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US Defense Minister: Troops Withdrawal From Syria Will Be “Strategic Blunder”

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US Defense Minister: Troops Withdrawal From Syria Will Be “Strategic Blunder”

US forces are in the outskirts of the Syrian town of Manbij

On June 9, US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis called an early withdrawal of US forces from Syria a “strategic blunder” and warned that such move may allow ISIS to recover.

“In Syria, leaving the field before the special envoy Staffan de Mistura achieves success in advancing the Geneva political process we all signed for under the UN security council resolution would be a strategic blunder, undercutting our diplomats and giving the terrorists the opportunity to recover,” Mattis said during a meeting of coalition defense ministers at NATO headquarters in Brussels, according to the Times of Israel.

Mattis also warned that the Damascus government and its allies – Russia and Iran – will take advantage of any early withdrawal of US forces from the war torn country and will fill the resulting power “vacuum.”

“As the operations ultimately draw to a close, we must avoid leaving a vacuum in Syria that can be exploited by the Assad regime or its supporters,” Mattis said.

Mattis’ statement confirms that the US deployed its forces in Syria to pressure the Damascus government and its allies and not only to combat ISIS. Moreover, Mattis’ refusal of an early withdrawal from Syria reveals that the US is planning to keep its forces in Syria for the long term under the pretext of fighting ISIS and countering the Russian and Iranian influence.

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Tommy Jensen

Every time one of our US Marines leave, it creates an enormous vacuum where 10 000 terrorists can get in where he was and make trouble.
Therefore we stay folks. For you people and for peace! We do it for your children and for our freedom!

Daniel Castro

You mean, everywhere you leave you let behind an army of 10.000 terrorists to make sure the place stays as a failed state.

G Jetson

Syria was NOT a fail state. It was the arming of terrorists by foreign players that caused its failure.

Much like the arming of Osama Bin Ladin and his fighters in Afghanistan – after they have finished fighting each other, they turn their weapons against you.

Wise Gandalf

Then go home and avoid the creation of terrorists in USA.


Gandalf, you sound like a very wise man.

Hisham Saber

Then you and your Marines will get shredded like they did in Iraq 2.0, and still are in Afghanistan.

Your Marines had better pull out before the coming storm, that will make mince meat out of your Marines. They are effectively surrounded and only allowed to live is due to Syrian, Iraqi generosity and patience, but the 70 Syrian Arab tribes, SAA, NDF, Hezbollah, 14,000 Afghan volunteers, Russian Chechen volunteers and mercs, and also the vastly numerous PMU have your boys surrounded.


If you’re genuinely concerned about Daesh reemerging, simply hand over the territory to the SAA and the Syrian people and force the Kurds to negotiate their reintegration into Syrian society rather than pursuing unrealistic independence pipe dreams.

Joe Dirt

SAA lost to ISIS, if it wasn’t for Russia and US involvement, ISIS would have chopped off Ass-ads head


Wrong, if it wasn’t for an endless stream of foreign fighters pouring into the country with the support of Turkey, Gulf Countries and the West, not to mention the endless stream of advanced weaponry that was given to the so called “moderate opposition” headchoppers which “magically” ended up in the hands of ISIS, as well as the large amounts of weapons seized from Iraq, ISIS (as well as the rest of the FSA) would’ve absolutely stood no chance. All Hezbollah, Iran, and Russia did was serve as equalizers to level the playing field. No doubt the US and the relatively neutral Kurds also contributed, but this doesn’t change the fact that the reason ISIS got as big and out of control as it did was due to US foreign policy both preceding and leading up to the civil war.

Joe Dirt

SAA lost to Syrian citizens not “foreign” fighters. Which caused more muzzy rats to enter Syria and now Syria is nothing more than a pile of rubble


SAA was not “losing” until large caches of foreign weaponry and foreign fighters were pouring in, which started very early on in the war. Again, without covert support for the so called “opposition” by the US and it’s Gulf “allies” + Turkey, the SAA would’ve restored stability in its country many years ago and you would not have had the mass exodus of refugees flooding into European countries.

Same thing with Libya. If NATO kept its sticky fingers out of Libya, Ghaddafi would’ve remained in power and you wouldn’t have lawlessness, a civil war, and jihadist terror groups proliferating in that country like you do now. Oh and of course Ghaddafi was excellent at helping prevent refugees and illegal immigrants from crossing the Mediterranean into Europe. Congratulations on deposing him and bringing in more “muzzies” into the west.

Or what about Iraq? Overthrowing a Muslim leader who posed absolutely no threat to the west and who maintained internal stability, prevented sectarian conflict, grew the economy and was slowly modernizing Iraqi society while protecting religious minorities from persecution. Oh and lets not forget that the Iraq War was responsible for even more “muzzy” mass immigration during the 2000s. Congratulations on that one idiot.

So please, spare me the embarrassing comments. The US has no claim to stabilizing Syria when it was the US and its so called “allies” that heavily contributed to destabilizing it in the first place. Seriously, how the fuck were FSA jihadists and ISIS headchoppers using American made weapons since the early days of the war? And you’re going to sit there and claim that Syrian “citizens” valiantly fought against their own country? Pretty much the entire opposition is made up of specific branches of Salafi Sunni extremists who had foreign backing, funding and weaponry. Everyone else (meaning normal human beings) is either on Syria’s side or neutral at best.

Brother Ma

And the dupe or the paid Talking Head speaks.


Oh Tommy, you still suck at sarcasm… I thought you hired a tutor or something?
Aim too high and it goes over a lot of heads. Anyway, thumb up.

Tommy Jensen

Thats the funny part. People learn, just see yourself ;-D.

Jim Prendergast

That’s a good-one!


The US is well aware of who is financing and directing Isis, which includes the US itself. And rather than sanctioning the state sponsors of terrorism, is sanctioning the state eliminators of terrorism.

Brother Ma

Mattis. Mad Dog indeed. Crying because of the floods his rain caused! Fuck you!


‘Rabid Dog’ would be more fitting. Another cliche Mattis is an insult to the species of dogs which on the whole is a lot more human friendly.

Hisham Saber

And a vicious insurgency is about to start. The U.S. , French and British will be forced to leave with their tails between their hind legs.

Are the U.S. et al going to successfully fight off the Arab tribes, 70 of which threatened such an action ? Not going to happen, just by looking at what happened in Iraq 2.0, and still happening in Afghanistan.

The Syrian Arab Army, NDF, Hezbollah, some 14,000 Afghan volunteers, Russian Chechen mercs, on one end, and the very numerous PMU on the other. Effectively surrounded. They will not withdraw from their illegal occupation by themselves, but rest assured they will get booted out.

The biggest losers of course are the imbecilic Kurds, who never learn.

Brother Ma

Well said. Those Turds bit the hand that fed them ,as always!


What “vacuum” is this idiot talking about the Syrian army filling? It is THEIR fucking country.


Also US leaving doesn’t leave a ‘vacuum for Assad to fill’ but a ‘big ruin for Assad to clear’ while still under sanctions of both US and EU.

You can call me Al

Bravo hamster.

You can call me Al

Fuck off Yanks NOW – or DIE.

John Mason

First blunder: starting the war; second blunder: being their and the final blunder would be an attempt to stay.


And a lot of these problems could have been solved by negotiation.
It seems Qatar has done a deal with Iran, to jointly export the Pars field gas.
If the US had negotiated with Iran, the pipeline would already putting money into the US economy. Same applies to the TAPI pipeline, because the US refused to pay the Taliban transit fees, the war is ongoing and the pipeline still hasn’t been built.

And they wonder why they are going broke.

Ariel Cohen

Excuse me Mad Dog, but who exactly invited you to come to the event? An uninvited wedding guest doesn’t call the shots on the wedding itinerary . .

Brother Ma

Touche! Typical Yankui Exceptionalism ..read bombastic arrogant behaviour!

Jim Prendergast

The strategic blunder was the U.S. invading Syria in the first place. They cannot win.


Yes, that is the key issue, without western Syria the US simply cannot build its gas pipeline.
However, if the US continues to hold eastern Syria, Iran cannot build its pipeline.

From a European perspective, a protracted delay in the Pars field gas to Europe pipeline, makes Russian gas look better all the time.

Jim Prendergast

From a Syrian, Iraqi, Pakistani, Russian, Chinese perspective the U.S. cannot leave too soon. This “war” started when the pipeline started.

Joe Stevens

Fuck Mattis! It’s not their country and they weren’t invited. They are there illegally and they need to get the fuck out ASAP! No questions asked. He should be tried as a war criminal.


What’s the problem, they won’t be able to go back?


Mr. Mattis, there’s a vacuum of federal power in San Francisco. How about the U.S. government filling THAT vacuum before it worries about what “vacuum” the Syrian government should or should not fill.

Who are we to interfere in Syrian affairs in this way. You are helping to educate the world to American arrogance. America is the single greatest threat to world peace there is. Get OUT of Syria. The world CAN get along without our “exceptionalism” and arrogance.


Just another kid among the many in US top brass talking childishly.

They still think the rest of the world are all made of little children like ISIS making s comeback when they are gone!!

These guys protect ISIS


Both USA army and Matis behave like a war prostitutes.If terrorists creator in Syria which is USA andterrorist puppets France and Britain leave peace will come overnight.Both Matis and his father the Devil are evil planners and war prostitutes. Get the fuck out of Syria and go back to shithole fat fuck Trump.


The most strategic blunders have been ‘not withdrawing’ from multiple campaigns of genocide.around the world. Having run out of unarmed peasants, the US warmongers are now threatening so called ‘allies’. The Americans and their Zionist enablers are on the verge of a nervous breakdown …. even a small peace will cost them billions in MICC slop.


It depends on how you measure it.
Sure from a military perspective it’s pointless to remain.
But from a PR perspective?
America will never accept defeat or even a draw, Korea is a perfect example, even though NK and Chinese troops had pushed US troops, and the troops of 15 other countries back to the border, the US refused to make peace.
So never losing is an American vanity that is very powerful. Even though many Americans openly say that the US shouldn’t keep invading countries, come voting time they always reject a peacemaker, and always give a warmonger a second term.

So withdrawing from Syria, Afghanistan, in fact almost anywhere would cost Trump at the next election.

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