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US Defence Secretary Esper Warns Russia, China Flex AI Military Muscles

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Originally appeared at Sputniknews

Russia and China challenge US supremacy on the battlefields of the future by vigorously pursuing Artificial Intelligence (AI) military programs and the United States must not lag behind, US Defence Secretary Mark Esper said.

US Defence Secretary Esper Warns Russia, China Flex AI Military Muscles

AP Photo / Alex Brandon

“Advances in AI have the potential to change the character of warfare for generations to come … Whichever nation harnesses AI first will have a decisive advantage on the battlefield for many, many years. We have to get there first”, Esper told the National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence’s public conference in Washington on Tuesday.

Esper likened the new great powers’ competition to the Cold War-era space race when the United States was initially stunned by the Soviet advances such as the launch of the satellite Sputnik but later caught up in the space race.

The US defence secretary said China had made abundantly clear its ambition to become the world’s leader in AI by 2030.

“China believes it can leapfrog our current technologies and go straight to the next generation… Beijing has all the power and tools to coerce the Chinese industry and academia into supporting its government-led efforts”, Esper said.

Esper also said Russia has made its intentions equally clear, calling AI the future of humanity and describing technology as the key to supremacy on the world’s stage.

“We shouldn’t doubt their abilities on the battlefield. We expect Russia to deploy increasingly hi-tech AI capabilities in current and future combat zones”, he said.

Esper expressed optimism, however, that no one can compete with the United States when it unleashes its collective genius of industry, government and academia.

Pentagon Warns US Allies Against Hi-Tech Cooperation With China

Esper also warned Tuesday against cooperation with China in the hi-tech domain because such cooperation may have adverse consequences for their partnerships with the United States.

“Cooperation with Beijing has consequences, not just for democracy or human rights but also for the strength of our partnerships abroad”, Esper stressed.

Esper warned that turning to Chinese 5G network platforms would inject serious risks into “communication and intelligence-sharing capabilities” between the US and its partners and allies.

“Our collective security must not be diminished by a short and narrow-sighted focus on economic opportunity”, Esper said.

The US has been pushing other countries to refrain from using Chinese tech giant Huawei’s equipment when adopting 5G technology. However, Germany has defied Washington’s calls and, according to media reports, decided to grant Huawei access to its high-speed internet market.

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Tommy Jensen

Exactly what I have been saying.

We are warning Russia and China not to irritate the Eagle, because we were the first on the moon, we were the first to nuclear bomb Japan and we were the first with a military pre-emptive nuclear carpet bombing doctrine on anyone who threatens America on our freedom and peace values.

No one can beat an American when we combine our smart intelligence and our modern hybrid photonic usury technology to highly intelligent smart outmanoeuvring other hostile and aggressive shethole countries who are step dancing on human rights values which we also invented.

The Eagle is a winner, it fly high as America do, look after its prey, suddenly it strikes with photonic speed and $1 billion more is in its basket………..LOL. This is America folks, a winner nation of winners!!


i agree except the bucks in the basket will be sequestered for the lenders and that is about it folks.


Of course! But the American eagle is so fat, how can it fly … Even if it can fly, it won’t be that high ..:D


The Eagle is bald as well :)


Americas only achievement was that they were the first country who got DP’d by airplanes LOL. USA is a fat chicken that never won a war. All it can do is bomb countries with zero defense capabilities. Your chicken army was annihilated in Vietnam and North Korea and they ran away with their tails between their legs every time. Russia alone could wipe your shethole country from the face of Earth easily. You were even defeated by the Taliban. Haha and what Moon landing? You can take your fake Moon landing and stick it up your a*s. America was always a joke. And LOL at your junk technology. Everything you didn’t steal from other countries you have to buy from Russia, like the Russian rocket engines to bring your garbage satellites into space. Even then USA is so helplessly behind Russia, China etc. Your junk airplanes & jets are crashing because you don’t know how to build anything on your own! Your drones are being shot down or hacked constantly. This is America folks, a loser nation made of subhuman trash!!


City folk think of Eagles as fearsome predators, and they can be when they have to, however if you live around they you learn that they are primarily carrion eaters and can usually be found squabbling with the crows over a deer carcass or at the dump squabbling with seagulls over putrid scraps.

One other observation. Seagulls are no match for an Eagle however crows are smart, they work as a team to harass and drive them off a carcass. Crows are strategic ….. they plot and plan …. but they are also tactical …. they use feints, decoys, timing and overwhelming numbers to achieve their goals. They work in pods of three or four and if threatened they call to adjacent pods for reinforcement. Threaten a pod of crows and you hear the caws going up and down the valley, then they start showing up in numbers.

One on one a crow doesn’t stand a chance against an eagle but in numbers the eagles don’t stand a chance against the much smarter crows.


Is an Eagle that’s crowing, how smart it is, a wee bit more of a badass? :)


Eagles have a very unimpressive call. It’s kind of a shrill, thin squalk.

Crows have a language, they have caws which are warnings, cries for help, orders and insults. They also have “conversational crow” which are soft guttural sounds and clucks that you hear when they are talking to each other.

Eagles ARE badass. I watched one do a perfectly timed barrel roll to catch a grackle who was attacking from above with it’s talons …. unbelievable skill and timing.

I scared one off a deer carcass a couple of years ago …. it flew directly over my head …. the wingspan was about 6′ and you could feel the wind coming off its wingbeats.

Eagles are impressive creatures on their own it’s just they’re a little like Rock Hudson …. an impressive beast but not the ladies man the media made him out to be.



Tommy Jensen

Come on. Crows are necrophiles. You cant compare a crow with an eagle.


Crows are like us, they cooperate and work in teams. Crows adapt to their environment. Crows have a language and use tools …. this has been proven with research. Another cool trait crows have if you feed them regularly they will start bringing you gifts and they leave your garbage alone on garbage day. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QmJ3xuJrUcM.

Eagles are all muscle, talons and instinct. Lovely creatures but not much going on upstairs

Tommy Jensen

Its like comparing The Terminator with orcs. Orcs also work in teams and cooperate. If you feed them, they come back home with gifts to their master. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=52StwcBNnyc


I hate to break it to you but Orcs are imaginary beasts that only exist in the mind of JRR Tolkien and the Terminator is a bad sci-fi series that gets time travel all wrong.

A true comparison would be more like comparing humans to bears. These are both real as opposed to your comparison … which are imaginary. I know bears are real because there was a big lump of bear shit at the end of my driveway just last week …. at least I’m sure they were real as of last week.

Bears are a solitary predator that have a reputation for being a fearsome hunter but they really eat fruit, berries and whatever carrion they can find. They only kill when threatened or desperately hungry and rightfully so because killing takes more energy and has a risk of injury. like the Eagle the bear objective is survival, not looking like a badass symbol for humans to admire and compare to airplanes, which aren’t even alive.

You are free to live a delusionary life and believe an Eagle is whatever symbol you want and orcs roam the earth avoiding terminators …. which could never be destroyed because all they would have to do is send a terminator back in time a billion years to eliminate life period and start a culture of robot overlords …. I prefer to stay rooted in reality.


I am reliably informed that the US ‘Smart Arse’ programme will showcase US military planners without a hole in their arse so that they can maintain great advantage of always being full of shit, Tommy. :)


Yup, AI, writen by Moronikands, muhahaha eh……. an contradiction of terms in biblical proportions, AI, hihihi, and that with what, the sole reason for your cockyness is because of been once a great military force, but declined to fight 3 world dungeons whom had nothing, and even there you managed to invade Granada as one of your epic uh…. victorys, this, Russia and China isnt Ganadians, yankikes, they can shoot back. You may think this silencing of the missile systems was due to not focntioning, or something in this terms, well, if I was in charge I would beat the living daylight out of anyone whom turned them on just for an B52, an flying target eqvivlent to the sice of an planet, like the Carriers. You never turn them on before you have something genuine to fire att, boy, never forget that, simple logic, but hey, you got the AI, right.

And of cour Tommy the lame duck had to drool somethijng about freedom and peace, yeah, this shit is only writen by people whom is payed to write stupiditys like that, TJ, please, go home, little shit, and do talk like that to your ganny, she would maybe “belive” it, nobody else do. You had it all, not anymore. Thanks for an good laugh, anyway.



poor tommy—her insecurity does amuse…perhaps she is just learning her own language…her syntactical incoherence is stunning…”smart intelligence”

You can call me Al

“Yup, AI, written by Moronikands” – fuck him, I am Al.


China and Russia have already surpassed the USA; Esper provides lies for the amerikan sheeple

Toronto Tonto



Military Industrial Complex: We Want More Money!

Pentagon: We have identified a new thread that we need to address that requires additional spending.

Congress: Shut up and take the taxpayer’s money!

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