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US Double-Dealing Policy Is To Blame For Death Of Russia’s General In Syria – Russian Foreign Ministry


US Double-Dealing Policy Is To Blame For Death Of Russia's General In Syria - Russian Foreign Ministry

Lieutenant General Valery Asapov

The death of Russia’s Lieutenant General Valery Asapov is a direct result of the US two-faced policy in Syria, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov said on Monday.

“The tragedy that we witnessed, the death of a Russian commander, is the price paid in blood for this double-dealing in the US’ policy [in the war on terror],” Ryabkov said according to the Russian state-run news agency TASS.

Asapov was killed in an ISIS mortar shelling near the city of Deir Ezzor on Sunday. He reportedly was a commander of Russian special task forces in the provinces of Deir Ezzor and Raqqah.

At the same day, the Russian Defense Ministry released a series of photos showing US Special Operations Forces strong points located in the ISIS-held area.

“The shots clearly show the US SOF units located at strongholds that had been equipped by the ISIS terrorists. Though there is no evidence of assault, struggle or any US-led coalition airstrikes to drive out the militants,” the minsitry said commenting the released photos.

On Monday, the ministry added that no fighting was observed between US-backed forces and ISIS north of Deir Ezzor city. Meanwhile, the US-backed Syrian Demorcatic Forces (SDF) accused Russia of striking its positions in this area. Russia rejected these claims.



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  • Russian225

    Well finally do something about it. US is there 100% illegally.

    • Bill Wilson

      fake news that’s manufactured for idiots like you!

  • Bruzer

    carpet bomb the “us isis sdf” units into the stone age

    • You can call me Al

      carpet bomb the “us” – end of

  • Timoteo Tufuga

    This discussion thread is clearly ideologically motivated, alluding to the fact that the US is in cahoots with the Islamic State. Such an allegations seem outrageous, but, if you really want to run with this then you might as well say that the Islamic State, the Kurds and the Americans are one and the same. And that America, the Kurds and Israel are the Islamic State as well.

    I find that your reasonable argument very difficult to swallow. In saying that the not so proxy conflict between the US led Combined Task Force of the Operation Inherent Freedom within the Syrian Democratic Front, led by the Kurdish YPG, will mean that Russia and America are now in direct conflict, well at least within Syria.

    From the evidence of Russian MOD footage of alleged American Special Forces Cadavas piled up at the back of a Truck in the outskirts of Deir Ez Zor, which has been reported to CTFOIR as SDF fighters and not US combatants directly, has been confirmed as SDF fighters and not as US military assets per se.

    The US military vehicles may also be the remnants of the unsuccessful attempt at winning the hearts and Minds of the Sunni Awakening attempt post Operation Iraqi Freedom back in 2010 with Operation New Dawn, when ISAF forces had given the Iraqi Sunni Humvees and NATO armaments for self defense initiatives against Iraqi Shia reprisals. The evidence of these vehicles being in the hands of IS may be evidence of these NATO goodwill initiatives half a decade ago? But, this is yet to be confirmed, of course.

  • Cyriak Papasissis

    Ryabkov means to say really that a number of ISIS commanders are in fact American-Israeli double agents , of the kind that they were airlifted to safety by US helicopters earlier. This is also how the ISIS stooges receive accurate coordinates of the whereabouts of the Russian Generals to target them . The former CIA deputy director of operations Mike Morell demanded Russian & Iranian top blood on TV some time ago.

    • Solomon Krupacek

      To the first sentence:
      thats true. But also russians, french, brits … AND Assad had own agents in the directorate of ISIS.



      • jhon malakiat

        saa has agent in isis to collect secret information from isis and use to destroy them.

        usa/uk and nato has agent in isis to destroy saa and syrian nation.

        its totally different.

        • Solomon Krupacek


        • Bob Kaczynski

          Assad is Not Syrian Nation
          He us the BUTCHER that started this Repressive murderous War.
          Against wishes of Majority of Syrians who are now Dead or driven out of Syria. This is Assads Strategy to stay in Power. Russia is complicit for own Selfish reasons

  • Prince Teutonic

    Maybe it’s time to “test” the Father of all Bombs…

    • That Guy

      It’s the perfect time to use it.

    • Maj Dan

      Maybe North Korea will help!

    • dutchnational

      On SAA?

      They will cr*p themselves.

      • Petrus Levelleri

        Fuck off troll

        • Bill Wilson

          You look like a queer. How many dicks do you suck each day?

        • cortisol

          He’s like JulianRoepcke (Jihadi Julian) on Twitter. Crazy and lying all the time even on matters of unambiguous facts.

    • jhon malakiat

      maybe syria can buy hidrogen bomb from north korea and use it to bomb usa backed kurd millitants..

  • dutchnational


    Russia and SAA clearly were not fully prepared crossing the river, apparently lacking enough bridging material to build ponton bridges, depending on amphibic vehicles for reinforcement and supplies.

    By using the undertrained NDF forces and without sufficient heavy waepons, IS fanaticism is apparently too much for Russians and SAA, with Syrian obs of Human Rights claiming IS klilled 79 SAA/Russians of which 7 russians. Also losses in tanks etc.

    As of course nothing is the fault of SAA and allies, someone else must be blamed.

    Well, bomb the SDF and blame the US.

    Easy. Yes. Correct? No.

    Should the US arm the SDF for selfdefense against illegal bombing attacks on Syrians not fighting SAA, then I think those sectarian attacks will soon be over once planes start dropping out of the sky when attacking SDF.

    • Petrus Levelleri

      In your dreams, dear troll.

      • dutchnational

        I clearly note you have no arguments. It is clear to see, Russias crossing of the Euphrates supported by the mighty NDF, is getting to be a nightmare for them. Huge lossess, no real advances, being overtaken by the more effective SDF, in short, a nightmare.

        Namecalling does not change the facts on the ground, just show your impotency.

        I look at the map east of the Euphrates, say a week ago and that of the present and it is clear who makes the advances east of the Euprates and who does not.

        So finished trolling?

        • Petrus Levelleri

          I see your point: The Russians-Syrian-Iranian-Hezbollah coalition are inefficient losers and the mighty SDF are the superwarriors here. Well, I guess that’s why the SAA and friends have wiped out ISIS from most of Syria, retaken Aleppo from Al-Nusra and ISIS (the “good” and “bad” guys alike), secured the border with Iraq and will surely get the oil fields sooner or later. Your Rojava Gypsies with Zio-terrorist support are doomed, thanks to Barzani and his idiotic referendum move (pushed by the Zios once again). Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran will tighten the screws slowly but surely, and then the gyspies will ask for help. Then FOAB comes in, which is what they deserve if they stick to their pipe dreams and their petty alliance with the Zios. Much to your dismay, trolly, the war looks very good for the Russia-Syria-Iran-Hezbollah alliance and very bad for the Zios. Stop with your toddler tantrum, ok? You lost, they won. Swallow your bitterness.

          • 888mladen .

            Like your photo. Strelkov is a hero with all the rest who have been eliminated on Kremlin orders (Mozgov, commander of Vostok battalion Betman and many others)

          • jhon malakiat

            very well said bro.
            your argument much better than troll dutchnational..

            without usa support, kurd millitant is shit. i bet my money, if hezbollah fight head to head against kurd millitia, hezbollah will wipe off kurd in sight..

      • Bill Wilson

        The SAA and drunk Russians suck at fighting. Probably because they’re sucking each other off.

  • Ronald

    US special forces embedded with SDF is announced ,

    US special forces embedded with ISIS , is found to be the fact . Unacceptable ..

    • jhon malakiat

      pls look at timeline since whem usa starting fighting against isis.

      before russia come to syria 2 years ago (nov-2015), usa just talk bulshit to fight isis. meanwhile isis territory growth everyday. once russia come, them suddenly there was histeria in usa..

      usa bulshit..

  • invernes

    Rip Lieutenant General Valery Asapov, and shame to the hell isis USA .

  • Nigel Maund

    Time to blow the SDF and the US out of Syria and shot down all US and NATO aircraft over Syrian territory. The US can never be trusted as the country is run by criminals under the control of the International Zionist Bankster Cabal. The sooner the US collapses internally due to its massive and unsustainable debts and its totally corrupted MIC dominated economy the better for the entire world. The remainder of the world needs to then impose sanctions on the US and then let it tear itself apart with a Civil War.

  • DJ Double D

    Syria is recognized throughout the whole world as a sovereign sate along with her territorial integrity. She has absolute right over the natural resources on her territory. You can’t come to the country uninvited and steal those even if you are using proxies. What you are seeing now is sure not the end of it.

    • Bill Wilson

      Syria is recognized around the world as a Third World Joke.

      • XRGRSF

        Sort of like Israel, but without nuclear weapons.

    • cortisol

      Using proxies for ethnic cleansing is even worse than stealing land. Regional powers must defeat these proxies and end the slaughtering. US bombing Raqqa not about Isis but killing Syrian arabs.