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US Eases Sanctions Against Russian Federal Security Service


Is this a sign of the rapprochement?

US Eases Sanctions Against Russian Federal Security Service

Federal Security Service headquarters © Oleg Klimov/Getty Images

TASS reports:

The US authorities eased sanctions against Russia’s Federal Security Service. Such information is contained in the General License No. 1 posted on Thursday by the Office of Foreign Assets Control of the US Treasury Department.

According to the license, “all transactions and activities” with participation of the Russian Federal Security Service, prohibited earlier by executive orders of the US President, are authorized with certain exceptions.

Russian Presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov has declined to make a statement on the United States’ decision.

“First we need to understand what it is all about,” Peskov said. “If we turn to the rocket engines matter, we will see that our US counterparts never impose sanctions that could damage their own interests.”



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  • barrowsron .

    praying this is a start

    • More

      This is the start of Russia’s defeat unless Mr Putin stands up against Trump in Eastern Ukraine.

      • Robert Ferrin

        Oh come now you have no knowledge of what’s going on behind the scene nor the name of the players,your like all the rest of the Putin bashers arm chair generals who think you have it figured out when you fail to even understand the problem…

      • Solomon Krupacek

        You can go and shoot all neocons. Show us, how brave are you!

        • More

          Solomon Krupacek
          “…You can go and shoot all neocons. Show us, how brave are you!…”

          You love being a Drama Queen, LoL:)))

  • More

    Trump is playing Mr Putin for a fool and coward with a mini carrot and big stick approach vy starting a serious military escalation by Ukraine on Donbas.

    This is so called lifting of sanctions is insignificant as the limit for the financial transactions allowed is US$5000 per year.

    Unfortunately Mr Putin is both a coward and a fool until he shows willingness to call Trumps bluff by wiping out the Ukrainian heavy tanks and armor that has entered the ceasefire areas of the Donbas in violation of the Minsk accord.

    • VGA

      Trump doesn’t care about Ukraine, dude …

      • More


        Trump is master of double speak.

        Yesterday the new Trump appointed US Ambassador to the UN strongly condemned Russia for the aggression in Ukraine when it was the other way around, the Ukraine Military was attacking the civilian Russian population in Ukraine.

  • Solomon Krupacek

    Bullshit! No changes. The FSB is now responible for import duty. Therefore is allwed to contact the personal responsible for this 1 single thing.