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‘Iranian Threat’: US Evacuates “Non-Emergency” Staff From Baghdad Embassy. Germany, Netherlands Suspend Training Missions

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'Iranian Threat': US Evacuates "Non-Emergency" Staff From Baghdad Embassy. Germany, Netherlands Suspend Training Missions


The US, Germany and Netherlands are limiting their non-combat misions in Iraq amid the growing concern that chances for an open Iranian-US conflict in the Middle East are increasing.

The US State Deparment has ordered all “non emergency” staff to leave the US embassy in Baghdad amid the growing tensions between the US and Iran.

According to an official comment on the situation, employees will leave the Baghdad embassy and the US consulate in Erbil. Furthermore, US citizens were advised to avoid US government sites in Iraq and leave the country “as soon as possible”. The Baghdad embassy pointed out that the US government “has limited ability to provide emergency services to US citizens in Iraq.”

The move followed the May 12 warning when the embassy noted “heightened tensions” in Iraq and called on US citizens there to “remain vigilant.”

All this came amid multiple speculations by mainstream media outlets and even US officials that Iran may have been preparing to attack US facilities and forces in the Middle East.

On May 15, Germany and Nertherlands suspended their military training missions in Iraq.

“The German army has suspended the training,” Germany’s Defense Ministry spokesman Jens Flosdorff said noting that there was “generally heightened alert, awareness” for soldiers currently operating in the region.

Separately, Dutch state broadcaster NOS said the Netherlands’ 50-person mission is halted “until further orders.”


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The coming US military operation against Iran is Jared Corey Kushner operation.


Iranian Military Power 2019



Most of Iran’s military facilities are probably deep under the ground and NK has much to do with it. NK helped Vietnam during the war in building under ground tunnels. Will find it out soon enough how this thing will play out. hope US makes a mistake there.

Hasbara Hunter


Real Anti-Racist Action

This war has already started.


Before we saw that how America took countries one by one because they were not united but in this war America will get a very nice lesson.

Iranian Falcon

Iranian people embrace anyone clean these islamic terrorist roaches !

Real Anti-Racist Action

Hello Zionist how are you today.. The collective of freedom loving humans has identified you as a zionist pretending to be pro-Iranian in some sense. We understand that you are a Jewish-supremacist-bigot. Just informing you that your cover has been blown. Have a nice day. https://dsbbsuploads.s3.amazonaws.com/original/3X/d/f/dfc69fb919b211fc54731a91363d62d494876c28.png

Iranian Falcon

Shut up dear friend. I am a master degree jobless person striving for a life in iran as millions others we dont want our wealth go into your filthy lands and politics in case of our destruction or hunger and wretched life! If you call me zionist then 75 million iranians are zionist and these zioniat nation doesnt want more misfortune upon them! Fahmidi jakesh? Now go away dear Fascist criminal supporter.


Boro binim baba, nerkh ta’yin mikoni? It’s a good idea to speak only on behalf of yourself, not +80 millions. So instead of “Iranian people embrace…”, say “I embrace the lunatics who wish to bomb Iran”.

Iranian Falcon

Mituni beporsi az hame! Go and ask other millions of iranians how they think about the government and how wretched they are because of this regime! If u cant its not surprise you are their mercenary that beats its people for money or just a Sandis Khor ;)


Of course, as a wise man (which is Dubya, imagine that!) said before, “you’re either with us or against us”. There’s no any other option in the mind of you people, right? I cannot ask millions, that’s beyound silly. I can only talk on my own behalf, or at most the few people I know and meet. But according to you, this inability is equal to being a mercenary. Oh no! I gotta get me one of them those “know it all” powers, like you do.

شما هم به بدی و خودخواهی جماعتی که زیر مقاله های فارس نیوز کامنت میذارن هستی. همه عین هم هستین، هر کی مث شما فکر نمیکنه، یا ساندیس خوره یا ملت رو کتک میزنه، یا جاسوس و عمله اکره خارجیه. خدا این مملکت رو از شر هر دو گروه دیوانه حفظ کنه

Now, is there any particular reason for up-voting yourself?

Iranian Falcon

Well yourself is yourself just go and see how people are striving for a piece of bread while governmentals and mullahs children are spending billions of dollars in the their so called “Kuffar Lands”! If it was just misleading country the huge amount and number of corruption embezzelment wouldnt happen if we dont talk about human rights trample in iran in these 40 years if you accept to rape a virgin girl political prisoner because sharia sha doesnt let virgin execution if you accept for a worker kid or a poor father striving hard for his familys life if you accept killing Kolbars and poor smugglers, all this while mullahs and sepahis are in total comfort and shouting others to die for them if you accept beating women for their hijab yes your sandis khor or mercenary because a reasonable decent human being in any part of the world cant accept these atrocities.


I’m living here, where should I visit to see the things you say? You sound like someone who doesn’t live in Iran, does not visit it very often and obtains his or her news from social networks or TV stations that read social networks’ posts for their audience as news.

I have my own beefs and criticism of the Iranian government, but they are none of any foreigner’s business. There are mismanagement, laziness, corruption like everywhere else, on top of them 40 years of continuous sanctions and threats of war, this one is almost unique to my country. I hold the government responsible for the things which are within their power, not the things imposed on the country from outside. Sure, I too struggle to meet my ends, like most do but at the same time I remember the time when briefly the outside pressure and sanctions eased (mid ’90’s to mid ’00’s) how the economy flourished. Economic hardship originated from outside is no excuse for me to invite lunatics to bomb my country and if that happens I’d do my best to help the country to confront them and make them taste their own medicine, regardless of who leads the country. As long as there’s threat of war, it blocks us to demand the government to make the changes we want.

I also learned to not accept news about Iran from the people who actually are not in Iran, specially the ones who are paid by a foreign government or organization (and by that I don’t mean you personally, but TV networks and their “experts”), or worse, the so-called opposition consist of Monarchist fossils or MeK thugs. But I’m still open if they are able to back their word with proof. So, bring the proof on raping a virgin political prisoner in order to execute her and I’ll accept it happened; otherwise I treat it as I do for now: as hearsay.

Sure, the US attacks Iran and overnight it becomes the land of milk and honey, as happened for Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Libya, Yemen, Yugoslavia, Sudan, Syria and elsewhere. And we’ll open a red carpet and beg the exiles to come and become our kings and presidents. As I said before, the people like you (who knows nothing about the realities in Iran) and the people like the ones who’s most sever problem is the hair of a teenage girl (embodied in some of FarsNews commenters) are two sides of the same coin. Both of you are doing your best to destroy the eternal land without knowing what you are doing. God saves Iran from you both and the lunatics you tied your hopes to.

Iranian Falcon

I never like war maybe your right war brings misfortune for us but with cleaning iran from this regime all regions will have more peace and more importantly iran itself will be freed. People are so much zombie like and oppressed that cant protest anymore so what else we have nothing! This is the sad truth about it. If this regime dont go soon iranian people only will have hatred and chaos within themselves even ethnics hatred. They have only grown hatred seed in iran that was never before since Saffavids.

Sorna Karbaschi

Does really John Bolton wants to go to war with Iran, is he really that stupid ? !!



Yes that locust is really stupid. Are you doubt?

Sorna Karbaschi

Then without thought He is going to Make steamy love with these Missiles !


Well, he is not really stupid or clever as such. The thing is he is a satanist and they simply demand periodic blood-lettings. It is what they do. But as you say, in this case many an American soldier will die for Israel. Again.


To ask the question is to answer it.

Sorna Karbaschi



The US won’t attack whilst the stock market is open or a full moon. So they will probably start their reign of terror on the first or second of June.

Joe Kerr

Looks like Netanyahu and his poodle Bolton have succeeded in pushing Adelson’s courtier into an unwinnable war with Iran. Also, will Russia allow the head-choppers to do to Iran what they did in Syria? Doubtful, and WW3 is a real possibilty.


Iran just needs to stay on the defence. They win by simply surviving and staying resolute. That’s how Washington won against the British Empire.


Threatening to kill Americans is the only way you can get them to leave your country. The Green Zone is 10sq km’s in size and there are about 5,000 illegal aliens living there, mostly Americans. Hasta la vista yankees.


the morons’ war against iran seems to have met stiff opposition around the world and seems to be derailed for now!

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