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US Department Of State Cuts Off Funding For Syria’s White Helmets

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US Department Of State Cuts Off Funding For Syria's White Helmets

Illustrative image: Netflix

The US State Department freezed financing the White Helmets, which had been working in war-torn Syria, the US TV channel CBS reported on May 3.

According to CBS, the US government accounted for about a third of the overall funding of White Helmets. CBS stressed that “the US State Department said the support is ‘under active review,’” adding that the organization had not been receiving financial funds from Washington for several weeks already.

The leader of White Helmets Raed Saleh stated that there had been no signs of stopping the financing two months ago during the visit of the organization’s members to the US, CBS reported.

“Our meetings in March were very positive. There were even remarks from senior officials about long-term commitments even into 2020,” Saleh said.

“There were no suggestions whatsoever about stopping support.”

“Ultimately, this will negatively impact the humanitarian workers ability to save lives,” claimed the White Helmets official quoted by CBS.

CBS reported that the internal State Department document had said that its Near East Bureau had needed confirmation from the administration to green light funding for the White Helmets in Syria by April 15 or the department would initiate “shut-down procedures on a rolling basis.”  CBS stated that it had inquired, which programs had been still receiving funding and the date of its freezing, but the US State Department did not respond.

The fact over the freezing of the White Helmets seems to be interesting as this organization was one of the first to make allegations that there was a chemical weapon attack carried out by the Syrian government in Douma on April 7. Russia dismissed that as fake news. On April 9, the Russian Center for the Reconciliation of the Warring Sides examined Douma to find no traces of chemical weapons.

The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) visited two sites in Douma on April 21 and 25 collecting samples there. The results haven’t been provided yet.

The White Helmets, formally known as the Syrian Civil Defense, is a group that declares its stuff about 3,000 volunteer rescuers and affirms it that have saved thousands of lives since the Syrian civil war began. The claim that the White Helmets is just a neutral entity in Syria raises doubts even in the US society.

The reduction of the White Helmets funding indicates that the US government understands that the organization is losing its credibility among international audience. It is also possible that the US decided to punish the White Helmets, by reducing of funding, for a low level of organizational and information support of operations around so-called “chemical attack in Douma”.

Operations that were executed unprofessionally led to the fact that Moscow got on hands trumps proving the staged character of the chemical attack in Douma.

For example, on April 26. Moscow’s delegation to the OPCW and witnesses of the supposed chemical attack in Douma held a press briefing in Hague to debunk accusations against Syrian government. Hassan Diab, a Syrian boy filmed by the White Helmets for their Douma chemical attack video was also there. The boy and his family revealed the absence of the attack and that they had staged in the fake video for food. Washington, once again, turned out to be a side that lost, at least at media scene.

One more reason of the changes in the funding is the reduction of territory under the militants control in Syria. The anti-government forces lose military and political advantages as the Syrian governmental troops gain more success in the war. So, the White Helmets activity may become almost useless in the region.

As to the issue of the White Helmets funding, on May 3, the US journalist Benjamin Swann detailed the timeline of the White Helmets history organization in the program Reality Check:

“Follow the money and you will find numerous ties to government funding from not only the U.S., but the U.K., the Netherlands, Denmark, and Germany.”

According to the Swann report, the White Helmets formed in “late 2012- early 2013” as self-organized groups. As they need training a former British army officer named James Le Mesurier developed a program for Syrians that included trauma care, command and control and crisis management courses. He was able to fund this training program through Mayday Rescue, his Netherlands-based non-profit funded by grants from the Dutch, British, Danish and German governments.

In December 2013, the UK-based PR machine backing the White Helmets was established. It was called the Voices Project, set up as a private limited company for public relations and communications activities. The first listed director on the articles of incorporation was Jeremy Heimans, the co-founder and chief executive officer of the global PR platform “Purpose” and a co-founder of controversial online activist network “Avaaz”.

By March 2014, the Voices Project set up the Syria Campaign non-governmental organization (NGO) as “a human rights organization that supports Syria’s heroes in their struggle for freedom and democracy.”

In October 2014, a conference of these teams came together to establish the Syrian Civil Defense as an official, national organization. They then became known as the White Helmets.

The doubtful news fabricated by the White Helmets raise questions in the US community and even in the US government.  As more failures could be expected from the White Helmets activity, it makes clear the measures of holding it back.

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jerry hamilton

This can only mean that America thinks they are too phoney to be believed. They will probably send in their own film crew.

Tudor Miron

As Major General Igor Konashenkov nicely put it https://southfront.org/government-forces-liberated-65-of-isis-held-yarmouk-area-and-other-facts-numbers-in-russian-militarys-may-4-press-briefing/ “It seems that results of the fraudsters’ activity do not justify the financial investments.”(c)


There is another ‘gas attack’ film crew outfit working in a US controlled area of Deir Ezzor Jerry. A ‘retrained ‘ ISIS freak is the Frontman.


I hear that Quentin Tarantino got the job as film director.

Expect to see a lot more blood and guts.


And the piece of shit clooney (who likes watching mothers and children murdered all for TV) is the lead.


The keyword is here:

…the US State Department said the support is ‘under active review,’” adding that the organization had not been receiving financial funds from Washington for several weeks already.

They try to tell us that the White Helmets weren’t on the US payroll when they staged the false flag.

Stupid Jihadis ruined several years worth of planning, PR, lies, deception and millions of Dollars with their sloppy pantomime. Cutting their paychecks will teach them to make sure no pesky “victim” remains alive to ruin all those plannings. Well, I’m sure this will be on the top of the instructors’ to do list for the next group, after the inevitable re-branding.


In fact the British tyranny funding the White Helmets and other proxies in Syria. After mistakes in last staged footage of Chemical Weapons attack in Douma the British and US tyrannies have issued clear instructions to White Helmets that no one left alive after staged footage. Therefore, Syrian and Russian army should on high alert and must protect Syrians from deaths by White Helmets terrorists.

Behold a Pale Horse

Probably just re-brand them as another group. Rinse and repeat.


Maybe not. They sucks despite the lavish spending it cost them like F35.

Hind Abyad

No, not in Syria.

Pave Way IV

(((US State Dept))): “The goyim know… Shut it down!“

Smith Ricky

Its about time…


This is actually a huge story. This version has a few odd sentences. “Operations that were executed unprofessionally led to the fact that Moscow got on hands trumps proving the staged character of the chemical attack in Douma.” Huh?

The White Helmets have provided all the evidence Trump needed to legally be in Syria. The US battle against ISIS went to fraud with the attack on the SAA on Thardeh Mountain, near Deir Ezzor in SEP 16′. That incident with 100 dead and another 110 injured SAA soldiers resulted in the loss of a position the Syrians had defended for years and put the larger community in an even more dire predicament. The immediate ISIS attack on the US target, further proved the conspiracy between the US and ISIS.

Now they will continue to repeat the CW narrative, when their sole source of “evidence” has not only been discredited, but in a sane world would be arrested for all sorts of crimes against children. That the White Helmets were two things is now proven. A. Funded, trained and controlled by the F.UK.US and co-conspirators. B. A synergistic part of the Terrorists inner circle.

So my message to Trump. Nothing your people say pans out. Bring the boys home before your head choppers kill more innocents babies to satisfy the Western taste for obscene videos. Paid for and staged by tax payers dollars! You have no mandate to continue to perpetrate this evil, stop killing Syria!

Hind Abyad

Healthy Children were killed they should be tried in La Hague.. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/ffa5d996a21862d422508ce1879db8ee0b049855b644162f63f6e4226289828f.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/08e90e1ca0153fdeb6d9abf27ce2a49b7528f54ae0bb6d008f65435207f034ad.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a7d1a7b58120f527d397e6548b5f97ef65cc12381f426827ef53ac5c1c21ef3e.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/367eea35197c41f7501cf4dc4d8ab2570130cd49ca215c2ab529318594058d5f.jpg


Dear White Helmets,

You promised us to orchestrate a good False-Flag Staged Chemical Attack. Because of Your non-performance of Our contract, we have to withdraw our financial support to your Headchoppers-Red-Cross-Non-Governmental-Organistation… We had hoped that your Performance would be Flawless and that American, British & French Citizens would be jumping to join our Armies to fight against them Bad Russkies & their Allies. Much to our regret none of this happened and our chances of winning this war are pretty much gone. So good luck in the future with the remainder of your lives Dear White Helmets, we hope Assad will be merciful on your asses.

Yours sincerely, Nicky Haley Witch of Washington.

You can call me Al

Funny you mention this “Citizens would be jumping to join our Armies to fight against them Bad Russkies & their Allies” ……. Conscription in the NL was stopped in 2010 (I actually thought 1995), but yesterday my Son and all his males in his class have received a letter stating that they would be called up in he event of a “National Security crisis” ….some words like that anyway.


Cool hey – my Son is a war hero !!.


Yeah infiltrate those Evil Empire Armies…if they ask you to show up for their little WWIII… just shoot the Highest Ranking Officer you possibly can… if they send me to the Trenches… I’ll try to kill me a General…. but ssstttt don’t tell anyone….

You can call me Al

Sorry I only got to “if they ask you to show up for their little WWIII” …..then wet myself laughing.


Better shoot a lower ranked officer. One at a level that is always surrounded by grunts. Much more harmful for officer morale and much more credible as an ‘accident’.


I personally will go for the Elitist… them High Ranks most of the time the Rich Boys… I don’t want to shoot a poor fella by accident…


You shoot everything up from major and I’ll shoot the majors, captains and professional lieutenants. That should work. You can start shooting majors too if you’re finished before me.


????? Deal…!


She’s right, now Nicki Haley to take her handkerchief and start crying, that lady has lost credibility, if she came to my company asking for work even as a bartender, I do not take it. Its resiliency in the ground, since its attack asking for attacks to Syria without having confirmed information fucked

Carol Davidek-Waller

Do the White Helmets get to keep their Academy Award? At the very lrast, the category should be changed from documentary to fiction.


Have you missed that? The White Helmets swapped their Acadamy Award for an Oscar in March…

Hind Abyad



A Walt Disney Company Production https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/94d81988ea49e007df0e969f40f709ce473b895f06ad3a480597a0c10db4ef24.jpg

Hind Abyad

Oh MG that must be ..


Non more Hollywood toxic gas movies ? How do north american people enjoy the movies ?

Roddy Wehrmacht

The terrorists pretending to be good guys orchestrating false flags…WTF Now that 1/3 of their funding is cutoff, Russia should incinerate these scumbag frauds. I bet Trump figured out he was conned…he’s the type that doesn’t like to find out he’s been conned.


They dumped them because they see shit comin’. The Narrative & Lies about the Staged Chemical Attacks will be about to explode…They had to ditch the Evidence…


The UK government has envoked a ‘D Notice’ on the Scripal affair . This effectively means that NO UK media can talk about it without a government censor agreeing the content.


Bwahahahaaa… Like I said… THEY SEE SHIT COMIN’…them Fucktards can’t stop it…bloody great…


That “D Notice” apparently applies especially to the MI6 boss Pablo Miller.


It does but any of todays ‘ reporters’ will consider that there is a safer story about a car crash etc .

To make serious enquiry into the Scripal affair is a ‘career stopper’. :)


They will just give the White Helmets a new name and continue funding.

SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

I don’t believe this. The money will be routed through other channels.


No one believed those White Helmets anymore anyway..the tricks didn’t work… so it basically became a waste of money…


@merijn; White helmets have certainly been very selective about where they perform their ‘humanitarian’ mission of mercy; they have NEVER been seen going about their work in Syrian government controlled locations. Beyond that, surely even the less credulous among us might wonder how these people ALWAYS manage to keep their uniforms in such ‘pristine’ freshly pressed condition.



John Whitehot

me too gots reservations


Dutch funding: 12 million Euro.

See PDF https://www.rijksoverheid.nl/documenten/publicaties/2018/01/23/projectoverzicht-syrie-sinds-2011-2


Nu weet je waar onze belastingcenten heengaan… een zooitje psychpatische Koppensnellers…


Personally I think they cut funding because the White Helmets are becoming irrelevant. One after the other every Jihadi pocket gets eliminated, the Rastan pocket is soon to follow. After that only Idlib, which every acknowledges, even the Western MSM, as a lawless Jihadistan, Daraa and At Tanf will remain. The Jihadi/White Helmet project has failed, and Syria west of the Euphrates will remain governed by Assad from Damascus. The Americans are now concentrating their efforts on Eastern Syria, where their proxies are both more pliable, more palatable to the Western MSM and better entrenched.


The publicized ‘defunding’ has occurred because the Americans have been told that the OPCW found no chlorine and therefore the ‘gas attack’ was faked — a pre-emptive defensie posture.


No one stopped funding to them don’t trust these US MSM screw them they are still funding the Al-Qaeda Hollywood terrorists, because as the US itself stressed that the Civil defense the White Helmets are their only Intelligence incoming source in Syria on the ground, so the funding is not stopped, especially the UK funds them a lot of money but the US is the ultimate player. MSM news outlets lies to convince someone that they are not funding the White Terrorists is all pure lies.

Hind Abyad

Assad will take care of it


The White Helmets were bad , but there have been many that were worse :

“List of television series canceled after one episode” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_television_series_canceled_after_one_episode


Here we go with the plausible deniability again. Oh as soon as we found out they were fake we cut the funding. This has Western Empire culpability all over it. Media manipulation, overwhelming emotional content, irrational triggers and lest we forget children being used for evil purposes. Similar to 9/11, just because you lie so convincingly makes it that much worse! To act all torn up by dead and dying kids when, for all we know, you knew from the very start how it would go. A part of me still roots for Trump just because the MSM so reviles him. It certainly is confusing and after so many years of this that seems to be the design. They have their fall guys and patsies and in the end, waltz off to another regime change operation that much wiser.

jerry hamilton

Does this mean that Trump and his maggots were wrong in attacking Syria? Does this mean they will apologise for their aggressive behaviour and repair the 3 buildings they destroyed? Does anyone here think they are even capable of saying they were wrong?


Wait till the rope is laid around their necks after the Trial.. they will wet their panties…perhaps even say sorry…



Richard M

Means that overt support is halted for propaganda purposes. Covert support continues. Just as covert support of Qaida and Daesh is continued.


But it is no longer Covert…that is the difference…

Concrete Mike

Those asshole came over here??? Too bad we didnt know, coulda cooked up a little surprise for them.

Wait at the door and huck a bunch hams at them


Jerry Heimans… co-founder of the controversial on line activist network “Avaaz”. Avaaz does online crowd funding for various charities, a good cover. About a month ago they did one for the “White Helmets”. Jerry Heimans and the State Department should be indited for “Aiding and abetting the enemy”. It does not matter if the charges result in a conviction, the PR value alone is outstanding.


Yes take down all the names, so they can be tried and hung when the Americans are defeated.


Waiting , no , Now this is PR, this is how the US media play their game, game them.




I guess that propaganda tool has outlived it’s usefulness to the US, since most people now seem aware of what they really are. They’ll probably just use regular ‘civilians’ for the next false-flag attack, that way it seems more legitimate; since there’s no obvious pro-rebel link.


But they need a film crew, CNN perhaps?


When this phony ‘civil war’ is over, these guys need to be rounded up and charged with war crimes. The only award they deserve is a short rope and a long fall.


I doubt if many are Syrian, the US would have rounded them up from the vast array of terrorist armies the US deploys around the world.


Without the White Helmets who will stage the gas attacks for America? They must have trained a new group of child killers.

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