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US Defense Secretary Arrives In Baghdad For Discussions On Defeating ISIS

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US Defense Secretary Arrives In Baghdad For Discussions On Defeating ISIS

US Defense Secretary Mattis departs for Iraq from United Arab Emirates. © AP

US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis arrived in Baghdad on an unannounced visit on Monday, reportedly for discussions on defeating the ISIS terrorist group.

“Mattis’ arrived in Baghdad Monday on an unannounced visit as the battle to oust Islamic State militants from western Mosul moves into its second day. At the same time, the Pentagon is considering ways to accelerate the campaign against ISIS in Iraq and Syria,” NbcNewYork reported.

At the same time, Mattis attempted to distance himself fro President Trump’s remarks that the United States should have “kept” Iraq’s oil after the US-led invasion.

“We’re not in Iraq to seize anybody’s oil,” he told reporters before departing for Baghdad from the United Arab Emirates.

Unfortunately for Mattis, the problem is that nobody believes in this.

Last weekend, Baghdad officially launched a military operation to liberate the western part of the major Iraqi city of Mosul from ISIS terrorists.

Mattis’ visit to Iraq is clearly linked to this development.

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John William

We was never there for the oil. We have our own oil. We wanted revenge for sep 11 And we thought we had Afghanistan under control.Also Bush wanted revenge on sadam for trying to have his dad killed.Mostly we wanted to help the Iraqis get rid of a dictator. However it’s clear Americans didnt understand the Middle East at all. And that still holds true

Brad Isherwood




The dictator that the US armed , and had ordered to attack Iran . Eight years later , despite providing Saddam with chemical weapons , he still lost to Iran . His usefulness was done . If you remember the reason for the invasion was “Weapons of Mass Destruction” , fourteen years latter , we’re still looking for them . We created ISIS , they stole the oil from Iraq and Syria for US , and trucked it out through Turkey . But you are right about America not understanding the Middle East , despite Saudi Arabia funding ISIS , Al Qaeda , Al Nusra , and the Taleban , the US still thinks that Iran is the problem . That’s completely ignoring the facts on the ground , which is that Iranian and US special forces are fighting together against ISIS in Mosul .

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