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JUNE 2021

‘Suprise’: U.S. Once Again Denies Reaching Any Agreement With Turkey On Manbij

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'Suprise': U.S. Once Again Denies Reaching Any Agreement With Turkey On Manbij

FILE IMAGE: sdf-press.com

On May 31, US State Department spokesperson Heather Nauert denied that an agreement had been reached between the US and Turkey on the northern city of Manbij and said that the Turkish-US working group on Syria will continue discussing this issue and others.

“We don’t have any agreements yet with the government of Turkey. We announced previously that the United States and the Turkish working group met…in Ankara [on May 25] … We’re continuing to have ongoing conversations regarding Syria and other issues of mutual concern. The two sides then had outlined the contours of a roadmap for further cooperation, and that includes on Manbij,” Nauert said during a daily press briefing, according to the Turkish Hurriyet Daily News.

Nauert’s statement contradicts an earlier statement of the US Embassy in Turkey, in which it had announced that the Turkish-US working group outlined the main contours of a road map for “cooperation in ensuring security and stability” in Manbij during their meeting in Ankara.

On May 30, Turkey’s Foreign Minister Mevlut Davutoglu said that a roadmap for cooperation on Manbij had been reached and revealed that the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) might withdraw from Manbij before the end of this summer, as a part of the roadmap. However, the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), which include the YPG, dined that it is planning to withdraw from Manbij.

The statements of Nauert and the SDF hints that the US is planning to walk away from the roadmap that will be discussed by Cavusoglu and US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on June 2 and 3.

Manbij city witnessed a general strike that as organized by the locals against the forcible recruitment into the ranks of the SDF on May 20. Later, similar strikes and protests spared into other Arab areas in the governorates of al-Hasakah and Raqqa.

According to observer, the US unlimited support for the Kurdish-dominated SDF on the Manbij crisis and many other similar issues in eastern Syria will eventually lead to more tension between Kurds and Arabs there.

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Well, this certainly makes turkey look stupid.


I think a lot of Turkish higher ups have their jobs riding on some sort of deal that will get the US to leave, but they don’t understand that Americans have no concept of a fait accompli.

Mustafa Mehmet

haci wait and see no need to get excited ?


erdogan is a truly stupid fuck…..hes fucking syria on one side, and nato/jew bastards on the other..LOL
the jews are hitting back with their most heavy weapon, the monetary system…turkey has seen a decline in their currency on a massive scale..so big that this prick erdogan called on turks this week in the whole of europe to change their “hard” currency, be it euro or dollar into their seemingly worthless turkish currency.LOL mindboggling how stupid this walking prick is……now hes trying to fuck russia and syria and iran by making a deal with the devil(jews) allowing the turks to occupy manjib and raqqa…lol…..truly a totally fucked up dude……and on the other hand hes trying to fuck nato/jews with the blackmail of closing incilirk nato base in turkey if they dont sell him the F-35.LOL……this guy is probably having cocaine,heroin and lsd on his cereals every morning.pathetic asshole.
conclusion….erdogan is fucking the russians,the jews,the syrians, the kurds, and the iranians.This wont have a happy ending for him.period.but hey…..fuck the turks…a population of child fuckers,heroin pushers and nowadays islamists.fuck em.fuck em so hard that this medieval population disappears.best would be together with the satanic jews and us and british pricks.and the world would be 99% better off.


Putin likes iut: f’king Turkey with the monetary-nuke, means that Erdogan turns to CHINA and Russia and leaves the dollar

Mustafa Mehmet

?HD scum bag


The Turks keep saying they’re reaching a deal that involves the US leaving, which the US always denies. It defies logic to think that the Turks could give the US something that would convince us to leave, and it is ridiculous to think that the Kurds would go along with it.

The Turkish government is giving a mix of wishful thinking and propaganda.


Well, the f’king Turkish Donald Trump / Recep ERDOGAN / pYssed again on your Jaffa-rvnt called ISRAEL, that’s why you write like this now. Erdogan likes to pose as defender of Islam and took GAZA as problem to profile his image.
Your Israel must be pYssed-off, what?


Is that supposed to mean something?

Mustafa Mehmet

Say it again no understood


You mean the USA may not reach any agreement as long as ISRAEL forbids it ;)

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