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US Embassy in Montenegro Is Attacked With Hand Grenade. Attacker Kills Itself With Another Explosive Device

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The US Embassy in Podgorica, the capital of Montenegro, has been hit by a grenade attack by an unknown assailant, who subsequently blew himself up with another explosive device.

The US embassy also issued a warning urging people to avoid the area.

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All world hates america for their “Democratic Saviour Mode”


Well, 30 minutes past midnight not too many people are in the embassy. I’d say the guy was not a terrorists.

What’s the trend these days? Will they announce that he suffered mental health problems or will they blame it on Russia/Iran/Hezbollah/Houthis?

Amon -Ra- DeArmond

It was probably a ex soldier (serb) who got angry at Montenegro for joining NATO or something like that


Kinda hard though. Sunni extremists inspired by ISIS and Al Qaedi blow themselves up all the time. You literally can’t stop them. I just have to look the other way for a brief second and BAM, there goes another one. I haven’t seen much Shia doing the same recently. That is the big uphill problem for the ‘Lets blame Iran for everything’ camp. There’s just this deafening lack of Shia terrorist attacks to make it easy for them. All they have is Iran saying they want to eliminate Israel. But then the next hurdle to overcome that few people in the West, other then maybe the odd evangelical, are ready to go out there and fight to make the world safe for Israel.


subsequently blew himself up

this means, he is a jihadist


Poorly planned.

If you cannot “get your target”. don’t waste your time or life

Americans are NOT WORTH killing yourself over

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