US Defense Chief Mattis: Syria Will Pay Big Price If It Use “Chemical Weapons” Again


US Defense Chief Mattis: Syria Will Pay Big Price If It Use "Chemical Weapons" Again

Source: Alchetron

During his first press briefing, Secretary of Defense James Mattis once again confirmed that the US is set to blame the Assad government for the Idlib chemical attack and offered a stern warning that the Syrian government will pay “very very stiff price” if further chemical attacks were launched in the future.

“I just want to say very clearly that the use of chemical weapons contrary to the Geneva Convention that Syria has signed up for, using chemical weapons that Syria agreed under U.N. pressure to remove from their arsenal, those chemical weapons that the Russians certified were gone, that if they use chemical weapons, they are going to pay a very, very stiff price. OK?”

Mattis also added that issues like “safe zones or no-fly zones” are still under consideration by President Donald Trump.

Q: You don’t see a point of doing safe zones or no-fly zones?

SEC. MATTIS: Those other issues that you bring up are always under consideration among allies, and certainly the president has options, but right now the purpose of this attack was singular, against the chemical weapons use.

Meanwhile, the Russian Defense Ministry said that only two facilities for production and storage of chemical weapons are located on the Syrian territory and they are controlled by militants.

“Destruction of 10 of the 12 facilities, used for storage and production of chemical weapons, was confirmed by OPCW experts. The Syrian authorities do not have access to the two remaining facilities, as they are located on the territory, controlled by the so-called opposition. For this reason, the OPCW cannot confirm the fact of destruction of chemical weapons on them,” Colonel General Sergei Rudskoy said.



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  • Rob

    Why would anyone choose genocidal maniacs like the United Snakes of America. LOL

    Libya, Iraq, Central America, Vietnam, the Balkans, the Ukraine etc etc Uncle Scam causes misery wherever he pokes his blood stained fingers.

  • cortisol

    There was rumors US is going to order al-Qaeda to make more false flag chemical attacks, in southern Damascus for example. This is very serious.

  • John Mason

    So is violating International Law and the Geneva Convention by attacking a sovereign state. Where do these idiots come from? Some lunatic asylum and is that the institution that qualifies these people a position of authority?

    • Barba_Papa

      They all graduate from the institutes called ‘Might makes Right’ and ‘Because we Can’.

      International Law only comes into play if you’re a weak country getting assraped by a major power or if said major power needs a convenient excuse to justify said assraping to its public. But if need be they don’t that. Then they will just flat out say that as far as they’re concerned no such justification is needed. They’ll just drum up some OUTRAGE ™ in the media instead.

      • John Mason

        My point exactly, so there is no need for the UN or International Law.

    • Peter Moy

      These mental degenerates are public money sucking monstrosities who have lost all sense of reality and decency. I would bet my last penny that they are all delusional, heavily medicated freaks who can’t even pass a drug test. Unfortunately in this world there are just three types of countries according to the US: 1) countries that are in lock step with it – puppets, colonies, lapdogs, lackeys, 2) countries that are actual, perceived, future and imaginary enemies and then 3) countries that are so insignificant that Uncle Stupid (Sam) only gets involved in when there is something to be gained by US military and corporate intervention. We are really in a sick world. I really despise this belligerent foreign policy.

      • John Mason

        Looks like you and I belong to the majority, US citizens excluded. Following that cesspool US and NATO activities does want to make you vomit. The sooner they disappear the better for mankind. What would be very satisfactory is to see them on the gallows, wetting themselves before pulling the lever. What they did to Saddam and Gaddafi was truly inhumane and a disgrace especially when the executioners have shown to be a lot worse.

        • Jonathan Cohen

          Assad deserves to be attacked and invaded for banning abortions, as does Saudi Arabia and Israel, so pro-choice Russia should annex and use chemical weapons on Al Qaeda instead. Trump only hit a measly 6 old planes to keep from getting impeached by McCain. Now that he has, I bet Tillerson will give Russia a free hand to take the whole place and enforce Russian law including abortion rights. Russia can even use chemical weapons if they want, just not anti-choice Syria. We need to return to full colonization like peaceful and pro-choice Martinique and French Guyana with no more local proxies. Either Russia or France or Turkey is fine to protect Syrian abortion rights; but not Assad or any local proxies except YPG. It takes full annexation and enforcement of Russian law.

  • Rob

    United Snakes of America has WMD nuckes and has obviously tested on Japanies innocent children, schools and hospitals.

    Israhel has WMD and nuckes and has tested in South Africa. Israhel has also tested chemical weapons in ME.

    Why would anyone choose genocidal maniacs like the United Snakes of America and Israhel. LOL

  • Thegr8rambino

    and USA will pay an even BIGGER price if it gets more involved. i would love to sock this guy’s ugly face a few times

  • Nexusfast123

    The ramblings of Nazi degenerate.

  • Wahid Algiers

    Dirty Americums – since the war against their own south 1861 – 1865…

  • PlatosLittleSister

    frame up job for me, the russians have 2 choices 1/be prepared to take the americans on in direct conflict 2/ sit by while their port and airfield are stripped away.

    my own view this is a gambit by the u.s.a to push russia out of the mid-east, so vlad time is a coming where you need to do a bit of choosing

  • javier

    as he sets in motion false flag #2

  • Expo Marker

    The war criminal general threatens other people with action over their war crimes…

  • FlorianGeyer

    Mattis is a buffoon, a dangerous one but a buffoon and a typical American braggart who is out of his depth in a conflict where the US is very vulnerable to a serious number of casualties and dead Americans going home in body bags. As in Vietnam , the Poor Bloody Infantry paid the price of the US elite’s vanity . The same elite whose families avoided the ‘draft’ whilst the mainly poor families mourned their dead .