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JULY 2020

US Department Of Defense Provides More Details Of Feb.7 Strikes On Syrian Government forces


US Department Of Defense Provides More Details Of Feb.7 Strikes On Syrian Government forces

U.S. Air Force Lt. Gen. Jeffrey L. Harrigian

Lieutenant General Jeffrey Harrigian, commander, U.S. Air Forces Central Command, provided more details on the February 7 strikes on Syrian government forces in the province of Deir Ezzor during the February 13 press briefing of the Department Of Defense (source):

For a quick recap, on the evening of February 7th, the coalition acted in self-defense where coalition advisers were present to support SDF from a hostile force launching an unprovoked, coordinated attack across the Euphrates River against an established SDF position.

The hostile force initiated the attack by firing artillery and tank rounds at the SDF position, followed by a battalion-sized dismounted formation attempting to advance on partner forces under cover of supporting fires from artillery, tanks, and multiple-launch rocket systems and mortars.

At the start of these — of this attack, coalition aircraft, including F-22s and MQ-9s, were overhead providing protective overwatch, defensive counter-air, and ISR support — as we have done daily throughout the defeat — the fight to defeat ISIS.

We immediately contacted the Russian officials on the deconfliction telephone line to alert them to the unprovoked attack on a known SDF and coalition position.  After these calls, coalition officials approved strikes to destroy hostile forces.

On the ground, Air Force joint terminal attack controllers embedded with the SDF called in precision strikes for more than three hours from aircraft and ground artillery, directing F-15Es, MQ-9s, B-52s, AC-130s and AH-64 Apaches to release multiple precision fire munitions and conduct strafing runs against the advancing aggressor force, stopping their advance and destroying multiple artillery pieces and tanks.

As the hostile forces turned west and retreated, we ceased fire.

Despite the attack being unprovoked, it was not entirely unexpected.  The coalition observed a slow buildup of personnel and equipment the previous week, and we reminded Russian officials of the SDF and coalition presence via the telephone deconfliction line.  This was well in advance of the enemy forces’ attack.

I know you’re going to ask, so I’m going to be clear that I will not speculate on the composition of this force or whose control they were under.  As I’ve said throughout my nearly two years commanding coalition air forces, we are focused on a singular enemy:  ISIS.  We’re not looking for a fight with anyone else, but as Secretary Mattis said last week, “If you threaten us, it will be your longest and worst day.”



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  • Bru

    All lies as usual. So the bombing of the DZ airport in support of the ISIS attack never happened? (I think it was in 2016? )
    What else to expect but lies from an imperialist rogue militaristic country illegally attacking a unenslaved sovereign state?

  • Don Machiavelli

    They mention some ‘aggressors’ while they were attacking SAA, only legitimate force, with it’s allies, on the ground in Syria.

    • Bird of Prey

      U.S. is legitimately there under UN Article 51. Anyone who tries to stop the U.S. from killing ISIS, is viewed as an ally of ISIS and will be crushed like an insect.

      • TiredOfBsToo

        The exceptional US…. exceptional violators of International Law, exceptional violators of human rights, exceptional murderers, exceptional thieves, exceptional at death and destruction, exceptional supporters of terrorism, exceptional liars and last but not least.. exceptional at ensuring peace can never break out anywhere it is present!

        • 1691

          …and exceptional at selfdestruction too.

          • TiredOfBsToo

            Good point. With so much exceptionalism, it’s difficult to get it all down.

          • 1691

            You got it spot on!

        • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

          All of this is fake news put out by bogus US media and US backed Russian media sources all this is exceptional lies by Western media, Macron had a meeting with White Helmets and he thinks he’s Tomahawk Trump looks like a mad little french eunuch!

          • TiredOfBsToo

            “..look like Russia is unable to protect it’s allies..”

            Don’t forget the upcoming Russian election. If one sees these things on corporate owned media, one’s first response should be… it’s just more BS.

      • Joe

        Stop being stupid . US has no right to that

      • Bru

        bad excuse for the mischief: it is the US regime who created ISIS and has always supported ISIS when it was figting Syria.

      • MariaCeleste Conkright

        The us support s and funds ISIS and sdf .They are one in the same. The USA is the invader here , issuing confusing double talk , not answering wuestques. Saying they right to be there .no no no .they were not invited and their plan is to hurt Syria it’s people and government rob irob its oil. How would you like some one from across town camp out on your property and when you try to kick them out they say they have right to defend themselves. Syria doesn’t need the stupid us coalition of losers help

      • palebluedot


        • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

          He was 3 sheets to the wind on that one.

      • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

        UN Article 51 is non applicable in the US situation and since they are not fighting but creating ISIS , then they must leave as US can’t invoke Article 51. When USUK France are the ones who created the terrorism groups and backed them in the first place, the evidence is well documented in speeches by Obama and world leaders. So this law is not applicable under these circumstances as US officially was in Syria in 2016 after undermining it’s sovereignty and breaking Article 2 Acts of Aggression such as has been done by the aforementioned nations makes them excluded under that article.

    • Starlight

      America acts in Syria with Putin’s EXPLICIT permission- a fact so many fools on our side tie themselves in knows to ignore or justify. And Putin does not like Russians who refuse to operate under his DIRECT instructions. Just ask the ‘rebels’ of East Ukraine.

      Putin gave Trump direct authority to wipe out elite Russian irregulars who were operating on behalf of the people of Syria but outside the direct control of the Russian military leadership.

      Here’s a clue for the clueless. Putin sat on his hands while Israel, KSA, Britain and America utterly destroyed Syria and set it back DECADES. Only when Israel was fully satisfied with the ruination of Syria did Putin send in his forces.

      • Don Machiavelli

        It is more like that Russia is acting in Syria with USA permission.

    • Samantha Green


      • Dorthy

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  • Rob

    How much Washington and Israel doing terrorism in the world so much they become insignificant.

  • Rodger

    To the Hague with this war criminal. Calling the army of a sovereign country you’ve send your armed forces in illegally (to support terrorists) a ‘hostile force’, how dumb can you get? What shameless arrogance!
    I really hope some nations will be sending in intelligence officers to the cartels and violent gangs to make sure their impact on the US is maximized.
    Russia should help them take over California at first. Just call them the CDF, call Hispanics in California Californians and demand that the US respects their right to a homeland. Then occupy central park and give it back to some indians to found their own state, I believe there is a tribe that claims to be Long Island indians.

    • TiredOfBsToo

      The Hague => a masquerade pretending to be a court of justice for a preordained verdict determined by the US against those it wishes to dispose of.

  • leon mc pilibin

    Gloating over attacking the SAA,the only legitimate force fighting terrorists.They probably have Spielberg to make a heroic epic movie about the brave yankee good guys.What a satanic ,despicable lowlife gang of thieves and warmongers.Their needs to be a coalition of the anti zio terrorists, set up by all decent minded counties to send them packing back to their GMO heaven.

    • as

      Well i translated it as ‘we urgently need to do something to stop SAA from wiping out the proxies !’
      But yeah this is the harder parts of it. Hitting back at the US coalition in conventional war. Though i believe only need to drop some of their birds put of the sky.

  • Scum…

    • Melotte 22

      You are too polite.

  • George King

    Well maybe this all could have been avoided as the area is Syrian oil and gas deposit infrastructure and should be turned over to the Syrian goverment control. Syria has already asked the US to vacate Syrian proper which of course includes all infrastructure and resources and to cease and desist in denying Syria its Treasure, Commons and Unalienable Rights of its citizens.

    If it does not understand this maybe a refresher course in the US Constitution and Bill of Rights would be of help in understanding. On second thought these rights and declarations of US citizens are and have been under attack as well.

    • Ronald

      “A refresher course in the US Constitution” is a great thought . Lavrov , being the only “media outlet” in Russia , should quote to the Americans . “Take these truths to be self evident , that all men are created equal ” . All nations likewise . America stand down , there is no such thing as a “humanitarian war” .

  • Prince Teutonic

    Maybe Russia should sink an U.S. aircraft carrier in return. Doing a defensive pre-emptive strike!

    • Rodger

      A hot war is what the US wants and needs. Going the Gandhi route is a much wiser course of action. The economic war is the one already being fought and lost by the US. Reacting with force will feel nice but it’s not productive. Russia and China should just set up a firewall to deny some US companies access to their internet and ‘offer’ it to allies too. Use ‘direct involvement with the US government’ as an excuse. It doesn’t have to be all that good. Just good enough to confound the most casual users who make up 90% of the market anyway. That will cause some real damage. Carriers are built so they can be sunk.

      • MANhattan

        economic war lost by the US ?!?!? just fucking accept the truth, Russia is bankrupt. And Putin is responsible, he is like head of mafia.

        • Rodger

          Russia is just support. China is the main opponent the US is facing in the economic war. And that one has already been lost.

          • MANhattan

            US lost economic war with China ? I hope not, fucking gooks .

          • Rodger

            Look up a graph that plots GDP/year.

      • velociraptor

        Be sure, USA do not want hot war. The play poler. And hope, Russians stay cowards. It would be enough to move 15 tactical nuclear weapons in Tartus. You would see, how quickly will move back both yanks and israelis.

    • Bird of Prey

      Yeah, Putin will risk the total annihilation of his country due to his love for Assad. LOL…

      Where do they find fools like you?

      • TiredOfBsToo

        Conversely, yeah Trump will risk the annihilation of his country for his love of Zionists and war. Putin is trying very hard to keep idiots in the US from annihilating all life on Earth. Only morons believe the US can survive a nuclear war.

    • Langaniso Mhlobo

      Not under Puppet Putin and Lavrov.Surely under Nebenzia the true Bear of Russia.

  • John Whitehot

    one wonders for how much time are they going to keep blathering on this event.

  • You can call me Al

    The total disdain to human life is incredulous. If evil people existed which I believe they do, to kill one, never mind kill millions, for a shekel or two and a bit more power and more future shekels makes me sick.

    Everything they have undertaken in these past few decades will one day backfire on them. The US and certain European so called leaders are beyond repugnant.

    We should have known when this happened – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RM0uvgHKZe8

  • Manuel Flores Escobar

    If ISIS air force would have use the same force vs ISIS remnants near Irak border…surely that terrorist pocket would be wipe off!

  • RichardD

    This is all a scam, it’s regime change problem, reaction, solution Hegelian theater to cover up Jewmerica’s criminal hegemony drive to enrich the Jew thieves and their collaborators and enslave humanity.

    The CIA, Mossad and the rest of their Jew world order partners in crime set up Isis and the rest of their filthy terrorist infrastructure to replace the Syrian government with one more compliant with their criminal asset stripping machinations. And when their plan failed, they used their proxy terrorists as cannon fodder to justify their illegal invasion and occupation of part of Syria. To try to implement regime change lite through partition and secession.

    Now they’ve given the Russians clear justification to extend the defacto no fly zone west of the river to the east of the river to cover the expansion of the government foot print into SDF held areas.

  • Freespirit

    There is NO REASON, Rational EXCUSE or LEGITIMACY for U.S. to BE in Syria ,much less Shoot at anyone,even at what they call Terrorists, EXCEPT to TAKE land from Syrians. If Syrians resist U.S., OCCUPYING forces, they will be WARRED-upon, in order to TAKE that land .

    What Israel wants,America Delivers.

    I have been saying this for over a year now- Russia,Syria and Iran have only 2 choices, because WAR is INEVITABLE and has been, inevitable, before Iraq was attacked by U.S. and the only option is HOW and WHEN :

    Those 3 can HAVE WAR on their OWN TERMS or the TERMS of ISRAEL/U.S..So far,U.S./ Israel are setting the terms

    Choice one-On their own terms they stand a GREAT CHANCE of Winning. Choice 2- ON U.S./Israel Terms they will more than likely LOSE

    That is it-PERIOD

    • RichardD

      Arm chair general Rambo, please war game out your post for us.

      • Freespirit

        Ah,the Zionist TROLL at work again

        As I told you once before, Rickie, Israel is paying you too much, whatever they pay you.

        • RichardD

          You’re a bald face liar making false accusations to divert attention from your lies and failures. You’re well aware that I’m not a Zionist. Your comments are inflammatory and idiotic.

  • TiredOfBsToo

    Imagine if the US and it’s coalition had been as effective at destroying those longggggggggg oil convoys and terrorists moving through the open desert in clear daylight as efficiently as they are at destroying the Syrian forces fighting terrorists; why something like 77% of Syria would never have been under terrorist control requiring Russian involvement to clean it up. It’s truly amazing how the Russians were able to eliminate those lonnnnnnnng convoys in such a short period of time while the great US coalition couldn’t seem to find them.

  • Bru

    I think the truth is the following:

    Out of frustration, hate and revenge for their failed air attack and their plane shot,
    Israel ordered the US regime to attack and kill many Syrians, knowing that the Syrians would not risk at shooting down US aggressor planes.

    • Graeme Rymill

      Ummm….the US/Syria clash occurred on 7 February. The Israeli F-16 shootdown occurred on 10 February.

  • Joe

    Next time they fight without tanks but with lots of Atgm. See if you can strike anything even without Russia .

    Cheated using air strikes

  • Derapage

    The hostile force initiated the attack by firing artillery and tank rounds at the SDF position, followed by a battalion-sized dismounted formation attempting to advance on partner forces under cover of supporting fires from artillery, tanks, and multiple-launch rocket systems and mortars.” Clown Jeffrey Harrigian

    500 men with artillery and tanks did manage to hurt only one SDF soldier.
    Who are you trying to fool?

  • Rob

    Putin: We support a democratic Syria and Iraq free from the influence of any other party or power.

    The US operation in Syria is a state terrorism.

  • Wahid Algiers

    And what have you lost in Syria or the Middle East Lieutenant General Jeffrey Harrigian?

  • Starlight

    ‘Muscular Vicar’ Putin has stated, on many public occasions, that the Americans are welcome to operate in Syria if their goal is to fight ISIS. That’s all the excuse America needs.

    Meanwhile you’ll notice America NEVER offers to allow Russia to operate in any nation under America’s LEGAL umberella.

    And why does Putin give the USA a greenlight to stay in Syria. Well, that’s cos Putin’s inner circle of advisors is entirely jewish dominated. They want what Israel (and Saudi Arabia) wants.

    Again- Putin has stated he will NEVER allow Russia’s S-400 air defense system to be sold to either the Syrians or Iranians. Yet he has offered the same air defense system to israel, KSA, and even yesterday the USA. Likewise Turkey and Egypt can buy if they want. But not Syria and not Iran. Putin’s jews will NEVER allow Israel’s targets to have any form of decent defense system from Russia.

    Syria’s current air cover is RUSSIAN owned and RUSSIAN operated. Ancient rubbish Syrian government missiles only hit targets when Russia offers access to the radar coverage of the region. As it did with Israel’s recent cruise missile attack.

    Anyway Putin allowed the USA to massacre a very large number of elite Russian irregulars a few days back, just as Putin’s guys murder troublesome local leaders in Novorussia when they become too loud in demanding proper independence for East Ukraine. Putin cannot escape the ‘Stalin Method’ of thinking when you spend more time looking at your own people for emerging ‘problems’.

    Putin WANTED the Russian irregulars wiped out, so only forces under direct Putin control represent Russia in Syria. Other, brave-hearted independent Russians were in danger of annoying Israel and KSA, so Putin agreed to have them TERMINATED.

    • RichardD

      “Putin’s inner circle of advisors is entirely jewish dominated.”

      Really? Links and quotes from legitimate sources please.

    • alejoeisabel

      ”… Putin has stated, on many public occasions, that the Americans are welcome to operate in Syria if their goal is to fight ISIS. ”
      Only the Syrian Government can permit the US military to be in Syria. They want all uninvited foreign troops out of Syria. That means Turkish and American troops out of Syria. Russia has no say on this matter.

  • AM Hants

    Bragging about their war crimes. Remember, the US is illegally in Syria, with no declaration of war, no UN authority and no invited to come and invade, by the elected, democratic Government of a sovereign nation.

  • David Pryce

    7 days later we get. there version

  • Langaniso Mhlobo

    This USA attack and Israel attack were plan and coordinated to destroy and weaken Syrian Army.USA knows that Russia will deny that it’s soldiers were killed out of fear for humiliation.I don’t trust this Tiger forces deployment while there is no air support.It like making them easy target of Israel and USA.

  • velociraptor

    Putin could further halve the russian planes in Syria.

  • Bobby Twoshoes

    Lol, almost slipped up and admitted that ISIS is already defeated.

  • RamboDave

    What is not being told is that Russia had an agreement with the SDF to take control of the Conoco gas plant, located about 2 miles East of where the air strikes occurred. This deal was reported by South Front last year. The deal is in exchange for Russia providing protection for the Kurds in Afrin.

    This is why there were so many Russian PMC’s in that area. They were waiting to peacefully take control of the gas plant, as agreed upon.The SDF was willing to let them take control, but the Deir Ezor Military Council, which is under direct control of the US stood in the way. The SDF cannot control them.

    The fighting is not between the SDF and the SAA. It is between the SAA and the Deir Ezor Military Council.

    Notice how the Turkish air strikes in Afrin were halted in the days before the Deir Ezor air strikes, but immediately started up again after February 7th. Russia is telling the Kurds … “keep your agreement and give us the gas plant , or else you lose Afrin”.