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US Defense Secretary Slams Turkey For Distracting From Efforts To Defeat ISIS

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US Defense Secretary Slams Turkey For Distracting From Efforts To Defeat ISIS

Turkey’s Operation Olive Branch in Syria’s Afrin is distracting from efforts to ensure the defeat of ISIS and increases the risk of “exacerbating the humanitarian crisis” in the war-torn country, US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said.

“This could be exploited by ISIS and Al-Qaeda, obviously, that we’re not staying focused on them right now. And obviously it risks exacerbating the humanitarian crisis that most of Syria is going through,” the Pentagon’s chief told reproters during his trip to Indonesia.

Mattis called on Turkey to exercise restraint and accused it of disrupting the peaceful return of refugees. However, he added that the US understands Turkey’s security concerns over so-called active Kurdish insurgency inside Turkish borders.

Meawnhile, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson claimed that the US wants to work with Turkey to create a kind of “security zone” in northwestern Syria.

“So we’re in discussions with the Turks and some of the forces on the ground as well as to how we can stabilize this situation and meet Turkey’s legitimate concerns for their security,” Tillerson said, according to a reporter travelling with him to Paris.

Washington will attempt to use Ankara’s Operation Olive Branch to expand its influence further in the area.

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Syria insider

I’M sorry for the bullshit statement that HTS recaptured Abu Al duhar airbase.


Wake up. It’s only a dream!


I didn’t think it was the case, certainly not on the basis of the pic you posted, but your apology speaks well for you.

You can call me Al

It takes a big man to apologise, bravo.

Deo Cass

The catch of it all is; Quote: “Meawnhile, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson claimed that the US wants to work with Turkey to create a kind of “security zone” in northwestern Syria.” I told you so! That is the nain objective of this Turkey/US created charade. To drive Rusia out of Northern Syria and bring the US in. How could Putin be so dumb to trust the Turks….again!


Putin is no fool. He knows what’s happening

When he acts, these dummies will have their pants down

Wait for Sochi and see how he plays his cards against these novice Americans who failed in everything so far

If you study how all ASSAD’s allies “responded” , you know there is a plan.

Solomon Krupacek

pooooot in; the big fool? :)))))

s Slippy

You are a disgrace to all jews worldwide, from one jew to another its pretty obvious you are a lower class and uneducated.

Solomon Krupacek

if i am no juice.

Rakean Jaya

Then, You are a disgrace to all human.

Solomon Krupacek

i am half god.


Sad..! Are you saying that even the disgraced Jooz won’t accept you..? lol..!

Solomon Krupacek

my wife acceps me. that is enogh for me :P

you are so poor guy (mentally), that no woman want you.


I’m a married man with 2 beautiful wives of different races and had 5 kids and my eldest son is about ur age..!
Regarding my reply to you it’s just comments base on what you said.. My bad.. sorry if I offended you.. but it was nothing personal..! I’m happy that your wife love you and accepted as you are..! God bless..

Solomon Krupacek

salam :)
congart to kids. we have only 4.


HasbiAllah ‘Aalaik.. :-)

Solomon Krupacek

و انت ايضا



You can call me Al

Now, it makes sense.

s Slippy

What makes sense? not once have a declared my allegiances to Israel. Unlike you my family actually fled persecution and I would not wish that faith upon anyone

You can call me Al

I have to totally agree; it wouldn’t surprise me if Russia has already some sort of deal with the Turks.

Maybe that, maybe something else, but we will find out soon.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Don’t really believe there is any deal but more of a case my enemy’s enemy is my enemy and use them as best they can. Think the way Russia , Syria and Iran are playing this is brilliant as it didn’t gain the desired effect the USreal and Turks were going for. Seems the NATO creation of United Sham IN the Levant isn’t working out so well and there is dissension within the group. Think they were hoping to derail the Sochi and Astana Talks so they can pressure them back to the failed Geneva Talks, but boomerang effect is in place and US looks the baddy. We see even the failed Kurd campaign to blame Russia is looking infantile and misdirected as because the US has been the only one both supplying and backing both regions.

The US could use this as an opportunity to slink away in dignity or escalate the situation , latter is likely. What will the unstable and unpredictable US alliance do remains to be seen more on the political level , so back to the old blame game now seems the idea. Wonder if they have Brett “Wiley E. Coyote” McGurk coming up with more plans like ISIS failed, FSA is falling apart,Deashmerga failed, Sunni-Shia civil war failed,supporting the Kurds in Syria is falling apart. Well maybe they can get Mike “I’ll get that Tweety Bird” Andreas coming up with something,well whatever happens seems the defiant alliance will counter in the end.

Bobby Twoshoes

I don’t think Erdogan is going to be up for it without HUGE bribes, he’s a petty guy and he’s still pissed about the coup attempt (presuming that wasn’t all just theatrics too). My money is on this simply being the Yanks terrified at all their money going down the drain and clutching at straws to retain relevance.

David Pryce

The kurdish are to attend the next sochi talks held by Russia
They will have to sign an agreement to return to the semi autonomous region they held before, thus withdrawing East of the river.
The US ain’t invited and the kurdish have seen how easily sold out they where by Americans
If the turds agree to such, have they a choice the actions of the Turkish army would stop as they said they wanted a buffer zone of 30km to prevent a terrorist faction controlling Turkey / Syrian borders.
The SDF US forces can bullshit till there hoarse but Russia can isolate the US and Turkey as they have acted as the Russians predicted
Russia to intelligent for the US

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Different Kurds not SDF group so if the others won’t come then they will have to rely on the US and they are reluctant to do so. Looks like the PYD may or may not show up as the other group is dev-tem I believe not sure.


Yankees had been manipulating lots of their actions, words & policies..
They can’t do a cunt about turkey as a nato member.. they need to choose between turkey if they still wanna keep the incirlik base which is utmost to them in terms of the ME.. and the isis which transformed into sdf which was actually their own terrorist/Canon fodder plus with the retard opportunist kurds as pretext to stay in Syria.. so, right now they are in a dead locked in choosing the right or priority one..!
My take is.. Russia, Syria, Iran knows about this in advanced.. and right now Assad is enjoying his popcorns smilingly waiting for the outcomes..! All of his barking towards turkey is another Hollywood stuffs..
This.. if true will definitely humiliates & embarrassed the yanks & hopefully will make them leave with tail between their legs..!


Putin might be a lot of things, but being dumb enough to trust the Turks isn’t one of them.

Bobby Twoshoes

Lol, shock revelation! Who would’ve guessed the Americans would abandon their “freedom fighters” for the chance to suck Turkish cock again?

You can call me Al

Oh, but the Yanks don’t give a toss about anyone, it is just funny that they are now officially “Billy No Mates”.


Anyone believe this pls put your hands up

leon mc pilibin

The Zionists have no business to be in Syria in the first place,they are there illegally,what’s this Moran smoking?They better get out before they are thrown out,.The world has had enough of their lying ,warmongering,thieving,all in the name of fighting terrorism,Their terrorists!!who they arm and protect,so as to control Syria,Iraq,Afghanistan,Libya,etc,etc.Go home JewSA.

Cheryl Brandon



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Jim Prendergast

Ignore the U.S. They are not an intersted party in any legal sence. Turkey and Syria are neighbours sharing a border. The U.S. simply wants to interfere with petroleum resources. The Kurds must know the U.S. is just using them.


You’re right.. but kurds are retarded gypsies..!

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The US wants to maintain the same set up in Iraq with Daeshmerga there, which has lasted and been one of the suppliers of manpower for ISIS. Could this be the real reason they are worried and threatening to cut them off from funding if they come to the aid of Kurds in Ifrin.


If the Kurds know the US is using them, how smart are they to put themselves in harms way? They have been made offers to reconcile with Syria, but still choose to side with the US? Thinking cannot be their strong suit.

Manuel Flores Escobar

Ok Mister Mattis…but your forces attacked SAF air base, shot down 1 Syrian fighter jet, 2 Irani drones, 2 air strike vs SAA near Al Tanf, 2 airstrike vs SAA in Deir Ezzor…beside Israel do the same one day and other again….so these were not distracting from efforts to defeat ISIS?….


well….i think the cards are open now…Us will exploit the situation to establish a presence there….it will stop ‘terrorists’ to cross the border to Turkey…..trying to take another piece of Syria


emm.. just take a look at Afghanistan..! then you’ll see the pattern..


US herebeing more than a little sanctimonious.

Lucky for the SDF they never fully trusted US and must have laid plans for the scenarion of being abandoned by the US.

Seems like, if they continue like this, US will be gone soon from Northern Syria.

SDF has at least gained a lot of territory, training and weapons. US will not even see one bullet being returned, unless captured from dead turkish invaders.

Weldon Cheek

Sdf dont have no “back up plan” they wrongly believed that “good ole uncle sam” was going to step in,both here and in iraq but they should of took the message when the U.S. didnt even ask the iraqis to hold on whilst the kurds had a re think,they actually condemned the iraqi kurds in public,that should of sent alarm bells ringing but the stoopid kurds are again seeing themselves being shit all over in the name of diplomacy etc,we will see what happens when Afrin is taken and if the Turks stand by their bluster and carry on attacking the ypg in the other zone.

David Pryce

What plan did the SDF draw up
Are you seriously saying they could defeat the Syrians hezbollah Iran and RuAF and hold ground in South East Syria
The yanks can’t build a base in Syria there invaders, there breaking international law that’s why they can’t intervene between the turks and kurdish.

Hide Behind

Those who talk of internation legality are pissing into the wind, and whining about laws and rules, forgetting there are no law enforcers.
Sitting in their relative pampered security, looking out for comforts, that they realy did not work for, previous generations of struggling workers built their stable platforms they plant their ass upon nose in airEurope today and US longer has populations of immigants that either parents or they themselves .Over into, instead of fighting their old nations injustices.
THEY talk a good game, knowing they are protected by laws and rules enforced by hobbies coolers et c. A lot like bull shitt…s in a barn who do not dare back it up physicly, and knowing if they want they can call authorities and say, He called me a bad name.

Hide Behind

Dept. Of Defense?
Old saying US military and sports:
“Best defense is strong offence”.
Then you have a general running Dept. Of State, that keeps US in a “State” of permanent war”; that put together would make dead as a doornail George Orwell smile remembering his “1984”.
A 30kilometer buffer zone by Turkey, will only reinforce US/Israel/NATO plans to Balkanize Syria, and allow Israel as well to claim same grounds of reasoning to build its own buffer zone off of Golan Heights.
Who else but the US can the Kurds find to support them? Like a spoiled child paid by a mommy and daddy who cuts their allowances or grounds them for a bit, it is still mommy and daddy’s house they live in and buys their food and clothing.
OIL ROUTES from Kurd held fields will still have access to Turkish refineries, and just as Iraq Kurds do, the Syrian Kurds will kiss US butts for oil revenues.
There will still be an autonomous Kurd zone.
Assad will still be killed and his people bribed off.
Russia will keep its military base even with a U S puppet regime in Damascus.
Iran’s so called super HIGHWAY will be under US toll road contractors both in Iraq and Kurd Syria.
All in all US NATO, Saudi and Israel plans of permanently weakening Syria is unfolding just as they wanted.


It was the offence, the formation of a ‘border control force’, that is now forcing the Yanks and the Kurds on the defense. :)
Just like the Iraqi Kurds they tried to grab too much too soon and will pay dearly for it.

David Pryce

U do know Russia gets its oil and gas to Europe through Turkey. Turkey isn’t stupid enough to endanger this

You can call me Al

Also there is diddly oil running from the Syrian fields due to the sanctions meaning a lack of maintenance due to lack of parts and then of course the manipulated war and damage.

But yes the Turk stream makes a hell of a difference.


No matter. When all is said and done, all of Syria will be reattached and even more so. They will take back the Golan, and Hezbollah and the Syrians will free Jerusalem. In the meantime, President Shithole will be kicked out of office and so will will his child killer bed partner Netanyahu for his ongoing corruption and war crimes. The Jews now are calling him “Crime Minister”. The decent Jews are really tired of this other shithole, Netanyahu. Putin does know what is really going on. He has already told the Palestinians and the world just to be patient about President Shithole recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of the stolen land of Palestine, called Israel. What goes around comes around. All plunderers eventually choke themselves on their ill gotten gains. And Shithole Netanyahu and President Shithole are now feeling the rope around their scruffy necks. Who could tell that a nation the Yanks used, abused and plundered for centuries, The Dominican Republic, who President Shithole referred to as a “shithole” would be instrumental in bringing about the utter destruction of theses two shithole terrorists. God, indeed brings about justice in strange ways.


The longer this drags on, the better for SAA and RuAF, Turkish fighters unavailable for big fights around the recently captured airbase, lowered cooperation between Turkey and US (still a lurking danger) and so on.

You can call me Al

Also in the coup in Turkey, Erdy removed all of the senior officers and special forces; they have not got a damn chance to win, even it was just against the Kurds.

Nigel Maund

The US has absolutely no legal right to be Syria. They are there as invaders. Turkey’s offensive is justified and was provoked by US actions with the SDF and in particular the YPG. Russia, Iran, Syria and Turkey have thwarted the Anglo – American Zionist Bankster Cabals latest scheme in Syria; at least in the north of the country. Now the US must suffer a similar embarassment on the east bank fo the Euphrates to finally force them out.

You can call me Al

Regards the East bank, all you need is an agreement between Damascus and the SDF and job done. The SAA + allies have already taken a vast amount of land.

It is desperation you are seeing from the ZIO-US vile scum at the moment.


Washington has calls from Israel who are telling tem they want a base nest door to Iran, simple.


true.. but that’s secondary.. the primary reasons are avoiding/preventing terrorism on their borders from the shithole Yankees..! Oil rigs are bonuses for lap dogs in Yankee land..! Zionist jews doesn’t need money, they’re filthy rich.. they owned 90% of world’s wealth.., the main reasons are for greater israhell.. which is inbetween Nile & Euphrates..!

Ryan Glantz

comment image

John Mason

Didn’t Trump confirm that US defeated Daesh as did Putin. Time to pack your bags and head home to the US.


Turkey is distracting from efforts to ensure the defeat of ISIS and increases the risk of “exacerbating the humanitarian crisis” in the war-torn country..!

Well, he’s covertly talking about himself & his shithole country of Turkey’s distraction/s..! Mad dog, We know who the terrorists are..!

You can call me Al

“US Defense Secretary Slams Turkey For Distracting From Efforts To Defeat ISIS” ………….


You lying Yank vermin.


Exacerbating Humanitarian Crisis!!
Well there we have it. Jim mattis did earn his position through abilities. None smart enough to use this kind of difficult word to define regime change operation.


Good god some of you are thick.Ignorance is bliss they say and many posting here must be blissful as all get up. Like the US or not, like its policies or not, it is the 800 pound gorilla and it sits eats and shits where it likes. pretending that because they are not lawfully in Syria or that they are about to be tossed out because Turkey is killing kurds is so far off base it just stupid. The US will continue to do what it wants where it wants because it can. There is very little anyone can do about it. For god sakes they fly in giant cargo planes on a daily basis and land in Syria! Idiots on here think they are in danger of losing a Turkish air base, the US helped with a coup to toss Erdogon out on his ass and still kept the base. Not to mention they only have thirty six others in the area. Or could bring any number of its 11 aircraft carriers to any Ocean. The truth is the only pressure on the US at this point is about what you see right here in the comments. The rantings and wishful thinking of haters, thats it. No more pressure then that.


Sure because USA is a what…?
I mean it can’t bomb Iran, can’t bomb North Korea, can’t bom Assad, can’t reverse trade deficit with Chinese, can’t fix the F35, can’t make universal health insurance work, can’t find Russian intervention trail in US President election, can’t find where their taxpayers money went, can’t navigate their warship etc etc.
Oh but it definitely can do everything yes. Exceptionally even. Even to make a pig fly yes i believe you.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

You speak a lot of nonsense and forget the fact the US is unable to bring that force to bear for at least 6 months, lack of transport is the issue. US alone is nothing and unable to be prepared to fight alone, so it needs lots of Allies like as in NATO. Having 11 aircraft carriers in today’s world means nothing as they require massive maintenance and large fleets to escort it.The world has moved forward and there are missiles that can crush those carriers like a pop can.

Problem is that the US government is what it calls others and has burned many bridges in it’s rampant disregard for the world. All we can see is ranting by a cheerleader for his nation using strawman arguments and conflates too much. Yet forgets illegal actions are just that and if they were no longer part of the UNSC they would facing the ICJ which all members are ipso facto part of, but because special privileges granted by charter for UNSC are currently excluded from facing charges.

Scarooni Recruit

Yes the Turkey offensive is disruptive in our plans to divide Syria and keep the middle east destabilized for Israel. The $billions our government spends on this fiasco should instead be given to the American people. Don’t we count?

Cheryl Brandon

If $1billion is the answer? What is the question? How much money USA alone gave out o ISIS terrorists according to Amnesty International? Is the USA really using it’s brains? Does it expect us to believe that, they funded/trained and armed and paid ISIS terrorists now, they are somehow “trying to fight terrorist”/

John Mason

Tend to disagree with the US. Who is to say that certain elements of the SDF doesn’t comprise of Daesh? Turkey so far doing a good job in destroying the Kurds and there ISIS partners.

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