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US Diplomat Admits YPG Is ‘Syrian Offshoot’ Of PKK


US Diplomat Admits YPG Is 'Syrian Offshoot' Of PKK

The SDF waves a flag bearing PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan’s face in the centre of Raqqa

The long-standing Turkish media and diplomatic campaign to convince the US to accept that it’s supporting a local branch of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) in northern Syria has led to some results.

On November 15, US Special Representative for Syria James Jeffrey officially admitted that the Kurdish People’s Protection Units and their political wing the Democratic Union Party (PYD) are just a “Syrian offshot” of the PKK.

That local partner since 2014 has been the PYD, which is the Syrian offshoot of PKK, but we have not designated it as a terrorist organization which we did with the PKK,” Jeffrey said at a panel at the Defense One Summit, which brings top military, foreign policy and intelligence leaders to Washington to discuss US military diplomatic efforts around the world. “The mission of trying to bring peace to Syria, if you turn your back, even on the Turks, or on our allies in the northeast which is the SDF, which is an evolution of the PYD, which in its own sense, is an offshoot of the PKK.

The YPG and the PYD are the core of the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), which receive constant military, diplomatic and financial support from the US-led coalition, particularly the US. Despite clear links of the YPG/PYD to the PKK, which wages a long war against the Ankara government, Washington has repeatedly denied that its actions impact somehow the Turkish security.

As the Syrian conflict slowly enters its “post-ISIS” stage, the “Kurdish partners” of the US in northern Syria has become less important for the Washington establishment. So, it seems that the US has decided to admit Turkish security councerns thus endangering the future of the YPG/PYD in northern Syria.

Turkey has already carried out a large-scale military operation agains the YPG in the Afrin region in western Syria. The rest of the group’s area in northeastern Syria will be in serious danger if one day Washington stops defenind its “local partners”.



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  • Mike


  • jorge

    Hilarious, Ocalan followers “promoted” to great democrats. It’s hard to believe that the syrians kurds are all anarcho marxists, these guys can’t represent the syrian kurds, as they don’t represent the turkish or iraqi kurds.

  • World_Eye

    Oh like we don’t know without his admitting…LMAO

  • You can call me Al

    You ho, got the gist yet Kurds about selling your soul to the devil (Zio-US) >?.

  • S Melanson

    This was the signal to Turkey by the US as the Kurds butt handed to Erdogan, warm regards trump.

  • potcracker2588

    first of all kurds are and were dope dealers….hence their closeness with them satanic jews and the british….that they decided to sell their last pieces of soul to their jew/british masters and sided with invading forces and for the last 2 years have been part of one of the biggest kidnapping episodes on our planet by “forcefully recruiting” over 30,000 young syrian arabs… to make them fight a fake enemy which was created by your masters isis, hence thousands were beiing killed through a puppet show epsisode..because thats all that this bs is or isis story is from day 1.
    Assad said it best “kurds are traitors.We will deal with them accordingly” period!

  • Jens Holm

    No wonder many kurds would like to be more themselves.

  • Garga

    What gave it away?
    The enormous portrait of Ocalan in Raqqa or the tapes Turks apparently have about Kushner’s involvement in Khashoggi’s murder?

    Seems whatever Turks have is so damaging that the Trump administration is even willing to deliver Golan to Turks. Id say Turks played nicely…

  • Smaug

    Dude, it’s never been a secret that these guys are connected, but it’s hard not to get involved in the web of alliances. Right now it’s weird with both the Kurds and the Turks wanting to go to war with each other but we’re standing around maintaining a volatile peace. Yes, this poses a problem for Turkey because they can only fight defensively now, but months worth of intrigues show that they are working very hard to change that. I don’t think you understand, the Americans themselves don’t want to have to deal with this problem any more than anyone else!