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JUNE 2023

US Department Of State Is Butthurt By SouthFront Work, Once Again

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US Department Of State Is Butthurt By SouthFront Work, Once Again

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The fog of war over the censorship of SouthFront on YouTube and Facebook has cleared away. As we wrote earlier, SouthFront was attacked because of our coverage of the developing COVID-19 crisis.

The US Department of Defense accused SouthFront of spreading “disinformation”, “global mistrust and confusion”.

“So the first — and I think the most pernicious disinformation that we have to contend with is the disinformation that is sowing global — global mistrust and confusion. These are messages that are endangering global health because they’re undermining the efforts of governments, of health agencies, and of organizations that are in charge of disseminating accurate information about the virus to public, so I pulled just a few examples:

As recently as late March, which is pretty recently if you think about it, we found in Sputnik and in RT, we found articles claiming that hand-washing was ineffective. You know, we’ve seen in mid-March reporting from — there’s a website called Southfront — which is actually a Russian-backed, English language, what they call alternative news source — and in this news source there was reporting that there actually was no pandemic and that some deaths in Italy might in fact have been from the common flu,” Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Russia, Ukraine and Eurasia Laura Cooper said during the press briefing on April 9.

It is interesting to note that while SouthFront provided some coverage of the COVID-19 crisis, there was only a few articles regarding the virus itself. The most popular of them is the article entitled “SARS-CoV-2 Mortality Is Distorted”, which SouthFront published on April 19. We suggest you to read the article by yourself and decide whether or no there is ‘disinformation’. By now, all the conclusions of scientists regarding the COVID-19 crisis covered in that article have been confirmed. The scientific fact is that the real mortality rate from SARS-CoV-2 is less than 1%.

Another possibility is that Ms. Cooper referred to the article entitled “Artificial Region Of Fear: Italy’s High Death Toll From COVID-19 Is A Result Of Mild Flu Season”. However, this text was published on April 1, not in mid-March. It clearly refers to the source of the covered facts. Almost the same information was reported by Bloomberg.

The articles “SARS-CoV-2 Mortality Is Distorted” and “Artificial Region Of Fear: Italy’s High Death Toll From COVID-19 Is A Result Of Mild Flu Season” include no exaggerations or unfounded hypotheses. They refer to the researches and surveys made by scientists and respectful scientific centers.

The incompetence of Ms. Cooper and her contemptuous disregard of the audience raise eyebrows. She both lies and tries to distort real facts. On the other hand, SouthFront Team is glad to see that our work causes a butthurt of various incompetent officials, including the US and Russian ones. Such persons have no moral or juridical right to get their salaries from taxpayers’ money.

SouthFront asks the US Department of State to take a closer look at the facts provided by our team, including the articles “SARS-CoV-2 Mortality Is Distorted”, “Artificial Region Of Fear: Italy’s High Death Toll From COVID-19 Is A Result Of Mild Flu Season” and draw own conclusions about the competence of Ms. Cooper.

We hope that YouTube Team includes more competent and scrupulous people that would not allow themselves to be roughly manipulated.

And the last but not least, SouthFront wants to say a Big Thank You to our audience for its constant support of our work.



Account: southfront@internet.ru

US Department Of State Is Butthurt By SouthFront Work, Once Again

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US Department Of State Is Butthurt By SouthFront Work, Once Again

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US Department Of State Is Butthurt By SouthFront Work, Once Again


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US Department Of State Is Butthurt By SouthFront Work, Once Again

US Department Of State Is Butthurt By SouthFront Work, Once Again US Department Of State Is Butthurt By SouthFront Work, Once Again US Department Of State Is Butthurt By SouthFront Work, Once Again US Department Of State Is Butthurt By SouthFront Work, Once Again US Department Of State Is Butthurt By SouthFront Work, Once Again


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US Department Of State Is Butthurt By SouthFront Work, Once Again

SouthFront: Analysis & Intelligence Team

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Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

I will always recommend and share southfront work

Zionism = EVIL

Seriously, since I am born cynic I am really impressed how South Front with very limited resources and no backing from anyone but its growing global audience is doing a first rate objective job despite all types of loser cunts trying to demean its work. First of all let’s get one thing clear, the stupid dumbasses who call themselves “Americunts” are basically degenerated gutter trash from all over the world as the only real AMERICANS are the native people who suffered a holocaust at the hands of the Anglo-trash that invaded their peaceful land and brought in slavery and racism and now with the streets on fire KARMA is a BITCH.

Since the liar motherfuckers spend billions on propaganda and surveillance police state that has bacfired at home and abroad. Let me give the thin skinned inbred racist rednecks at the “State Department” and moronic CIA a word of experienced advice. Morons, people around the world hate you cunts because you are ignorant and arrogant murderous racist bastards who have invaded dozens of countries and killed millions of civilians and plundered global resources for Jew greed. The mean streets of America are burning not because of Southfront or “alternate” media reporting, but for the FACT that you idiots have a fat dumbass racist fuckwit for a president who is stoking racism, hate and wars. You fuckwits can’t even spread germ warfare properly and the Pimpeovirus backfired on your dumbasses, your people are dying like rabid dogs, not because of Russia, China, Iran or Bhutan, but because your Jew parasite masters spend trillions on wars, rather than the trailer trash who have no health care, social safety net or jobs. Even a blind man with a cane up his arse can see that Americunts are fucked, so stop blaming others for your misery and get rid of of fat Pimpeo, the moron is making people hate America even more. So fuck off and spot blaming the objective media for telling the obvious TRUTH!

John Brown

Generally, I agree. However, by going along with the ‘just a flu’ nonsense that Zionist filth like Donald Trump are pushing, SouthFront is setting itself up to be shut down on that pretext.

Was Covid19 a ZOG bioweapon? Very likely. As people who are genuinely monitoring this situation like the folks at Occidental Dissent have documented, it certainly isn’t ‘just a flu’- it’s now killed more Americans than all but two previous biological outbreaks. That’s the interesting problem.

And why are dissident minded people having crap like ‘Covid 19 is caused by 5G promoted to them’? That’s ridiculous. I mean, I’m fine with burning 5G towers, but if Covid is your conern, go to Ukraine and burn ZOG bioweapon labs instead.



Tommy Jensen

No activist climb 20m up in a electrified mast with 25l gasoline, throw the gasoline on the 5G panels, take up a lighter from the pocket, lit the gasoline and climb down and away again unseen. This can only be done by Deep State provocateurs with other means.

The issue with 5G and Corona is, that the 5G waves eat max oxygen at 60 Ghz, which in especial occasions can cause difficulties in the lungs.

Corona is something in the lungs.Thats the professional relation.

Jens Holm

Most deep state is selfcreated. You has so much which is not even allowed to debate about. You hardly debate here, You mainly just tell, what some propgandist in Your Goverment tells and by that avoid fees, jail, torture and death.

The deep state are people, which from birth are forbidden to learn and reflect and kept away from the sober parts.

About USA its allowed to have mre the one oppinion about things. Therefore its no strange the medias dont write the same things in copy paste. The problems are when some deep stater makes other believe that because fx malaria medicine is a very strange kind of stuff, it by that also has a positive effect and even forgetting its well descriebed formany years, You have a very big risk for many kinds of sideeffects even for life.

Ypur 5G is a non proven fantasy and has been there since Edison made the first bulp.

We also saw vomen in space sould bleed to death and fast trains would be out of oxygen after 30 miles pr hour.

Tommy Jensen

Now its gets complicated. I am trying to keep to facts only. 5G eats oxygen. Corona is said to be lung problem. Whether or not this is true or dangerous I dont reflect, just saying the logical relation between these two factual statements makes a relation between 5G and Corona possible.

Same with the burning masts. Is it probable that “activists” climb 20m up in a heavy electrified mast to burn some 5G panels. No! So conclusion is, it must be another media psy-op blaming activists for something which may only exist in the media manipulation, or if they really burned, some other people must have done it with a political purpose.

You are right its difficult to judge the many sided opinions about for example the malaria drug and that this drug is a problematic drug even for malaria.

Taken from a private company in relation to their sale analyses: https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/23c23fc80aaff9db1b09b45076e6cc6bee6587de6e64b177ca6adf78e3775e77.gif

Jens Holm

I see no reasons for You or anyone else should relate oxygene and 5G.

Lungproblems often is not even a reasult of lack of Oxygen but the lungs are made into malfunktion be many reasons.

Some virus or bakteria eating the lungs has nothing to do with oxygen or not. The oxygen is the only help You can get to compensate, the lungs are being destroyd.

Uts about the same non solution if You get shot and the lungs dont work. The lungs might be first class, but they cant adabt osygen because they might be paralised. Many lives are safedin warhospital making the lungs artifial moving in and out. Thats very mechanic but also has nothing to do with oxygen but maybee Your lungs has been filled with blod or domething else.

I can only see You try to invent tracks which is not there at all.

If You insist in 5G can harm us, You have to find reasons, which might be more plausible.


The US has much bigger problems to worry about than Southfront.












Jens Holm

Its not like that. They believe in their system even a lot of things should be renewed.

They know what they have and in this feel fear.

And it makes no sense only to divide in collors. My naigbors little girl can do that even she is only 3 years old.

Its very much about You by majority rule decide the cheepest solutions. By that You too often get what You pay for, which is not what You expect. It dont work.

Too many examples from USA. They need reforms. I only see Sanders as a sign for that, but they most likely gets Biden behaving alost like a senile again and again.

I also allow me to wonder how they can keep a Trump. I partly can see the reasons well. Too much in USA and especially the thinking about being independent from an agressive state is far out.

Too much is upside down too often. A good example is in some states the schools get money for how many they graduate, which say they in poor knowledge areas gets much less.

In Denmark we try to get those low and non educated a chance by giving all the same oportunities and in the low part some extra help here and there.

So the pupils by that as minimum get the same possibilities even most from those area still remain in the low educated sector. It also includes all much better.

We dont have the contrast and trenches USA and many others has. We name it as consencus.

Examples. After the first Corona chock all followed the correct behaving. We are lowest in corruption. We trust the police. Healhcare, school and hospitals are the same for all.


The problem is one of race, a parasitic international clique of blood suckers that rule over the country are systematically milking it dry in a process of controlled demolition. The fake corona virus pandemic has little to do with the riots that did not arise organically, Antifa and BLM are the main perpetrators.



Jens Holm

If it was like that, You all already was dead long time ago apart from some few in the Zoos.

We are not as You descriebe.

The main problems are well descriebed andYou too. Yesterday some here tryed to feel Corona connected to 5 G as well.

My only problem for that is making enough beds in the menthal hospitals.

And as too often, You are far away from the 95% peacefull ones. They dont count for You. If they did the USA will not collapse tomorrow or next week and be as where You probatly are.


I don’t live in the United States of America. The number of people who die per year from all causes in any country are a drop in the bucket compared to the overall population, more people die from car accidents and drug overdoses, including both illicit and legal drugs.


Jens Holm

I already has my own oppinion. Ilearned it as a bóyscoiut when I was 9 years old.

It was LISTENING and by that dinding Your own oppinion.

You spread alarming things of the worst kind.


Police Racism: A Manufactured Crisis: youtube. com/watch?v=RPAeYpl3Vhc

youtu. be/gO5lOWpL40I?t=2541

Jens Holm

You only add but forget the subtractions.

Naming it as police racisme is only trying tp handle the surface. Its exact the same for people here again and again predict USA will collapse tomorrow.

You not even has the language to descriebe whats REALLY going on or not. DEmocrasy is not a srupid version of, what You might prefare. You always descriebe it as majority rule or something like that.

Its not. The magic is the power AND responsability are divided out to many many many persons and by that has a net of relative independent parts, where Yo fx deny to see USA acutally are 52 staes as well as there inside thosestates are many more deciders being responsible then the Goverment.

The system has very very good advantageses but also dirty corners and not only among blacks. But its partly meant to be like that and by nature creates too many loosers but also many many more winners.

So USA can compensate for that, if they want to. Denmark, Sweden and Norway do that. We take parts of the Kapitalistic incomer made by the most people living here and divide it out to all in solidarity, where school, education, healtcare, hosptals and pension are free for all.

It works. We dont have the contrasts as we see in USA and other countries, where too many are poor because they have no choise. By that we take great parts of the poor into real productivity and use their skills. They are included, trust us as we do and support.

That has nothing to do with racisme or not or political done or not. Its about people are able to or will fo the needed changes for integration or assimilation.

That goes for muslims here in Denmark but also others. YOU GET THE POSSIBILTY. Thats the important point.

By changes both ways about 50% of the muslims are doing just fine. In the next generations many more will be better taxpayers too.

So there is a “the rest”. Here I gladely pay for the traumatixed ones and other wounded.

BUT THE REST IS SHIT. If they dont want to be a part of Our Country, they should go homeright away.

We dont want enclaves for things which Our democrasy has eroded down a little by little the last 100 Years. We dont want 10 or 100 times overcrime by any here because they are like that and deny to understand education is important and watches are onl for car bombs.

We dont want women treated as doone in Islam and kept Sharia.NO WAY. Women are not as its written to the many, which cant even read it.

So patterns among socalled minority groups are not about race but very much about raise against human facts in in no respect for humans, if they are vomen.

The last 15 years Denmark has had 2 female Premiere ministers. They are not trunned by their fathersm husbond or brothers and also can walk free in the streets because we have raised men to, ehat normal men are.

And thats were the exact same dividings in USA are. You ignore mny black poeple actually are doing just as fine as not only white ones but as the rest of USA and for that matter Denmark too.

Its about a lot of bad excuses and important things to get a life are denied. Its also very difficult to find any compromises for family lowas and traditions, which are kept like Sharia being 100% against the rights and responsabilities by Our or the American Constitution.

You dint relate to facts such as USA and We has more equal rights amóng gernders and it pays off. You ignore Our female oiliticians are just as good as men and are elected for their quailification. You ignore 40% of the Danish GDP is made by vomen and 7 of 12 main ploice districts has female Leaders.

We can only see Your wishes dont pays off even if You keep Your females even more stupid then Yourself.

For thats what You do right here. You dont wish 330 mio people well and even they should go back to soem of the worst systems in the whole word, so they can be in the same quaqmire as You.

That seemes to be equal rights for You.




South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Sweden are templates for the destruction of Europeans (including Russians) and extensions of European civilization (Canada, US, Australia, New Zealand).

Jens Holm

Some links wold be nice.

I am sure You are green and has 3 legs and are on mars putting fuel on Pathfinder.

Tommy Jensen

Here is a link. Yuri has other links on youtube describing in more detail how ideological political subversion of a nation functions where he uses Holland as an example. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bX3EZCVj2XA


He has a point, as for the source of the problem I beg to differ.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T5zkjRlfw70 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fg_rhpiyQuQ


Culture of Critique (Part III in this trilogy of books): https://archive.org/details/CultureOfCritiqueForNormiesPartIIIJewsAndTheLeft_201803


[1. “Cultural Marxism” didn’t penetrate mainstream consciousness until Bill Lind and Pat Buchanan started talking about it in the early 1990s. But, its roots can be traced back to Marxist Aesthetics which surfaced before the 20th Century.]


https://www.bitchute.com/channel/hzQA0zukkcdT/ https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/02a23feb72772a348e7a1856c7e0e89d165707b7dda92113511d3f2d47d37622.png


Solzhenitsyn — The Marxist ‘Scholar’ [Excerpt from the Gulag Archipelago]: https://www.bitchute.com/video/PAnTvDjRjwxs/

Jens Holm

Thanks for the link. I know much about it even I am not as clever as all the ones using those methods.

Putting in holland, South Adrica and sweden in this makes no sense. If true, its just exmples og many.



Jens Holm

And remember Old Adam and Grandpa Noah as drunk all the time ….

I hardly reemember South Africa bach in time. And has the other ones changed thongs a lot. I dont see that.

And how many generations of whites does it take to release the Black minds in USA. And is it all. No its not.

We see millions of blacks just doing find even they have Cosbys too.

Very much is aselvmade aganeda excuse. So many million more blacks could do fine, but as in Arabistan, they need to change and deny and incist.

I allow med to add that all countries has a bottom, a top and a middleclass. someones has to be the lowest. But if You insist to do nothing about it, its Your own fault.

So I say as for half of the Muslims here in Denmark. They dont fit in because they deny to integrate and certainly never will assimilate.

We dont need muslims as they are, when they arrive. Most of them are not even asked to come but to make livibgs, where they fit in at home. They cant even read the Choran and only know what they are told by traditions and old men.

How can it be told, It has been written 1300 years ago and so many cant even read and we as “white ” people has to learn them to read and write as tranlate it toa language, they understand.

It that white surpremasy. How can any respect the 3 written religions, when miliions and millions not even ca see if the text is about carrepair or raising chickens better.

Big parts of the Black people are like that. I would like to invest a lot in the rest.

Ashok Varma

Just forward Southfront links to at least 10 friends and family. That is what I have done :)

Assad must stay

me too, they have no equal really so far


I disagree with Sf regarding the current pandemic but, the US DoS has no business getting on SF for what is on this site. Everybody has their opinion and the fact that DoS finds this inconvenient is telling as to how much they have been banged up in the public eye.


Hi everyone, come here to meet for sex – http://tiny.cc/fieypz

Fleecing Rabbi

Hi everyone, come here to meet hasbara for sex, http/tiny.dick/Meshuggenah putz

Bill Wilson

Cool! Let’s all bust a nut for SF!




do you deny the media age of death is 80? where is the mayhem? why so many hospitals empty? even if you disagree, shut up. clearly the big issue is how the government reacted. im sorry your life is boring and you want to feel like you are living on the edge but its just the flu

Zionism = EVIL

Dude, the Jew parasites don’t give a fuck about the people, it is all about profit and plunder. The Americunt stupid arseholes are bankrupt and 200 million now have no jobs but they are increasing spending on wars and police state. With fucked up priorities like that, no wonder the streets are on fire. On top of that they are promoting conflicts from China to Venezuela, so go figure!


You making me laugh. This is a very reactionary and of the wall reply to me, after I expressed my opinion. You are as bad as the US DoS. You work for them?


LOL @ SF appealing to Yehudtube for fairness and insinuating that they’ve been manipulated by the Pentagram and Dept. of Hate.

Reminder: Yehudtube, Tweeter and FaceBerg are run by the neoliberal wing of Globohomo; which is, fortunately enough, feuding with the cohenservative wing. Trump just pulled their platform status due to the ongoing spat between the two factions.

Zionism = EVIL

The stupid cunts have lost the global propaganda war too and that is why they are freaking out any objective media instead of looking at why their shithole streets are on fire.

AM Hants

I like Trump’s hissy fit with Twitter, but, do feel the knock on effect will have severe reverberations. With regards any alternative media site that does not sing from the hymn sheet of the MIC and Media choir.


US is burning not because of independent media reporting, but as its intelligentsia is now acknowledging openly, that the US is a failed state.

Dr. Cornel West said on Friday we are witnessing the failed social experiment that is the United States of America in the protests and riots that have followed the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police. Dr. West told CNN host Anderson Cooper that what is going on is rebellion to a failed capitalist economy that does not protect the people. West, a respected professor told CNN news that US system of unbridled capitalism and concentration of wealth in the hands of a few white people has brought this catastrophe, where a racist mostly white police simply kills black people and minorities without any justification and this murder is state sanctioned. He also stressed that US has an evil past and even more insidious present.


Rioting spreads to most US cities including Atlanta

John Brown

Exactly. Multiracial nation is an oxymoron.

AM Hants

Just reading about the riots and cannot comprehend the violence. I understand the anger, but, it does not justify the violence.

Over in the UK we are locking up abuse victims with full support of media and police. So we are no better. #justiceforellie. However, town concerned went for respectful, peaceful, lockdown protest, using cars. A few did not behave so well, but, just a minority, as the local reporter was forced out of the town.

Tommy Jensen

Everything is staged. Incredible we never learn that after so many false flags. https://youtu.be/5ygeFUQz2fM

AM Hants

That is what I cannot comprehend, is the fact that it does not matter how many false flags get exposed, the masses never make a connection. They still believe the media and the politicians.

General Flynn papers declassified and I wonder if the timing of this happening is a coincidence?

Tommy Jensen

They say nothing happens in politics unless it is detailed designed and planned.

For the sheeple we have this: Cowardice. If the sheeple should admit the Authorities are lying them up in their face, they would either have to act or face their own cowardice.

They cant do both, why they are left with the solution to live in an illusion and fight everyone who disturb their unjustified sense of comfort and security.

Hookers are making the same illusion about their pimp. They think their pimp protect them while in reality he is only exploiting them.


Soros agents trying to start a ‘race war’.

Jens Holm

There we go again. You forget Rotchilds and their many cigars and wine.

I am so tired of people still thinking there is a Nobel price for lyiong and bad excuses.


the brits loved ghandi too.. it allowed them to hold the country an extra 2 decades to plunder it..

Jens Holm

Britts didnt plunder India at all. It was minus.

Jens Holm

Its glass i more then full again and again, so I do understand, what they can do.

I do understand the fightings in Syria in thesame way. Its people not having any influence and kept way from it.

USA even can elect a president which has a majoroty of the votes. And even all by the constitution has the right to vote, You many placeshave to register and be tested ok to vote. Election district are manipulated a lot in mainly Republican states but also in Democraticones and so much is winner takes all. is it fair for any one party take 40% of the votes and 2 others takes 30% each and the 40% gets all.

Thats how too much is.

And for the poor they have less rights then our poor peasents hands has 100 years ago. Those Emmigrated to mainly America because of that:(

Jens Holm

Actyally USA are 52 United states. Where else do You find 52 united states.

I agree in many problems but not its failed. They can fall from a high ranked level. So many You probatly forget to compare with has a lower level the USA ever will fall down to.

Just because parts are failed I see nothing better the Kapitalisme. But they dont compensate as Sanders say inspred by Skandinavia and by that make too many loosers.

Its only partly true, what Cornel West try to tell. As often, he has no alternative. Shpuld all gop to socialisme ot Muhammed Edonomics ?

They and others including You certainly need to understand much more before You just mpve away the rich white ones.

Toy seemes to ignore the poor white ones too. No surprice.

Tommy Jensen

I agree 100% with my government. Deep State Department who are managing the worlds regions, our military bases and US Embassies all over the world cannot work as an orchestra, if someone continues to beat loudly on their homemade drum set.

The Corona thing is an serious US worldwide exercise to show America’s tremendous globalist forces and to negotiate out from a position of global steel and global strength, that will forever change humanity into peace. In your mothers basement you guys can drum all you want, but not globally where WE are! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/67156e4acd509b813b0e1a1ebcebe53171ccb85e8d61d7dc86f2272fd7d099a3.jpg


Is that the chemical weapons the US used in Syria?


Yes, there will be a White Helmet somewhere :)

Zionism = EVIL

Iranian people, meanwhile, held a gathering in the northwestern holy city of Mashhad, mourning Floyd’s death and lighting up candles in his memory and calling for end to racism in the US.

Tommy Jensen

It was not racism. Nobody are thinking of the conditions these white police officers work under. Keeping Russia out, and Germany down!

Tommy Jensen

No. Its the result of all your mothers fried chickens………………….LMAOL.

Tommy Jensen

……and you Dad had to strangle every penny out of it he could………………LOL.

Tommy Jensen

Those jokes were so funny man.


You are in no position of strength no more,you still don’t get it do you,fk no,pay up cia/invalids or begone,worse than 3rd world national debt!

Fleecing Rabbi

We are losing control of the internet as too much truth is being told by SouthFront.

Zionism = EVIL

You got it Rabbi. Mazal Tov!

Jens Holm

I dont think thats the point at all.


The US DoS is , as always, projecting their own lies and childish propaganda onto honest journalism.

In the words of Pompous Pompeo, ” We lie, we cheat, we steal”.

The whole world is recognising the US Zio-Mafia regime now.

Zionism = EVIL


The Iranian Foreign Ministry has strongly denounces rampant bloodshed of African-Americans in the United States and the country’s suppression of the protests that have followed the recent grisly murder of a black man by a white police officer in Minneapolis.

“Iran regrets the tragic murder of black Americans, denounces deadly racial profiling in the United States & urges authorities to do justice for every case,” the ministry said in a tweet on Friday.


LOL @ the idea that police in US are genociding Basketball-Americans.

Lifetime risk of black American being killed by police: 1 in 1000

Lifetime risk of black American being killed by another black American: 1 in 21


The glaring fact is the US State Department has lost control of the propaganda narrative which the US had been pushing around the world. US today is a burning wreck of failed experiment and we are witness to its accelerating demise as the anti-racism chaos in the streets and total failure to address COVID-19 pandemic expose a naked and bankrupt empire of delusions..

A narcissist thug president is running the corrupt US failing state as a family business. The nepotism infested Trump team of sycophants is driving the fraying US into a failed state status. It’s unthinkable just a few years ago that major mainstream corporate US media outlets would call their own country a “failed state.” The term was once used to describe US client states as Pakistan and Israel.

The US think tank Fund for Peace started its annual report called Failed States Index in 2005. It has been renamed the Fragile States Index and is produced jointly with Foreign Policy magazine. It didn’t take long for the US to be included at the top of the index.

The state department is now run by a bombastic lair, Pompeo who like his boss Trump is hell bent on alienating friend and foe alike and failing to recognize that people around the world now have nothing but contempt and pity for the US. Blaming South Front or any “alternate media” (truthful media in fact) will not restore US credibility or waning economic clout. US has squandered its own future by misplaced priorities, endless wars, unsustainable military spending, creating a trillion dollar police and surveillance state, neglecting even the most basic needs of its distraught population and above all, total failure to build a cohesive society capable of conforming to the most basic aspects of the rule of the law and capable of providing some modicum of justice to its victims. The fires of anger and burning buildings in US cities and the growing destitution of its oppressed people can not be extinguished by blaming the messenger. If there are any sane voices left in the US failed state, this may be the final wake up call for some serious introspection and soul searching.

It is a pity that the hate-mongering racist myopic Trump administration seems to have opened this Pandora’s box, allowing fighting, division, unpredictability, greed, racism and selfishness to spread around the world. The US is no longer the world’s dominant force, but acts as if the world will bow to its will. If it continues its willful misbehavior, promoting violence, the sheer ignorance and arrogance of Washington will bring disaster not only to the US, but all of human kind.

Nobel laureate in economics, Joseph E. Stiglitz, once wisely noted; “The only way forward, the only way to save our planet and our civilization, is a rebirth of history. We must revitalize the Enlightenment and recommit to honoring its values of freedom,respect for knowledge and democracy.” Sadly the US in its infinite hubris has failed its own miserable people and humanity.

Ashok Varma

The bodyguard of lies and deceit that the US state department had built is now wearing off and hence the desperate attempts to stifle free media. The horse has already bolted.

cechas vodobenikov

the greatest compliment—the amerikan hatred of truth again dispalyed

Ashok Varma

US is a shameless hypocrite as protests now reach the white house which is in lockdown. Instead of trying to stifle the media they need to have a good look at their rotten society and entrenched racism.



US burning baby!


What else did you expect after such blatant racist murder by police watched by millions on TV?


And the people now are partying,because they had enough to cia/tyranny control mechanisms: Oh well,try to fkover ozi mates? It’s like usa foreign policy the casanever who will do everything to fk its best mates wife up the ass too,but not if shes single,no way!Not near entertaining enough:


The US state department has been cheerleading US forever wars with lies for it’s entire existence. It shouldn’t be surprising that it objects to SF’s truth exposing US lies.


Time to diversify your content, Minds, VK, MeWe, BitChute, Telegram, DLive etc


And with Pompeo there is a lot of Butthurt there!


U.S DEEP STATE DEPARTMENT,YEAH! Truth hurts,oh well,maybe the incest spawn wannabe purists ought to consider can they afford freedom? Looks like they can’t,let that be a lesson to the rest of the world to take heed,and rebuke to their shame!

Jens Holm

I will not comment the articles by South Front itself.

But I thought spreading diseaces always can be delayed or not keept spreading out with standard advices known from most parts of the world.

Those are spreading out the population and more and better washing of Yourself as well as clothe, which sometimes includes boiling the water.

I therefore wonder a lot why someone can copy paste things, which suddenly is upside down.

For me Sputnik is professional propagandamaking.Even so they write very good and sober thigs too. So I do factchecking a lot from there as well as I do it with most stuff not only here but all over.

I am not You, but its tempting to ask Sputnik for a big donation. I would like to see that from several others too.

Bill Rood

Keep up the good work.

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