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US Department Of Treasury Plans To Impose More Sanctions On Iran’s IRGC

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US Department Of Treasury Plans To Impose More Sanctions On Iran's IRGC

IRGC members

The US Department of Treasury is going to impose more sanctions on the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin told Fox News on Sunday.

Accordign to the statement, Mnuchin had already discussed this issue with representatives of other countries at the latest meetings of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund.

“I’ve had very direct conversations with my counterparts about what we’re trying to do with Iran,” he said. “We’re going to be working with them on that.”

The new sanctions will further fuel tensions between the US and Iran that are alreay rapidly deteorating. On Friday, President Donald Trump announced the new US strategy on Iran and the Department of Treasury designated the IRGC as a terrorist group.

“The IRGC’s stated purpose is to subvert the international order,”the new US strategy says. “The IRGC’s power and influence have grown over time, even as it has remained unaccountable to the Iranian people, answering only to Khamenei. It is hard to find a conflict or a suffering people in the Middle East that the IRGC’s tentacles do not touch.”

The Trump administration has also launched a diplomatic offensive against the Iran nuclear deal aiming to tighten pressure on Iran within it or to even review it in favor of the US and its allies.

The US and its key parters in the Middle East – Israel and Saudi Arabia – see the growing Iranian power as a key threat to their influence in the region.

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jerry hamilton

The last thing America want is peace and stability. America… Sucking Israel’s genitals is optional. Not compulsory.

Terence Silvestre Jr.

American children’s tantrums for their shameful failure in Syria from the hand of Syria and its allies, without realizing the fools that Iran and Russia learned to live and survive quite well with their useless americans sanctions. So much, that they do not affect and affect them as before, thus, adding failure after failure of their sanctions goals without achieving their evil purposes. Damn and evil Americans

Real Anti-Racist Action

Russia must support this behind the scenes. Cause USSA’s sanctions are always a prelude to USSA’s invasion’s that happens down the road always. Russia could end this whole silly game without any violence at all. Sell Iran the S-400 or coming S-500 system and the problem is resolved permanently. As long as Iran is stuck with useless S-300 junk that every single Israel US made aircraft and fly right past, then to the US Iran is still vulnerable and ripe for open conquest!


Iran survived fine for decades with even older gear from the days of the Shah. If anything the SA-300 is a huge upgrade to them. Something new for them to upgrade and tinker with for another decade. Iran also has itself to blame. You sell them any piece of military gear and they will copycat it and build it themselves. Russia wants to earn some money selling military hardware, not give away examples for others to build themselves. At least with the Saudis you know its going to end up wasting away uselessly in some desert, as the Saudi princes can’t be bothered to use them properly. Copy the SA-400? Pff, too much work for those lazy buggers.


what is wrong with iran building their own version of things?


Nothing from the POV of Iran. Everything from the POV of non-Iranian arms manufacturers. They want to get paid for their hard work designing and building stuff. And their workers like steady jobs too. In the end the arms industry is not a charity business, and if Iran wants to build stuff, without paying others for their hard work, then they should design their own stuff from scratch, and not rip others off. That kind of business tends to make people not want to trade with you. So maybe there is something wrong with it from the long term POV of Iran as well.

Whereas the Saudis, again, they can’t reverse engineer shit if their lives depended on it. So everyone is perfectly willing to sell them everything.


Iran started to reverse engineer because nobody was selling it and the country needed the gear in the war. Heck, they even didn’t deliver the things they signed contracts for and Iran fully paid for them in advance, like military utility ships on the ground that it will be used in war! While at the same time armed Saddam. The US still neither delivered the 80th Tomcat and some other hardware, nor refund the money Iran paid.

Iran pays for the license whenever a country is willing to do it, as evident by purchasing license and blue prints from Russia and Ukraine (An-140) for many arms and whatnot. It’s doing the same in auto and appliances industry.

Reverse engineering and not paying for the research is not fair, it was done by so many countries in the past: Germany did it to Britain, Japan did it to the US and Europeans, Taiwan did it to Japan, Vietnam did it to Taiwan and China did it to everybody. We can’t sit idly in the face of threats. It’s a money the arms manufacturers lose, because of US’s idiotic policies.

DJ Double D

You only forgot one thing: US did and is doing same to every other nation. US is not a genius.


Iran got the S-300 PMU2 with many parts from the S-400 system. The difference between S-300 PMU2 and S-400 isn’t huge. In fact the S-400 is alternatively called the S-300 PMU3. The S-300 is more than enough to take out anything the US or Israel have in their inventory and Iran is about to unveil its own long range air defense system called ‘Bavar’.

Solomon Krupacek

this will not change the fact, it is old sytem. moreover, only export, not advancd version.


Is S-300 made out of paper, cardboard or wood? I’m a bit confused.

Daniel Rich

@ Garga,

Thanks for a good laugh. Appreciated.


So correct BL. US air war over Iran would bring home so many pilots in body bags and leave so many smouldering wrecks on Iranian hillsides it would not be tolerated back home. Pentagon knows this. Straits of Hormuz would close to world traffic. We have seen that even the poor Yemenis keep knocking out warships with missiles. Iran can do much better. And who would be interested in a land invasion? Not a single American or Israeli! They might try to nuke everything of course, but that would be such a PR coup wouldn’t it?


iran has already made their own reverse engineered version of the S-300 known as Bavar S-373 i think, it fixed the weaknesses of the S-300 i read :))

Solomon Krupacek

and will be as vulnerable as were iraqi t-72s in comparison to russians. dont forget, iran made low level copy of expoert version of old system ;)


Haha u wish pal


Far from junk.


Even EU doesn’t give a crap about these US sanctions, which is quite telling. Just another chapter of USA losing world wide influence and in the end, their currency, and ability to leech free resources from the rest of the worlds economy.

USA can be saved if they stop sucking mother Israeli titties but I guess that’s too much to be asked.

Clive Hurston

Pitiful to see a superpower groveling at Israel’s feet and receptive to her every bidding, like a true and loyal slave. Israel’s frustrated plan for Syria (death, destruction, division) has failed miserably, so now the baby-killers in Tel Aviv are kicking Plan B into action: pressure its huge, stupid goy benefactor to attack Iran . .


Same old BS from the US treasury, more sanctions ….more sanctions, sanctions/adversities make capable countries stronger and far more resourceful. Look at Russia, Iran is following the same pattern for similar results.

Russia could deploy Mig31 interceptors on Iranian soil, flying patrols in conjunction with the Iranian Air Force aircraft.


America cannot do anything of Iran. America first win war from Afghani Taliban and Mujahidin then think about Iran because Taliban and Mujahidine have no any modern weapons and are at much weaker position than Iran. May be America wants to be beaten from four sides. America should think about their army because they are the children or parents of someone. They are for their country border protection not for operations in thousands miles away in another countries.


This is a desperate call for help, as US and Israel know their strategy in the mideast is all but doomed to fail, as their ISIS project has been raped in the ass, iraq+syria+iran+turkey are all being united, this is them just grabbing at the last straws, its hilarious honestly, such pathetic ziotools


Trump’s anti Iran stance will probably last as long as Jew Rosenstein’s Mueller witch hunt, and Jew Sherman’s impeachment articles. Once those are swept into the dust bin of history where they belong, it should be back to America First and getting the Israel firsters out of government.


I hope we all live to see this


The fact that they had to resort to something this extreme shows how much in trouble they are with many Americans who are getting fed up with Jewmerica.


I hope it won’t hamper IRGC operations


““The IRGC has played a central role to Iran becoming the world’s foremost state sponsor of terror.”

The US Government deserves a Pinocchio award for this bit of fiction. Few Americans or anybody else believes this nonsense. They look at our government like these people are crazy. The only ones lapping up these lies are Jews.

You can read about the sanctions here:


The Iranians have come to expect this type of foolishness and have prepared accordingly to negate any negative effect that they might have.


I hope so

Kourosh Ghaaedi

Trump`s anti-Iran rethoric will lead to increasing raw materials specially Gold, silver, litium,radium,Uranium and many others. This trend will hurt european economy because europeans are the biggest importers of raw materials.

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