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US Democrats Call To Dismantle the System As BLM Protests Continue

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From instigating BLM riots and calling to defund the Police as a whole, the US Democratic Party and its neo-liberal supporters moved to open calls to dismantle what they call the US system of ‘opression’.

U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar (the U.S. Representative for Minnesota’s 5th congressional district since 2019) spearheaded these calls during a press conference at the Minnesota state capitol. She called to “dismantle” the existing US state system, which is supposedly designed to support structural racism and inequality.

Omar is the Somali-American and naturalized citizen of African birth. She is also one of the first two Muslim women (along with Rashida Tlaib) to serve in Congress. According to Omar and pro-liberal maisntream media outlets, there is nothing strange in calls that she made and ‘right-wing’ media outlets just misrepresent her ‘democratic position’.

It seems that the United States is now affected not only by the new wave of cultural and social struggle between the conservative and strongly neo-liberal parts of the society on the grassroots level, but is also passing through the unprecendented level of tensions on the highest political level. If the US neo-liberal democrats win the battle for power, they will likely immidiately start turning the country into the neo-liberal ‘utopia’ that they promote: i.e. the ‘neo-liberal’ totalitarian state.


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Fog of War

One of the major (((” flaws “))) of ((( Democracies ))). “A foreigner, “straight off the boat “, can come into the country and then almost immediately attempt to change it. Where is the logic in that ? Subversion by design ?

R PLobo

These so called foreigners are nothing more than zionazis neo-liberal merc stooges used to divert attention from the real dark hand of death.

Jens Holm

Haha. They are all over and a majority of Your world. Soon they wil, light all their 7 armed candelabres and warm up your behind.

Hasbara Hunter

Still alive little Maggot? If I ever meet you I will shove a Menorah up your ass

Tommy Jensen

Werent you two guys supposed to be the good guys?

Jens Holm

he author dont know neo liberalisme in mpost parts of USA as well as the rest of the world is out.

It was too drastic fpr too many.

Making only US democrats as neoliberals is far out.

Bill Wilson

All this racial bullshit and fabricated covid nonsense is only driving more and more Democratic voters to voting for Trump and other GOP candidates since they expect their mayors and governors to fully support law and order, know that minority problems are self-inflicted and this Kung Flu Krud has been intentionally blown way out of proportion to discredit Trump.

Porc Halal

I think the author of the article misleads the reader by hiding the real motivation behind the muslim’s bitch desire to “dismantle” the way of life of American society … what would be that “something else” that this muslim brotherhood operative would like to be implemented instead? … neo-liberalism, communism ?! … hell no!!… is the garbage called islam…

Porc Halal

The only false Jesus I know is in the qur’an and the only religion that has racial regulations is islam … momo, the bloodthirsty pedophile guru of islam was a slave owner and trafficker, who trafficked tons of either blacks or non-islamic people … but yes , muslims are very well known for their ignorance … it seems that you are no exception to the rule ..

Porc Halal

so let me get this straight…as per your saying momo, was besides a warlord, child sex-abuser, slave master and slave traffiker, fake prophet, mass murderer, emo, thieft, lier, etc, etc, also a communist!!…oh, God!!…that’s something new to me..

Porc Halal


PS … did you know that momo had suicidal tendencies? .. he tried many times to commit suicide because he thought he was possessed by the devil … I wonder what made him think something like that?…

Tommy Jensen

Your are wrong. America’s future doesnt belong to neither brown street mix, Islam butt culture, latin ganglands or white trash.

Black is Beautiful and America’s future!! Black and African Americans make up the second largest etnic group in US now 15% of the population, and will soon be the largest.

Blacks love children while the other groups are busy with feminism, emancipation and gay parades. The moslems are praying all day instead of fokking, and the latins are too stoned to be of any use.

Hasbara Hunter

I got a better idea:

Dismantle the entire Divided States of Murica….


She should have some bacon and throw her qura@n away

Tommy Jensen

Is it me or do she really say, “Im here with the suck cockers”?? Is she saying that?

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