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US Detained Ship Iranian Ship Carrying Medical Supplies Off China: Report

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US Detained Ship Iranian Ship Carrying Medical Supplies Off China: Report


Iran’s Fars news agency has reported that an Iranian company was recently notified that a shipment of zeolite being sent from China had been intercepted by a US warship. The announcement has not yet been confirmed or refuted either by Chinese or US officials.

While such a development would give the Trump administration the ‘escalation’ in hostile moves against both countries that it has been seeking, it would also make US maritime shipping anywhere near both countries vulnerable to reciprocal measures.

“Few days ago, we received a letter saying that our ship has been seized by a US warship at the port of Qingdao, making delivery of the cargo to us under a question mark, which gave us a bad shock,” Peyman Bakhshandeh-Nejad, the CEO of Zist Tajhiz Danesh Pouya company in Iran, told FNA on Wednesday.

“To produce oxygen concentrators we need to import only one part which is zeolite and we are forced to purchase it from France and import it to the country through several middle parties,” he added, elaborating on the cargo.

He said that the ship which was carrying zeolite for manufacturing the oxygen concentrators for coronavirus patients was seized in the vicinity of Qingdao port in north eastern China, adding that the cargo could be used for the production of 4,000 to 5,000 oxygen concentrator systems to be used by the patients.

An oxygen concentrator is a device that concentrates the oxygen from a gas supply (typically ambient air) by selectively removing nitrogen to supply an oxygen-enriched product gas stream.

A pioneering knowledge-based company in Iran had also in April produced a special oxygen concentrator system which can be used by the coronavirus patients at home.

“Oxygen concentrator is the knowledge-based product of the company. When the lungs are not powerful enough to pump the necessary oxygen into the blood, the system can increase the purity of the lungs’ oxygen,” Ali Ebrahimi, the CEO of the company, said.

He added that the system has been manufactured in three versions for use at home, in central locations and a portable variant.

Ebrahimi said that one of the most important applications for the oxygen concentrator systems is for coronavirus patients who can use it at home without therefore the need to visit a hospital.

US-led sanctions related to Iran’s alleged nuclear aspirations have made the importation of vital hospital equipment and medicines extremely difficult. While the US has denied it is targeting vital medicines and staples like food, Iran has said that all international trade, and just as importantly the possibility of making financial arrangements for such transactions, are being blocked irrespective of the goods involved. LINK

In late May the US backed off from the extremely provocative, and illegal, interception of Iranian vessels carrying fuel headed to Venezuela after the Trump administration insinuated that it was considering intercepting the fuel shipments in international waters.

As yet there has been no confirmation or negation of the report either from China or the US.


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Ivan Freely

If China is too chicken shit to use their Navy to escort their cargo then ship the supplies via air or land.

Zionism = EVIL

Very correct statement. The Americunts are provoking China to see how far they can push. Chinese navy needs to take a more aggressive stance and next thing they will be boarding all Chinese ships in international waters.

Lone Ranger

For every confiscated ship Iran and China should confiscate one too. Americant pirates dont understand diplomacy only brute force.

Zionism = EVIL

That is the only language the deadbeat rogue Americunt pirate failed state understands. China will have to take a more aggressive stance as they will keep on pushing its buttons and even tiny lapgogs like Australia, that live off China are barking.

Jens Holm

I feel nothing for Iranians since they attacked Danish helpers asked in by the Bagdad Goverment with ballistics.

If we ever are forced to send food to them – they produce weapons instead of food – we will parashute pigs for them.

I am more or less is like that for Lebanon, Syria and partly Iraq.

Who are You people. 2780 ton ammonium nitrate seemes to be the pendant to Teheran themselves in same kind of incomptent corruption. Most likely Iranians will detonate if we give them a nuke to keep them happy.

I almost dont feel no pity for the lira people financing collapses made by Hesbollah and Nasrali for years. Go and eat Katusjas or use them for fertilizers – AND WORK.

You are no learners.

Should my best hope be any store ammonitrat in Damaskus??? That migh solve a lot.


Now I am convinced that you killed Jens and ate him or something. Jens was an idiot but you, buddy, are an ars#ole.

Jens Holm

Thats what I think about it and see. Hesbollah has been the main minus destroyer of the Lebanese rebuilding and regaining. Assads was supported by them in the invasion. The money in Lebanon also are made into katusjas and for normal low cost soldiers as Hesbollh, they has to be supported by 3-4 full time hard workings.

Sorry I dodnt blæame the Jews as well. I do.


Jens Eater, I don’t want you to blame Jews, I want you to be less an ars#ole.

If that’s how you see things, then: چشمها را باید شست، جور دیگر باید دید (به درد تو نمیخوره، زور نزن ترجمه اش کنی)


That’s really really funny, Garga :)

cechas vodobenikov

a racist automaton—only primitive tribes w no individuality homogenize genders and have fashion closer to the body—u robots self uglify w tattoos like amerikans

Jens Holm

Thats right. I dont use diaoer and jump up and down in my own dirt. Our firce are to be calm when others are running like hens with no head.

We will send help too. It mainly will be money and we can send help for Corona because we hardly has any sick anymore and none dies.

Rhodium 10

Danish air force attacked SAA in Deir Ezzor to support ISIS to take the airbase!…thats the true face of your Danishtan

Zionism = EVIL

Danes are pastry Nazi cunts.

Jens Holm

And You are a cute nice little cookie:)

Jens Holm

Thats right. 80 dead showed the F16 is an exelent airplane. We and the world still dont know why. They were meant for ISIS and has killed many of them too.

I am so sorry.

Rhodium 10

Danish attacked SAA troops without air defense..no needed F-16 just every plane could do…the problem is that Danish air force supported the same who years after killed a Danish family in Bangladesh…

Rhodium 10

Sorry it was happened in Sri lanka and were killed the family of Danish Anders Holch Povlsen.

Zionism = EVIL

Americunts are getting desperate as the arms embargo is kaput and they can’t do a fucking thing as most sensitive material to Iran is transported by rail from Xinjiang. However, China needs to protect its shipping with naval escorts as Americunts are testing the boundaries of Chinese patience. Sending high ships closer to China and selling more arms to Taiwan are also more provocations

Jens Holm

If this was bread with stones, We could build houses with it and even the best dentists had no jobs. All restaurants only would serve soup.


Find this article hard to believe; no mention on Iranian official website the Press and it is doubtful that the Chinese would allow that to happen.


We have to wait and see if there will be more information, but right now it’s more of a rumor.

chris chuba

It was mentioned in Fars News facebook page. Why assume China would intervene since it is an Iranian ship and this happened sometime after leaving China either in international water or in another country’s territory.

Goran Grubić HardyVeles

Serbia has gigatons of zeolite. Just sayin’

Zionism = EVIL

Vucic sadly is a EU lapdog and vacillates. Serbia needs to join the Axis of Resistance if it had a nationalistic government.

Goran Grubić HardyVeles

If we have S300s we would have nationalistic goverment. Beside idealistic worldviews real life requires some hardware to back it up.

cechas vodobenikov

escorting vessels is silly—if the anglo fascists seize vessels; Iran or China will merely shut down the Hormuz straight—transforming US fake shale oil into coke and Pepsi

Lone Ranger

Fuckin pirates.


So, the low life Jewish sewage rats are out on this and once again, the scums have no shame, what do you expect from Jews and their bitches, like the Norwegain J. Holm, I am certain that scumbag is “norse”, because in Norway the brainwashing is unpresedented on this globe, and I know, and I could even link to their extatic babbeling in utter joy of Lebanes people been killed, and one of the few times I regret I didnt bookmark one site was how happy the Jews where when their hero Breivik slaughtered children and an good Jew would do and stil does, and somehow nobody talks about that either, not the west, nor the Russians witch risies my contemt for them by the day, and now they have an ball, yeah, nothing makes the Jews and AmeriTards more happy than watching “bombs” go off, and the disinfo campagne this days when they start their trail of bollocks with the asumption of this must be or been an Hezb storage facility, and then drools down the enitre coment with stacking more nonsense from then on, like Faker and others.

The ONLY good thing coming from this is that everything becomes much clearer, sick scums like J. Holm and other HasbaRats is kicked out into the open and is removing whatever doubt if any was left about what kind of low life scums we indeed are dealing with. So to round this up, I will give you an explanation about people like J. Holm and His leauge of Paranoia Freppers. Saxed from Wikipedoia an Jewish run shithole about people like J. Holm, if He is Danish, that dont change much, most Norwegians are from that country anyway.

The brown rat (Rattus norvegicus), also known as the common rat. ( I personaly have nothing against rats, but then I mean, genuine rats) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brown_rat


Jens Holm

I am honored being mentioned that much by You and how. Thank You. It confirms I am doing pretty well.

Soon You will be a beekeeper making lights for 7 armed candelabres.


Americans must be so proud of their brave navy. Well done chaps…be sure to post photo’s, especially your gender neutral or homo grunts handcuffing these evil civilian merchants. Would be great if the weapons had rainbow colors on them… what an opportunity. Anyway, congrats US Navy…

Simon Ndiritu

Iran needs to consider detaining one vessel of the US criminal terrorist empire, It seams that is the only language they understand. Such action humbled UK clowns not long ago.

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