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US Establishes New Base In Syria’s Manbij Area – SDF Commander


US Establishes New Base In Syria's Manbij Area - SDF Commander

FILE IMAGE: US troops are in the Manbij area

The US has established a new military base in the Syrian area of Manbij in the framework of efforts aimed at countering Turkish threats to launch a military operation in the area, the Russian state-run news agency Sputnik reported on April 12 citing Ebu Adil, commander of the Manbij Military Council within the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

“By deploying additional special forces to the region, the US has expanded its existing military base in Manbij and established a new one on the front line. So right now, there are two American bases in Manbij region. Information about three such bases holds no water,” Adil said. “After the Turkish forces attacked Afrin, representatives of the Manbij Military Council met the US military command and expressed serious concern about Turkey’s possible military operation in the area.”

Last week, Rezan Gilo, joint chief of defense in Syrian Kurdistan (Rojava), revaled that the US-led coalition had started building new bases in northern Syria, including Manbij.

The US was expanind its military presence in Syria despite President Donald Trump’s claims that Wshington should withdraw its forces from the war-torn country.

Later the April 7 Douma attack took place and the US is now even considering a military action against the Syrian government.



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