Draining the Swamp and ending the Jews strangle hold on US politics.


I believe there are 80 million Christians in The States…. they all read an altered Bible….. written especially for them…. by them ZioNazis…. perhaps that’s part of the problem….


Christian Zionists are a big part of the problem. But they’re shrinking in numbers as the Jew’s crimes become harder to cover up.


I try to stay out of religious disputes, happy to not have a side in them. But theology has always been molded to suit political preferences, and not just in christianity. Looking at it from the outside, it mainly strikes me how all notions of compassion and community have been scrapped, even from the vocabulary: “I accept Christ as my PERSONAL savior”–all while bulldozering the authentic Christian communities of the Middle East.


People got to look more inside themselves, I think…it’s always a search no matter what you believe or don’t believe…..I have little trust in people telling others what and how to believe…and books nothing more than a guideline….usefull words in many books


I wonder …..were northamerican people ever complained about the fact that they when to destroy Irak trhough a lie constructed by CIA and Pentagon ? “WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION.” I know they made a movie about it, but why do northamerican people still supporting CIA-Pentagon operations in Irak and any part of the world ? ……..USA government uses its famous ” SUPPORT OUR AMERICAN TROOPS IN…..” Why ? because if you do not do that …you are considered anti-american !!! WOW.


They don’t support it. That’s why they voted for America First and Trump threw them under the bus for the Jews to save his own skin.

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